Welcome to this year’s first Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 5

Dear brothers and sisters!

We have entered a new year, and we have entered some very new energies. And now, we will get a chance to experience them together. For this Sunday, we have our very first Gathering around the Pond of 2014. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

“As you have already stepped into the new year, you have also started to get a taste of the new in more ways than one, and now, we invite you all to take that first collective dive into the pond of newness. For now, you have once again the opportunity to immerse yourself in the energies in the company of your fellow men as it were, as you have once more one of these special occasions to do so through what you have given the name of the Gatherings. These Gatherings are important indeed, as they give us all an opportunity to not only deepen the bonds that already exist between each and every one of you, but also the bonds that exist between you and the realms where we exist.

In other words, this shimmering grid of light that runs all across this globe and beyond, will once again be utilized to strengthen our bonds, and to strengthen your resolve. For you will all be invited to step even closer to the well of wisdom, as you will be individually guided as to how and when these brand new energies can be called upon to aid you in furthering your own process. For even if this will be a very collective event, it will also be an individual one. You are all connected through this immense fabric of individual strands of light that have been woven in and around every single soul connected through this Pond, but you are also connected directly to Source through your own inner core. And as such, every time you all sit down and enter this Pond as a group, you also do so as single entities, and so, you will all take your own very special piece with you from this Gathering.

So again we say, welcome to the very first swim in the brand new version of this Pond, the Pond that has been energized again and again as you have all connected in your very own way to this amazing grid of light. And this time, it will be a very special occasion indeed, for you will be brought face to face with that brand new energetic frequency that has started to hum at the very bottom of this pool of light that you have all helped to collect in this space. And so, you may feel yourself threading new and rather unfamiliar waters at first, but we know you will all find your own way of setting yourself free to bask about. For even if some of the energetic immersions you can experience during one of these collective events may be construed as intense, we think you will all find a way to literally play around with these new energies.

For they are here for you to have fun with, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Remember, we have told you that you are the creators of the new, and as such, we have asked you to become as a child again, in the respect of letting go of the so-called serious notion of doing things right. For we invite you all to start to become true creators now, and creators create from joy, not from a rigid idea of doing things by the book. Rather, we want you to cut loose as they say, and try to find a way to truly start to frolic in these new and very inviting waters. For they invite you to have a good time, by allowing yourself to float freely within them, and by opening your mind and let the good times roll as they say. We know that this may sound rather frivolous to some, but again, creation comes from a free mind and a playful spirit, and this goes hand in hand with these new energies. For they are here to be used in any way you can, to be stretched and shaped, compressed and squeezed in any shape or form you can think of. And remember, you cannot go wrong, for you cannot utilize this new energy in any way that can be of harm to others or to yourself. For this energy is so pure, it can withstand any attempt of mismanagement. So have no fear, simply enjoy it in any way you can. For you will not be given any definition at all as to how you use these new and extremely malleable energies, that is up to you to decide. For you set the course and you decide the pace, so do not limit yourself in any way here. Simply let yourself float freely in these brand new waters, and see what you can make of it.”


I invite you all to join me for a our very first communal swim in these brand new energies. This Pond, this “pool of light”,  has never been more powerful, and I am really looking forward to be able to immerse myself in these waters surrounded by so many shining souls!

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

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Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

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Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

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As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

These Gatherings take place on the first Sunday of every month. Here are the dates for the first half of 2014:

January 5

February 2

March 2

April 6

May 4

June 1

210 thoughts on “Welcome to this year’s first Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 5

  1. I am so sorry. I am so sad and in pain sometmes. My head is bursting. I cannot understand your English very wel and I am not familiar with everything you talk about.
    But everything you talked abput happened to me too last year. I am reborn and free now.
    But….. last days I have been talking about things I know that are horrible to people who might do things with it to solve it. But it’ s such a mess and it is too horrible to talk about.

  2. Please send a thought to Pinkrose.
    The weather where she lives is bitter cold, colder than ever almost.
    we wouldn’t want any frozen cats.

  3. MY experience was very different. most of day the thought of the gathering was on my mind. I knew where i wanted to be at the appropriate time. Most of the day was spent with day to day stuff. I made a deliberate effort to not look at the time during the day, and just ride the 3d flow. I ended up home perfectly intime to prepare.
    I assumed 1 of 3 things was waiting for me at the gathering. 1 I was going to be trapped. 2 I was going to be pulled in so fast that i would shatter on the frozen lake. or 3 i would have the kind of experience that most of you have described. In actual fact none of those things happened (if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans).
    Just prior to coming home to mediatate I spent the day at my mothers and her dogs and cat. they shed my worries calmed my mind and set my heart on fire. I corrupted my body with a little cheese and dulled my senses with some wine and took a “Kalms”. This was on unconsciously on purpose. I am still not in full control of my power. If i were to arrive at the gathering in full force I could have set us back considerably. Once home. I ran my bath, lit some candles, and some incense, and climbed in with my rose quartz crystal shard.
    I can’t remember much. the few memories i have are this. To start I played with pure love energy. Listening to my crystal talk, charging it through its base from my heart and my heart chakra and directing it through the tip, to all kinds of diffferent places it wanted to go. I remember the need to heal and directed some healing energy both to my ailing body and away. Then i realxed and had a brief connection to the pond.
    I was way up in the sky looking down. It was very dark, but i had sense of being above a forest that stretched away in every direction, and the pond was right below me. The centre was obscured, but i could feel many of you around the pond in a circle. I really wanted to participate but my vantage point was set and I couldn’t move from it. I realised i was there to focus the light from all the stars and planets and heavenly bodies behind me. I sent them down towards the center of the pond in a giant white column of energy with a golden hue. When it hit the ice it split into many different beams that shot across the pond out from the centre. The beams stopped at the same distance from the centre spread out around the pond, to where I assume each of you stood. The energy flow then took on a more solid feel to it. I felt like i was giving specific crystals to all in attendence. Then i was back in my bath (that all happened in an instant). I connected again one or more times later but have no memory of those times. I also felt the calling to “do away” with some of the “things” that still plague mankind. One that stuck in my mind was “EXCESS” i gathered it all up in a ball from across the globe and disconnected it from gaia. So if you used to do anything to excess you may find yourself unable to do so in the comming days. There were two other “things” but i can’t remember what they were

  4. I also bow before your imaginations. I had a few drinks with my friend from Portugal. At 21:00 Central European time I felt into a deep, numb meditation.
    Thought about Breeze. The vid with the stupid german “icebreaker”. I thought about 2013 where I have had my gatherings. At the river, on a mountain, in my home. After half an hour my egg timer brought me back to the world of sunday evening. I was not disappointed as normal. It just felt like the Compagions start sounding like politians. They repeatedly talk about options that never come true.
    I also think that the match between the AH Freezers and Ajax Jay Jay clearly showed the result, that this better stays virtual and without intimacy, at least for me. I still hold tight to our association of bravehearted friends in the pond.
    I try to avoid working at the begin of the year.
    If there are any complains about me, then it might be because my Jupiter is in the fourth house with a locked door and my father was a barber…
    It is warm here, not that unusual. 57 F is above the average.
    Things go well. Happy christmas Armenia.

  5. Good Morning my dear Ponders,

    Aisha – I am so in awe of your visuals! I am not able to “see” that much vividly…. yet.

    I was a bit late in coming to the meeting (and was gently and lovingly guided to bed!) so I missed out on part 1 as you mentioned. I came in as the individual meetings were about to commence. I didn’t see it but heard it and felt it. Similar to what you were told. A personal message from the “Council.” I also remember asking for some energetic healing which I was given with great love. I have to get used to the higher vibrational level of the spiritual masters. They seem to understand that I need a little more time and will try to introduce me to this gradually.

    I believe last night, the Council (s) put the emphasis on not only the group as a whole but introducing the Pond members to their guides/teams.

    As for the Pond, I was told it is a group/network for those of us who are connected. We formed bonds which are beneficial both for us and for the work we are doing. The Light grid is like a planet-wide telecommunication network.

    With love,


    1. Yes… thanks Susan…this was part of my gathering experience too….our individual guides/teams coming to us. I hand wrote a couple pages I have to sort thru and share with all of u. when i get home from work, i will do this.
      Love, ~A~


    In the middle of my 6-day+ new year’s cold, I was glad I had some time today to join in.

    It’s been a few months since I last tried to meditate — 2013 was a really hard year, and my inability to cut through all of my 3D struggles and center my mind has been incredibly frustrating.

    Today as I sat trying to breathe through my stuffy nose, I struggled to quiet my thoughts and visualize anything beside the insides of my eyelids.

    Of course, as soon as I thought the word “pond” it all began. I saw a quiet pond, at night, with the full moon sparkling off the water. It was silent, with no signs of life anywhere, until dozens and then hundreds of tiny pink lights rose up from beneath the surface of the water and into the air where they began flying and dancing together, like a flock, or a swarm… all together as one.

    I thought, “That’s us.”

    One of the things that I’ve missed the most about meditating was the few times I would actually find myself hurtling through the cosmos, past star systems and dust clouds, watching galaxies whiz by… All through 2012 I had these incredible meditative experiences — I was TRAVELING. I was making CONTACT. The last time I had that was last July, during another pond gathering.

    Well, today I got to travel again, and it was fantastic. It felt more controlled than in the past, or maybe I wasn’t moving as fast. As soon as I had settled in for an extended journey, I came to a quick stop at an unfamiliar, greenish planet. It immediately began to change appearance according to my thoughts – I added water and raised the level, I started changing shorelines and manipulating landmasses, all based on what I thought might be most useful.

    A giant, translucent-orange human figure appeared in space, large enough that it could easily hold the planet in one hand. The being held this new planet up, and a beam of light came down on it, through it, and began shining out from it.

    It was like the planet was being initialized, like a hard drive. This planet that I had just redesigned in an instant, using only my most immediate thoughts – is ready to BE.


    That was the message.

    I for one am beyond ready. This message ties in with the dreams I’ve been having for the last two years – wandering, then searching, then settling, then building a new town, all in a fresh new place near a river and a lake with a small but motivated and hopeful population… For two years, night after night, I’ve been dreaming about building a new world. Now I’ve had a vision of the whole thing being switched on.

    Thank you all for your connection, your input and loving energy. I know I couldn’t have reached this vision without you all.

    Let’s do this!

    1. What a wonderful vision Dave! Yes – let´s do it!

      I haven´t been able to hurtle through the cosmos as you describe it, think I am too earthy but I love reading others doing it.

      Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed it 🙂

      Much love,

      B to B

  7. I add my feelings of Joy to the pond, for this is the year of Joy.
    Thank you Aisha.
    Thank us all.

  8. Hi, Sun…

    I got it. Thank you.
    I didn’t respond any more after my initial post as my Guidance impressed upon me to remain Quiet.
    And then, the funny thing is I, myself, received the beautiful, quiet enveloping Love gift that I had focused on and requested for JJ/Lori.
    I don’t know why that happened. But I’m deeply grateful.

    I still know the same feeling of Love, only it has expanded… and released… like a bubble within the ocean that bursts and is no longer confined.

    With (expanded) Love, Lin

    1. You know I also returned that love to you, sister. 🙂 B is so very right as usual. Love you so much and ready for whatever we are going to be “doing” together. I look forward to it wuth absolute joy and deLIGHT!!!!!

      1. Dear Lori… I just read your announcement following these pages.
        I am holding you in long-term enveloping Golden White Light Energy. As Sun said, take Consciousness with you… and ask CCs for Guidance/help. They won’t let you down.

        I Love you very much, Lori. Lin

  9. I don’t know how others get into it
    for me it is simple, however, it is far from easy.
    I concentrate on my breathing and
    turn off the internal dialogue ; that’s the hard part =shrug=!
    so, anyway, as i opened to the energies my dogs got very excited.
    I think they saw some sort of something surrounding me coming in. They were worried about my welfare.
    coming to my rescue, if i can use such words

    So I held my dogs and transferred the energies from what i was receiving and translating that into the language of dogs.
    I have lived with a farm free dog since I was 5 days old
    yes, i speak “dog”
    they calmed down and had epiphanies of their own; giggle

    I teared up, feeling oh so sad.
    The next thing i was in an office/examination room?and the next thing i know ;was these guys? were giving me a stern talking to.
    I was informed that in several ways I carry many things from my ancestors.
    I know it is not my fault, but i get to carry that weight a long time
    oh well
    I am descended from a bunch of nasty dirty pricks, sob’s
    then i wave bye now
    when the sun shines again, my dogs will tell me about it.
    I am suspecting that other levels are moving into it when they find an
    open space
    fear not

    1. When you speak, Otmn, you speak volumes, whether it be two words or as above. Never any wasted space. Thank you always for sharing. You radiate a great distance from your High Heart.

  10. A half hour before closing my eyes for meditation, the intense electric energy stopped flowing through me as if turned off by a switch. I slipped off and found myself floating around a large fire of red, orange and gold. Many of us were seated on stone blocks on a pebbled beach. Others were floating with me. Looking up, I saw gentle fireballs descending from the black sky, surrounding all of us playfully before joining the main fire in unison. A pair of large hands appeared and cupped the flame with its’ palms. On cue, a gift box arose from the fire and suddenly brightly multi-rainbow-colored graffiti shot up straight into the air, turning softly and raining down on all of us with arms open. I could hear kazoo music then, buzzing away happily to the “Happy Birthday Song”. Some began playing with silly string, lighting up the darkness. I realized I had moved to the perimeter of the party with a piece of birthday cake in my hand. It tasted sooooo yummy, rich vanilla with yellow icing. Then out in the distance I heard a child weeping. I moved away to comfort him or her. Holding the child in my arms, I left the meditation and disconnected to all except this little one. For several hours this child was with me as I went about a few small duties in my home. I could feel the little one getting tired, so I placed him or her in a blanket on my sofa and hummed the birthday song. Except it was really about a rebirthing. So, whoever you are – this sad little child – out in this beautiful pond, I want to say to you, “You are not alone – ever, and HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY”.
    Much love, Caroline

    1. What a wonderful gathering you had. Thank you for tenderly sharing your experiences. My first thought was that it was you who rebirthed…

      Much love and respect,

      B to B

  11. I stood at the white railing of a bridge. JJ came up behind me, put his arms on either side of me on the railing and leaned his head diwn on to my shoulder. “Hey, you!” he said. “Ready to go play?” So we walked hand in hand down to the edge of the water kind of gigglng and laughing. No one else was there. “So what do you want to do?” he asks. “The first thing I want to play with is this…” I reply with a wink and a grin. I reach up and start pulling my body apart, starting with my face. No in a gross way, just like opening a case. Blue light comes out. Then everything just disappeared.

    This started sometime just before 2pm I think, and I “came to” just a while ago. My face was all salty from dried tears and my pillow was wet from them. I have no idea what happened. All I know is that I have this sensation of being utterly lost and adrift. Fundamentally disconnected from everything, and the recurring thought of “Just what in the hell have I done to myself now?!” I can’t stop shaking. My teeth are chattering. I am freezing. I feel sick to my stomach. All I want to do is go soak in a hot bath, but it is time to make supper for my daughter.

    I will come back and read everyone’s experiences later. Hope they were good. Love to you all.

    1. ~ Hugging you ~ wish i could come in person and take care of u AH – as long as u needed. That illusory thing called time seems to help somehow… but only when it has passed and we are in a more satisfying new space. Love you our girl~!

    2. Congratulations,
      how wonderful, you shed the old snakeskin/lobster shell.
      stretch and breathe deeply
      expand before the new one hardens
      smooches, i think i owe you several
      it’s alright

      1. Thanks, man. I accept your smooches with gratitude. And, yes, it’s alright. It’s always alright. I tell you again that you have helped me in many ways. Hugs and I “less than 3 you.”

        🙂 AH

        …stretching and breathing…

    3. You really had a profound experience!!! What I can relate to – is the feeling of disconnection I had – but not in a bad way – just total silence and disconnection from The Pond and from the world, being with myself.



      1. So good to know someone else felt this sense of disconnection! I read about some profound experiences you had, too, with seeing the lightbodies. Wonderful, wonderful!!!

        love you, B

        🙂 AH

        1. Yes – and one of my friends reminded me what I use to say “I don´t see nothing” 😉

          Good night Anna Helen! I wish you a very good night! See you tomorrow!

          Love you too,


    1. Dear FlyingFree, at any given time during my days and nights, I am with one or more of you from this kindred Pond. It is so natural – the feeling of it. It comforts and relaxes me. We Have known each other all along~! I would say how amazing… but really, how natural~! 🙂 I dont think any of us knew how what we envisioned for our lives would come about… now that we are ‘here’ I, for one, feel like ‘oh, but of course!’ c o o l n e s s

  12. Hi JJ, I see you, from here, from my room.
    In a feeling I have
    wanting to share my comfortable inner feelings
    Lack of words
    But it feels so normal to just be with you…

  13. I remember first connecting with AH, after which we walked to the Pond together. We didn’t just walk, but sort of goof-balled the whole time.
    At the Pond we didn’t go into the waters right away. I remember diving in by myself, and I discovered a small golden light/stone at the bottom of the Pond. I picked it up and swam to the surface, and the weird thing is that after that, I don’t remember anything.

    I was very tired, and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep though.
    I feel very emotional and sick.

  14. Hello to all of you,

    At about 21.00 I forgot about time.
    I was taking a shower to get warm.
    When I got out of the shower I looked into the mirror and I saw my soulmate’s face… Her eyes told me she just wanted me to see her.
    In my room I lighted three dishes with candles.
    I just enjoyed the lights.
    I saw in Spadecaller’s video everything that happened last year,
    and what is happening Now.
    I am not shure if I am meditating.
    My feet and legs keep feeling like freezing.
    Overall I am just so perfectly in harmony.
    No worries anymore, I can be open to the world.
    I feel love is connected so strong, even at distance it warms my heart.

    1. Dear FlyingFree, thank you so much for bringing your light to this Gathering, and for sharing your story! It gives me much joy to know that you feel so connected, in harmony and open to the world.
      LOVE, Aisha

  15. Dear friends! For me, this Gathering was again unlike any of the others. It was two very different parts to it. One was a wonderful celebration going on around the Pond, with dancing, singing and “weaving” of strings of light. I saw how our joyful celebration sent ripples of light all across our planet, and we had the most wonderful time together. This party was at the beginning and at the end of the hour that I sat down to connect. The other part took place at the bottom of the Pond, and it was a very quiet and “private” session. I saw as we one by one swam down to the bottom of the Pond, to a sort of doorway made of a shining flat crystal. When we entered this doorway, we came into a pure white illuminated hall, and we were all given long white robes. It looked and felt a bit like being at a retreat or a spa, except it had a formal air about it. One by one, some luminous beings came out to meet us, and they each went up to a person and escorted us off in different directions. I was told that this was so that we all would get our own individual “session” of some sort. I was shown into a room with a group of beings, and I was told that this part of the process was to prepare me for the year ahead, a year that will be all about beginning to step into our new roles.

    I was given a chance to “try out” different tasks, and they said that during this year, it was important to keep an open mind about what we wanted to do in the time ahead, for we would be offered several options. They told me that we have a choice as to what we want to use our light for, and that no matter what we choose, we cannot choose anything that is “wrong” for us. They also reminded me not to choose without considering several options, and that I also needed to think beyond any human ideas on how to use our light to help this world evolve into the world we all dream of. They said that I was not to make any choices now, rather, it was just a sort of briefing to tell me to keep my heart and my mind open to see what would be offered us all. Then they thanked me, and told me to return to the Pond again, and I was escorted back out into that great hall , where I met up with others who came out from their “session”. We were all quiet, hugging and smiling to each other, and then we went back out that doorway and found ourselves floating in the Pond again.

    After that, it was back to the celebration, and I remember standing on a stage, looking out over a sea of radiant, happy faces looking back at me, and I almost started to cry, it was such a wonderful sight and the energy was amazing. I gave a short speech, thanking you for what you had done, and for what you will contribute in the time ahead, and we ended up dancing and singing to “We will rock you”. All through this Gathering, the energy was powerful, but so very “light”, it felt like I had thousands of butterflies fluttering around inside of me, and it was nothing like those extremely “heavy” rounds I have experienced during some other Gatherings. I was actually smiling during most of it, for it felt really good 🙂 Thank you all for being a part of this!!
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Aisha, u made me smile when u said we were having a party, dancing and singing to the Queen song because my boyfriend had on the TV a biography of Queen leader, Eddie Mercury. He went downstairs to play guitar and instead of turning off the TV, I turned it way down and went into meditation for the Gathering. > I saw us doing a sync dance – like u do at a wedding or such event – it was lead by a woman – not sure who she was. I also, like u and Alex, had an experience about moving into our new selves and fulfilling new roles matching our intentions. Very much lighter – the feeling – thanks!~ Love, Areeza

      1. You and Aisha give me hope that our new roles are finally unfolding. So many of us have been waiting for what appears to be such a long time. Thank you. Good night – may your dreams be pleasant ones.
        Love, Caroline

        1. I need to ask and verify it was u, C, who emailed me on the 4th? just let me know here – to confirm – because the address was a mans and I did not want to reply if it was ‘not’ u. thanks much ! Love D

    2. Dear Aisha,

      This was a very special gathering indeed. I felt being on a stage and shinging my light like never before. My light was a mix of white and golden light. It was simply breathtaking. And then, suddenly, there were huge white angel wings on my back. First, they were like folded. When I started to shine, the wings opened up and were huge and shinging. I felt like an angel, wow!
      I could see all the happy faces and can remember how I hugged everybody. I could see how you welcomed me with a beautiful smile on your face. Wow, dearest sister, thank you!
      After about fifteen minutes I felt suddenly asleep. Maybe this was the part where I entered the “pure white illuminated hall”. i don’t know.
      From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for this wonderful experience!

  16. Dear friends!

    This was by far the strangest experience I’ve had from meditations around The Pond. I had a really hard time getting in touch with all of you, though I felt a tremendous intensity around. I gave up trying to get in touch and ended up high on a hill where I looked down over a solitary path across fields. I had a feeling that Sun_of_blue was with me in the background. From the woods behind I saw a young woman’s face, red long hair and pale face. It was so quiet and still, not a sound.

    There was a small older house and a barn on the hill. An elderly woman was standing outside with a sink on a chair and she had apron. She stood quite silent.

    The only thing I further experienced was a shower head, a giant waterfall and an Indian. The shower head reminded me that I tend to think that I turn on the shower of energy for everyone when I travel by bus;)))

    I understand nothing, but that is in itself nothing unusual;)

    I am looking forward to read about your experiences tomorrow.

    Good night!

    B to B

  17. Brilliant! Brilliant!
    My LOVE to All.
    We have reached a point of no return now.

    I LOVE you ALL!

  18. Hey everyone. I was away this weekend with friends and no internet so I didn’t get to read this message until after my return, but I did remember to go into meditation on our drive home through freezing rain and dark gray overhanging clouds. I felt completely at peace and filled with love as I dropped into connection.

    The place I arrived at was completely pure white with snow and extremely cold. There was no motion at all and no difference between the sky and the earth…all was completely white and still–even the energy was completely at a stand still. My body was immobile and still as if at the very still point of existence and I realized I was completely still inside, no movement at all. Time did not exist.

    I refocused and gazed out across this white plane and I realized I was standing on the large frozen pond and in the distance was a very large and bright fire burning on top of the ice at the center of the pond. Even though I was extremely cold (the only sensation besides stillness that I could feel) I knew I wanted more than anything to go and sit by that fire. I also knew that I could not move if I remained thinking about it. The pathway of thinking and action was completely eliminated. I had a moment of sheer wonder and amazement to see that the old way of “doing things” through thought, even at the level of the body had been turned off and I took a deep breath and flowed into my heart and there felt on my deep heart desire to be by that fire and my body began to move in that direction, gliding across the plane of the frozen ice.

    As I approached this huge roaring fire which was burning right on top of the ice, but not melting the ice, I could see others, dressed long white robes like me, but they also had on huge beautiful fur robes. I came into the group and someone handed me a huge fur robe and along with the fire, my whole being was warmed to the core. We sat in a ring around the fire and I observed that beings were taking handfuls of what appeared to be dust and throwing it into the fire and it continued to blaze brighter and fuller than before. Everyone was warm and feeling safe and secure and we sat like this for what seemed like a long while, absorbing the heat and light of this blazing fire.

    Then the fire began to smoke and emit swirling visions above it and then the smoke opened up and through the haze appeared a clear vision of lush green grass and clear blue sky and many beautiful naked little toddlers where smiling and beckoning to us. My heart exploded as I recognized my own self, as a tiny little child, but not as the child I was but the new being that I was becoming and I stood up and dropped my fur robe and white robe, releasing all that had protected me from the cold of the old world and with the focus in my heart to BE with that little being–I literally dove into the vision above the fire and tumbled onto the grass.

    Staring into those beautiful deep brown eyes the peel of laughter that came out of us both was ecstatic! We embraced and frolicked and loved on each other and the joy or remembering and remeeting and understanding that I had set the stage, had focused the love for this new growing being who was ME but also more than ME and ALL of me was simply amazing. WE sat entwined in the grass and for a while I nursed this little being, caressing her face and touching her little body and hands with wonder. She was perfect in every way–luminous of skin–similar but so different from myself. She didn’t speak but communicated completely and in an advanced way through heart telepathy….

    We lay on the grass, holding hands and looking up at the brilliant blue sky and with joy and sharing, she started to create things for me to see and be filled with wonder and joy by–first it was clouds shaped like animals and with each ooohhh and ahhh she would laugh and clap her hands…then she made birds and dragons and rainbows and shooting stars and angels and star ships and I made flowers that bloomed to reveal beautiful crystals for her to play with. we each took one of these crystals and swallowed them down…. We lived and loved to please the heart of the other and it was miraculous.

    Others were playing and loving on their newly born future divine selves as well and then the little ones became tired and so we bundled them all together in a big group snuggling on the warm grass and we all moved backwards through the veil seemingly to the fire and the frozen pond, but at that moment, I simply came out of meditation…with a feeling of such deep love that tears flowed.

    Big hugs to everyone…welcome to the new world–welcome all the newly born divine beings who are growing strong, nurtured by love, by our own heart desires and of course by the divine eternal flame of all that is! 🙂 Alex

    1. Alex – very wonderful ~! I have yet to post what I wrote of my own experience but reading yours made me feel some similarities. I had “build star fire” come up and it expanded from there. too tired to type it all out so maybe tomorrow after work. XO~A~

      1. I remember now, when it tried to unite with the pond, I saw your name “Breeze” – just stated that I saw it.

        This was truly a remarkable Gathering for me – seemingly – and emotionally – incomprehensible.



        1. I dont know exactly what I wrote while at the gathering. I cant wait to get home and check it all out and share it. I love how this one was so powerful in what we all take with us from it. Love you ~A~

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