An update on the sixth Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends!

As you know, tonight at 21:00 Oslo time we are having our sixth Gathering around the Pond. The CCs wanted me to share this additional information about it with you, so here it is:

“As you have already noticed, these words do come accompanied by some rather intense energetic emissions, and rightly so, as we are already starting to get you ready for tonight’s connective event, through that mission you have given the name the Gatherings. These events are of major importance, not just to those individuals involved, but also this this whole plan, as we are utilizing them to impart a massive amount of energetic information whilst you are all connected to this whole grid of thoughts and projections. For this is indeed something of such a magnitude it can be very difficult to comprehend for a human mind, but when we see them from our point of view, they are truly trailblazing events in all sorts of ways. Because you have already managed to interconnect your own personal electromagnetic fields into a vast field of potential, you can now be used to interface this vibrational field even more with what is in existence beyond the field of humanity.

For now, this vast net of electromagnetic current that you have managed to anchor by imparting your own personal field into the equation, this field of possibilities is being connected in a very powerful way to that outer, primordial field of energetic Source that is beyond and above any so-called normal human being’s extent. And as such, what you have done, is to literally build a bridge between the two, as you have started to make a whole set of connective tissue if you will between these two dimensions. So you are the bridge builders, the ones that are utilizing your physical vehicle as the construction machines, the vehicles that transports and connects these numerous filaments of informational tissue to and fro, like busy bees, or rather weaving ants. Picking up a thread at one end and pulling it all the way to the other side, for there to connect and start to return back carrying another filament to this web, thereby weaving and setting it into place, making it all set to start to do is job in earnest, namely getting it ready to start to create.

For this is nothing but a vehicle for enabling you to tap into the vast and energized field of possibilites that awaits you on the other side. And by doing this, you can start to take your fist sip of this ocean, and using the sustenance you find there to begin a whole new process of creation, so you are starting to set into motion, to beget, to make from what many refer to as a void and call it into being. You are setting alight a flame in a dark room, you are conjuring up a future out of a seemingly empty space. For what you are doing, is to set alive a dormant source of becoming, an endless space of vast energetic possibilities, all waiting to be coalesced into something. Something tangible, something vibrant, something that is alive because it has been infused with your consciousness. This may sound very confusing, but this is actually what it is all about. So tonight as you sit down to connect, you are sitting down to start to step out into that ocean for the very first time, and you will be able to lift that water to your mouth and get the first tantalizing taste of it. For this sea, this endless source of life, will be able to set you free by allowing you to set into being by adding your consciousness to its potential. And so, you will make it all start to coalesce into what you have been waiting for seemingly forever, you are about to make dreams become reality, step by step, piece by piece, by wading confidently into this vast sea of energetic possibility with a wide open heart and a limitless perception of boundaries.”

(You can read more about the sixth Gathering here.)

I am looking forward to connect with you all later today!

Much love and joy from me, Aisha

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  1. To whom it may concern: I’m very suspicious of e-mails that I am not entirely sure who is the sender, and am not going to answer.



  2. First time you made me smile! 🙂
    I’ve been thinking the same, that the word Love is not big enough. It’s just a word, yes.
    So….what is Love? Is Love life? Is it to Live? Is it to be..?

  3. Today I am searching for mushrooms with my portugesean friends and a lady from France. No internet here. Have to climb a mountain with my bike for giga bytes. Very peaceful and quiet. Many churches and a town where the Caminio de Shirley Mac Compostella starts. The meeting was unspectacular as always. Is the emperor really naked? Homo libertus.
    Mist over the valleys. greetings to all of you brave hearts from the Massiv Central.

  4. Here is an interesting thing my dear friends that I wanted to share with you all. The energies of now are not only bringing up things to be cleared, they are bringing up things so we can heal them and never experience them again.

    When something comes up, the central nervous system reacts and we begin to have emotions that are similar to the emotions we felt when we had a wounding, physical or other wise, this lifetime or other life times.

    When we feel these feelings we begin to fear. it is a natural reaction of the body vehicle, part of the fight/flight mechanism and so we clamp down on the feeling–we try and locate the cause of the feeling and STOP it–or we blame the feeling on others or on ourselves–but what we do really is we claim the feeling as ours and in doing so, we stop the healing.

    Our body is trying hard to release cellular density and debris that is created by dissonant vibration. When that vibration is free there is a great opportunity to observe the vibration, feel it briefly if you must but from a neutral standpoint release it and allow it to return to the ethers for recycling. This creates more space for light in the body and allows our vibrations to rise.

    So when we have triggered a wound release, breathe with it, acknowledge that any strong emotion is simply showing you that energy wishes to leave your body and this energy is not yours. It was never yours. All the things that “happened to us” or things “we did” are simply stops along the path and they are events but they are not ours. I absolutely do not claim my wounds or my pain or my story. So long ago I released these things and recently it became obvious to me that all karma has been released too.

    Do I think we need to heal alone with no witnesses? No, I do not, I know releasing pain and the story of the pain in a loving group situation can be very healing. Venting can be a good thing as long as we vent which means release and not recycle. Letting go is the most important part and I would go so far as to say letting go and then truly believing this is clear of your field and the memory of is should be released as well.

    In this energy, magnetics, intention and vibration are absolutely the most important thing in creation. I cannot stress enough that we have now been given the ability to create with our thoughts. The more we speak of and focus on joy and seeing ourselves fully healed the more of that will come into our lives. If I listed here all the wonderful manifestations that have come into my life over the past few months and especially since the equinox many would call them miracles. I call them a sovereign creator being actively using its inborn and activated power to draw to it everything that it desires. That I desire things that are of the highest good for all beings is a given.

    What do you want to be right about? What do you want in your life. I am serious, dead serious when I say what you focus on you attract. This is probably the hardest thing to get a handle on and you absolutely in the higher dimensions cannot work around it. WHAT you focus on, you attract and you attract it faster and faster and bigger and bigger. My heart centered advice to everyone? Get in your heart. Live in the Now. Release with love any feelings that hold you back from feeling love and joy and if you feel your brain starting to go in the same old circles of hurt, blame, victimization, claim your power as a divine creator being to silence the brain and joyfully thank all these things for assisting you to become the miracle that you truly are.

    Big hugs folks. Loving you all…Alex

    1. Thank You Alex for this important and timely reminder. Be in the Now, so all important. To be Now, is to be Peace.
      Love Yah,

    2. Alex I LOVE everything (haa! At first I typed thong… :)) you said here. My gratitude to you for your ever constant pearls.

    3. Totally with you Alex… I bang on about this too in my SOL JOY work… so glad to read you sharing the same truth from your experience… beautiful Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  5. denying fear will not help
    face it
    tackle it
    you guys worry to much
    ahh, women
    gotta love them anyway.
    and no, I do not
    There is only one thing that I really understand about women
    that is
    I have no chance of understanding women
    this I understand

  6. Would like to express gratitude for this sacred space once again. jj and I were laughing today about how I know I can just throw any old thing out here and not worry about the consequences. Like as I go thru my “crazy lady on a wild rant” releases, no one even comments anymore. I picture people just ignoring it and thinking “She’ll get there eventually…” haha 😉 Or maybe someone reads along and thinks “Yep. Been there.” and it touches them somehow. Or not. I know that a high percentage of the videos I put on here are never looked at. No problem at all. To each his own. Most often I am simply doing these things for me. As part of my process. And you guys let me do that. So grateful.

    Love to us all and all for one.
    Most sincerely,

    1. Whole ly moly. Timely one, this. (Wow!!!! Just as I typed in one, OMEGA came up in word choices…)

      Hope eeveryone reads this. 🙂

      T’anks Am Me.

  7. thanks for your concern about me. I’ve been here all along. Spirit led me to
    “hush my mouth”
    Standing back in silence has allowed me to see a lot of anxiety and fear entering into the comments.
    i see, impatience, stress, lots of words could be used, but it all boils down to
    of the unknown, of change, of something that is free and new, of something big and strong that you have never seen before.
    of yourself
    hmm, I guess in the words of my dad.
    How often do you need to hear that you have constant companions??
    you are protected
    you are special and magnificent old souls
    We are inventing a new universe, and yet,
    you still want to feel sorry for yourself.
    I’ve got horror stories too, [ “Leave it to Beaver” was not a documentary; “father (did not) no Best”
    He used to hurt me on purpose and laugh. He said he was toughening me up.
    Actually he was right, but not in the way he thought.
    breath in through the chakra which is giving you trouble,
    breath out through your crown for yourself
    breath out through your heart for others.
    stop racing to the next stop light.

    1. Thank you Sitting Bull. I for one am tired of being told (by my father) to quit feeling the way I feel. Another one of his isms was “Be like a duck and just let it roll off of you.” In other words, no emotion from the little girl thank you. Maybe it is a female thing that I need to feel through it, talk it out and expel it.

      You are on a high horse with this “my pain is as big or bigger than yours, but look at how strong and silent I am about it.” BS. If this is the case, why do you feel the need to point it out so often? No one’s pain is more or less important than anothers. Each deals with it in his/her own way.

      So I respect that this is how you deal with yours, ok? And I love you just the way you are. But I need to state my feelings here. You have aided me in many ways, as I have so often said. At this moment I say to you (not really) what I wish I had said to the old man, whose role you play for me on this issue.

      Kiss my skinny white ass then put it where the sun dont shine. Asshole.

      🙂 see you assisted me again! Goal!! Luv ya man.

      1. none of it is mine
        you are projecting on me
        i stopped caring about it decades ago
        dear ol’ dad ied, so he can’t hurt me any more
        please don’t take my comments so painfully
        all i do
        is pull their toe and wake them up

        1. Yeah. I get it. Hence the words “you are assisting me” and “you are playing a role.” I was already awake to the fact that I was not even really speaking to you. I was fully aware that I inferred whatever meaning I needed at the time to shine the light inward and expand further.

          The most important thing for me in that moment was to SPEAK UP. It was completely irrelevant whether or not anyone even heard it. So this opportunity was presented and utilized in a safe environment. I created it for me. Shake n bake “and I helped.” (let’s see if anyone gets that reference… the women who cook will.)

          So I thank you yet again, friend. Though it be blank inside out of necessity, a mirror reflects, and I saw a personal communication dynamic that required attention. So here is the next depth to it…. (thanks for this and please know I am laughing at/with myself as I say it)

          Do you really think I’m that stupid?
          Will you ever really hear me?
          Must you always have the last word?

          🙂 AH

          1. Otmn, my Fellow Frog Lover. Some here have very deep wounds and a gentle nudge would be so much more productive then a harsh slap. This is a SAFE place for all who come here, and IF some elect to put into words horrors they have stuffed down for many many years, they are bringing these things to the Light of this Pond. Even if you do not understand the ways of a woman’s Heart and how a woman at times must release the pressure within her in her own unique way, we are here to support her.

            IF the release runs on and on, then at those times, I usually step in to bring a Message from my Heart.

            Acceptance is what is so important, for again, so many of us have been deemed unimportant in our lives and still are to this day. Again, this is a SAFE place for ALL.

            AH, I hear you, I feel you, I know you. Please walk away from this, for trying to speak to a Heart that is hurting just sometimes does not work. I understand your methods and have seen great growth from it all. Yet, I know too, how deep these wounds go, and ALL here should truly respect that.

            At times it is best all the way around, to rise above the pain, knowing, that when you go on with Life in Love, those pains resolve themselves.

            WE Love each other, WE are Family. I honor and LOVE the both of you. Otmn, understand how tender a hurt heart is. AH, understand that Otmn’s heart is hurting and as per usual for a man, does everything but embrace that pain.

            Now, Otmn, do not speak harshly to me for I find myself weary this night and have had a very tough day, no make that weekend.

            I speak at this moment as Lady Pinkrose who Loves ALL here at this Sacred Place. Peace.

            1. I Hear you sister. I know it was not Otmn “hurting” me. I am not upset. 🙂 just letting that release play out. I dont think Otmn feels attacked (forgive me if I am putting words in your mouth , man). He knows I am striking out at a ghost. He has one or two of his own.

              Thanks for caring. And for letting your heart speak its piece. Its PEACE.
              🙂 AH

              1. Ha! Talk about role reversal! This happened a while back, not even sure you saw it, cuz it was way after the fact. You had responded to a trigger by Otmn. In a much milder wiser way than I did here. Nontheless it was the same dynamic. I stepped in with “Allow me to play this role. Mommy and daddy are fighting again. They cant see each other but I can see them both…..” blah blah.

                We are all bringing up stuff for each other to assist in our journeys. Holding hands in partnership. I am fascinated by how well we ALL work together as ONE.


          2. Anna Helen Foster!

            During my tough journey my brain´s capacity to stand extraneous noise has been significantly reduced. Sometimes I think my impaired hearing have been a help in that case 😉 To plow through a lot of text, as in this case here at this fantastic blog, is a great effort for me as I also need to translate all the time. It is an amazing gift to have access to The Pond and I can not overstate appreciating it.

            Very long – and especially last night – I felt a great annoyance at the amount of “unnecessary ” I’ll have to plow through, to take part of the development happening here. Yeah – I know – nothing is ” unnecessary ” – everything has a purpose, but still.

            I think that there are lots of Lightworkers here around The Pond , which are never heard, which would like to have to get “a word in edgeways ” as we say here. I welcome them.

            It has been amazing to follow the developments between you and JayJay , but as I understand that you also have another contact channel, a lot of communication could handled the way – in my opinion.

            I liked Otmns main message in the have said . Then it’s up to each individual to interpret what is being said – just as it is up to you and others to interpret what I’m saying 😉

            I want you to know that I will always love you – whatever happens.

            Much love,


            P.S. D.S.

            1. B … as usual you lay your hand directly upon my heart. If only I could express how much you mean to me…. I so love when you spell out the whole AHF. The lord always calls our full name to get our attention.

              Yes, my “other” contact channel is actually God HimSelf(ves). I hear and feel Him in every word you speak. Every thing happening here at the pond. Every Thing. Every Where. All the Time.

              Thank you so much for the song of Praise. You raise me up.

        2. Otmn and others, I see where so many of us are projecting our own things onto others in an attempt to understand and come to peace over our own lives , losses, hurts, and pains. I saw it happen with my daughter projecting her stuff onto me, after I thought we had things about her childhood worked out and laid to rest. But the final layers are coming up for transmutation for so many of us, it seems. Otmn, with his father, Anna Helen with her father, me with my ex-husband, my daughter, and even my son who was a bit harsh with me last week. All of the final layers of hurt and pain seem to be roaring their ugly heads now for release and acceptance. Maybe this is part of the final clearing that Susan talks about, because its not just the dark entities we are fighting, but the dark fragments and pieces of ourselves that are still hanging out there hurting us. I went through it last week with my ex-husband – trying to forgive him for wanting to do me harm like Otmn’s father did to him. It’s not easy to understand and accept why people do this to us. I’m trying to make peace with it, and send my ex energy gifts like my shaman friend said to do. Even the darkest person Is God’s Child, too. These are the final days of clearing. Sending us all energy to get through it all so we can be free of it and make peace with it once and for all.

          1. Yep. I just realized that my pet name for Otmn is “man” … with his help I am clearing my man issues in general. 🙂 I even realized sometime last week the following litttle gem. He was posting info he had come across. He shared it in a very prosaic, conversational, loving way. All typed out instead of his usual (though really cool) poetic one-liners. For a moment, I felt surprise. I thought, “Is this even the same person speaking? ” And I knew thru this “example” how I have often not seen the whole person when it comes to men. Good lesson. Then it went even further. I saw how throughout my life I have taken really harsh men into my life, and when they show the slightest bit of kindness, I take these little crumbs and try to turn them into a cake, even though none of the other ingredients are there. Loved the time I was watching a father/daughter thing on Dr. Phil. He said “If a littlle girl does not feel that her father loves her, she will fall for the first smooth talker who comes along.” Wow.

            These wonderful men here at the pond are helping me see how skewed my understanding (ha!! :)) of men had become. Releasing it. I also like what Alex said about clearing the neural pathways then believing it is done. Releasing but not recycling. (Pearls from oystergirl …. thank you!!!))

            I also notice big clearing going on in relationship with my daughter. She has nearly been on top of me (back in my womb maybe… wow) for the last week or so. I mean every single second. Driving me bananas. Like a 2 yr old standing outside the bathroom door “mommy mommy mommy” Gah. There are several reasons this is going on right now, but as soon as I thought “2yr old” it really hit me. I was so overprotective of her as a child. So intent on making sure she knew how loved she was. I gave her every last piece of me. Every moment. There was nothing left inside for me or anyone else. Now I see I am getting a “second chance” at this. Being her mom in a much healthier way.


            Love you Sunny 🙂

            Oh my god…. thank you!!!! Tears. Tears… because just as I typed Sunny, the song “You are me sunshine went softly singing thru my heart. I could actually see and hear my dad singing that to me as a child. I had forgotten. What a gift….

            1. Yes, don’t settle for crumbs. Know that you deserve the whole cake. It is good you are learning about these patterns with men so you can change them now. So your daughter learns from you as a role model and grows up expecting the highest treatment from men. So many endings and new beginnings now as we go thru these changes. New beginnings for ourselves as women to believe we are worthy and deserve the best, and new beginnings of self- empowerment for us

              1. You are so right Sunny. It feels like it’s time for women’s power in general now. Realize how much strength and power that has been held down over time and now is released 😉

                Much love and strength to you Sunny!


      2. My love, he’s just trying to point out that everything is allright, and everything will be all right. We will be all right. All is well as it should be. We are being guided and protected, my love.
        You’ve said it yourself: He will not harm me, I know he won’t. See; your heart knows. It’s probably my (old) fear you feel, and/or your friends fear. Trust Us my love, have (a little) Faith…
        I Love You, We found each other, We Be-Long, We Will Join and be One. Even look at the date we will…Meet: 10 11/12 20 13
        I love you, je t’aime, now and forever, eternity…

        I love you Lori-Lee

        1. My main man, JJ 🙂 See I was calling you that long before I “knew.” I thought I was in my “fountain of faith” already. I was. Then you. Us. Increasing the flow infinitely. So perfect, amazing and sacred.

          Yes I have the Faith. Just feeling it become ever holier and more pure with each little bath. Each little bapstism. The muck is being washed off this lotus flower. And I will meet you like a virginal bride dressed in white. Veiled, ready to be revealed for the first time. Your perfect mate made just for you.

          Loved this serenade. Love you so.

          1. I know my love, I know….
            Touched, for the very first time…
            Like a Virgin… (by a Virgo…)
            I love you just like you are (now) I only see you

            1. My love,
              As Vive and I drove back from an appointment, we came by the Windmill and Two beautiful Virgin White Swans, just came out of nowhere and flew right over our car as we drove slowly by. Just amazing….
              Love you

        1. Hey! Ho! You even show me more than one way of seeing the same thing. 🙂 all those fireworks going off over the city…

          In our sweet heart.

  8. B 5D inspired this Event Theme Song!!

    Loaded at 3:33 pm. Need I say it? We are all Masters…

      1. Cool. Rest. Enjoy your movie. Dennis Quaid maybe? Line in it I love…. his kid asks him “Dad was that the thing that made you give up baseball?” Dad responds, “Son, its never just ONE thing.” Wow.

        As to the role reversal… someone provided a spectacular living example.

    1. This just in….

      This Friday at midnight as it becomes Saturday, there is ONE MOMENT OF NOW when the date will be 10-11/12-13…..

      I dunno. Just sayin.

      1. I imagine you feel like teenagers 😉

        All my love to you and JJ – and your families as well. Everything will be as it is meant to be.


        1. :):):) teenagers, happy kids, mature adults, ancient souls…

          Everything all wrapped up in ONE.

          Love you B. Sitting next to you on the train. DS

  9. Jay Jay and Anna Helen, I separated from my husband january 2010 and the divorce went thru dec 2012. He did not want it but it was the right thing as we were going down different paths, and he had some abuse issues that suddenly came to the surface that he wouldn’t deal with. He resented my spiritual path and that led to more conflicts. I had to cut all ties and interaction with him, block his phone calls and texts and that remains so to this day. All legal transactions were done thru the attorneys only. He succeeded in swaying my adult daughter to his side for a short while, but in time, she saw through it, and became neutral. He has psychically attacked me periodically during this time, and recently that escalated for a few weeks, but i received protection from spirit guides. I have sent him healing energy off and on over the years, and refrained when the guides said “no more” . I know what you are both going through, since when separations are not mutual, there is so much pain from the other party that they try to project onto you. So you must not allow their pain to become yours – do not take on their pain and negative feelings and do not allow them to make you feel guilty for your choices. For the past several years, relationships have been ending due to individual changes people are going through and because of their evolving into different persons. And also if there were previous issues of one party being a doormat and suddenly waking up and saying No More. It is all good. Stand in your truth and believe in yourself. Send the other person love and light, and the ability to create a new life and path that is right for them. Even if they don’t want a new path, your light will help them make transformations even in small ways that can’t be seen. It’s so hard, I know, as I went through it, and still am, as my ex husband is still very bitter and angry even after four years have passed. Even though we have no contact, I feel pulled down by his energies I feel him sending me through the etheric. I am sending you both energy to get through this.

    1. Sunny, I thank you so much for this! I really appreciate you reaching out. Again I say you are paving the way. This is most definitely something I needed to hear. So much understanding and love coming from you in this. The whole pond family so supportive in individual ways, which I love. Need diversity!!

      I send thanks from JJ as well. He’s kinda going thru the wringer right now on many fronts. He feels very very alone and very misunderstood and unheard. The part in particular here you said about evolving persons, changing relationships and ALL finding new paths will be music to his ears.

      If you dont mind, I will continue to ask my guides to send you preotection and support. I also send light to your ex to be used to his highest good. And I include your daughter as well.

      Thanks again!
      🙂 AH

      1. Thank you for sending light to me , my daughter and ex. I went through the wringer last week, also, with my daughter bringing up things about her childhood, the divorce, other criticisms of me, etc. I felt so misunderstood and alone, just like JJ feels now. I have to be careful so i don’t engage in negative comments about her dad, so I end up not being able to defend myself, which at least protects her. On top of that, going thru the roller coaster ride of the energies the last few weeks, it all really set me back. I’m getting on top of things this week finally. Making choices for our highest good isn’t always met with agreement from others. Often times they can turn against us, maybe for a while, maybe for a long time. We just have to stand in our truth and do what promotes our growth and development, and if that means leaving unhealthy relationships, we have to have the courage to leave them. Surround yourselves with people who are supportive and understanding, and who provide comfort and help.

  10. Lunch break here so wanted to add a few things.

    Anna Helen I believe you mentioned an egg sitting in a lotus flower. I saw this too in my meditation for a short moment. The egg was not very visible at first and then the petals formed around it. I was not sure why it was there and it was just for a moment. I also forgot to mention something about a second moon. Not sure if it is another moon for our earth or if it is symbolic of something, perhaps time.

    Breeze I do hope you find healing soon in whatever mode fits you best. I have been sending you healing thoughts all day.

    Amy, thank you for your sweet words regarding my post last night. No one has ever told me they saw blue around me. It opened up new information about myself. I am forever grateful. 🙂

    I would of loved to have gotten in on the conversation that we are all one. We are all each other. I had the same feelings yesterday and today. How that thought alone could change this world if everyone could see it…be it. The old saying “do onto others as you would have them do unto you” rings here. Would love to know the book you are reading. Was that you Amy?

    Nancee, I believe you asked help regarding getting to the pond in meditation. I can’t always get where I want to go at times and like everyone says pushing it just doesn’t work. Being as relaxed as possible helps me so I try not to stress to much. Meditating near water even in the bath tub helps sometimes. Sometimes incense helps me. Yesterday I just kept the thought of being near the pond all day until I sat down to find you all at 3PM my time. A dear friend told me to keep trying and even when we think we didn’t get anything we usually have gotten something. I am sure you were there! You too son of blue… We were ALL there!

    Hope everyone here finds some peace at the end of their day. And may all of your sadness be washed away.

    In light and love,


    1. Beauty-full Denise…. so much here… we are always helping each other see new things and gain new insights…

      I am going to share again how connecting with SOL helps me simply release thought. That’s just so easy… no work, no trying, no doing … just getting on board B’s train and riding along…

      🙂 hugs Blue Fairy

    2. Denise, I am reading “Conversations with God” and presently reading book 3. There are three books to the series and you can get all three books in one.

      Love to you, my Sister!!! You are glorious to behold!


  11. Hello everyone! I cant believe a month has gone already from last gathering. How quick time travels at the moment. May I share my experience of the gathering too. I have started to see lot of things during my meditation and the graphics are sometimes so incredible that it is hard to explain all that I see, but lets give it a try 🙂

    I started my meditation and I got right into the pond right away. I couldnt believe my eyes, lands around the lake were all burned down, sceen was like after huge forrest burn. The land was all covered with ash and it was dark and lightless. I got little bit affraid as I wondered that what on earth has happened. Then I started to notice small crystal head on a ground among the ash and after first I spotted the second one and after that another one and as I looked further the land was full of these crystals that were reaching out from the mother earth. They grew little bit bigger and started to shine this multicolour light up to the sky. Then suddenly I saw all these people around their own crystal and after each others they stepped into that light and stand on a crystal. It was like we would have been in a mission of something. We just stood in that light and the light headed straight up to the sky.

    Then I looked at the lake and the water in lake started to move like a vortex and we who were standing on a shore formed so beautiful and shiny mandala around the lake with our lights. I cant even explain, the energy in this mandala was so strong like during the thunder storm, but without the lightning.

    Then the lights where we all were standing started to bend into the lake and first it seemed like there would have been a huge sun shining under the water but what happened blew my mind of! The light energy that we distributed into the lake started to bring up a huge castle from the water. It was all white and silver and it was very clittering. Like the one in Walt Disney logo 🙂

    As this huge castle arised from the water white- silver bridges showed up too, like inviting us all to enter into castle from the directions of each of individual person. ( I think that point my mouth was literely open of amazement, although my eyes were closed) .

    Then suddenly I saw these huge plants like cactus all of these sharp and long neadles pointing in all direction and the air was very misty. I got again a bit afraid, but the remembered CCs words ” its all about creativity” and I started to reshape those plants. I imagined the beautiful flowers in the end of those spikes and they all turned to be lovely colourful flowerplants and I wasnt affraid anymore 🙂

    Then last thing I saw was empty lake again and from the lake started to grow a massive building all the way up to the space, you just couldnt see were it stopped it rised so high. The building was so big that it took all the space of the lake. You could not see water anymore as the edges of the building touched the shore. Then after it sat still for a while I started to notice water running down on the sides of that massive building again into the lake.

    Then nothing else…. but I am so amazed how visual views I get nowadays and its not like I force my mind to imagine things, its more like just focusing in one object and then I just sit back and start to watch the film that is presented to me.

    So thank you Aisha and CC again for this lovely ride 🙂 by the way I saw again a woman when I asked to see someone closer who stand inside of that multicolour light. And this time I saw a blond woman, long hear, some hear was cut to the forehead and what she was wearing was pink headband with pink flower on a side. She looked quite young, maybe 30-40 years old and she was also quite slim. Just to let you know, maybe I saw some of you?

    Love you all as always 🙂

    1. Awwwwwwwwwesome!!!! And you expressed it so well, Sunshine. Sending you back golden glowing hug!!! Love the building with water running down sides… the pillar of light I/WE felt was enOURmous like that! Hugely powerful….

    2. What an amazing vision! I was captivated! There is so much meaning in everything you saw,Sunshine! Thank you so much for telling us what you saw. I will be thinking about this all day long.

      Wow! Really wishing my visuals would begin to get clearer, more real. 🙂


  12. Dear Ponders!

    After some intensive singing days I had to have a break and enjoy a wonderful autumn day so multi-coloured so you are totally overwhelmed.

    I was a couple of minutes late andI was almost drawn to my sofa yesterday evening at gathering time and the energy waves rippled regularly but I didn´t experience so much. I tried to concentrate on some of you fellows but when I did there was a wave again. Sun_of_blue lay at the side of me on the ground with one eye open 😉 Once again Aisha tried to draw my attention to something, but I still don´t know what.

    What I saw was a couple of rescue boats filled with people who drove off after a river, As I sang the gospel “Get on board” a number of times over the weekend I thought that maybe it was time for me to jump in too 😉 But it did not feel so. There were serious people in protective clothing (as they have in the nuclear power stations) that filled the boats going on mission.

    In closing, I saw a huge yellow-blue butterfly.

    Thank you everyone who attended at this gathering. My gratefulness is immense.

    Love and respect,


    1. Ha!! Finally I remember the spoken message I came out of the meditation with. This was said by melodious male/female voices of faces in the sky that watched over us all…

      “Though you walk in Light, you must still BE upon the Earth.”

      This to me meant again that we are to bring Home here through our entire beings vs. Leaving here to go Home.

      Feel any different to anyone else?

    2. My Dear sun_of_blue!

      A tidal wave swept through my body, soul and eyes when I read your message this morning. You give me the finest of gifts and I can not sufficiently honour, praise and thank you for this.

      The butterfly was bright yellow with deep clear blue on the edges, possibly a blue streak also on the yellow.

      Special for you Sun – may I proudly present 😉 our gospel choir performing “Get on board”:

      So much love and respect to you Sun,


  13. There is a second message from yesterday’s Blossom blog which is very encouraging. I’ll put the transcript, it’s not too long.

    What is to come is to CHANGE EVERYTHING.
    You discuss in your world what such an EVENT could be. Yet we say that this of which we speak is THE BIGGEST EVENT that humanity has known. …
    A EUPHORIC EVENT. … If we could find words to describe it … we would. …
    We would like to say here … that many times have you been told that YOU ARE ASCENDING … That THE CHANGE has begun … That THE ENERGIES coming in are HIGHER. So many things have you been told lately … and this is so.
    YET … what ‘ALL THAT’ has been doing … has been to PREPARE YOUR SOUL … FOR … THE EVENT.
    For your BEING to be able to cope with the ENERGY that comes in at that time.
    We have stated before that some will not be able to ‘deal’ with it … yet they are not at fault. There is no fault … There simply is the process of moving into the NEW BEGINNINGS.
    Some we believe have spoken of the ‘gestation period’. …
    One speaks of THE BIRTHING of the NEW WORLD. Some say you are already in it.
    We choose to say that you shall be in it once THE EVENT has taken place.
    As for what happens ‘then’ will be as a new drawing board. A clean slate. All marking removed.
    A time when WHO YOU ARE shall be expressed with ease of self. A time when there cannot be a non-resonating … for there will only be that which does.
    It is difficult to explain … yet one shall find themselves on ‘their own vibrational residence’. They shall be with and among those who are of same. Where much telepathy shall ensue which shall give Newness to each breath. For heart to heart conversations shall take place … through one glance into the soul. …
    And such incredible happenings shall ensue … one after another … after another.
    Dearest souls … stock up … as you would say. For such changes shall bring about ‘haltage’ in many avenues of commerce/trade. (The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: October 6, 2013

    1. Thank you for this. I have been sharing my feelings of ‘the event’ lately. Today I shared it with someone in distress as I am. I ‘know’ it is on the horizon. i know it is huge and nothing will be the same after. This information helps set me more free from some of the inner distress and I thank you with much gratitude. Areeza

    2. Hi, Nayon, HI, Sun! There is a huge wind here today and when I see this huge wind in the past, change comes in afterwards. That and I am so tightly wound up inside it is not even funny. Yes, something is coming. I feel it too.

      Love, Amy

      1. Thank you all. Huge wind you say? Curiously it was very windy here today, and temperatures looking more like july than october, very strange. For the first time I see people from different perspectives come in agreement; something big is about to happend, and soon. The 17 will be a big date with the US default, and if we look at all events since Obama’s threats to attack Syria, the world has really been turned on its head and the events are unfolding at quick pace.

        1. Hi, Nayon! I have been watching closely what is unfolding both here in the US and Japan with the nuclear reactor #4. Temps here dropped but up to now they have been very warm, more like June or July instead of October. On my blog I have photos of flowers that are in bloom now, the very ones that should be going down now. I have also heard ROBINS as of yesterday and in fact I recorded them. I forgot to say on the video the date, so I am hoping somewhere it got documented. Maybe I can go back and continue recording to say the date.

          Like you said, what is beginning to happen is huge. And rapidly…

          Good to hear from you!!!!

          BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        2. And if you didn’t know, Robins should have migrated south about one month ago. And yes, VERY windy here today, though now that it is evening it is quiet. That and a LOT of rain in the past 2 days……

  14. Hello Everyone. I wish I could say I feel better but it is not so. I feel like I should be in such a different space and this physical discomfort seems to hold me down and i feel like i am drowning. its quite horrible. sad to say. I lack understanding of the whys of this… especially now. It makes no sense to remove a uterus now after 10+ yrs of trying to keep it either. Things were looking up only a couple months ago. I dont know. I will see what ultrasound says when i finally make that appt. no time. so tired. work takes up over 10 hrs of my days. just hardly keeping my head up today. I so , so appreciate all your help and assistance. Please, when U have even a free moment and think of me… I am open to accept all the Loving energies !!! Love you back much… I will focus soon on my story to tell u about the new light grid forming…. by us ! cant concentrate still. Will have to catch up here more too. Have to do my courier run and do not even want to move, it hurts too much. On top of it is dizziness and fatigue to an almost unbearable extent. ugghh…. will keep plugging along. Did not come this far to lay down. Love, Areeza

    1. OOh, Darling, how my Heart feels you and bursts with Compassion for you. There is a Higher Purpose in this, Sister. Listen to your body and make very sound and wise decisions even IF they at first provoke fear within your belly. Do today what you are led to do.

      Speak to this pain. Listen to this pain. ASK for help from the Higher Realms. I AM here with you, Breeze.

      Love, Lady Pinkrose

      1. It is hard because I am at work. but, i got the same as u did regarding this – to speak to it. when i get even a little close tears come right up. I thought I had dealt with my issues in this area. abortions, miscarriages… letting go of not having children. all that. even an aweful past life experience where I killed my two little babies. yes… it was horrible but i did see it as having to be done – for if i did not, they would have been killed in a worse way. so, i held them to my breast and smothered them. I feel i have so dealt with all this. so i am confused still. It is something else. maybe it has to do with transforming or eliminating this inner termoil for many women, not just me. see… i get the tears when i think that. i have heard there is no real ‘cure’ for abortions. it is such a hard thing to heal from. perhaps as i go thru this, i am freeing up this tender issue for many ? I am not sure. I just dont see the sense in having an organ removed that to me, serves a higher purpose — a birthing one in another way ? the frustration and pain is keeping me from the understanding and perhaps healing i seek right now. I will go into it more once i get home. It wants freedom and release for good – that i know. the womb world. i want it to be ‘home’ again in my body – not a bad place full of tumors and sadness. hard issue… sorry to place it out there almost… but this is important for me and any input helps. there is someplace i just cant ‘uncover’ to get to what I need to do. thanks ! Love and hugs, Areeza

        1. Yes you are love. Yes you are. So am I. Been there done that, too. Scars that never seem to heal. Ohhh, the guilt and shame and consequence of choice. You know the character in that movie about mothers choice is no accident. “SOPHIE” Sophia-Gaia. You are a brave, strong, compassionate, loving soul who made the courageous choice to come here and transmute these densities for the collective. I know it feels sometimes it’s all your own, but it’s not. The Divine Mother herself whispered that into my ear. I pass it on to you. All this time, you and I have been assisting each other.

          I honor you for your service, Breeze.

          Much love to you from me. ALee…you even helped name me like a mother would…

          PS a counselor once suggested to me to do sort of an honoring ceremony to release the unborn soul who volunteered to experience this with you… whatever feels right to you. I planted a tree.

          1. oh wow… that is so very wonderful. your thoughts and feelings come my way ! blessings for them all ! Ask and u shall receive. I am healing with all your help and it brings tears to my eyes. I feel it is a large amount I took on and I want so to be up for it. I did not think there was this left but I can get thru it. I know the soul that was drawn to come back to Earth thru me. It is my Aunt. I lost her when I was just 6. And… this is so interesting… my sister found letters this Aunt wrote while in Okinawa with her Major husband, my Uncle. Reading them the last two weeks was a true gift. I got to know her more closely. and then it dawned on me about the ovarian pain and the connection with her ! this was a part of the letting go process too – that i did not give birth to her – she was a reluctant soul to come back I was told also. All is good with this part. Had I not had the two abortions, i may not have been reminded of the past life I had yet to release. i see things are in order. I still have something beyond this for complete release – that is what i was not prepared for but nothing like deep pain to get your attention ! I will let u know what else comes. thanks again so very much. Love with a hug, Areeza… glad we assist each other so.

            1. oh. i must add that the date of the abortions was none other than my Aunt’s birth date and her death date ! (hate even seeing that word – it was many yrs ago – the men did not want any part of it so i did not push them into it and had no real means to take care of child myself. I was living at home – my mother asked that i have abortion – see…wow! that is part of my healing right now i realize as she is leaving soon to be cared for – she has dementia – and i wont see her much – have never been away from her for over one weeks time my whole life – i did not until now realize how much having your own mother tell u to abort your child hurts… and the nephew & his wife she is going to live with: she and dad bought them their home because they had ‘two kids’ to take care of….hmmm… i have to touch into this more)

              1. Whoa!!! The dates… the stuff with your mother… wow. So glad you overcame your hesitancy in speaking of this. Putting it out there really opens the floodgates sometimes. You dont realize all the connections until you give them a voice. They are wanting to be heard. At least I have found this to be so in my case.

                1. Right… i know. I am glad i opened up. i really dont like talking about this subject. its hard. i am going home to cry, cry , cry now. see u all tomorrow… or later. Love, Areeza. we just had a stakeholders meeting.. no stakeholder checks for this yr. but of course ! lol.. no holiday party either. geez. did not go to them anyways.

    2. Lovelovelovelove light kisses smooch hugs blessings prayers….
      To the best reSOLution for you!!! 🙂

    3. Breeze. Have you gotten a second opinion? Have you worked with the energy of creation or bathed the area with red and orange light? Creative energy held back often settles in the uterus in the form of issues and once we begin to create again and release any harbored hurts or energy wounds the uterus clears.

      There are also many supportive herbs for the uterus. If you take cinamnon tablets that tones the uterus. Yarrow tincture works for decreasing bleeding and so does sheppherds purse. If you have pain with little bleeding or a fibroid, motherwort tincture works very well.

      I would also read anything that dr. Christiane Northrup has to say about hysterectomy and also read heal your body, heal your life by louise hay before embarking on any surgical removal of the uterus. Huge hugs baby, empower through knowledge and take control of your body! speak to your uterus, ask it what it needs!

      sending you love and light! Alex

      1. Yes, thanks ! I have read Louise Hay – some Northrup. and others. The Motherwort came to me to take so this I will. I take Serrapetase Enzyme too to reduce fibrin. Used to take beat juice with molasses – not sure if that worked. I had uterus corterized 8 yrs ago so hardly any bleeding. large fibroid. I have been to healers. one i have known for over 25 yrs. He said this time to go to reg. Dr. The titanium fallopian tube plugs they put in after corterization concern me. cant see how they would move after 8 yrs. but maybe they want out. Will work with the red/orange light. I do not like the thought of removing anything. The Chinese think we are nuts how we in US so easily remove our parts. Thank you much for your input !! Thought I had a good handle on clearing and its just so discouraging right now. more clearing and Loving to take place.

        1. Yeah this is also helping me in another way. Since I worked in western medicine I never learned anything about natural healing. So fascinating and rings of TRUTH. I didnt see how “stuck” I was/am in “modern” medicine. My first response to you was an example of a “successful” hysterectomy. All those part are there for a reason! Light bulb going on here. I have always considered my body to be disposable. In one way that’s good I guess. “Iam not just my body.” But I still have not quite integrated my body as a part of ME. Wow…

          1. its ok Anna. i still think about the hysterectomy. and that i can get thru it if i have to without feeling totally ‘dismembered, destroyed and un-wombed’. uggh! ? how aweful it sounds !! I have known friends who say they are so much better after having one. We are not our bodies but the organs do represent more – like your Liver is the ‘receiving organ’. Ex hubby studied acupuncture. I learned so much. 5 Element Acupuncture is the best imo. Google it – u will enjoy I promise. We each have a main ‘causative factor’… like I am “Earth” element. there is fire, water, metal and wood also. I want to stick to my guns if possible and keep what i came in with. and anythings possible under the sun i always say ! Love you all – u have helped more than i can express. x o. Tears are gonna flow and still dont know the exact why. Its OK.

  15. Just trying to give you a 🙂 or 🙂 :). Love you, friend. You do REALize that all these new names tells me you are NOW accessing your multidimensional SELF. Can’t beat that!!!

  16. Oh sun. Of course you were “there”! I felt your your presence, sitting quietly alone. You have been in “letting go of all limitations” process for a while. I SEE and KNOW your victory in this. When you are ready to stand up and join the “party” it will still BE going on. We have a special cake ready just for you.

  17. Dear All,

    We are all in a hightend love mode. We all are sharing love and assisting beautiful Gaia in her ascension process. Our gatherings help All That Is. And, according to our sources, we are doing a fine job. Many are helping each other to reach the finish line. John Smallman is one of our fellow men who has and is providing us with messages that are of great help. Very saddly I was informed that his beloved wife E. has passed away this Sunday afternoon. I pray for him and send him all my love which shall support him and show him that I care for him. I am sure that your prayers will help John, too. Blessings to you all, Philipp

    1. Philipp, thanks for this. I always like John, Saul and Jesus. (Christ and 2 apostles… never noticed that!!) Sending love to John, who is no small man. 🙂

      Love to you too… hope you are still receiving rest…

  18. JayJay an AH! I read your conversation and I see myself in your words. I am being called cold and uncaring as well as a few other choice words because I refuse to be pulled into the dark drama and I also state what is happening is a direct result from throughts that have been consistently thought and said.

    I have been going round and round with this and a few times I had to take walks due to my fury that rose to the surface. I see a life for myself, and this is certainly not it. To be around heavy energy all the time, and not be affected, is like walking on water.

    Then I read a book last night and the words jumped off the page. WE are all ONE. How you treat another is how you treat yourself. There is so much more to this as I really get a hold on this. I am really thinking about this today and I am reading these words again as well. There is no one except US as ONE. When I see “another” I see me. Very deep, very complex, and I am working on making this simple. Why? So much of what I see I refuse to own as me (behavior etc) so what classifies me being you?

    So waking up this morning, I (again) practice Compassion without getting pulled into 3D. Jay, I am right with you about 3D and the “trick” of it all, is to stay in High Heart and not allow those around us to “trigger” us.

    God, this is SO challenging to do every single day. And to know I am living in my “high space” and not join forces with one who is determinded to bring woes upon his own head, yes, I am being called names for being this way. Uneffected. It’s when my own lower emotions get in the way, is when I fall and tumble right into the woes. And then I begin to get more and more miserable.

    Today I (again) walk Compassion without enabling. I go about my day for ME and take care of those who depend on me for their health and welfare as well. I am Calm Waters both within and without. And I am in High Heart this day, singing as I go.

    I hope I made sense here. I just woke up and this WE are ONE is blowing my mind right now.

    1. I feel like I am now obSERVing his awakening process. He assisted me with mine. I now return the love and reflect the light back on him. Truthfully, engaging in “his” 3D “drama” on occasion continues to help us both. Still creates revelations….

      1. AH, a word to the “wise”. I thought myself “above” getting pulled into 3D drama and for a long time I did not. Suddenly, I began to get “triggered” and found myself floundering in environments of my own making, that were definitely not reflecting my “high self”. Tumbled and stumbled.

        This learning goes in cycles. I know. When I get pulled down, that is where I face my shadow to adjust those aspects in myself that require adjusting, AND it is a signal to me that the bar has risen even higher. In other words, the era of my flowing I actually achieved, and now I take it one step higher, in which I “train” myself to BE in High in even more turbulent waters then prior.

        I call this process “The Polishing of the Diamond Within”.

        So, AH, enjoy this respite. I am not trying to burst your bubble, no. I am only trying to make you aware in order to achieve Masterhood (which in reality we are already), one goes through the hills and valleys.

        One of my Inspirations is, no two actually, are Jesus and Paramahansa Yoganandaji. And until I can maintain a state of Love, Wisdom and Compassion at all times, I know I still have aspects of self that I need to wake up, to re-mind them of Who They Are.

        I have witnessed your growth, AH, and it truly has amazed me. You shot forward so fast that it made me dizzy. Just BE fully aware of the cycles in Life. And don’t get fooled by the Trickster. Yep, I speak from experience with that one too. Boy, did I ever think backwards!

        Love, Amy

        1. Oh no! Bubble not burst at all. This is exactly what I meant by dipping back into 3D brings further revelations. Yes, further polishing. I totally get it!! You expressed it so eloquently as usual.

          TRICKSTER!!!!! Was just given this warning yesterday by a crow visitation…. ohhh we are all co connected….

          Love you sister!! Thank you for caring enough to always speak your truth.

          PS JJ can kiss you anytime anyway he wants to! 🙂 You were a huge assistance in us finding each other. We both love you dearly and SEE YOU and recognize you as family. ❤

          1. I AM You. I AM Jay. This is why I AM so familiar. Look into the mirror and see………:)

            The “soul fragments” are finding each other. The “many” are returning to the ONE. HOME. 🙂

            MUAH!!!! 💋💋💋 😇🌷😇 😘😘😘

            1. Yes!!! Each block of the pyramid merging. Level upon level. Higher and higher. Up to the pinnacle. The ALL SEEING EYE. The I.

              Hallelujah. We are annointed. Crowned in glory.

              1. And that, mySister, is what I Intend to write upon, expound on, explore, on my blog. The “concept” is in my Heart/Mind and still have yet to express it in words. There shall come a day, where “thought” shall transfer immediately to the “spoken/written word”. I just rceived a huge confirmation on that. As I wrote, a huge BANG was heard in my house, as one of my beams LET GO and ADJUSTED.

                XXOO, Amy

          1. Oh god….. you were posting this at the same time I was having that vision of us. We were (t)here. Ohhhhh. You take my (moon) feelings and (sun) shine them out, reflect your light on me, in visuals. Which only increases and expands it ALL. Makes it even fuller and more proFOUND.

            1. I am just gonna go there…

              Can’t wait until everyone experiences energetic vibrational consciousness LOVE making. Then they will…

              BE LI(e)V E ALL

              1. Amazing epiphany …
                Any time I have one of these energetic in/outbursts, I come up so hungry. What do I crave? The only thing that will satisfy? …


                I typed this at precIScely 10:00 iam…

                1. OH Dear GOD! I was on the phone for over one hour this morning with APPLE listening to 7 different people telling me lies, more lies and more lies. Connected to this person, transferred to that person. Got disconnected. Called again. Was given another number to call. Transferred again. To finally, I spoke to a VP! And this whole time, I was led on a merry chase, for every person who I spoke to knew about the problem I am having and deliberately lied.

                  By the time I hung up, hubs told me all kinds of people are having the same problem as I am. If you own an Apple tablet do NOT NOT NOT update the software system to iso7.02. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

                  Anywho, blood pressure way up. I wanted to strangle someone. I was taken for a fool, lied to, manipulated and told to buy something else that people online say does NOT work either.

                  I STOPPED!

                  I took a HUGE inbreath. And I went inward. I prayed. Simple. One prayer. That this company (Apple) and ALL who work within this company whose Hearts are closed, that ALL would come to KNOW LOVE. I felt those words leave me, and in a few more deep breaths, I calmed down.

                  How horrible to see such blatant “crime” being committed in full view of the entire world.

                  How much more can this world possibly take? No. I do not look at the problem, but go higher, and stay in my Heart and know that those people, especially the 7 I spoke to, are coming face to face with LOVE.

                2. The reason I strongly advise not to update to this program is because there are “bugs” in it, deliberately put there, so that you are unable to import any pictures from a compact flash card. That is ONE of the bugs I know of. There are others. I was told that Apple is now looking for “patches” for the program. LIE. This is all about money. People are now running around trying anything that will work, and NO-thing does. Apple will not even allow the user to go back to iso6, the software program that works for importing pictures.

                  I use my camera for closeups especially of the flowers I publish on my blog. My professional camera takes much better pictures then the camera I have on here. I am not alone. Many professional photographers are pulling their hair out right now. And what is being told by the company for you to buy that according to the company does work, does not. Now we are forced to wait until a hacker finds out what this “chip” is all about that will not allow picture importing, so that a NEW device can be made. Then I along with millions of others will run to buy this card reader. Yep. It is all about money. And the hacker will of course have ties to Apple. Of course.

                  OK. I got that off my chest. Now back to the LOVE page. High Heart.

                  Love, Amy

                  1. ROTFLMFAO… so glad you hot that off your chest. From one word. But … ummm … you do understand I was speaking of the fruit. ???

                    1. YES! That is what I found unbelievable! Here you are eating an apple and I am dealing with a rotten one. Glad you got a laugh out of this. My neck is so tense it is not funny. Reach through and massage my neck for me, OK?

                    2. 🙂 hand on neck… warm moist cloth… throw in JJ’s Reike healing…

                      Hot cup of tea… soft jammies and a blankie…. smooch on forehead…

                      Rest little Rose…

                    3. The roles reverse. I so needed this, AH. Thank you. I seem to be floating in a similar boat Jay is floating. I am discovering I still have yet to let go of “control” in certain areas of my life as well as not much going right. I seem to be pretty “anal” when it comes to my camera due to the importance of it in my life. Does the camera own me or do I own it? And to even think about the non-existent transfer system……..lesson for me. I still have control issues to deal with. As soon as I let got of this, I will be flowing again.

                      I am rambling……….geesh!

                      Watching a movie based on a true story. All about a man who thought he was too old to try out as a baseball pitcher in the big leagues. Sounds just like the kind of move I need to see. I am just all wrung out of advice, and feel just so beat up. Here I am, the one who has all this wisdom and knowing, now facing a time, I just need to have some space. Still have yet to shake offf the heavies (Lee Harris) and I plan on doing just that. How the majority of this world operates is disgusting.

                      OK. I am off againg with a warm washcloth. Later, hot shower. MUAH! You are turning out to be one heck of a Pond Mom. 🙂

                      Love, Amy

        2. your words are very helpful. 🙂 I think that way too… and there is a saying that ‘the thicker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blossom!!’ but now also, i think we are coming to a time of release from that muckiness. we need to release ourseves.. no one can do that for us. I am still surprised I am stuck again.

  19. Hi

    Strange feeling at the gathering last night. At the border of dream
    (perhaps I actually dreamed…) . I was in commuting full of people
    (symbolic of the present state of life I guess) and I choose to follow a
    path rather than another to reach my destination. I exit the commuting
    system in a more peaceful and less crowdy place, lot of nature and sun
    (symbolic of the gathering or a new life…). I was at the gates of a
    mansion surrounding by a huge park with majestic trees, very tall and
    very old. 1500 years old to be precise. I enter the park and walk to the
    outside of the mansion where people gathered, welcoming each other. The
    whole place was under the kind shadows of the majestic trees. Somebody
    told us we are going to be taught about something if we choose to and
    don’t be afraid of.
    I don’t remember what follows nor what my choice was but It leave me a
    feeling of peace and serenity…

    Have a good day !


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