A short update on the energies

As this new year starts to unfold, you will all find yourself staring into a brand new space in all sorts of ways, as you have now left the old and outworn energies of 2013 well and truly behind, and you have all taken that first tentative sip of the brand new energies that came in as your calendar shifted from one year to the next. This may sound improbable to many of you, but that is in fact just what has taken place, as you have been taken through a grand shift once again. As usual, only a few of you have yet been able to feel into these brand new vibrations, for they will not make themselves fully announced just yet. Suffice it to say, they are here indeed, although not in full force. For as usual, everything will be taken in increments, so too this, as the levels will be adjusted ever so slowly at first, until you all get back on your feet as it were, and you are able to stand fully upright whilst being exposed to the full and final extent of these new vibrational levels.

This will be news to none of you, as this is how this whole process has been from the very beginning, and it is indeed also how this will continue, at least for a while. For you are also heading for that grand shift itself, the one where all that you have been through so far will be put to the test, it we may use such a word. Remember, these are all preliminary stages, as you are being lifted inch by inch, step by step so that you become fully able to withstand that grand finale, if you will, the big round of energetic bombardment, the one that will shift the very Earth that you step on, seemingly off its axis. We know that this will sound overly dramatic to some, but again, we do not refer to any kind of Armageddon or what have you. We are simply referring to that final and irrevocable shift that you still have ahead of you. But now, as you have finally taken the first sip of the fresh air that came in with this new year, you will soon find yourself hurtling along at a seemingly breakneck speed once again. But this time, you will feel much more confident throughout it all, for this time, you will be far, far better equipped to handle that extra speed.

So take some time to get better acquainted with this new energetic signature that is currently vibrating through you all. It may feel rather unfamiliar at first, but you will soon fall into sync with it, and you will indeed find it to be very much of your liking we think. For this is indeed something that is of a very different nature than the bouts you were pushing through last year, as this year, you will feel more like you are lifted up than pushed headlong through the denser layers around you. For if you do manage to really tune into the new, you will find a brand new lightness around you, as you have indeed emerged from those lower levels where the going could be very, very sluggish at times. But now, you will feel more as if lifted above the fog and up into cleaner, fresher air, where you also will find the visibility to be far better than before. So do not get too despondent if you still find yourself somewhat out of air after the last and final stage of last year. You will soon find yourself picking up speed as you start to sense the new lightness that surrounds you.

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  1. What I like is that we produce our own content. Who needs Films or TV? A Shakespeare love drama right before our eyes . Poetry. Live from Costa Rica to Adelaide. Real time prophecies for free. Jugglin tutorials.
    Online meditation. For me here is not a supermarket – but – an organic bio shop for the mind. I love you all, except sfd.

    1. Nice one Michilyn. Vive loves parrots, and today we saw a whole bunch of these Ring-necked Parakeets flying around in a park nearby.

      Love, JJ

  2. strange dreams again – me too. Loads and loads of ‘tiny, itty bitty baby turtles’ – all in ‘the air’ – born from one, large mama turtle in the water. what does it mean? i dont know. I like it though. and then i was at work… but it was a different work but same boss. i had stayed 1/2 hr over time and asked what to do about it as we cant have overtime… she said to write ’emergency’ on a time sheet she handed me. I wrote ’emergence’. ahhh… i like that too! Any input would be welcome on these.

  3. Dear sisters and brothers of the Pond! Reading through what you have shared here during the last 24 hours makes me wish that this Pond was a “real” place so I could look each and every one of you in the eyes, give you a hug and thank you personally for being who you are and for doing what you do. AH, JJ, you two are truly the bravest of the brave, and I add all my love and my support to all the wise words that others have given you already. You bring so much light to us all by the way that you have dared to embrace your journey and share it with us. As the CCs like to put it, what ever happens on this journey is not intended to break you down, but to set you free, so I hope and pray that the pain you both face now will soon be blown away by the powerful light you carry inside. You shine stronger than ever, and so do everyone else here, as we are all helping each other to grow by allowing ourselves to BE in the way that only we can. And together, we are breaking away from the old and walking into the new. Thank you, my shining family of light, for showing the world what LOVE really is.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you so much, Aisha. I don’t feel so very brave right now. But I do feel the Love, I really do. I also wish that I could personally hug everyone here. And not just the ponders who comment, but the silent ones, too. I have always felt their presence, as well. There are so many comments here I want to reply to, but my internet access has run out for the time being. I thank you again.

  4. Dear God, thank you for the sunrise today. It is the first one I have experienced in almost a month. I did not realize how very literally I need this. When one rides the energies if the night and the moon, one needs the grace of the sun’s light in order to “return” (if that makes any sense). I am finding that I do not know how to deal with/engage with/release the energies that I invite (haha I orginally typed “incite,” which may be even more appropriate) into my being.

    There was a glorious experience with JJ that rocked me to my core and increased my understanding about how I tend to keep energy trapped in my body. I have always viewed the energies as sort of a metaphorical thing, but my goodness, they are very real and very physical, aren’t they?! I had gotten to a point where my feet felt about 10 times larger than normal. Energy zinged in a very uncomfortable way throughout me. I could feel the very hairs growing out of every follicle all over my body (and many other “symptoms,” but that description is enough, I think.) This might sound strange, but my feet have always been sort of sacred to me. I have never voluntarily let anyone but him touch them. So he puts his hands on my feet very lovingly and gently and I welcome this. He uses himself to ground me. This was exponentially stronger than any grounding I have ever done on my own. I felt Source light pounding through us into the earth. Tears streamed from my eyes and there was such a sense of relief and release and of having accomplished something profound. All I was capable of saying afterwards was “That was so beautiful.”

    I must somehow learn how to manage these energies better. How to ground them, spread them, more completely myself. I am such an ethereal being that the physical aspects of living seem nearly alien to me. No worries. It is all a process. I will get there. As will we all …

    In love and light,

    🙂 AH

    1. so good to hear from u AH! That is a beautiful experience with the feet. made me think of how it felt when me and my sister were rubbing the oil on my deceased fathers feet before they took him out of the house. I was so grateful it came to me to do this offering for him. I know he was there too. maybe your joining with JJ was for this triggering in you – and him. only u 2 know but it is so good to look at it as a positive experience that will lead you both onward to where u truly are meant to BE. I have always been more ethereal myself and have worked on the grounding. It does feel so good these days 🙂 talking of feet, i had pain on the balls of my feet last night and then energy shot out of them when i lay down. I never usually notice my feet. Love you much my girl! Let me know your living arrangements… i have been concerned for you and what your next environment will be. XO~A

      1. All of my experiences with JJ are beautiful and powerful, even the painful ones. It is very good to read about how well you are doing, dear friend. It is a long, hard road, is it not? And I thank you for “being” with me. Trust me, I have felt you there. And you know personally how sometimes just the quiet silent presence is the absolute most needed thing. I love you.

        As far as living arrangements are concerned. Well, this is another thing I must view with amusement and detachment. Kevin made a couple of demands of me before he let me back into the house very late on Thursday night “as a favor to Ripley.” The next morning when he left for work, he disabled internet access. (have to elsewhere to connect) I found out later in the day that he has also taken the keys to my own car. My friend Bev has said that I can stay with her. However, she has an absolute houseful. Her own mother is actually sleeping in their dining room right now. I find I simply can not impose myself on top of all of that. My next door neighbor has an extra room that they sometimes rent out. I have about $200 to my name, so I will have to see if they are willing to let me do something in exchange until I get some money under my belt. Whatever job I get right now will have to be close by. (You know that many places in America will not even hire you if you don’t have a confirmed way to get to work.) Thankfully, I am a fairly well known presence in the shops and such that are within walking distance. (A nod to the people of Holland for showing me the value of walking and giving me some practice … as a matter of fact, I think it would be quite wise of me to use a bit of my cash to buy new inner tubes for my bicycle – he can’t very well take those keys away, though I suppose he could take away the whole bike … gah! Stop thinking that way girl, just do what you can and see what happens). So there it is in the most uncomplicated nutshell I can put it in. There is a very great deal of unpleasantness that is being gone through, and more yet to come, but as they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

        🙂 AH

        1. I wish I had something great and powerful to say to help you as this basically just plain ‘sucks’ for you right now! Geeez! Given our connection – you, I, and all here – I know we will all be OK. Trusting it and especially in your predicament,,, well,,,, I offer prayers for keeping up the strength you already possess and may it be even stronger,,, may Love come fuller and streadfast whenever and wherever you Are. Love 2 U always, ~A~

    2. I was following all your comments about your spine. I have been having the same thing. Quite excruciating. I do feel this is part of my transformation, though all of this stuff (spiritual, emotional and physical) can be really really tough to go through. I was clumsy and clutsy before, but this is ridiculous. And like you, I have to view it as amusing, otherwise I would simply lose my mind.

      It is no easy thing to be responsible for destroying almost everything you touch. Even on the plane ride home, I blew out the in-flight video system in my seat when I plugged the headphones in. They had to have the system rebooted. I sat there crying like an idiot. People had no idea what to make of me. There was such an electric current running through me that my hair was literally waving around with static. I was like Medusa (god, why did I have to think of that comparison?!!!!!) The girl next to me kept having to lean away and brush my hair away from her. What an utter embarrassment. Finally the system came back on and every seat worked except for mine. The girl next to me kindly allowed me to share hers (perhaps a lesson in the kindness and willingness of others to accept my craziness, at least in small doses).

      Then there finally came the time when JJ’s higher self came to comfort me. I have been aware of his higher self since early this year. As time has gone by, and particularly since the first time I met with him physically (in Oct), our communication has intensified. We have had many exchanges. After being with him again physically this past month, it has become even more intense. So maybe again, I can look at this as a beginning of something instead of an ending. Anyway, he said to me, “Let us not use the word destroy anymore, my love. Let us use “rearrange.” For that is what we are doing here. Changing. Rearranging. Making better. Healing.” The nearness of him threw me over the edge again, and I blurted out, “I am so glad you are here, but can you please not use the sound of your human voice right now? It is just too painful.” It was not until I looked around me a few moments later and saw others staring at me that I realized I actually said this out loud. No wonder people are afraid of me. I appear stark raving mad to them! I guess I just need to open up to this completely and let people think whatever they will. If I end up in the nuthouse, it won’t be the first time. But something tells me that everything will be ok regarding this. So I will just continue to BE.

      Love to you, Sun. And by the way, I do not know what my color means. I only know that I really know nothing. This is not a bad thing.

      🙂 AH

      1. Simply Blown Away By You. (Smiles) No worries, you might have a great group of friends who will share that padded room in the nut house! (Smiles, again)   This reminded me of grocery shopping after my father had died.  While fighting cancer for years, he would send me off to shop for him.  He loved the Man Size Kleenex…Anyway, I was shopping for the family soon after he passed and turned my cart down the aisle where Kleenex was.  I had a complete & utter atomic meltdown.     Manager was called to try to comfort me, yet didn’t know why, I was sitting on the floor, of his store, sobbing my heart out, unable to get up on my legs or talk.  Buggers and snot flowing and guess what, I didn’t have a Kleenex in my hand in the aisle of Kleenex!  Manager busted one open, not a Man Sized fortunately or I might never have that store that day!   I remember clearly, the looks on the faces of so many people when I got myself together and made my way out to the parking lot.  I smiled reading you today because I can just see all this happening to you and the faces of all those people trapped with you on a plane!  (LOL! There I go again).  At least people in the grocery store could run away from me!   Thank you for sharing this and triggering me to relive this embarrassing event and appreciate it in a whole new way.  I can see the humor in my meltdown, the reactions of those around me who are completely clueless to the reason for the episode. I think Dad laughed with me up there somewhere, remembering this scene.  He would have loved it.  I was his little Drama Queen, after all.  (:   Lovely, thank you for lifting my mood a little higher today!   Terri

            Terri Scheinuck   Be the kind of woman, that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says: “Oh no!  She’s Up!”

        1. Thank you, Terri. You lifted my spirits as well. You know I would have been right there on the floor with you, probably using my own hands as your Kleenex!!! And you are right, the company is great in the nut house. 🙂

          I do LOVE the quote at the end of your comment. I assure you, even the “devil” knows me quite well. 😉

          Love, giggles and a big hug to you!

          😀 AH

      2. Black is the color of coal, ebony, and of outer space. It is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white and often represents darkness in contrast with light.

        Black was one of the first colors used by artists in neolithic cave paintings. In the Roman Empire, it became the color of mourning, and over the centuries it was frequently associated with death, evil, witches and magic. In the 14th century, it began to be worn by royalty, the clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe. It became the color worn by English romantic poets, businessmen and statesmen in the 19th century, and a high fashion color in the 20th century.

        In the Western World today, it is the color most commonly associated with mourning, the end, secrets, magic, power, violence, evil, and elegance.

        Your color has been black. You have absorbed all Light.
        Now you are to radiate that Light outward. You are to SHINE.

      3. Dear Anna Helen!

        You make me laugh so hard until I almost cry 🙂
        “If you can see the humor in a difficult situation, you know that you can win”.

        I really love you so much!


      1. might just be me, but it is my feeling that SFD (or a part of him) intends to cause trouble here. There, I said it. Maybe the things he wishes to stir up are meant to be here for some reason – and so, I will try not to judge that part. Just speaking for me: I do not feel resonate with the energy at this time. Feels like a power trip or maybe a bipolar thing and thats ok if it is on the table and we can help. I would offer something positive if there is honesty of what is being expresses and why. Thanks, ~A~

    1. SFD I did a “find” on the word “work” and Lin used it many times in her beautiful post. It was used 13 times (now 14) so far on this page. The official meaning of “work” involves mental (not heart) activity. Yet to me mental prep often releases heart flow. Whether it does or doesn’t mean that here is not really the question. The word “liar” is always used, unless in fun, to hurt and judge someone. You could have said it in ‘fun’ but you are wise enough to know that’s not how it came across. Why would you purposely choose to do this, at this time, is my honest question to you? I call it “this” because I with hold attempting to label what you said. We are all guests to this blog just as I am a guest when I visit your blog.
      If your concern is with the usage of the word, ‘work’, I’d be very interested in reading an article on your blog about why it brings such a strong reaction from you when someone uses it, in your opinion, wrongly.
      I do feel that this crazy emphasis on words that I have seen lately in my life is nonsense. It’s time to feel the meaning of the message being sent also. What is its intent? Is the writer there to encourage or discourage? Although I have called someone “liar” in love when joking and laughing with them it normally brings a sense of a ‘smack across the face.’ Which did you intend? Thank you, Nancee

      1. actually it was in response to something someone said to me in 3d the day before. your reply has helped in another matter tho. i am spending to much time thinking and not enough time just being.

  5. Dear friends,

    Happy New Year! I have been away for a long time. I needed to go my own way. I came back to see how you are – so how are you?

    The change / shift is coming. For me it started yesterday night. And it grows stronger. Can you feel it?

    I feel confident about myself and my choices – against all odds (there are many pretty nasty 3D issues to solve). I feel that I am set free and I will grow my strength from now on.

    I wish you all all the good things in life. I believe that I do belong HERE now and I want to enjoy the ride!

    🙂 Lara

    1. Welcome back Lara!

      Glad you chose to join our ride again and that you feel so good 🙂

      Yes I feel so much stronger and free since New Year’s as well and so confident about myself and my life.

      Yesterday I felt myself deeply saddened and I do not know why. Guts has been also influenced recent days. Could it be the energy shift you’re describing? Anyway, it is trivial on the whole, for the feeling of freedom and joy outweighs 🙂

      Love & light!


    2. Yes feel it! welcome back~! I feel much stronger in myself… more steady than how I responded to energies in the past. I could not see making it even one more year. Now, I feel OK like I have a better foot hold it u will – and that the energy here supports the real me better.
      Love 2 U – keep on keepin on as the saying goes…. Areeza

  6. I feel I may have destroyed AH, or she destroyed herself, or we both destroyed eachother. My emotions are going everywhere.
    I’m sorry, AH! I just didn’t see another way. It had to be done. Oh God…

    1. Dear JJ… What has happened is none of my/our business. We don’t know the details, and we don’t need to know. Still, personally I’ve been struggling deeply with the hurt of it, for you both, for everyone involved, working with all my might to focus only on our oneness, and that there is only Love or fear. We choose, right now, every single second, how we effect the wellbeing, the comfort, of you both/everyone right now with our Energies. You both effect your own wellness with each thought. Strength of will is called for here maybe.

      We’re powerful BEings. The Love/Light can bring in Understanding and Clarity, kindness and gentleness and Immediate Healing if we can work together on this, openly or silently. All the preaching and sharing here is for naught if we cannot work together to first feel and detach from any negative emotions, transmute them to Love, for both Lori and JJ.

      There are those of you here who know so much more than I do regarding transmuting negative energies to Love. The “HOW” of it. Many different techniques. Perhaps you can share. I’ll try them all. Not only for JJ and Lori, but for myself, and everyone else at the Pond and elsewhere, too. It’s my understanding that this is our collective work to bring about Ascension even faster for all.

      This was a human EXPERIENCE (with after effects), a very public one, between two dear Spirits who are part of the Whole, the Oneness. Like it or not, this is an opportunity to conquer ego judgment–at least for me–OF ANY KIND for two of our own, for our Whole-ness, for all of Mother.

      Like I said, I don’t know the details–and I’m trying to not be a know-it-all in a situation that I’m not part of, but I would think that what Lori would like and can use most right now, and JJ, is our PURE Love/Light Energies. And then “allow” the Light to do its work of transformative Magic. I’m not talking about the furtherance of the twin relationship, that’s none of my/our business. I’m talking about the well-being of two Souls who are working on growth. I’m not trying to “fix” anything for anybody or remove any lessons. Just calling for our powerful collective to envelope you both in Love.

      If I’ve overstepped, then please forgive me Lori and JJ.
      I Love You. Lin

      1. You haven’t overstepped, dear Lin.
        I am struggling with what happened.
        I hope pray that AH will be alright. She said she had nothing to go back to…


        1. I love you so much, Nancee. Thank you for the gentle prodding. You know what I am talking about. I will reply very soon. Glad you made it through the dangerous drive!!!

          🙂 AH

      2. Wonderful Lin! I couldn´t have said it better. Just wonderful!!!

        As I am a straightforward woman the first thing I thought when I read JJs message was “You haven´t destroyed anyone, but if you go on thinking like you do there is a risk you will “destroy” yourself”. It is OK to be deep in your sadness for a while, to really come to terms with your feelings but then allow you to come to the surface, inhale and raise your sights, recognize your own greatness. We all want to help you, but you have to walk in your own shoes. Why I say this is from my own experience when I gave all my energy to wear my brother in my arms for many years. We sometimes need tough lessons in life to learn and you JJ – as well as Anna Helen – have got a bushel full for a while now.

        Re oneness. Yesterday I was in such a sadness that I really couldn´t understand. As I told you before I have been light and strong in my energies these first days of this year but this profound experience of sadness was so unexpected and deep and I saw no reason for it.

        I think there is high time for a gathering now.

        All my love, light and respect,


          1. Do you think that we can feel each other around the Pond like I described? Or perhaps I feel it with those I have closest connection to. Or is it something just for me to release? I don´t have a clue. You know – there is a reason for my name B to B ;))

            Much love & light to you,


        1. I felt that sadness too…real, real deep yesterday. It in itself was so full it touched my soul and just sat with it for awhile. I think it is like a final farewell to all we have weathered thru many lifetimes of hurt.
          ahhhh… and today,, much light, much sunshine,, my heart soars in this kind of energy!

          1. I hope you are right Areeza. Feel much better today and have had a nice dinner with my friend (sister from earlier life 😉 who is on the same “soul route” as I am. So good to share experiences with her as we have had similar experiences in our lives though living far from each other. A real privilege 🙂

            Love & light,


      3. Sun, no truer words have ever been spoken. “If you love someone, one day you might have to let them go ….. because if you truly love them, you will want what is best for them.” I will have to say that maybe the greatest gift to myself in all of this is to find that I am truly capable of loving someone unconditionally. I know that part of my “role” in all of this was to assist my twin soul in realizing that he was already where and with whom he was meant to be. My “role” in this in regards to assistance to myself is as yet unclear. But I have great trust and great faith in this process, and I will continue to flow in the river wherever it may take me.

        Everyone, please know that I feel your love and support, and I am so grateful for that. I feel no blame or ill will toward JJ or anyone else involved in this. I only wish him, his wife, his children and his extended family and friends love.

        Yes, the human woman in me is in a great deal of pain. A very great deal. The human woman feels ultimately lost. Which is maybe as it should be. As I have said many times, you have to be lost to be “found.” From a higher perspective, I know that this is what is happening. There has been a great power surging through me for quite a while now, and it is something I have resisted and denied in every way I know how, because at the moment I find it quite frightening. I know now that I must find a way to welcome it and join with it. Maybe the destructive/reconstructive aspect of this was my last gasp, my last attempt at leading a “normal” human life. Like so many of us, I have never, ever been “normal,” and it is time that I embrace this. It is time to accept that I created a life of solitude for myself in a purposeful way, not just by accident or chance. All my life I have felt like I am not “from” here. Not “of” here. That I don’t belong here. I see now that I do belong, just not in the way I thought. I was not meant for a normal life. I was meant for a different WAY than 3D altogether, and I was meant to help bring that into being for myself and the collective. That is how I belong.

        Thank you again, everyone. I love you all.

        🙂 AH

          1. Oh, B. What a beautiful version of this song. It made me cry, of course, but in a good way.

            And, my friend, it was my absolute pleasure to make YOU cry with laughter from one of my comments.

            Love you so much!

            🙂 AH

        1. Thank you AH, for everything. For showing me Love, your love, and Hellen’s love, my kid’s love, and my Love for you all.
          I feel that what happened was to assist you/us into stepping into your/our true self.

        1. AH,
          My heart bursts with Love for you.
          I don’t believe there is a more Powerful human Be-ing on this earth at this time.
          You can do anything.
          In deep admiration,

          p.s. On a lighter note…. I like all the songs you post here… 🙂

          1. I can concur to that power of AH. I told her personally she’s the most powerful thing I have ever seen. She IS.

          2. My heart is full of love for you, too, Sally. Again, I have no idea how to respond to this “power” thing you and JJ keep telling me, but I sincerely thank you both for doing so. Thank you also for all of your other words of love and support. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, as tou know, things are a bit out of whack for me right now.

            Hugs hugs hugs to you and your husband. Hope he is still doing well.

            🙂 AH

      4. I think that was beautifully put Lin. And I don’t think there is a better – stronger, more powerful method than Love. We still do have ego’s to deal with that can make judgments. I believe we all do our best to curb that and keep with our Loving assistance and sharing aspects. A soul mate does not necessarily a Love/marriage/life partnership mate make. These two beings – our AH and JJ – they went for it and it took guts. You two would always wonder if you did not do it – was it ever really in your minds/hearts that it was a ‘sure thing’ – for what is a sure thing? A real risk for both but I worry more for AH right now for she really threw it all to the wind and went for it. Not that you did not dear JJ – but just not in leaving your home land and not having a living space (I realize u had to make a new one and you are not sure if u can go back to old one). Guilt offers no help and you have to be true to your feelings of what is best to do. Its a good thing to share the life experiences we are having – it can offer help to others – and help us figure ourselves out more too – what aspects we want to keep – what we don’t – what we react to and how and why, etc. I don’t like only knowing part of a story because it makes it difficult to know what to truly offer in response. If AH and JJ want to open up and share more I think it would be a good thing but it is up to you guys. You may need time to absorb it all anyways. But, just feel our Love and caring for you both. Love u much. XO~A~

      5. Beautiful words, Lin.
        I bow to you and your sweet sweet Soul.
        I’m on my knees for all of us… let the Gathering begin.

  7. shout out to ALeeeeeee !!! Just want you to know I think of you many times through-out the days and nights and I see myself sitting with u… not speaking… just Being with you! I Love you my kindred soul friend! ~~A~~

    1. Yes Breeze! Same here. I think about her all the time and want to shout her out to be with us again. We are eagerly waiting on you Anna Helen!!!

      Love, light and renewed energies!


  8. Light and darkness is a form of energy. It can’t be created or destroyed. It can be used in different ways. It never dies it can only be made to go away. The thoughts one may have is energy driven to. You can stop a thought or ask it to go away. This may seem to be killing when it leaves but its not a death. It just leaves the mind and body and returns to its source.. Thoughts are just a way to look at energy in a awaken state. We either accept what we see or not in this awaken state. We can’t kill these thoughts. We can only accept or reject them. All can see energy in this way and change it to something different. It can only be seen as a thought if you let it become a thought. I just don’t accept thoughts I don’t want and accept the ones I do want only with proof. All people do the same. Some just get stuck on some thoughts because of what they believe or have been taught to be as right or wrong. This is ego that has accepted something to be the only way to believe or not to believe. Sometimes what the ego needs to change is proof of something you may not know is right or wrong. Sometimes this takes time to over come by gaining more knowledge on what one may have problems with. To believe in anything with no proof is a blind belief. All this does is cause problems with ego.

    love and blessings to all

    1. The same with Schrödingers rat. You cannot make her go away. She is just an experimental thought. If you want proof you have to open the box. But you cannot destroy the thought. The only object you see after opening the lid is my ego. Believe me.

  9. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/we-are-11th-hour-prophesized-woohoo
    Greetings Love Beings, We are just 3 days into The New Year and The Energy and Excitement is Building for sure. We began this Year by sharing this is indeed the Year of Miracles and True Love! Joy Awaits those who have chosen Love and are willing to release all the programming. The takers or those in the programming will begin imploding now. Stay Centered, gather together we are in the 11th Hour as Prophesized by the Hopi’s! WOOHOO and a YEEHAW!

  10. Susan,

    Your relationship with your guides makes me smile 🙂 Thank you for your information as always! I don’t have any conscious communication going on with the guides so I enjoy hearing about what you learn. I am not sure if I would have the patients for them or them with me.
    I did feel spacey yesterday and a litlle at the moment too. Seeing how there was never any explanation for what I have felt in my body nor any for my mom and sis as well we just always thought it was just something peculiar with us and we lived with it. Now we know we are sensitive to energy. My sister isn’t really open to this, but my mom is.
    All the best for you in the New Year! I am looking forward to your website soon!

    Much love to you,


  11. Good Evening Ponders,

    Not too much to report lately. My team is “up, UP…” Very hard to get communication today.

    Just wanted to let you know that what has been going on the past two days is better and higher energies.

    It may be hard to differentiate between the different kinds of energies.
    Usually, when the higher ones which I call “Light energy” enter, you feel a bit tired or spacey. You can still get headachy but not like the “cleaning” energies where you feel totally gross or nauseated.

    I have to say that I am truly in love with my new team. We are working beautifully together to get the information ready. Every single thing that goes out must be edited and approved so there will be no misunderstandings.

    So – just to whet your appetite a little… some interesting info about the Sirians:

    They are about 10,000 light years away from earth. They live from 1,000-1,200 years. They are strictly vegan and are not social eaters. They eat a type of vegetable matter which provides pretty much all they need. From time to time, some fruit. There is little waste so they don’t need to go to the bathroom as much as we do. Sleep? About 4 hours a day – preferably in the morning. Sirian is a very easy language to learn. It has many of the same vowels as English. There are no negative words in the language! Just like Hebrew (where certain words don’t exist) – they substitute English ones where necessary. GFOL uniforms are white with blue insignia. They enjoy music – especially the harp. And they are PATIENT.
    They put up with all my melt-downs and endless questions. They are getting to know and appreciate my humor like asking them if they want me to call Domino’s Pizza for a delivery “up there.”

    I SO wish people could understand the relationship I have with my guides. For me, they feel like my extended family. Sometimes we disagree but most of the time, we are on the same page. I get a finger wagged at me when I over-do it or WORRY (which is most of the time.) They calm me when I can’t sleep and reassure me when I get frustrated. They send galactic e-mails to the Federation HQ when I need to plead our case. They try to teach me about galactic time (which I pretty much don’t get) and I try to teach them about certain perks of being in a human body – like hugs, coffee and pizza. AND – they babysit Jess when I have to go out!

    Love, Susan

    1. This post is absolutely delightful in its shared knowledge, Susan. Again, thank you so very much. I’m looking forward to your new blog and learning more about your wonderful Team members. You are Blessed to know them so intimately.

      Be well, continued Blessings in 2014.

      With Love&JOY, Lin

    2. Thanks Susan!

      Sounds quite nice:) The closest I can get in comparison, is this family around The Pond, which also is virituell yet incredibly real, vital and full of loving vibrations 🙂

      Love & light,


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