As you have been made more than aware of lately, the winds of change have not abated, and neither are they about to. We hear groans of agony from many of you, but let us just assure you that in this, you will find encouragement and support, not destruction and chaos. For as you have all chosen your destiny a long time ago by opening up for these energetic emissions early on, you will find that these winds will literally fill your sails and give you better momentum towards your destination. In other words, what for some will be construed as a devastating blow to their illusion, will for you become a mighty push in the back.

So treasure these powerful winds for all that they are, and for all that they bring. But for those still clinging on to the loosening roots that keep them precariously tethered to the old, it will not be good news. For this time, the roots will finally start to give, and unless they shift their grip and grab on to something more substantial such as you have, they will find themselves in a free fall towards seeming oblivion. For in this, all have a choice, and still, the choice is an open one for those yet undecided. But remember, the timeframe for that final decision, for that is truly what it is, is not an indefinite one. Rather, there will come a turning point that says yes or no, as in ” yes, I want to relinquish my grip on the old and crumbling world of yesteryear”, or “no, I refuse to open my eyes and my heart to this powerful light”.

And so the time to choose directions is upon you all now, and for those still clinging to the old, they will find their precarious anchoring about to come loose once and for all. Remember, the old cannot survive in this powerful light that keeps pouring it, for it cannot thrive in such a high vibration that is becoming the new source for this whole planet. For you Mother Earth has already started to hum to a quite different tune than before, and as such, everyone not humming alongside her will feel very much out of tune in all sorts of ways. So for those still putting their fingers in their ears to block out the sound of NOW, it will be a hard time ahead indeed. Just remember, everyone can sing along with this new heavenly vibration – if they choose to do so. No one is excluded from this, all it takes is to literally unplug their ears and their heart, and the song itself will fill them up to overflowing.

So again we say, remember that this is a choice that each and every member of the human race must take for themselves, and it is a choice that must be taken on a soul level, not a superficial one. For then, and only then, will you start to listen with your heart, and that is the only way to be able to join in this uplifting choir of human voices that is already singing along with that beautiful tune of the heavens above and the Earth below.