A history of Creation – part 2

So let us delve further into this mysterious world behind the veil, for we gather you are starting to get more than a little courious about some of those tantalizing details. The last time, we showed you that the essence of it all is in creating, or the energy that has been given the task of creating it all, from big and small, tangible and less so. This in itself can be very difficult to fathom, but let us again try to give you another view and perhaps this will make things percolate even deeper into your being. For you are indeed an intrinsic part of it all, but the construction of everything is still a mystery to you and to everyone else sharing this little planet with you. You are just a speck of dust in so many ways, but this small speck of dust is also a very complex structure, connected and separated in so many different ways and different levels. For what you see as humanity, we see as just one separate layer of a huge mass of something far more complex than even the complex structure of the human body. That in itself is indeed a construction worthy several volumes of disemmination, but let us let that rest for now. For what we are wanting to delve into, is the complexity, or rather simplicity, behind the scenes, as they are even more fantastic than the tangible results you see, feel and hear on your side of the veil.

As we have already talked about, everything is indeed energy, energy in different tones or forms of vibration, a shimmering haze of light that seems solid one moment, and invisible the next. But it is indeed the same thing all over, but it has been programmed to behave and be perceived in certain ways. Remember, the object does not exist unless there is an observer, that is the fundamental rule here. Like in the famous cat-tale that is still a staple for all of your trained scientists (Schrödinger’s cat). Is the cat dead or alive, or indeed both? No one knows, because you have to be able to observe it in order to decide the fate of the cat. So too it is with everything, and your scientists have started to literally see this for themselves too. True, they are merely scratching into the surface, for they look at the separate particles, and they have already discovered that famous entangled particles scenario. Big news indeed, but one that gets lost in all of the hubbub of everyday ”news” .

For what does this entail? It means that everything is indeed entangled, and we are not only talking about separate, or rather pairs of particles that are entangled thus. No, we speak of All of creation. For everything that is around you is behaving in the same manner as this duo of entangled particles. In other words, every time one part is observed, it starts to BE and it automatically makes everything else fall into step with it. In other words, this Creation is flickering and shimmering and evolving and adapting every time someone consciously SEES what is going on. And so it is like switching on a switch, enabling a whole set of ”reality” to start to play out. In other words, this is quantum physics, or rather, quantum reality, all over again. For you live in a quantum soup of energy, and ALL that you see is part of the same soup. In itself, it all has the same origin, or rather, all the components are identical from the outset, like pieces of building blocks, all composed of the same material. But as soon as consciousness enters the pitcure, it literally creates a whole new picture.

In other words, nothing truly exists at all, it is just energy in the form of particles, like a haze of  shimmering light, ready to coalesce into shapes and forms, into beings and planets, into inert objects as well as more vital ones. Just remember, when we say ”inert” they are no more nor no less ”animated” than anything else. Because a rock does not move around, it is no less ”alive” than a human being, for you are all the same. We know this will be hard to truly digest, but you are indeed beginning to get the gist of it. For what separates you from us, from a planet, from God, from the heavens above or the deep waters below? Just one thing, and that is simply the eye of the observer, or rather the consciousness that you are but a single part of.

For God is creative energy, but it is also consciousness, for without the one, the other would not be. Pure energy is nothing more than energy, it needs consciousness to be created. For creation and creating are two sides of the same coin, but they are indeed opposites and as such, this duality is the origin of all. SOMEONE needs to see or rather observe for Creation to BE, and that is the whole basis for Creation. The two faces of God, if you will: energy and creativity, mind making matter from its other part, the energy. And this is what we want to impart to you. You are, because your consciousness have made you thus, and your consciousness is only a small part of the ONE, the basis, the grounding of it all. For you are merely a speck on a huge tapestry of creativity, all things that have been made to be because God made them. You are consciousness, but you are consciousness made visible because it made you from the ethers of energy, those hovering particles ready and waiting to be made anew time and time again. For this is like a tabula rasa, a sea of IFs wanting to BECOME by being looked upon, by being observed, by being thought into being, by being created by a force of vitality, a consciousness, that silent observer that observes it all.

You are a part of this, but only a small part, so what you make, is merely a small drop in the ocean. But you are also God, so does that make you all powerful, in other words, can you change the world? The answer is of course YES, but it is also NO. It is YES, for you can recreate YOURSELF. And through that, you are recreating your world. But you cannot recreate ALL of Creation. Or rather, you cannot switch everything off and start anew, for that is not in your powers alone. For this is also a huge lesson in co-creating, in separation in order to make a whole out of separate units. Just one BEing can do as he pleases, he (or she) or let us just use the word God in order to lessen confusion. So if you are God, you are the ONE, the Creator, the single observer that sets everything into motion. But that is merely the first step. The next step is this: make separation, so that each single particle needs to work in tandem with everyone else in order to create. In other words, creativity needs to be as diverse as possible, and this diversity can only come from separation, or duality, or multiplicity – the list of words are endless, but the fundamental truth is this: to ensure the largest possible number of variations, separation needs to be established first. Then and only then will the optimal conditions for creating become valid. You need as many different factors – or fractions – as possible in order to get a whole spectre of different possibilities, and that was the first task of Creator. And so, separation was set into motion – the Big Bang if you will, and everything started from there.

Let us add another interesting layer to this: when you humans talk of the Big Bang, you refer to the origin of your universe, but when we talk of the Big Bang, we talk of the origin of everything. In other words, the FIRST Big Bang, the one that preceded it all. For we are talking about the origin of everything, not just that primordial soup that was the inception of what later developed into your universe and your ”reality”, no, we are referring to ALL of Creation. And as such, it all started the same way, as one single pinprick of energy, of light, that consciousness set into motion by observing it and by setting up parameters for it to BECOME something. It was like setting alight a match in order to see it in the dark, for before it was ignited by consciousness, it was not visible. It WAS, but it was not observed, and as such, it WAS NOT. But it became ALL as soon as consciousness entered and started to observe, and by observing started to create, and as such, the mind begat matter from energy. But remember, matter is a mere figment of imagination, it is merely energy coalescing into something that can be OBSERVED. So again we say, let your mind set you free, for your mind is only holding you back by trying to see what it cannot see. Or rather, it is holding you back because it wants to see what it already can see, and so it overlooks everything else. But it is there already, ready to be observed by you, just like it is observed by God. So open your eyes and let your mind take a break, and try to connect with that part of God that is the real you, and then, and only then, will everything come into BEing before you.

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  1. http://discovermagazine.com/2013/nov/14-defense-free-will#.Uld7hBBnGSo

    But Schwartz says mainstream science has yet to come to grips with an experience like DiCaprio’s, based on what Schwartz calls “self-directed neuroplasticity,” the ability to rewire your brain with your thoughts. This kind of power doesn’t only rescue his patients, he says. It rescues free will.

    The notion that we have free will flies in the face of much modern neuroscientific research, which suggests an ever-increasing number of our “choices” are somehow hardwired into us — from which candidate we vote for to which flavor of ice cream tops our cone. In fact, neuroscientists like David Eagleman and Sam Harris have released best-selling books offering that we are, at bottom, high-functioning, delusional robots.

    And so, at a time when free will is on the run, few of our culture’s most prominent thinkers agree with Jeffrey Schwartz — a scientist, as it happens, who is entirely comfortable with being disagreeable.

    I think this resonates

  2. Trying to shut off my brain. Let the eyes see and say they are smarter than the brain. Sometimes lately I see and hear things I did not before once my brain is out of the way.

  3. Another way to visualize being one, yet separate is to look at a rope. It’s only one rope, but it is a combination of individual strands, woven together and then reworked into a net/web.
    I have noticed that my cat stares at a spot just above my head. I guess it is looking at something from my crown chakra. I don’t see auras, but I have no doubt that the cat can do it.
    My dogs read my mind. If I think about baths or vet they disappear. If I need to do it. I have to control my thoughts or I won’t catch them. btw my dogs run free on the farm, and the neighbors and the other neighbors farms.
    My rule is, Stay Out Of The Road! I’m strict about that, otherwise they have about 60 acres to do as they please. A few years ago a GoodYear Blimp passed over. The dogs barked and chased it to the top of the hill. They chase soaring hawks and vultures. I think they just like to run.

    1. Dominique, you called me through my iPad. I watched this thrilled, goosebumps all over, and saying YES it IS that simple! Choose LOVE! Thank you SO much for posting this. With this I go to sleep listening to Star Spirits (Hemi-Sphere…Robert Monroe Institute). That is after I attend to Prinny and Charlie…….

      BIG (((HUGS))) and a memory once upon a time,

        1. The other hemi-sphere of the hologram, inside, outside…
          In the head, in the body, in another part of the planet or the multiverse.
          Or in the Garden… 🙂

  4. Hello my dear friends, I wanna say that the new history of creation is just awesome, thank You Aisha. I found this Youtube with some insights about Christianity, it is of course biased towards monotheism and the duality of the virgin and the whore, and has a very funny description of Tantra being white, grey and Dark(a bit like Starwars), but aside from that there is a lot of good Mystery School information…

    I love You all

    1. Stephan! My jaw is open with astonishment for I was just saying this day that I have not seen you here in a very long time. And now here you are. I MISSED you!!! I am just too tired to do much more this night, so perhaps tomorrow I watch this video.

      Man, it is SO good to see you!

      Love, Amy

      1. Dear Amy, I read Your Blog that is awesome, I post links to it on my Facebook so my friends can see the beauty of it. I missed You, and reading the comments, but i been a busy bee lately, setting things straight that needed straightning, but feel free to hook up on facebook, this goes of course for anyone of the beautiful people here.

        1. GOD bless you, Stephan! I AM so touched! I too have a facebook account and had to ask a friend how to get back on it, for I had forgotten how. Believe it or not! I AM so grateful that you are doing this for me. I have been working really hard on my blog and AM calling for those whose Heart delights in touching Love.

          Bless you, my Brother! Bless you! I have intended that people come to Petals by word of mouth. And that is what is happening. I just am not able to put into words how deeply you touch my Heart. (tears)

          Love, Amy

        1. OK you two! (S & D) Honest, I just stepped out of the shower to head for bed when my iPad called me. And so I watched this video and the one below. OMG! Stephan, I cried. And still am. My heart is in my throat. I really need help in establishing what I do as a “Sanctuary” for it truly is. This is one of my goals. Yes, like the Field of Dreams, you build it, he will come. Oh, yes, they do come! I am their Beacon of Hope!

          I am just crying that you would even think of me in such high standards as this woman. I understand the “passion” behind what she does. This is what keeps me going, as in now, so beat wanting to go to bed, but still having two more Homeopathies to administer.

          Bless you! BIG (((HUGS))),

          1. Field of dreams I love that movie too, and I love You my friend, remember You helped me up, back then when I was down, You and Anne Helen did that in particular for me, and all the other ponders of course, and Aisha the clan mother who set it up for us. I will never forget that You helpt me transform my life by being who You are.
            Sending big big hugs Your way…

      1. Dear Anna Helen, it packed with sacred information on Christianity, the secret code of the Bible, it took me two Years of lazy study to learn how to decode this language, but it was sure worth it. It is an elegant language from another golden age, just like the germanistic/nordic language and the Mayan language and others of course. Sure hope it will benefit You…

  5. Sun, I think I have dissolved. Not sure if the last sun flare or the last Creation message vaporized me. I too am nothingness. What is out is in, and what is in is out.

  6. AH,

    Earth – Heart, Pond – Water..

    What puzzled me the most was the memory of things, unconsciously perceived by all our senses. Not only the crystals but every-thing. The crystals are carbon-based, they contain the memory of the earth, as most minerals do. They’re alive. It’s easier to have contact with crystal because ou pineal gland is composed of the same elements (mini-crystals in water). They interact. BTW, what are our TV and computers and screens made of ? (they’re made of open doors to manipulation too…)

    The ultimate mode of (universal) memory / contact / perception / … is hydrogen. Water. Aquarian age. Fluid motion… Splash ! … 🙂

    1. go a bit further….you are so close…..’H30’….& everything you said is indeed quite correct !….but do you really think our pineal gland is just simple crystals & plain old water….something to think about ?………Sleep well dear Dominique !…Love, Bev~

  7. There’s religion and mainstream science.
    They’re fixed and cristallized. No evolution.

    There’s spirituality and experimental science.
    They’re not fixed, not cristallized. Always in motion.
    They’re one.

    A fixed history is cristallized too. There’s only now.
    There’s no beginning, there’s no end. There’s only change.

    1. Dom you have sent me off on a strange … love tangent again. Just realized that for years my key ring has had two ornaments on it. One is a tear drop shaped pink crystal. (Crystal heart of Gaia … Aisha put quartz crystal in her lake) The other is a pewter key with an open heart at the top. (This pond and all its family was the key to unlocking my heart).

      Thank you, luv.
      Thank you LOVE.

          1. A Beauty, no? I have more then ONE Shrodinger’s cat for they honestly do foil my pictures. One paw in this world and one paw in this world next one over. 🙂 GRIN! Too funny!

            Yes, 1 + 1 = 3 in all gardens = THE GARDEN. 🙂

  8. Another post from me. I’ve had a short video that I could have published weeks ago and forgot I hadn’t done it… and now realise it fits very well with the CCs message here… divine timing?

    This is a Spheres Of Light video talking about Intention/Attention and what I call the Turning Point in our conscious awareness. It is so pertinent to this CC’s message.

    It includes what I feel is a particularly powerful visual metaphor that my wife Sue came up with last year (thank you Sue) that might just help those wrestling with the question which I’ve seen in the comments thus far … along the lines of how can we be one and separate (to paraphrase).

    Just to help: There are other metaphors in here too and for the non UK audience most people here (I refer to a TV Programme called Dr Who – he is Time Lord travelling the Universe whose ship is called the TaRDiS – which is bigger on the inside than out (like we are)! TaRDiS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space).

    This video is very hot off the press you are the first to see it: Just under 10 mins. Trust it helps a little.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Philip … thanks for the Dr Who reference explanation. The doctor is quite the man in our household already!!

      “One AND separate” you gave an excellent visual of this with the fiber optics

      “Turning Point” perfect phrase

      Always for your highest good…

      Something else I see in relation to SOL (as far as a visual … for me at least) is one of those clear spheres that works with static electricity. Dont know what they’re called. Pinpoint of light in center with “lightning” streaks of light coming out…. they react when you put your hand on the surface..

      Brilliant once again!!

      🙂 AH

      1. Glad it worked brilliantly for you…

        In a way we are Dr Who’s … Time Lord’s… travelling the Universe…

        The fibre optic metaphor is really powerful isn’t it! (Thanks again to Sue)…

        I know the Spheres you mean their life started of as what is called Van De Graaff generators but the modern ones you see are electrostatic generators – can’t think if they have a special name or not.

        Just for others its not necessary to see things during a SOL experience to be able to have the experience…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Thank You dear Philip for All that you do as well ! I concur with you in Aisha’s new direction breaking new ground & bringing a new Awareness that surely will grow & expand as it is meant to….& your focus & direction is quite complimentary to this process too ! Bless You dear friend & as I haven’t had a chance to see your video, hope to come back later & take a look !……Love, Bev~

  9. This message is so awesome and full of depth and richness. It’s so cool for me for I have spent a lifetime exploring what are regarded in ‘old world’ as two separate threads: science and spirituality when ‘in truth’ they are of the same essence. It’s been an interesting journey standing in the middle so to speak and looking forward to the time when both ‘camps’ would be able to say “Oh I get it now. I see what you’ve been on about!” 🙂

    If I was drawing out just one of the many beautiful and profound messages in here I would probably go for this one:

    “Remember, the object does not exist unless there is an observer, that is the fundamental rule here.”

    Just wonderful since there is so much depth in this single sentence to fill volumes… and that is true of many other sentences…

    …we are creators, the observer and the observed… One with ALL that is yet delighting in the ‘apparation’ of individual manifestation (what the CCs refer to as the separation here) to each have a divine expression to share with ALL. COOL.

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    Footnote: Above in the final para I was going write ‘apparent’ rather than ‘apparition’ but I realised something must have led me to write that and feel it works!!!

    1. It sooo works.

      apparent (adj/predicate nomnative) describing something “being seen”

      apparition (n) the thing itself that “is seen”

      Clever man. 🙂 love it!

      1. Well the funny thing was I thought I’d typed apparent but I looked up and saw ‘apparition’… now it’s worth understanding I touch type and the difference between the two is noticeable so I decided was being given a message so left it… and decide to add the extra comment…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Wasnt it discovered a while back that when scientists looked into a certain petri dish at cells, they were astonished to see that the cells moved about the way they (the scientists) ‘expected’ them too ? There was a dance between the cells and them so to speak. does anyone recall this ?

      1. Yes, Breeze. When I studied Microbiology, I saw the “dance” between the cells. It all had to do with electromagnetic charges. Two negatives would repel the other, while a positve and a negative would attract each other. It also had to do with the medium that was in the petri dish as well, whether it had an acid or alkaline base. I wish I could have enjoyed this class more. I took it during the summer so I ate and slept and studied microbiology. Intense. There is a name for this dance. Philip? Can you help me out here?

      2. Yep. Commonly known as “observer effect” in physics with electrons. Bev posted similar thing with water crystals.

    3. I so Agree with the importance of this sentence holding much to expand upon !….to create, to observe, to BE observed by others is an intrical part of so much we do in life….much in the same way as thoughts become reality ! An Artist creates Art, a Musician creates Music & so forth but the key here is what use would the Art or the Music be with no one to see it or hear it ! It is All a part of the living Love connection ! Even in nature, specific plants & flowers have morphed into suiting specific pollinators…..oh the glorious harmony, dance of Life…..I Love it !!!!

      1. Thank you Bev… and I just love this sentence of yours:

        “An Artist creates Art, a Musician creates Music & so forth but the key here is what use would the Art or the Music be with no one to see it or hear it !”

        … beautiful…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Uhh wait. Just saw this up here again as I watched SOL video. What I meant by comment under song is that I really feel the combined energy from this singer. I know absolutely nothing about her.

  10. wow…I love this explanation, Aisha and All…thank you!

    “It WAS, but it was not observed, and as such, it WAS NOT. But it became ALL as soon as consciousness entered and started to observe, and by observing started to create, and as such, the mind begat manner [matter?] from energy.” So, what then could consciousness observe initially? Maybe consciousness observed nothing concrete and yet sensed something abstract…something which inspired creating…???…

    hmmm… guess I’m being overly linear about this… 🙂

    1. grandfather/god has a problem. The I AM consciousness is the center of all things.
      That makes her/him/it stuck. cant move, well, if moved no one would notice still the center of all things
      how boring
      yuck ugh
      must find something to do
      duality happens
      the whole point is to go out to the end and ( here is the good part)
      after experience it goes back to the source, the center of all things.
      Have we not turned the corner?
      I think we have started to go home.

  11. I tried to tell you before.
    Robert Morning Sky has added some new knowledge
    Here he explains what happened to the women.
    If anyone cares to try to understand women, which I know I never will, but only in my hidden memories of those lifetimes when I was female.
    (I didn’t leave anything out of my experiences; neither will you)


    please please please
    listen to him

    1. Wo-man thanks man for this message. “E-DEN” … dear god … I was blown away when I learned the name Adam simply means Man. So much here all the time … oppressed, suppressed … wounded both male and female aLIKE.

      the forbidden fruit is ripe for the plucking

      Time 1:03 iam … male and female on each side of creation void

      1. Eden. Energy Den, Enlightenment Den, Eternal Den. Men have their man caves. I want my Diva Den 🙂 coining that right here right now! Interesting that I had a past life as a shaman – i picture this old crone of a women sitting high up on a hillside – she lives alone and ‘counsels’ what will become warriors – young men. Many a younger man has come to me for help in this life… and they seem to fall in love with me. geez… not the crone this time i guess. so anyways… this was my life as “Stands In Her Truth” or Econasha – not sure of name spelling….was told it had importance to this life. I was tough in that life… much softer now in my ‘delivery’. Aleution Islands is where i believe this shaman lifetime was. and… once when watching discovery channel or one like it, they had dug up an old womans bones.. she had these stones around her, etc… I was mezmirized ! think it was me.

          1. hey Lady… I am a bit scared today. dont like it. the pain… still… ultrasound tomorrow at 4:15pm. I could get real mad that this is happening now when all i want to do is enjoy the new energies. why Lord ? Why Universe? I only had a little respite from my woes. Depending on what the outcome of ultrasound is, important bodily decisions is so very not where i want to be! I keep thinking of my ex too and wonder if he has passed. he has been or was in nursing home for a few yrs. I stopped seeing him 3 yrs ago… he did not seem to know me anymore – could not speak and was in wheel chair. For a handsome, physically fit guy this all just broke my heart. (he is 23 yrs older than I but never looked it) . Now today, when i think of him, tears come instantly… so i wonder. Was told he is in the ‘limbo space’ by my channeler friend. such a beautiful mind and to loose it. he was stubborn as can be though. i used to tell him he needed to integrate heart and mind more… that he was like a horse that would not be broken. will let u know how it all goes. Love, A

          1. Breeze, sweetie, you go to the ultrasound. When I was in crippling pain, with my cysts, I took pain pills. It was either that or commit me. This HURTS what you are going through. TELL your doctor and take the medicine to relieve the pain. This is no time to be a heroess. I LOVE you, Breeze! I honstly know what you are going through. You do what IS right for you. And IF that is surgery then so be it. This is your body. Now if you lived in China you could go to the medicineless hospital, but unfortunately you don’t live there. WE all must use what is available to us, knowing in our HEARTS that a higher purpose is involved.

            Love, Amy

          2. Econasha … just for the sake of clarity, breeze 🙂 I am not recommending echinacea as a treatment for you. Just wondered about the name you were given here. Didnt realize how that might come across.

            Thank you dearest Rose. I agree with you 100%. Breeze should do whatever she needs to do for herself.

            Luv ya both 🙂

            1. LOL. i know what u meant. I was re-reading that Black Moon stuff from Oct 4. So interesting to me still about the birthing and how ‘full’ i feel. and getting what has been hidden in the dark womb out. all that. I sure do hope what i am going thru is somehow related and then of course it is worth it. if not, i dont get it at all. i will see what comes after tomorrow. I have my healer friend. he said the stuff should just come out of me someday with the treatments he does – he has me using MMS too. google it if interested. strong stuff for clearing and healing. I just never felt like this. Difficult not to judge it and just be with it. Love you all

              1. Psst. Areeeza…
                Lean over this way and let ALee whisper softly in your ear…
                It is ALL realted, luv…..

  12. I have been observing my cats and their eyes. The colors of their eyes are changing to turquoise. I wrote an article about this because I feel so strongly that this color and the change in the eyes is very significant of what is occurring today. If you would like to read my observations and try to help me solve this mystery in this extremely exciting New Creation we are now in, it would be so cool. WE all need to put our heads together as we take our first baby steps in this new era.

    The article is: http://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/cats-eyes/

    Much gratitude,

    PS I know I am not the only one who has observed their pets’ eyes changing to turquoise. Let’s see if we can figure this out together!

    1. havent noticed an eye change color….but my big guy, my handsome brute 🙂 (black cat named Ink Jet) is always looking up! have u notice this with any of yours? he stares and stares at ‘something’ ‘up there’. They seem to be drinking water again thank goodness. Had a little talk with them on that.

      1. Yes, Breeze, my cats are giving me LONG intense looks that they normally do not do, as if they are really trying to communicate something to me. So far that something is not coming in. And they also look OVER my head in fascination. I was told I have a beam of Light in bright crystalline colors……..THREE to be exact. So, my guess is, they are seeing this. MY connection to Source or HS.

        YES! Encourage them to drink water. My cats are still to this day asking me for more, which I give them. My way is express compared to a lick at a time. Hehehehhehehe All my cats want to do is to play outside and they know Mommy can give them water tout te suit! (Is that right, Dom?) (means super fast)

        Love, Amy

  13. Kiera, I can only add my input to what you have written here to maybe assist you. I have broken through the veil. For the longest time I could actually feel a barrier preventing me from going any further. The ONLY times I do through is when I am totally out of mind. It is a totally lettiing go of and just BEing. There is no thought involved so the more you try to think your way through, or analyze your way through, or process your way through, the more you will not go through.

    I have broken through just in this past year and it is just now that visuals are beginning to happen. At times the visuals are so abrupt and so real, and not only that but a part of me recognizes what I am seeing and startles me, that I immediately get into mind and am jerked back. It is a startle reflex which I am working on to NOT do, so that I continue with the visual.

    My last visual like this was seeing myself as a young girl, holding a woman’s hand, with primitive huts in the background. I was about 5, or 6 years old, and when I recognized me, I felt real fear, and was jerked back to a conscious state.

    My advice. Just let it happen. And it will. The further along your journey you are, the easier it will happen. It just does.

    Hope this helps.


    1. Most of the time, I just merge with ALL That IS and dissolve into Light. The feelings this brings about I am not able to put into words. I go back to Source. I dive so deep within I come out the other side of Bliss. Eternity in the Now. It just happens. And this is all without ingesting anything. 🙂

      I was so silly today, one of my neighbors asked me if I was in the gin. I laughed and said NO, just water! And then I asked him “could you even imagine me drinking gin when I am this nutty just drinking water?” I laughed so hard, which got him laughing as well. …….. Just going on…….:)

      1. Laughing with you as always. Rose I feel myself merging with you more everyday. I so totally come from the thinking end. You from the BEing state. Yet we both said the same thing here!! I was replying at the very same time you were and did not read you until I was done. Yet I was reading you loud and clear!!

        Hubs often asks me “WHAT have you been smoking??!!” My eyes probably even appear glassy to him!


    2. Amy, thank you so much….I love that comparison of simply merging and dissolving into Light, so I’ll start with that one.

      Yes, fear seems to be the last and hardest thing to let go of. Unlike most people I didn’t have a fear of death / leaving the physical body to overcome. Fear of lack, was my biggie. That one took the longest to dissolve and absorb.

      Before I actually had an OBE, I would read of so many people who went through this experience filled with so much Fear….that they made it sound nearly painful & downright frightening.
      But I experienced none of that. They needed that Fear experience, but I certainly didn’t — so for me it is completely natural, smooth….either a smooth flowing or instant teleportation-type experience.

      Thanks again….

      Low frequency YouTube commenters always ask me if I am “High”. Or accuse me of it.
      I say to them, yes — I’m permanently high!
      What do you think of that?

      1. I think it’s AWEsome!!! Ha. Fear of lack. I go back to what someone said about the fear of fully trusting Source again. (Breeze maybe said that? Or Denise? …) That initial wound of separation was so devaSTATEing (we abandoned our natural state) … we feel we dont deserve that abundace of LOVE again. The love from ALL things flow … we feel we have to earn it back … that we must be worthy of it. Dont know if you have kids, but that helped me see that my child does not have to DO anything to be loved by me. It is simply there because she IS. Even when she “sins” it does not change thIS.

        Luv ya, Ms High As A Kite!

        1. Anna Love – I know we think alike and I know that is why your replys to me are usually one liners ! lol. I have had another of the good ole ex’s comments in the back of my head. It has to do with what someone asked him in one of his seminar talks. (We developed a program called “The Language of Healing”… to teach drs and patients how to better think and respond positively for positive results, etc) anyways…. the person asked something like ‘well, how much fear can i have then ?’ To which he replied “How much of your feces would u like in your chocolate milk”?!! Love that ! he was the best –sometimes.

          1. Yep. That’s a good one. My hubs is an Arkansas country boy (though he is an RN … funny that … maybe your ex could teach him something tho he would never in a million years admit he needed it …). Kev would say this about your ex:

            He is a pretty Fart Smeller. (God i hope that comes out right in text!)

            One of his I do like is:

            Rain come wash me cuz Im dirty dirty dirty.


            1. now my new guy would say that fart smeller comment. funny. he and ex could not be more different actually. and new guy coincidentally met up with an even older ex and they are buddies now ! unreal. i cant shake em off of me ! lol. but interesting that new guy and long ago ex reminded me of each other in some ways. I never told new guy that until they became friends. life is ….

              1. When I was 20 I dated a 41 year old. As I go along, they seem to be geeting closer to me in age. Have the same thing as you with the younger ones too. This is too much!

                Life is …

          2. I was recently watching Real Time with Bill Maher (LOVE him to bits in a really twisted way). He was talking about organized religion and interpeting the bible literally. He said he always asks people “If there was a turd floating in a pool, would you jump in?”

            I said out loud to him “Bill my man. If there were gold at the bottom of the pool, no doubt you would pick up that turd with your bare hands and dive in for the real sunken treasure there.”

            You can imagine the look I received on that one. 😉

        2. This is so patently obvious, but it really just hit me for some reason. Duuuhhh. The females are trying to rejoin FATHER SOURCE and the males are trying to rejoin MOTHER SOURCE. Not in just a human 3D elecktra and oedipus kind of way, but at the deepest level of soul being and the highest level of spirit soaring.

      2. Holy moly. Look what was waiting for me in my inbox during this whole dialogue. !!! From JayJay. 🙂

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