A history of Creation – part 1

Dear friends!

Last week, I started to receive what the CCs refer to as “double helpings”, extra messages in addition to The manuscript. These messages differ from the usual ones, and the first one that I was guided to post, was the “update” to the sixth Gathering. I was told that the rest of this information was to be posted after the Gathering, and here is the first installment of it. The CCs have given them a title, they call it “A history of Creation”. I do not know how many parts there will be, nor how long The manuscript will continue. All I know is that I will be given “double helpings”  for a while. So without further ado, as the CCs like to say, here is Part 1:

So let us begin this narrative by focusing on a field that we know you hold close to your heart, namely the origin of the atom, or rather, the origin of mass. For mass is nothing but energy, and that is  a concept that has been misunderstood in so many ways through the history of mankind. These small particles of energy in motion did not find their way into human consciousness for a very long time because they cannot be seen, cannot be perceived, and as such, it took you all a very long time before you even noticed them all about you. But now, as you are becoming well versed in the properties of these energetic building stones of life, we are going to take you all even further. For you have searched and searched for that elusive little particle you call the Higgs Boson, and even if you seem to have found traces of it, there is still so much that you fail to comprehend. That is understandable, for much of what is the real driving force behind all of this, is invisible, not only to the human eye, but also to all of the technical equipment you have developed so far. But what if we say that you will be able to see it with your naked eye, and the reason for this, is indeed the faculties that have been implanted into your brain during these last intense upgradings.

As we have often stated, mankind lives within a very narrow box, where the so-called laws of nature are determined as constant and unchangeable. Well, let us just say welcome to the brand new world, where nothing can be deemed as unchangeable ever again. For matter is energy and energy is always malleable, and when you start to access the levels that all of us are frequenting, you will see just how malleable it all is. Nothing is constant and nothing lasts forever, or rather, everything constantly IS, but in a changeable state that is flicking on and off at a speed far, far surpassing the so-called speed of light. Let us just add that the speed of light is nothing like you have clocked it in at. Or rather, according to your measuring capabilites, it is just that, but that is because you cannot see how the light particles really move. At times, they seem to stand still, but then suddenly, they make what can only be defined as a quantum leap. So you are in between these states of NOW and FOREVER, and between them, everything is passing back and forth, like small energetic packages of information, constantly talking to each other, constantly changing and morphing and evolving.

It is like a blip on the screen, and then it is gone, only to reappear at a completely different set of coordinates in space. So perhaps this will start to give you a small insight on how we are able to be in your vicinity while not here at all? And why we can see you clearly, but you cannot see us. As we have said on more than one occasion, all of space is so crowded, that if everything was visible at the same time, you would not find a way to move. Or rather, you would feel as if every single molecule of space is filled with something, and therefore, what comprises you, also comprises so much else, and it would be hard to find a way to navigate through this soup of energy. For this is indeed the case, as what you see, is only a vafer thin layer of ALL that is. For all that is, is all occupying the same space, but you are all confirmed to a single layer of an uncounted number of layers all occupying the same space. So what you may refer to as endless space, as in a huge distance if measured in metres or even  light years, is cactually much, much smaller, at least when you measure in your forms of length and width. But if you measure it our way, it is actually an immensely compact sphere of ”reality” all packed together within very, very little space. But spread out within this sphere is an infinite number of layers.

We know this will be hard wrap your heads around, but if you think that when you look out into the night sky, you see everything as if it is far, far away. But what if we tell you that all you need to do to connect with all of this, is to literally reach out your hand and touch it? For it is not far away, it is HERE, but it is superimposed on a layer so that it will seem an infinite distance from you. You are space as well, but you are already IN space, and space is a measurable quantity. For space is ENERGY, not distance, and as such, it can be made to LOOK distanced from you, but it is not that. For space equals energy equals a morphogenic field. In other words, space is nothing but a defined quantity of energy occupying the smallest available space. For energy does not need space to BE, it just IS, no matter how large or how small it appears to the human eyes and indeed brain. So next time your scientists talks about the immensity of space, think rather about the infinite possisbilites of space, and know that you can access every single part of it from the very comfort of your home ;–)

Everything is indeed energy, but the illusion that it creates, is that there is such a thing as mass. For when you have mass, you need space in which to contain it. But energy does not need any space at all, it just IS. Hence the origin of the big bang. It started out from a pinprick, a mere speck, all in one dimension, or rather non-dimension, and then it started to unveil from there. But it is all just an illusion, a semblance of something tangible with width, depth, height and so on, and then every single object is put into context with all of these other imaginary objects, creating Creation. After all, it lies in the name, does it not? For it is all CREATED, it is all created from energy, but it is all an illusion, something that can be changed and morphed and moved about at will.

And who creates all of this, who is God? God is creation, it is the will of this whole energy, the sole purpose, or rather, the SOUL purpose. It is there to BE, it is an energy that is to BE, to BE in every way imaginable, and then some. It is creating at all times, for that is what it IS. It is creating in all dimensions and in all states, it is malleable and living, it is you, and you are it, and together, it is everything. It is the one single source, the god essence, the living entity, the ALL, the breath, the sound, the touch, the fear, the anger, the joy, the love, the hatred, it IS all that, and more. It is here to simply be, and it wants to BE everything. And so, it lives and it creates, for creation is what it is all about.

And who are you? You are IT too, in one defined form, but now, that form is being shifted and shaped into a brand new you. Yes, we know this word is offensive, but this is ALL a game, whether you ”live” on planet Earth or anywhere else, for we are all players in the same game, we are all equal, and we are here to BE just that little defined part of it all. It is like tasting different tastes, or looking at different colors, trying out different clothes or sexes, or sizes or what have you. It is just about creating as many varieties as possible, all connected within this infinitesimally small bubble labeled All of Creation.

It is not huge, but it is endless. It does not take up any more space than a single particle of a single atom, yet, it covers everything, because it encompasses everything that you can imagine, and then some. But it is all an illusion, indeed a sort of hologram, but a living, breathing hologram, all put together for the enjoyment of itself. And you are a part of this, for this is you just as much as it is me or anyone else. I am you, and you are me, and we are you, and you are us, and together, we are IT, the essence, the living, breathing organism that is just ONE. One single point of light, creating itself again and again into EVERYTHING.

So lest you should think your mind is going off the rails, it is not, you are simply being connected to the ONE again, and so you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt just who you are. You are EVERYTHING, yet you are one single person. You are here, and you ARE, yet still, you are not. This is all a game, this is all about setting into motion things and beings that will CREATE themselves, by making them come about and then setting them all up to interact in a way that enlarges the possibilities a hundredfold. For this is all a quantum field of possibilities, and Creation must strive to try them all, and so, all of this is also a huge part of this game.

For you are in the middle of a game-change, you are being put through a very different sort of experience, whereas you are being transformed from one sort of player to a very different one, all amidst the old set up. And not all of the players are going through the same changes, as this will also heigthen the number of variables once again. It may sound callous, but as you already know, it is nothing short of magical.

And what will the outcome of all of this be? Well, let us just say Heaven knows. Or rather, the odds are high indeed that this planet will make an abrupt about turn to a sphere of vibration it has not yet been. In other words, the taste or the flavour is already changing, and it is changing into something that will be infinitely more palatable to the majority of beings gathered here. For even if this is indeed an illusion, it is one where every single player is a conscious part of it, and even if not one of them have the full picture, still, they are very much an intrinsic part of this. We think you will find that in the time ahead, you will see glimpses of the behind the scenes work in a very different way than before, because now you KNOW, and you will start to see through is very, very thin layer of ”reality”, and you will start to see the other ones behind them. But again, they are no more ”real” than this one, but still they are all a part of this plan. And now, the plan is to converge these hitherto separate planes and create something very new.

It is about CREATING, it is about energy wanting to BE EVERYTHING, and that is what it is doing. It is being you, it is being a tree, it is being water, ice, fire and everything in between. It is being a smell, it is being a sound, it is being both at the same time for that matter. So rest your minds now, and let yourself be as free as you can, and enjoy the ride!

183 thoughts on “A history of Creation – part 1

  1. I had a similar awakening last night so the coincidence of this message isn’t unusual. I envisioned our universe of visible matter or what we call ordinary matter as actually extraordinary matter. It is formed so that corporeal structures can sense and become aware of their own existence. The universe is dense with ‘stuff’ we don’t comprehend. The extra ordinary matter of our being is condensed into three dimensions to allow us to have form but we have the power to imagine the rest of existence as well. In the vastness of the extra ‘stuff’ the beating of our extraordinary hearts resonates with all the intelligence that forms the bulk of the universe. We may long for ascension or to go home to our creator, but like Dorothy we only need to realize our home is in our heart and we are already there. We can travel beyond light speed to all points in creation with our imagination but once you’ve been there you see no need for your heart is already the most precious place in creation and it’s the last thing we will leave behind and it’s the one thing we will miss the most when we ascend. On to creation, our cosmology contains a great paradox, hyperinflation. If the universe expanded at a rate greater than light speed, or a factor of thousands of times light speed the big bang is yet to occur or may never occur as we had to travel far ahead of the shock wave to manifest as material. In this case creation is either happening on a continuous basis or not happening yet. The model of a radial explosion of matter at the moment of creation can’t happen. If the source is a point of infinite mass then the only means that mass ca be emitted is through jets similar to super massive black holes in quasars. In which case our limit of vision is the amount of time that entropy slowed the relative motion of mass to below light speed. This bubble of space we see as clusters and filaments of galaxies 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years across is a small part of a much larger structure, a jet of matter that has a mirror image projected 180 degrees opposite from the central source. Our visible universe is limited by light speed and the quantity of matter in the jets from the source is infinite and is continuing to emit. Only in our localized relativity do we see the beginning as a big bang. From outside creation is a continuous process and the odds that other corporeal being exist is assured. Not to mention all the intelligences that occupy multidimensional plasmas. All intelligence is concerned with the source of our existence and our purpose of existence is to ponder how it is we exist. So we build ever grander and complex models to contemplate review and discard. At the end of the day all we still have is our heart beating in three dimensions and the feeling that this is all we really need.

    1. Thank you Jon. 🙂 I was telling Philip yesterday I landed in a physics course in college entirely unprepared yet KNEW it (some) anyway. I was in the class because my fiance was a physics student working on his masters. His name was John!! Have you seen the film “Black Matter” about the PhD student who comes to America to study and gets “lost” in the politics of university study and publication crap? Heart wrenching.

      … and our inner universe is UNlimited by the Speed of Love …

      Hey. Wonder if you can help me out with something thats rattling around in here. yhvh or yhwh … see any physics in these symbols? I am sensing it has to with tetrahedonal projection of our consciosness onto phsyical marix… wavelength, frequency, velocity, magnetic moment … seems like when I reviewed these symbols there was some mirror imaging going on or like “turn some of them upside down.” I also feel “As above so below.” and “As within so without” with this.

      I dunno. Just sayin.

      Anna Helen

  2. This history feels like those days when my parents sat by my bed and tried to explain the wonders of upcoming sexual pleasures and dangers to me. I didn´t get anything they said. In the end it was self explainatory in the wild years to come.
    So god and reality is very small and with my new glasses I can recognise this Hicks Boson right on your nose.
    I can get the stars for you by simply picking them from the layers of the sky. I am a new humanus liberatus in an old world game. I wiggle my ear.

    en France cherchez les champignons.

  3. Nymphalia ,
    I clicked through the Maya link you gave Amy.
    clicking through I discovered that my Astrological Maya sign is
    clicking through
    again and again
    I found out they call me the Yellow Warrior.
    how cool is that.
    here’s the link
    change the input to your own


    I guess this sort of a confession. I have heard it loud and clear through telepathy. Many of you have wondered, just who is this Otmn guy, anyway.
    It is my way to not tell nobody, nothing!
    I guess that defense needs to be let loose, now
    ok just for you Astrology/number devotees
    I was born in Portland, Or. just about a quarter to noon,
    if you must know.
    the rest will just pass on by
    no worries.

    1. cool Otmn. you mentioned earlier about being a ‘pillar of light’ in your vision – you yellow lighted warrior! my guide whos name is Abbule’ – I was told it means pillar of light. he sees me as ‘daughter’. His light is silver/blue. I was told he looks like a conquistador so I have had an aversion to that with regards to the Mayans, etc… going to open up to him more and see what he is all about. Thanks for the link – and Dominique yours too for the Tzolkin !

    2. The Mayan calendar and the dreamspell are different, because of the 5 days “out of time” added (to the dreamspell), the 13 moon calendar, etc.

      The original one, as on Mayanmajix, has not been changed by western researchers.

      Anyway, the Mayans are the only ones who know their own calendars, as we are the only ones who know (a part of) ourselves.

  4. All you need is love.
    This IS our HOME right now.. so maybe stop fantasizing about going to “home” when you can BE at your REAL home and start loving it and its people, animals and nature.
    It IS Your real nature right NOW.

  5. I have not commented on my experiences at 6 gatherings. perhaps now it will be alright.
    Each time I visualized my approach to the gatherings started in the depths and rose in a spiral up to the surface. I saw so many on the shoreline. It was a bit frustrating that they all didn’t just jump in and be the water. Spirit informed me it was totally normal for you to want to celebrate. I didn’t feel like having a party. I wanted everyone to get busy and get to work. I still think many preparations need to be made, even though a lot has been done. There is a lot more coming, some of it on a geographical level. Our planet is out of balance. look at a globe, the land is mostly on one side and the water is mostly on the other. not in balance.
    Was it the 2nd? maybe the 3rd when so many were around the bonfires. I saw myself as some sort of large water creature. I swam close to shore and splashed you all with the waters, then I was amazed that the fires grew brighter.
    At the 4th I went out by my frog pond, but all the tadpoles had grown up and moved out. A few water bugs and one dead sparrow was all there was.
    That was when the hummingbird came and sat by me.
    About a half hour into the 5th, I had to get back to reality and call for an ambulance for my mother. They kept her in the hospital for 2 days. (colitus and bladder infection) After the ambulance left with her I came back to the gathering. The hummingbirds danced for me. The lesson was for me to separate the harsh realities of the old world with the new emerging reality of love, truth, beauty, and goodness. but I had nothing to say about it.
    A few days ago at the 6th, it was raining hard, so I lay on my bed instead of going outdoors. Again I started spiraling up to the surface, but this time it was more. It was a vortex of light, more like a tornado. As I reached the surface, I saw myself as a pillar of light standing on the surface, soon the tornado reached from the bottom right up through me to infinite space.
    Then I saw little lights dancing on the surface, (probably swamp gas-grin)
    They were attracted to the vortex, they entered one by one. The light grew stronger. I was looking into infinity. Then there was no pond, only a light tornado reaching across the universe(s).
    That’s when I fell asleep, so I have no more words.

    1. Oh, Otmn, you take my breath away! Your words here are stunningly beautiful! Smooches! and (((HUGS))) I saw lights too and all of us dissolving into particles of light and going up to a point……and then bursting in all directions……..wow, just wow!!!!!

    2. Otmn I agree with Amy about your words… stunningly beautiful! I smiled about your hummingbird comments. Here in Costa Rica I have a favourite hummingbird type… iridescent green/blue body with a big orange/rust tail. I’m not sure if you saw my note the other day about finding a wee brown frog resting between the upright leaves of a cauliflower plant. He sat still and I took pictures of him. Any pond experiences for me are still held captive inside of me… translating as feelings perhaps without actual memories so I enjoy reading about everyone else’s. Thanks for sharing. I hope you Mom is now doing ok! ~Nancee

      1. thanks,
        there is no cure for 86, but mom is better now. And the nurse makes a house call at least every week to check her, so that’s a good thing.
        I’m so glad. I have tried to tell things in the past and was always chastised, maybe it’s true
        maybe I can reach out my hand, without getting slapped.

    3. But what words!!!! What an amazing story Otmn! I hardly remember any of the earlier gatherings – every gathering is a new one 😉 Thanks!

      Much love,


  6. Oh my goodness, the CC’s really have gone to another level, what an outstanding message! However could anybody advise me, it really hurts my eyes to read the words in white on a black background, and I couldnt read it all as it became blurry – and my eyesight is fine! Any advice? Im not great with computers! i would love to read it again and again to process what has been said but unable to!

    Maybe i could print it?

    I pray that you are all are in calm waters at the moment. For me the last 2 days have been manageable, however im prepared for the next stage, life seems so unpredictable at the moment but still exciting. Like the CC’s said it really is all a game, and when we begin to look at ourselves as an observer of life, the game can be much more enjoyable, even through the energetic storms. When i worry about how all this is going to effect me and whether i can handle it, i take the attention away from myself and wholeheartedly ensure I am serving the world to the best of my ability, knowing that I am a instrument to channel love and light. I try to keep everything simple and as long as i stay in love, be love, expand love and breathe then that is enough for now.

    Good night beautiful souls of light. You are all angels, I never knew that I would encounter so many angels, but I have, wow! xx

    1. I’ve got astigmatism. White on black is hard for me too. I use the Firefox browser so it might not be the same. Under “view” their is an item called page style, click on no style and the page converts to black on white.

            1. Yep. I AM Ix. Where is the site/information you are referring to?. I am really fascinated with Mayan calendars. I have several books, but I used to have a site online that explained what the day meant. It seems in a changeover with computers somewhere I lost that site. I miss it. Do you have a fav site?

              I do like other colors too. 🙂 And #11 is ONE of my lucky numbers. Cool! Number 11 coming right up! Pink Panther from Pink Lady……….ha! I am part cat, but of course you already knew that! 🙂 OH, too funny! Rise and shine……Party Time! (Mask!) hehehehe

                1. Thank you! Why in totality I moved away from the Tzolkin, besides having computer glitches, I couldn’t tell you. I seem to go in cycles in all in my life. Well, here I AM back at the Tzolkin. (((HUGS))) GRIN!

        1. Off on a tangent. JJ and I were talking about the Pink Panther and Peter Sellers the other day. You should hear him do an impression of this clip. Hilarious!!

          1. OMG! This link did not come up on my email. OMG! I am laughing SO hard! I had forgotten how FUNNY Pink Panter is! I am going to have to watch PP again! D! I have NOT stopped laughing! DO you have ANY idea how my stomach feels right about now??? OMG! 1+1=3. Good night! Still laughing…..who needs situps?????……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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