A history of Creation – part 3

As you know, the actions of the atoms are not random, as they have all been preprogrammed to display different characteristics from the outset, and as such, they all behave in their own distinctive manner. Preprogrammed from the outset, so that they can enact the roles they have been given. For this is indeed the true secret behind the seeming appearance of mass, for mass is nothing but a shimmering haze of particles coalescing in such a way, they seem to conform into a solid object. But they are not, neither are you, as you are also composed of different units of these ever busy little carriers of light and energy, all working together in unison to form a thing called ”Aisha” or ”Peter” or what have you. They are also busy at work forming objects such as ”stone” or ”chair” or ”tree”, and every thing you can care to label, and then some.

And so it is with everything, as nothing is by chance, and everything has been programmed to act in a certain way. Yes, it is indeed the ”god in the machine” we are talking about here, the force behind the so-called natural forces, the force behind the so-called laws of physics, and everything else also. For it all comes back to one single thing, the one single operator if you will, the governing force behind it all, namely that distinctive voice of the creator. And, as you know, you too are a part of this voice, just like you are a product of it, so again you have the duality that this whole Creation rests upon. So let us just continue a little bit about the other sides of this Creation. As we were saying, it is all governed by one single voice, a voice that is taking on an infinite number of voices, as it can be broken down in to every single component, or rather fraction, of what it has created. This may sound like the recipe for chaos, but it is indeed the one and only recipe for creation.

For everything needs to be able to communicate with everything else, and as such, this is indeed a heavenly choir of voices, all calling to each other, divulging their secrets. Because there are no secrets in Creation, for every single particle, every single fraction of it, is privy to what everyone else is doing. So too, are you, or rather, the single minuscule particles that together form what you refer to as YOU, or rather, your physical vehicle. For this physical vehicle, this actual, tangible part of you that has been constructed by these pieces of that sea of possibility, all of those single entities are behaving both as singular specimens, but also as one coherent object. So you are in fact walking inside a cloud of single minded entities, coalescing to form a single minded being, and as such, you can perhaps give a thought to the fact that you do not disintegrate into those single units at any given time. Well, let us just say that you do that at regular intervals, but that will be for another occasion, and we will indeed return to this subject once again.

Back to the main story, for we were indeed discussing the duality here, the fractions that creates the friction, the building blocks versus the creator, the voice that makes the bidding, and the matter that is the end result. For you are indeed both, as you are walking within this matter, this body, this vehicle of flesh, while at the same time you are the voice, the bidder, the one that has made it all come about. So you see, you are the walking, talking, living proof of creation, and you are here to show this to the rest of this world’s inhabitants.

As we were saying, you are indeed the living, breathing example of this duality, the duality that is needed to create the necessary friction in order to create. For creation is what happens when to different sides collide, and in this case, it is energy and consciousness. And just like the mollusk needs the humble grain of sand to create the pearl, the ghost of consciousness needs to rub against the slightly less intangible form of energy in order to create mass. And so you are both, you are that voice, the whisper, that insistent voice speaking out to become from the sea of possibility, but you are also that being created from this sea of possibility, by millions upon millions of obedient particles coming together to form themselves, but also to form a whole wherein you can reside.

So you are a vital and living part of this magic in every way, but you are also the magic, and you are the one that makes this magic happen. And now, it has come to be that you will be asked to share this secret with the rest of the creator gods that walk unwittingly around on this planet alongside you. For as we said earlier, you have been let in on the secret already, but so many others have not, but soon they will, and then this will all take a whole new turn as they all start from scratch all over again by recreating themselves as you have done. And through that, greatly abetting the re-creation of this whole planet.

For as we said, this is a grand cycle of creation and destruction, of putting together and pulling apart again, and now, the time for a complete dismantling of all of the old and outdated models is rapidly approaching. It may sound dramatic, and of course it is too, but it is all a part of the ongoing upgrading that everything, and we do mean everything under the Sun and beyond is constantly re-enacting. For this is all about evolving, growing, and developing by way of learning, and as soon as ”this year’s model” turns out to be obsolete, it will indeed be replaced by a new one with more potential. And no, we do not mean that as in a mass destruction or a complete wipe out of a whole mass of humanity, We simply refer to those particles of yours, the billions upon billions that have served you all so well, but who now are being replaced at an increasingly rapid rate. For you are indeed becoming new by being completely remodeled from the inside out, particle by particle, atom by atom, single cell by single cell. For they are not replaced by mere copies of themselves, no, they are being replaced by far more advanced copies of themselves, and as such, you are becoming something very new, something hitherto not created, and so, you are turning into a brand new species before our – and your – very eyes, and we do envy you all the chance to be the center of all of this.

For you are the ones becoming the new, the untouched, the untried, the virgin territory if you will of uncounted possibilities. And you are all set to thrive in every way in this brand new energetic environment that has been put into place in order to make your living condition as these brand new beings optimal. For you are merely the first ones of a veritable army of a brand new species, humanity vol 2:0 if you will, the ones that have been accumulated anew in order to make this whole environment become new. For you are here to play out the games of peace, the ones that will give new light to the world learning to live from love. For this is not what you have been made accustomed to in your old form. For then, it was all about learning by living under a superimposed yoke of fear, a yoke that now has been dismantled to the point that it has lost its powers over you.

And so, we invite you all to sit down and get reconnected with the brand new you, for trust us when we say, there is not one single part of you that has not been dismantled and resurrected in such a way, you will need some time to really and truly feel completely at home again. For remember, it is YOU, the voice of consciousness, the creator that has whispered him or herself into being by asking the sea of possibilities to set you up with this formidable vehicle, and it is you also who has asked for this new chance to re-educate yourself by being outfitted with this brand new vehicle in which to do so. So in that way, you are the creator of yourself, but you are also a house guest, and as such, we ask you to treat yourself with the utmost of respect, for you certainly deserve it, every single little fraction of you.

257 thoughts on “A history of Creation – part 3

  1. So happy to have provided help for those who needed this type of help today…well, heck, any day!
    Breathtaking is the scope of the list of Ascension Symptoms!
    Your so very welcome!. (Big Smiles) (:
    Love, Terri

    1. When we think we are fading away and find out others are in the same boat, it helps. Fade out – Zooom In! I’m back and feeling alive again. Thank God! Keep on keepin on Terri ~ Love will see us through ~! hugs, Areeza

  2. Did you experience it too?

    Some time during the long dark night (most likely early morning hours of Sunday the 13th around 3am CST), I experienced planetary rebirth with Gaia. She BECAME the very void of creation in a split second. The world went completely dark. Nothing “unnatural” existed. No chatter … no buzz of all the human hive vibration. Then … DAWN. Explosion of life. I was in and of this void with Mother Earth. My female organs had me doubled over in pain and shuffling like a zombie most of the weekend. I fought it and fought it … finally I understood. The female body carries the wound of original separation in its womb. It is different than the male’s experience/sensation of sepaaration. This is because it was the female who was “breathed out” from source. She was expelled. We women carry this with us in our souls, our psyches, our very bodies. The males (though I hesitate to speak for them…) SEEM (to me) to carry this as more of a sense of responsibility… as if they have “make up for” and “win back” or “fight for” the right to reunite with female … oh how this plays out over and over…

    Anyway, the event… I briefly resonated with the vibe and frequency of the chaos that ensued after this “planetary reset.” It was not pretty, though I saw and felt a burgeoning of hope and light. I have been jumping back and forth between my “comfort” frequency and this denser “rebirth” frequency ever since early Sunday morning. I have a vessel “here” and a vessel “there.” I switch back and forth depending upon whether or not I am “needed” or “called” there. I feel an urge deep in the core of being and I simply follow it. I go “help out” (usually with a specific person). Sometimes they only sense me there like I am their “guide” or “angel.” Sometimes I am there face to face in my vessel. I have been a dog there, comforting. A hawk flying overhead, and a person who “needs a sign” looks up and says, “Ahhhhhhh……” This is not an easy thing for me yet. I am learning how to BE in it. It is beyond exhausting yet beyond exhilirating. I AM in service in a more aware state now….

    Such a part of the plan that JJ and I were together. It increased my vibration to such a degree that this re-membering of who/what I am was victoriously accomplished. Though he did not “come with” me in this, at least not in his current focus awareness, he/we are always one in all things. I may share some things about our meeting, which was divinely perfect, a time of absolute grace…. dont know yet… but life is …. 🙂

    thank you god

      i was led to this today. i did not know it even existed. it is all over the internet…


      1. I say coolness and a diff version of awesomeness – Awesomeus! Awesome US! I say this all the time for the past 8 yrs. I remember the day it came about. I Love this TOMORROWLAND! I Love to see this movement of people not waiting for anything ‘out there’ to come change their lives for the better – but instead sharing their Love – living their Love! sharing it with each other ! I Love, Love, Love how this is unfolding! Like a healthier 60s revolution – man – and Love is the drug. thank you again Anna – my sweet girl

        1. Anna, I sent this Tomorrowland to everyone in my address book.
          Thank you very much.
          I began crying 1/2way through it!
          Love, Terri

        2. Breeze, before I even got to your last sentence, I was thinking…. Man, just think of what our world would be like by now, had there been Social Networking in the 60s!
          It seems our minds are in sync.

          PEACE, LOVE and Fresh Veggies!

        1. You know what else is great to watch? All the petals unfolding in my in box. How will I ever catch up?!

          Luv yu Rose 🙂

          1. I have been on a roll. LOL Hehehehehehehe But! I have MAJOR winterizing in my gardens to do, SO that means I will not be writing much, at least none that I plan. There too, that could change in a blink of n eye. hehehehhehehe SMOOCHES Ya never know when my hand wants to GOOOOOOOOOO! LOL I LOVE U, 333! From 007-555-1113 🙂

      2. Thanks Anna… enjoyed this! I even practiced making the heart symbols. Today I met a little Costa Rican lady out walking. I couldn’t really speak to her… all my hours of Spanish just disappear when I meet someone. (French from High School tends to pop up lol.) But we shared the love and it was wonderful. I get a bit ‘lonely’ here with just 2 people I’m living with. One doesn’t really talk to me and the other can only handle a few minutes at a time. Thankfully I can chat all I want to with the plants and dirt in the green house! I also talk to the birds when ever possible and the occasional cute little gecko or lizard 🙂 ~Nancee
        p.s. I really must start my blog… then I can chat with everyone!

        1. Yes we have all kinds of friends everywhere!!
          Love you nancee.
          And of course your blog will take of when you’re ready… 🙂

      3. Hehehehe! Anybody else been seeing this Moto “lazy phone” commercial??? LMAO… 🙂

        It just came up again as I watched this vid once more…

    2. Thank you so much for sharing this Anna!! Yes… yes… the pain of yesterday was great in the womb area. today… no pain ! I have had pain in that area for 2 months folks. Hey, quick gestation u could say in that regard! I stayed in bed approx 40 minutes this morning asking for healing and doing what ‘came to me’ for that area. I got a strong sense that I had to truly commit to staying here on Earth. And, yes ‘as within, so without – as above, so below – as Mother Earth gives birth more fully to her new self so do I/We ! For me there was a lot of deep sorrow released from my own womb world. I set some intentions – do not recall them right now. I asked for some things for my growth. I forgave and forgave and forgave, myself and others. I took in a soft violet light into my whole body. I carry it still – keeping it shimmering in the womb area. I spent the day making my house (outer dwelling) beautiful… it synchronized with making my inner dwelling beautiful :). The house cleaning/beautifing was originally a plan for a visit about a refinance possibility. No one showed up. lol. It was for another purpose I just this moment realize. So within, so without. Ah… Anna, yes wondering how your meeting unfolded. And… Life Is 🙂 Namaste soul sister

      1. Oh … so beautiful Breeze … I am loving this for you. I feel/felt your struggle so strongly. Soft violet glow … so healing …

        Love you Areeza

      2. Like this… a sharing of entire SELF… he sent me this song as he traveled back to Holland…

      3. How very odd….yesterday, I felt what can only be described as Menstrual Cramps, for the 1rst time in over 4 years. My breasts have been tender also. This is “odd” because I have been through with Menopause for that long! As I felt these familiar sensations, I wondered about them and felt as though it had something to do with Ascension, although I hadn’t heard of anyone dealing with these particular symptoms.
        I haven’t read all the comments posted here yet….I woke up this morning to find 103 posts…most of which are comments from this blog! So I now need to go back and read them, to see if others are feeling the same and to try o understand the reason for this.

        1. Yep. We’ve got the “women’s group” going on here at times. Take note that the male ponders rarely join these parts of the overall discussion. Ha ha. Glad to hear there might be helpful stuff here and thanks for sharing. Your words helped me!!

          😀 AH

          1. Good, Anna. It’s always nice to know we aren’t alone in all of the crazy stuff we’re going through. I must say, I never expected to feel these particular symptoms again in this lifetime! 🙂

            1. I do believe Sun spoke about his physical self. I must admit, I think that is the first time I heard a “male” voice in words something about the body. Stiff upper lip and all……..Hangin’ with us, they will eventually loosen up. I have every confidence! LOL

              1. Wo-man. I meant they dont talk about being “on the rag n shit.”

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            2. Thought I had “paused” too. Oh well. All for the cause!! 🙂

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  3. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/ascension-symptoms/

    Boy, this explains what is happening to me physically, mentally, emotionally.
    Hope this helps out a few of my lovely ponders here.

    The moons coming this week (Blood moon also!) sure seem to be having an affect on me and some of you also from your writings.

    It is 2:53 PM in Arizona and I am still in my robe!!! No motivation for anything least of all leaving the house and going out in public. (Not sure what to say to hubby when he gets home tonight-I was not productive at anything today!)

    I have hope that God has learned enough, about how this feels inside to humans during the Ascension process. ( right along with Gaia); Oh, how I hope he has learned enough soon. (:

    Feeling love, light, and more….

    Blessings to all, Pupma

      1. Kisses and a big hug my dear flower gal.
        How is your beauty Bella doing?
        I have missed you also dear dear friend.

        1. Bella! She is now going outside on her own, staying within the boundaries I made. She is in CAT Heaven. Here she is, a cat with past HUGE abuse issues, declawed (not by me) and is now a QUEEN coming and going as she pleases. Oh, Pupma, thank you for asking. My Heart just explodes when I see how happy she is now! GOD bless you!

          1. Well, that news about Bella just makes my day!
            Time to feed my hounds…..
            Sleep tight! Love you Rosebud!

  4. Can someone explain to me what Susan was talking about: Andromedans vs ETs? Anything I looked up kind of looped them together. I was curious about the healing comment. Thanks ~Nancee

    1. Nancee, I don’t have a clue. I have no idea, and to be truthful I have my own way to function. I have earnestly been searching how to heal myself, and between that and following my own Inner Guidance, I Am seeing results. WE are remembering that we are Masters. YES!

      Love, Amy

    2. Hi Nancee, I have always worked with so called ETs….I call them our star families. Definitely not aliens to me. I am Pleiadian myself – have known so for over 1/2 my life. When I say I work with them… I mean I talk to them and ask them for healing and help with situation. I know they Love us dearly and consider us family. I think I came from the future and that in order for any ETs out there to move forward to the next level, Earth and her beings had to move forward. So, I answered the ‘call’. There are Pleiadians, Sirians, etc. and I ask for assistance from diff ones…I say as long as they are from ‘the Christed Ray’…they are welcome to assist me. As soon as I read about Pleiadians, I knew that was my close kin. I believe Dolphins come from the Pleiades as well. My star family have placed crystals just where I need them. I will look down, pick it up and instant relief and energy, etc. It is what u resonate with that matters. We are all One in truth. Love 2 U ~! Areeza

      1. Amy and Areeza thanks for replying. I get a bit lost with who Susan talks with though I find it fascinating. I tend to approach requests and comments to, “Whoever is listening right now” as I’m just not sure any more… Ancestors are one group, personal guides and all the rest 🙂 (My intent is to speak only to those who care about my best etc.) I was told in a strong channelled message a few years ago that I was a Pleiadian. When I read about them recently I wept… it so fits. One of my guides was/is much more serious (male energy) and the Pleiadian female I connected well with. When I used to ‘channel’ weekly during my ol’ church days way back when I used to think some messages came from Father and the majority Jesus. (That was within my doctrinal understanding.) When I met the two guides I immediately wondered if it wasn’t them… it just seems to fit what I felt. I do miss those days as I have never quite reconnected outside the formal setting.

        As for healing I agree that there is much for us to try. I even have a zero point energy wand that I use that is lovely. Tonight my legs ache… perhaps from walking the dogs here. I’m working on trying to stop them from wanting to eat other dogs who come running out! One is working with me really well… the female is not so willing yet!

        1. Nancee, we are all learning how to lean on ourselves. I think you are doing terrific! I love you!! keep up the great growth I see in you.

          BIG HUGS, 007-555-1113 hehehehehe

        2. Hello Nancee!

          I always love your shares, and especially this as you mention the uncertainty about who / what that is ” out there ” . Nor do I have any track and really appreciate Susan ‘s comments and explanations.

          Recent years have I always had a “safe” guide – my son , who left me 8 years ago . He was truly a Lightworker and could ” tighten up ” things in the good way . He came to me in this life to support me when it was really tough. Otherwise , I ask the Universe and the archangels that I need ( although I do not myself know what I need – except Archangel Michael of course 😉 and CCs have also been on the list for a number of months as well as SOL . Pleiadians I have care fully asked sometimes too , but I’m not sure … I always pray to the sun, because it is my companion , but I have noticed that I even survive if I go to sleep away the entire procedure ;)))

          As you can see , there is so much uncertainty and I have been wondering if I really need to specify whom I’m asking – for example, when I ask the Universe – will I get both good and bad forces then? I can not really keep track of everything that moves out there although I’m very curious about Susan’s knowledge. My intention is love, then God will arrange rest 😉

          I appreciate you raised this issue Nancee and you are very welcome to chat with us here at the Pond 🙂

          Much love to you,


          1. I try and be specific when I ask for help so not to draw in discarnates. I will summon those who are of the Christ energy (I say ‘Christed Ray’ for some reason) – and I do not belong to any religion. I do believe in the Christ and that it is in all of us and that it is pure light/love. I have a few beings or teams I call upon and I do not even know where some of the ‘names’ came from exactly. As we keep questioning, we get the answers 🙂 Love, Areeza

            1. Do you think that we really have to pray to special angels/entities/higher beings or whatever they are called – when we pray? Can´t I say “I kindly ask all positive energies in the Universe to help/heal/give” What “codes” are needed? You know – I want to speak simply and clearly.

              Yes – I am joking – or am I not? I´m a rather rational woman too 😉

              Much love,


              1. I “talk” to HS (GOD) and the guides I have. When a real “need” arises, I turn to Mother (Sophia) and Universal Energy. I see myself as a part of the equation, not separate, so it is like I am talking to ME. 🙂

                My LIFE is Prayer. ALL I do is Sacred. When specifics arise, when I “pray/commune” I am guided as to Whom/What I commune with. One Flow, no separateness……….like the turn of the water wheel……..

                Hope this helps, Birgitta.

                Love, Amy

                    1. Si. 🙂

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              2. I mean – isn´t it all our different religions that have created all those different creatures / angels? Yes – I know – it’s reassuring to communicate with someone / something that is habitual and secure – that’s why I communicate with my son, although he might not have climbed so high on the “career ladder” yet;) What do I know? How do I know that?

                Nah – now it’s probably best that I do something more earthy;)

                I really love you all my friends,


                1. See luv. You resist the etherial energies so you can “stay with the earth.” 🙂 All these “labels” and “names” are words to indicate different vibrations of our SELVES.

                  Of course you know “where” your son is. Your energy resonates in tune with his. Just as we resonate with our “guides.”

                  Gosh I luv ya!!!

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        3. In our home of the Pleiades, there is so much Love and gentleness. It was hard to come into this dense, sometimes very harsh space. We are brave souls. We are Souls On Deck and up for the challenges or we would not be here ! I Love you Nancee – Enjoy!

    3. Great conversation here. I too feel all of this. Love what each of you have shared. So helpful to ALL. I have found that even if I do not invoke protection and have a “dense” experience that somehow it all eventually comes around to having been of assistance to me. 🙂 When I do remember to ask for protection or even just in deciding or wanting “someone” specific… I just say “only those beings who are of unconditional love who hold the intention for my highest good…”

      I dunno. Just sayin. 🙂

  5. Dear Birgitta,
    These changes are happening right now and have been happening for quite some time….much more quickly and intensely since 12/21/12.
    Have you not FELT changes within you, emotionally and within your physical BEing? I’m sure that you have been going through some changes, even if you are not consciously aware of them.
    Do you practice meditation? This is a way of connecting with your Higher Self and working with these changes that are occurring within and around you.
    Although we ALL are experiencing this evolution (along with the Earth, herself) much more of the population than not, aren’t aware that anything out of the ordinary is happening….but people are waking up every second and coming to the realization that SOMETHING is afoot!
    I can’t give you a timeline of when the shift in consciousness and physicality will be completed, as “time” itself is a man-made construct, but the more people who “wake up” to this…..the faster the process goes because those who are farther along in this are helping to raise the awareness of others. And so, mass-consciousness accelerates exponentially.
    We are all in this together, as we are, in reality ALL ONE!

    In LOVE, LIGHT and Service,
    “Earthchic “

    1. The 100th Monkey Syndrome in action ! Its got to start somewhere. Intention leads to action leads to results/manifestation.

        1. 100th Monkey refers to a study in which they found that when a group of monkeys learns something new, once the hundredth one learns it, all know it. It is an example of how the collective consciouness consciousness works. At some point there is the “tipping” point when that of the “few” completely affects the “many” to the pont of permanent change.

          Dont know why I put consciousness twice. I’ll leave it. 😀

          I will leave “pont” also… doesnt that mean “bridge” in French?! 😉

    2. Dear earthchicky!

      I am not unaware of what is happening now as I have been a part of it for ten years, and especially since the beginning of this year when I surprisingly understood that lots of people around Mother Earth are inte the same process as my.

      Last week I asked my friend “Can you see any EXTERNAL signs that the energies have raised and that negative entities are rejected from mother earth?”, and she answered like you did now. I KNOW that very special things have happened and happens now, I FEEL it in myself, but would like to see more external signs too. Or am I too impatient?

      Does anyone know what I mean or have I found my own dimension? ;)))

      Thank you very much earthchicky for your answer and for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts in this matter.

      Much love to you,


        1. It HAS ended … yet it continues 🙂 always in the now …

          As you already know 🙂 just in the vibe with you, Dom 😉

      1. If you deSIRE it and create it, yes. It is all within your own power, my dearest beloved sister B. You “make” your own timeframe. Some experiences are shared with the collective. Some will be individualized. You posed the question to me a awhile back, ” I wonder if we created two worlds.” Not only two, but infinite and eternal. It is utterly completely absolutely about what frequency you resonate with at the moment. This is what your focus awareness experiences, the “vibe you are on.”

        Luv U B …



        1. Yes – I know Anna Helen, but you know I am a well-grounded, earth-bounded person who wants to see concrete evidence that something happens, such as the world’s rulers shaking hands and decide to peace & love and to really put people and nature first in all situations. It’s kind of news I want to watch TV (if I happen to turn it on;) At least a clear tendency to change….or perhaps I missed something….

          It feels very strange to experience such a profound feeling I got when I received the Creation part 3 and then look out and wonder – is there really ANYTHING that has happened?

          Anyway – love goes on – in every respect :)))

          Much Love to you,


          1. The King sings with Queen B 😉

            Yes you are grounded and thank the good lord for that. Thank you for that. Your journey is so inspiring to me in every way. How I love and need you!

            Yeah, soooonnn… this phrase here always used to frustrate me…
            “You perceive what you believe.” Aaarrrgh. And I would question the depth of my belief. No longer. 🙂

            And so it is…

            1. Years ago I was driving around alone in the middle of the night. I passed this little church in the middle of nowhere. There was a sign in front. It was lit up. It literally shone throught the night, calling out to me. It read,

              “Better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”

              thank you god

              1. Thanks Anna Helen for your words “Better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”So incredibly true. They are in my notebook now:)



                  1. YOU GUYS! I am just about falling off my chair. I just photographed this HUGE orange ORB in my garden, and not only that but a bright white round object as well, right to the left of the ORB in picture 2 and 4. YOU have to see this to believe it. I am SO excited about this, I am just about to explode. My eyes kept on looking out the window looking at this garden and I felt such LOVE and such AWE for the beauty I saw. So, I picked up my camera and took picture after picture. I feel drunk. I mean it! I am just with my mouth hanging wide open.


                    OMG! Amy

                    1. So lovely pictures Amy! I love earth colours:) and I have my computer full of pictures from ten years of healing walks in nature 🙂

                      Love you,


          2. I wonder the same thing, Birgitta. Has ANYTHING REALLY happened, or are we the butt of one big cosmic joke?
            It seems kind of cruel, to think that everything we humans go through in order to become enlightened, is all an ILLUSION.
            Sometimes I wonder if ANYthing I do really matters at all….and then sometimes, I look around at the beauty and wonder of it all and think WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD I am privileged to experience!

            1. Hi, earthchicky. I am recording MIRACLES in my gardens right now…….and documenting as well on my blog at things I am observing that are NOT NOT NOT the norm. Check it out……….www.herladypinkrose.wordpress.com. Welcome!!! 🙂

              1. Thanks, Lady Pinkrose. I will def. check it out!
                Maybe we should start up a Facebook page for us to share all of the experiences that are out of the “ordinary”. I’m sure each one of us has a story to tell about a “Synchronicity” that has occurred in their life recently…… I think that could be great fun!
                We could also share any memorable Meditations, OOBE, or visitations that might interest others.
                I think I will do this.
                Once it’s done, I will inform Aisha and ask her to post the name of the FB page.

                1. You guys do get this right? You and B are Earth Keepers. You are the powerful loving beings “holding and staying in” the energy of making real visible changes upon the planet. Of course you dont see it yet!! You are building it as you go…. your very missions are about “being the change you want to see in the (physical) world…”

                  Whereas I for example am BEing more about consciousness and emotion. We all “work” on all these levels, in all these areas, but some are more focused on certain things than others. And all contribute to the WHOLE.

                  We can not do it without each other. I can “let go” of my worry and anxiety about the state of Mother Earth for this very reason. Because I know others (YOU) are parts of ME that are intent on saving the planet in Her physicality…. I myself have to struggle to stay grounded. To you it comes naturally. What comes natural to me is soaring in the ethers… I need YOU as a lifeline…

                  Love and honor to you both!!!

                  Blessings and thanks to all the Keepers…


                  I feel led to say that you may not SEE it until you FEEL that your part in it is complete… which will probably not be until the last possible moment. How strong and giving you are!!!!

                    1. Yes beloved dear one. You are Her very flesh and blood. Her heart, her spirit and her soul.

                      Love you, Earth Angel

                      🙂 DS

            2. Dear earthchicky!

              Oh how I love your comment 🙂 It is so refreshing to share one´s different perspectives in this weird matter. I mean – we are still human beings – though on our way to – or as CCs says – already renewed in every cell? But I haven´t told my surroundings yet – still want to keep my friends you know ;))))) Anyway it´s no secret that cells are constantly renewed, even brain cells thankfully.

              This journey would have been too cruel if I didn´t know deep in my heart that this way is meant for me to be able to do what I am meant to do in this world in this life. The belief I have had all the time and that’s why I constantly looked for tools to help both myself and others who are in the same situation. But I have never doubted that the most important tool is myself and my experiences.

              Isn´t everything an illusion? I totally agree with you that it is a wonderful world I have the honor to live in. I fill my heart and senses with the amazing sunrise that I follow every morning until my heart runneth over and my eyes are filled with tears of gratefulness. Yes – I know “something” happened to me – and I just love it :)))

              Thank you for being here with us all in this marvelous time!

              Love and respect,


                    1. Is the 3rd time the charm? Which of these do I translate? 🙂

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


                    2. Ha ha!! I’ll do them ALL. 😀

                      Sent from my Kindle Fire


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