The manuscript of survival – part 363

The symbols of success can be many, but for now, let us just focus on a few that will appear for many of you. You have and will start to connect in a way that will enable to you start to see things, but when we refer to this, we do not necessarily refer to tangible things that you can simultaneously touch with your bare hands. We refer to symbols and shapes that may not contain any information that you will understand from a human point of view, but symbols that in themselves contain essential information that will leave their imprint on you in a way that will be of great help. Of course, this whole message, in fact, any message that you may receive in this kind of manner also conveys much of its information this way.

For what you SEE is not always ALL you get. You will see these words, and you will take in their meaning, but in addition to this superficial level of information, there are many, many others, and now those will start to become apparent to more and more of you. For you will SEE what you have not seen before, but we do not refer to small green men in flying saucers. No, what we refer to, are these non-verbal forms of communication, communication that is an ongoing process at all times, but that you may not even have been aware of. For you are constantly being exposed to so much information, but this information has been hidden from view as it were. Nonetheless, it has always been there, and now, many of you will start to be able to discern them.

It will appear as if out from nowhere, and you will ”see” it in many ways. Not as projections on a wall perhaps, and not through those outer apertures, your human eyes. No, you will see them within, but they will be as clear for you as the things you see with your eyes. You will not necessarily ”get” their meaning as such, but you will still be able to discern the vibrational information these symbols and shapes carry, and you will note that they do have an effect on you. For this form of communication is extremely effective and powerful, and even if you are not aware of this, you are also sending OUT this kind of information, not only receiving it. So stay tuned as they say, and see if you can start to listen in on this ongoing conversation in some way, and we can guarantee you that you will be able to do so. Just do not expect to be able to transcribe all the information that you get this way into human language. For there are not enough words to do just that. But you do not need words to describe them any way, for you are able to take it all in without having to go by that language center that is an intrinsic part of a human brain. For you are so much more than you brain, no matter how incredibly complex that is, and now, you will start to rediscover that in earnest.


204 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 363

  1. Seek to understand everything and you will know nothing ….Seek to understand nothing and you will understand everything.

    Warm regards,

  2. I did see a symbol in my third eye this morning in the half-awake, half-sleep state. It was a gold fingerprint, a thumbprint that I had created myself from my Godself. I knew I was supposed to use this golden particle thumbprint as a healing tool on myself. To create health, wholeness, and restoration of balance and perfection to parts of my body that may be afflicted with dis-ease or imbalance. So I have been using this symbol from my God-self and taking my power as a Creator in this way – creating healing for myself. The Hand of God creating what the Self needs to move forward into the Self’s higher purpose without any restrictions or handicaps holding it back.

    1. OMG! I just got a symbol this morning in the same way, Half awake state. And just after reading Aisha’s message last night. It was beautiful. A beautiful white four pointed star emitting a silver, then light blue aura.

      I knew as I saw it that I had a received a symbol and went back to sleep. When woke I remembered it and am sooo happy! I saw how my mind tried to start to transcribe it, lol.

      When I was cleaning today, I picked up a Gold toy key and remember the symbol, realising the symbol was the “key” I received in the morning. But to me I it is the symbol for the light language an also aids healing and activating the light body. Funny cos I just read this last night also on hte language of light…

  3. Nothingness – that describes very well how I felt yesterday. Even when I was working in my garden, something that always fills me with so much joy, I felt completely numb. It was if I was no one, doing no thing, being no thing, having no purpose. This feeling faded away later in the day, but it left me with a powerful sensation of stepping away from so much of what used to be me. The joy has returned, but this feeling of transformation is still very much present. And same as with you Birgitta, the emotional changes are so rapid and so profound, and the physical body feels so depleted of energy at times, it is even exhausting just to think. But to me, it is all positive signals of change even if they are not very pleasant at times 😉
    Much love from me, Aisha

  4. Dear Sun_of_blue!

    I also have a brain that is on strike now. It is almost impossible to plan anything, though I´ve gotten used to it recent years. In addition, the whole body is so incredibly tired and sluggish and not much gets done. I shoot everything up to maybe the next day, or next day… However I can stand it – it´s ok – I just tell you….

    Today I spoke to a support because my phone had broke down. He helped me to solve the problem and I was so incredibly grateful. Afterwards, I broke down and cried as never before after experiencing this great gratitude. My body felt like spaghetti afterwards.

    It was not about material happiness for mobile was restored but it was as if a giant block had released after the crying attack. Have the whole week felt a huge tearfulness and now it reached its peak. The connections were restored.

    And I have always been a calm and sensible woman …. ;)))

    Much love,


    1. ya, if it’s not my brain on strike, it’s my body. i can’t wait until we see some great results from all this!! i’ve been so patient and going with the flow for many many months/couple years but all that has grown very thin. i know i’m preaching to the choir….

      i’m rarely happy. i just ‘get’ through each day! i worry that this will be my life from here on out. i know i need some fun and R & R in order to recharge my batteries. some days i need to accomplish the most basic things and can’t. i WANT to take care of myself. i LONG to go on a few miles walk everyday, to do some simple pilates exercises at home. but can’t. it’s infuriating. i want to ‘DO’ so i can have a better life. but for a long time now it just feels like i’ve come to this planet to sacrifice my life and if i let my brain ponder that it can drive me mad.

      the worst seems to be when i have to push myself to/through work. (and trust me, i’ve already arranged a life with the lowest bills and currently have a very easy part time job). i’ve lost better jobs b/c i’ve HAD to call in sick from these crazy symptoms so then i don’t have enough money for food, gas, rent!! i can easily go mad trying to figure out what more God wants of me. it’s easier sometimes to ‘just not care about anyting.’ i’ve tried to manifest survival needs/money in other ways but it doesn’t work (yet at least). to gather the strength/energy get through work means SSOOO much pushpush-pushing!! then i feel like *complete* crap to the core and start drinking to help take that edge off. which does temporarily help, but obviously can easily turn into a viscous cycle.

      sorry, don’t mean to complain… thanks for letting me vent! ana

      1. Ana, I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. And I am here to tell you it is going to get better. I am seeing a huge difference in my life compared to years ago. I actually feel as though I have a handle on life once again. Yes, life most definitely has its ups and downs, but the severity of the symptoms I suffered seems to be abating.

        Maybe I just got to a point (which I did) that I said NO! No more! And I spoke to the energy and I jumped into life. My life hasn’t been the same since. For the first time in years, I feel alive. Really alive. And for the first time in my life, I LOVE ME!

        I don”t know if my words helped any. I really am just saying to you, it does get better.

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. wow, thank you so much, lady pinkrose.

          hhhmm, i *have* said/DEMANDED “NO!!!” before… back i in very early 2013 and then again in spring. but thanks for the reminder and i’ll try again!

          thanks for understanding: don’t feel alive at all, but reckon it will eventually pass. and now i can use you as proof 😉 ana

          1. Ana, you are so welcome. It seems we either get caught up in our own “nets” of our making, or we require to remind the “energy” we deserve a “break” so “back off!” First one, we must recognize the net in order to set ourselves free, or the second one, persistence you have “done enough” works. 🙂 Good luck! I am rootin’ for ya! If I can do it, so can you!!

            HUGS, Amy

            1. “dear energies,

              with all due respect, this is bs and i can’t live like this. thank you”

              hahah. anybody else try this approach? what do you think?

              1. Did you really mean it? Did you feel it down to your bones that you meant it? I’m serious, Ana. I have gotten to the point I stand my ground, even with this energy. And you know what has happened? My life has opened up and is continuing to do so. I started my own blog, something I only talked about doing. I am now working on inventory on those products I make because I AM selling them come a near day. My cats are happier and healthier. My life is running smoother. Yeah, I still have blips on the radar, and yeah, I still have days I just want to sleep, but overall, my life has begun. Really begun for the first time ever! And I am in my mid 50’s, luv! IAM doing this! IAM recreating MY LIFE!

                It doesn’t happen just by sitting waiting, or just by being glued to this computer. IAM taking action, and Honey, there are some days I don’t remember falling into bed. LOL Some days are TOO busy. And then the days come I chill, relax, watch a movie or two. Paint. Draw. Work on my crafts. Sing, dance, dream of more to come in my Life. Take pictures of the miracles occurring in my gardens. I smile. I laugh.

                IAM ALIVE! For the first time in my life, IAM alive. I challenge you to take the bat and swing a home run. Yes, there will be ups and downs…..that is LIFE. Yet, the motion of movement is there and it is BEautiful to behold! I kiss ME in the mirror for IAM in Love with ME! How cool is that???? IAM the Twin! IAM She who I SEE in the mirror. Whole. BEautiful. MY TWIN. Happy. Alive.

                Have I got you dancing yet? Maybe a few toes moving? LOL Yes!!!! Get up and celebrate LIFE! OMG, I have gone from death’s door, literally a few times over, to dancing and singing and feeling JOY and pure elation that IAM alive!!!

                Gee…….have I set the computer on fire yet? Hehehehehehehhe

                ….And now I quietly go back to knitting the afghan for my baby Bella in the colors she wants. 🙂 Life is GRAND!

                Love, Amy

                1. oh, yes. i mean it. and i’ve meant it in the past also. the extreme fatigue i haven’t felt since july. so when it hits again it’s like my guard is down. (never know how long it wants to last. i wouldn’t mind quite as much if it didn’t greatly effect my shoe string finances),

                  it can be confusing. this stuff– processing energy i assume, was supposed to be for our good. so it’s really a change of gears to be something to ‘guard’ yourself against. like you’re disagreeing with your higherSelf. (?)

                  but i need to take a stand or something needs to happen (still confusing about how much you need to surrender to and just accept versus how much you REALLY have control over). i came to a conclusion recently that if things don’t get better, or *gasp* even worse than i want a fatal aneurism for christmas. yes, that is over dramatic, but it’s how i really felt.

                  a few days a month where you need to sleep is fine–it’s not that i don’t want to do my part. but when that turns in to weeks, and keeps effecting your life in a negative way, that’s unacceptable. it’s like, why am i even alive?

                  yeah, i’m ready. with all this potential energy i see myself taking off like a rocket. thanks, amy. ana

                  1. This is unusual that I am on here this late. All things have a reason and all things have a season as well. The process itself cannot be rushed. Yet, I have noticed when I put my mind to things to get out of bed and get moving, magic really happens. I know what it feels like to be in bed day after day, no energy. God help me I know. I nearly died a few times. So, yes, I understand totally where you are coming from. There comes a day when something inside just clicks and you know it is time to take the leap of faith. To start to LIVE.

                    And with that, I say good night. Good grief! What a day I have had! MUAH and smoooches AND……

                    BIG ((((HUGS))), Amy

                2. Oh Amy. How I love you. I forget who it was…. one of the female bloggers that has been recommended mamy times on this site… discussing what her guides have revealed to her about Divine Counterpart. In her missive, she states that our higher(est) selves are own our counterparts. What could be more dIvIne? I thrill for you in this. You live…

                  1. HI, AH! I have known about the Divine Counterparts for a long time, yet I had hoped I would actually see my Divine Counterpart in the flesh. Perhaps 2 of me would be 1 more then this world could handle. GRIN

                    How amazing to watch me as I transform into this glowing woman who grabs on to life and just wants to dance her way through it now. And how it amazes me that some of those around me don’t even seem to see this transformation and just continue to go about living their “death theme”.

                    Yes, AH, I live!

                    And yes, AH, I do so LOVE you too!!!

                    With BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

      2. Dear ana!

        I am glad you are “complaining” and defining what´s not working for you. I am as well 😉 It´s hard to change things before having laid the problems on the table so you, and others, can see them.

        I remember now that you wrote a message earlier about not being able to attract money to your life. I was too tired to answer it that time. I have looked for it, but couldn´t find it. I remember the feeling I had from it and I have the same feeling in this one. You have tried and tried and done the very best you can and now you can hardly stand it any longer.

        I get the feeling that you are afraid to let go of control about what´s happening now – and none of us knows. Go with the flow! The more you struggle, the more resistance you get. It’s so important how you think and feel. Do not compare with the rest of society, but only see to yourself and the progress you can make, the joy you can see in nature, gratitude for who you are and what you have actually managed to do. For you are an unique piece of the puzzle that is needed in the large puzzle to be completely.

        About attracting money in your life, it is not easy – I have tried several times 😉 Perhaps it is not meant for me, I don´t know. The important thing is that I have enough for the essentials and the gratitude for this is important and brings me joy too.

        I am so glad that you reached out to me. Alone is not strong, together we can do miracles 🙂

        Much love and respect to you ana!


    2. My brain and body entered the darkness again too. I cried all the way home from the ultrasound yesterday. i mean i really sobbed and sobbed. It was a good release I guess. I glanced at the technicians screen and saw how large the fibroid seems to be still and I had worked to shrink it. I was successful but so much stress came again that I think it grew again + cysts causing pain this time. The tech was same one i had before. Last time, she said stuff to ease my worries,,, not this time so I am more worried. I was just so out of sorts and discouraged and scared thinking I will need the hysterectomy. I got pissed off too. I slept for over 12 hrs. I did not want to get up and face the day. Every task I did was done in furry and anger. Even re-potting plants… I feel so bad the way i treated them ! I had anger not love in the tasks – most of them. Getting house ready to try for a refi. Playing this money/survival game is tiring for sure. Its like ‘who cares’ anymore. I felt so different from what I thought all of u were feeling. LOL, then I decide to come online and see you and well… ditto…some of u feeling like me. I just kept thinking most of the day that I was going to die and I was just getting things in order for my boyfriend for an easier life for him. I was not even that upset about the thought of dying. I thought well nothing makes any sense if i have been correct in my view of what was to come in my lifetime. I just have to be right. if not, what a joke it all has been. there was no trust, no joy. just gloom and doom. my sister came with her boyfriend with a nice birthday card she made for me. sunrise/sunset theme.. that that seems to be a theme lately for me. interesting. I feel a bit hyper inside – not sure what about. my cat is acting like he wants comfort too. Reassurance. I want same. Love you all and somehow it will Be Ok.

      1. OH, my Aqua Sister, I have no words that in of themselves would bring comfort to you. I will not say this, I will not say that, give a spiel, go on about Faith, or anything like that.

        NO, instead I listen to you, and embrace you for who you are in this moment, Loving you right now, anger and all. I take all of you, in my Heart and I call upon LOVE to guide you through this storm to a safe harbor.

        If you are dying, lucky you. You will be FREE of this painful world.

        But IF you are not, lucky you as well, for you have a Pink Sister who Loves you no matter what. Go take a long drink at my blog, where I have posted just flower pictures. The one that says Treasures…….and the brain is so fatigued right now, I know there is another word…..GOT IT! Bejelewed Treasures……I think. OH who cares. Just know there are flowers waiting for you to hold you and give you their Sacred Love to a Heart that is so full of pain right now.

        I LOVE YOU, Debra/Breeze/EEZY! Hang in there. You are truly on a Sacred Journey, even if it does not feel that way.

        Love eternally, Amy

        1. Dear one – thank your for just being here for me/with me. My heart is good. Actually better than its been … it always carried Love… it had emotional issues which lead into physical issues. Heart racing, heart skipping, SVT, MVP, PVC, etc. These have passed so i am remembering this and thinking this too shall pass and is for a reason i do not understand. For how can tumors and cysts have anything to do with this new energy shift – really? What good could a hysterectomy do for me? I feel I would be suicidal again if that were to happen. Been suicidal on an off my whole life. I have these yukky things inside me and you have nice bright, pretty light symbols? Hard to understand ….unless, they are painful in their dissolution. Right now, it is night time so no pain. I am staying up just to enjoy this freedom. All day i could not even touch the area. I am in the space in between. That is an ok space. I have felt the highs and the lows. The space in between is the space of pre-creation. Something like this can put u in a tail spin. It does not feel like i ‘should’ be here with this. Not judging it is a task in itself. If all was lining up, with all the good things I have been feeling for about 3 months now, I would not think this would happen (thru tree almost destroying house, father dying, mother going away for care, cat dying, boyfriends mother now dying, another tree hitting car, crap at work, etc.) Even with all this, I was able to find Joy and keep my Love blossoming! So, its like WTF. Again, unless the stuff is moving and about to make an abrupt exit … on its own. Coming to me now – Mother going away has a lot to do with emotional aspects. I was very mad at her for many yrs. Thought I had cleared it. Got close to her and now she is going… have not been away from her for more than a week all my life. And with her dementia she is going away in that way too. She basically deserted us in favor of a 23yr affair – starting when i was 3. I had the best grandparents so I always felt lucky and Loved big time. My grandmother was my best friend. I think a lot built up inside from Mom and from men in my life too and it has to completely clear for me to get lighter. ? maybe. I was an emotional container for others. Just trying this on for size. ok.. rambling… would like to live to see the outcome from this side. Live strong and not fragile. When i had lymes I got so pissed I said either let me live or let me die! I did not care i was so sick. still here 🙂

          1. sounds contradictory re Mom… she stayed married to Dad while having the 23 yr affair. he knew about it…said he loved her more every day. a saint or a fool. not sure. He can do what he wants now on the other side.

        2. oh… I spoke to my uterus on my sobbing ride home yesterday. I said I Love you right now, just the way you are ! thinking of u, I said that !

      2. Dear Breeze !

        Thank you for reaching out 🙂

        What I can not affect – I give no energy . Once I got breast cancer , I realized that now has this happened and now it is over forever. I did what I could influence and then I handed the problem to the higher powers. And they have done a good job 😉

        It is important to realize that one can only make the very best of the current situation and existing conditions – what more can you do? Hard to know what is best to do but you have to listen inwards and try to find your way.

        After all that I have experienced in life , I have full confidence that everything is for the best. Why would I think otherwise ? Is it not the case that CCs has promised support and protection ? What can I do better than my guides can ? Sure, it’s tough and hard sometimes but the joy and gratitude that also arises is priceless 🙂 So – I’m banging on ;)))

        But it helps if I may complain sometimes 😉

        Much love and respect,


  5. Dear Aisha all Ponders. I am using Lady Pinkrose photos on my blog for the mystery School category, that means that it is also used a history of creation, if You prefer I use another picture please let me know. Also if other here at the Pond have some content blog or other they would like placed there please let me know here .


      1. I wrote to Alba, telling her how incredible her work is. I am in awe of how she expresses herself. Stephan, she is one very talented young woman! I have been going to your site just drinking in her art. I really am at a loss for words for I am not able to her work justice with mere words. Truly a very Bright Light!

  6. Hi all Ponders today it is 521 Years since the Americas were discovered and to that effect I have made a petion to Barack Obama to Pardon Leonard Peltier, who has been imprisoned since the Oglala incident back in the seventies, his attorney tried to get him paroled, but he did not succeed, so he is up for parole again july 2024 at the age of 79, his daughter is running a campaign to free him. Please sign and/or Share this petition if it resonates with Your heart…

    Yahete, with love from my heart

  7. As a young child while playing marbles with my older brother in the sand. I looked at one of the marbles and saw air bubbles in it. My brother ask me what I was looking at. I told him Look at the bubbles what if this was a galaxy like the one we live in. What made me think about something like this was my uncle who use to take me to a place where we would sit in a round room and all the stars were put on the ceiling. He had a phd in electrial engineering and loved the stars. He taught me a lot in my young years.

    Much of my life has been spent in a negitive environment. A persons environment where they live in a country at war for different reasons or work at a job that has a negitive effect on you. Makes a lot of difference in a persons thought process. The energy that flows through all of us at all times to some may not be viewable. With time this can change if you try to look at the positive side of things. You will know when this happens. It brings a tear of joy to your eyes and fills your heart with a feeling that can over come all the negitive things around you and give you hope for better things to come. To many this is all they have is hope.

    The people of this pond try to turn the hope of people in need into a better way of life for them and all around them. I thank all of you for this kindness that comes from your heart.
    We are all tied together in this energy of life. People learning how to use this engery in a positive way is a great journey in life for all of us. How can someone explain this so people could understand this when you venture into Quantum physics. There is so much not known to man about this. A lot of people are learning more about this everyday.

    If a person learns how to interact with these energies that flow through us. All things are possible. Science works on particles in this. If you take a particle and heat it. This particle on the other side of the galaxy will heat up to at the same time. So speed of light means nothing in quantum physics. A person could be in a room doing a test with quantum physics and can get the same results each time. If another person walks into the room the test falls apart. It changes the environment through another persons thoughts.

    What this means is thoughts from a person can change the way energy and particles react. All things are subject to environment and peoples thoughts. Every person with a positive thought process affects everyone around them. Humans have been put in a environment that lets them choose between a positive or negitive thought process.

    For many years man has been about 50% positive and 50% negitive. This affects people world wide and into the galaxy around us. Man has worked to over come this negitive to a more positive side of thoughts. If man learns to work with these eneryies
    In a positive way it will change everything in our galaxy. Will it ever reach 100%. That is up to us alone. We can accept the help form others or try it alone. It is up to each person to deside the outcome of this.

    I haven’t talked about working with energy in creating things. Thats another story. I am a number person and like to see the numbers on everything. Numbers tell the truth of things until you get to quantum physics. Then all things are possible. Many people say there is no journey or learning. Everything you ever want to know or do is at your finger tips. I agree, but learning to interact with this is truely a journey.

    1. Ray, all you say in your words reflects me. My life. And what I have done with it. And what I am now learning. To bring negative to a state of JOY yes, I understand the tears. That is no small feat. It is truly a wonder. And the universes and all affecting the All. Yes. I am just so now in amazement at the truths I see, and what the energy is speaking to me about…….I really have stepped into another world. And all this has happened over the past 3 months I would say.

      I’ve always said you can look at the glass half empty or the glass half full. I recommend seeing the glass half full. The MAJIC happens when you do.

      It is SO good to hear your voice here once again!!! I mean it !

      And again, when I read your words, it was as though I was reading me. Wow!

      Incredulous at the Wonder of Life, Amy

    2. As a young child, I used to “daydream” in boring classes at school. One time I gazed out the window to the brick wall in front of my eyes, and as I softened my gaze, the bricks became alive and pulled me into them. There I saw wonders and peoples and many things that I truly don’t remember. I do remember the absolute thrill of what I was seeing. I remember not questioning this because it was what happened to me a lot in many other different circumstances. The sad thing to this memory, is that I was disciplined so harshly and I was so overcome with such intense embarrassment that this “ability” faded away. How sad. Now this ability is again coming stronger and stronger. And OH how I rejoice!!!!!

    3. Dear Ray, it is so wonderful to see your light and your wise words here once again! Thank you so much for sharing this, we are indeed changing this world by changing ourselves and through that, affecting the energy that creates EVERYTHING.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    4. thanks, ray. i’m new to commenting here in the pond. and at a point in my life where mere hope NEEDS to turn into actualities. amy has offered me ideas and guidance on this.

      i’m a science lover too. although kind of late in life (36) i got my bachelor’s in chemistry in 2009. i was absolutely following my passion. –i love nature so much and wanted to learn about it from the most base level. i had to take Physical Chemistry and second semester is quantum chemistry, so learned the basics in university. i love the subject so much. ana fountain

    5. Hi Ray, nice to see you here again. Not that I get here as much as I once did either!

      You’ve come into my awareness a few times recently. You may not recall but some time back we both had two similar experiences one to do with being ‘squeezed’ at night to almost breathless and the other was a series of images: Unicorn, Rams head etc (can’t recall them all now) round a clock face I think… I was wondering if you ever got any more insight on that… it seemed important at the time…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Amy
      I have made a new category on my blog titlet “Mystery School”. I am posting Aisha’s “A history of Creation” there, and I was wondering if I would be allowed to post Your post’s there asweel and use Your picture of the rosebud from Your latest post in the picture slider for the category I would be so honered.

      1. Stephan, you honor me. Yes, of course, you have my permission. The more we all reach in our messages of Love and Truth, the better this world shall be. Any of my photos, you may use. Word of caution with them. They are unedited so are large in format. Anyone who is a serious photographer would scold me for doing this, all for the reason “Your pictures could be stolen”. Well, so what? They are blessed with My Love, and so where they go, I AM. 🙂

        I would ask you to credit me for the photograph, if that is at all possible. If not, that is OK too. I am going to go by Lady Pinkrose in my art, and the actual photos and art, will be signed, simply, Amy. 🙂

        Stephan, your confidence in me touches my soul. I AM so grateful to you. And congratulations for starting on YOUR blog! Way to go!!! I AM so proud of you, my Brother of the Dolphin and Whale. 🙂

        Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Ok Amy my friend You can look now, let me know what You think, regarding the pictures i size them down to 1200 px and optimize for web, then they most go to Your Website to get the full experience..


          1. I already looked and it looks wonderful. I have yet to figure out to scale the picture down from my iPad. I use Adobe on my laptop, but of late, I have strictly used my iPad. If you know how to size down from an iPad, could you write me at my email? It’s at I would seriously appreciate it. I do leave them in large format so yes, the full impact is FELT. Yet, sizing has been on my to-do list. 🙂

            Way to go, Stephan! WE together are creating a New World! YES!

            Love, Amy

      2. And you make me smile. A-HA! My flowers are touching Hearts. And this IS good! GRIN! They do have their own Message of Love without me. OH! You have made my day! One of my dreams is to share my Sacred Gardens with others. And here IAM, doing just that! NOT in the way I had envisioned, mind you, hehehehehehe, but nontheless, IAM!

        Alleluia!!!! I reach the Heavens this Glorious Day! Amy

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