The manuscript of survival – part 351

As you have been made more than aware of lately, the winds of change have not abated, and neither are they about to. We hear groans of agony from many of you, but let us just assure you that in this, you will find encouragement and support, not destruction and chaos. For as you have all chosen your destiny a long time ago by opening up for these energetic emissions early on, you will find that these winds will literally fill your sails and give you better momentum towards your destination. In other words, what for some will be construed as a devastating blow to their illusion, will for you become a mighty push in the back.

So treasure these powerful winds for all that they are, and for all that they bring. But for those still clinging on to the loosening roots that keep them precariously tethered to the old, it will not be good news. For this time, the roots will finally start to give, and unless they shift their grip and grab on to something more substantial such as you have, they will find themselves in a free fall towards seeming oblivion. For in this, all have a choice, and still, the choice is an open one for those yet undecided. But remember, the timeframe for that final decision, for that is truly what it is, is not an indefinite one. Rather, there will come a turning point that says yes or no, as in ” yes, I want to relinquish my grip on the old and crumbling world of yesteryear”, or “no, I refuse to open my eyes and my heart to this powerful light”.

And so the time to choose directions is upon you all now, and for those still clinging to the old, they will find their precarious anchoring about to come loose once and for all. Remember, the old cannot survive in this powerful light that keeps pouring it, for it cannot thrive in such a high vibration that is becoming the new source for this whole planet. For you Mother Earth has already started to hum to a quite different tune than before, and as such, everyone not humming alongside her will feel very much out of tune in all sorts of ways. So for those still putting their fingers in their ears to block out the sound of NOW, it will be a hard time ahead indeed. Just remember, everyone can sing along with this new heavenly vibration – if they choose to do so. No one is excluded from this, all it takes is to literally unplug their ears and their heart, and the song itself will fill them up to overflowing.

So again we say, remember that this is a choice that each and every member of the human race must take for themselves, and it is a choice that must be taken on a soul level, not a superficial one. For then, and only then, will you start to listen with your heart, and that is the only way to be able to join in this uplifting choir of human voices that is already singing along with that beautiful tune of the heavens above and the Earth below.

213 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 351

  1. Hi Sun of blue
    I will just give You my opinion on that question, and this is just how it makes sense to me of course from what I understand from the missives.
    At some point last Year we reached the point were all timelines including free will, would lead to the destruction of mother Earth.
    Therefore the free will edict was suspended since this was not an acceptable outcome, or put in another way, freewill would in every case without exeption lead to certain death for every free will paritcipant.
    Because we still can be reached by the power that don’t want the change, it is a key point that we not know anything, exept that we are holders of this grid, until we ourselves go through the veil of forgetfullness.
    Now I never put much stock in the notion of Faith, since my dealings with the spirit side has always been very concrete, I don’t have a goddess I believe in or have faith in, I have Personally meet her and she Is my friend. But I can see that in this case Faith is actually necessary for the plan to work…

  2. Didn’t I see somewhere that they “discovered” this song while watching a life insurance or loan financing commerical – something like that?

  3. the thing i just noticed about the war video is that the camera was always in a good position
    I’m thinking this was staged
    what do i know?
    i’ve never been to Syria, and i don’t want to

    1. I certainly don’t know either … and wouldn’t venture to say. But as far as the camera is concerned, it is mounted to the tank (s), isn’t it? So it would always be in the same (and therefore good) position….????

  4. btw
    by the way for non=American or who
    this video is from the below the surface part of youtube
    if you save it you might access it again
    or you may never get back here again.
    My friend the combat veteran from the the last iraq war
    showed me how to find this

  5. we are not playing around,
    this marble game is for keeps
    we are not done yet.
    taste real
    welcome to Syria

    it’s not done yet

  6. Anna Helen, I am writing here in response to The Rose you posted. Firstly no one has sent me that song and secondly, you are the first person ever to say to me, “I believe in you”. The bee today, I grow roses that are all about to get ready to bloom, the song, your words, my Heart is bursting. I have never felt so Loved as I do in this moment. This Pond and all it represents in my Life, the precious friends I have gained through this Pond, and the Love I receive on a daily basis because of this Pond ……. my God, what more could I possibly desire?

    I am SO touched, my cherished Sister, for you have worked magic in my life today. I blinked and there was a bee. I blinked and there was Anna Helen giving me the title to my blog. I blink and there is the song The Rose. And again I blink and I see the words I BELIEVE IN YOU.

    I have waited all my life to hear those words. I had arrived to a place that I let go of that yearning, knowing in my Heart that I believe in myself. It truly starts with self…….and when you let go and know that yearning for yourself, not looking for it outside of yourself, that is when the magic happens.

    My God My God, You are so true and good to me. Thank you!

    I Love you, AH πŸ™‚ with All I AM. Bless you! Bless you!!
    Your Sis,

    1. This truly has been one of the most magical days of my life. I forgot that within this day, I found 4 dimes on the floor when I checked out my groceries earlier today. 4=foundation 1=new beginnings 0=infinity, without beginning without end……


      Just now…….

      I took the coins out of my pocket. I shuffled them in my hands as I had a conversation with my husband. I decided to line them up on the little table that has my crystals on it. I put all four down in one line. And they were ALL face down.

      I became curious. (of course)

      I picked one up to bring to the light (hmmmmmmm), put my glasses on and my mouth dropped open. On the back of a dime are TWO roses, with a TORCH (for knowledge and Wisdom… interpretation) in between them. A featther could knock me over right now.

      Did any of you know what was on the back of a dime? I just found out tonight. More signs……..Unbelievable! These signs are practically falling out of thin air today!

      AND come to think of it, ALL of those four dimes, were laying face down on the floor. I only saw one at first and when I saw it laying tails up, I wasn’t at first going to bend down to get it, for one, I thought it was a penny and two, tails up means or is SUPPOSED to mean, bad luck.

      I flung that “saying” out of my head, and with purpose leaned down to pick this coin up. Then I saw the second one, then the third and then the forth. Honestly, I ONLY saw ONE coin on that floor and the others just seemed to appear.

      Just like the rabbit disappeared yesterday, the coins today just seemed to appear. Just like that bee to come to think of it, AND Anna Helen’s most amazing words to me and video. They all seemed to just appear out of thin air.

      Magic is happening, Ponders! OMG!

      1. Amy I wanted to tell you this yesterday but had to sign off for a while. When I posted that dance video that started our conversation about your blog, I really had no idea why I chose that particular song. You had just made some really happy excited comment to Forest Joy. Suddenly this picture popped into my head of you dancing around your rose garden to that song. The whole thing was superconsciously orchestrated, wasn’t it? How I absolutely ADORE when that happens…

        Love you πŸ™‚

  7. A couple of you were speaking somewhere in here about drivers not seeing you and things…

    On the way to pick up my daughter from school a bit ago, I noticed that up ahead in the road, several drivers were suddenly swerving over to the right, as if they were avoiding some obstacle. This was not all at the same place on the road, either. I am just driving straight along, no problem, nothing in my way. Strange…

  8. speaking of Leon Russell, he has so many good songs. You might want to check him out.
    Lady Blue, I had to post it, there is still sad old things to shed.

  9. Whoa, Baby, things are moving today. Hang on. I thought this was all over with. Perhaps like a seesaw. Or…..Up and down, push and pull. Or…. Flow and pressure. Merry-go-round. Song just came into my head, “Dizzy”.
    O-O-O-O-O What a ride! Holy Cats!

    Okie dokies! Mantra being said, “I AM able to complete ALL on this day by the Power of GOD within me!” Yep! That ought to do it! πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Amy,
      I’m with you today. Hold my hand to keep you steady and rolling along the way. It was quite a ride and lasted about 6 hours. The earth herself in our area was humming on extra cylinders catalyzing changes within all God’s creation. The aftermath is exhilarating!
      Forest Joy

      1. Dearest Forest Joy,

        Thank you, my Sister. I slept for about 1/2 of the “movement”, getting hit so hard I could not keep my eyes open. Upon waking, the earth was still moving and the energy just so heavy. Now, it feels lighter, and I can again breathe. I’m moving right into the aftermath. I can still “feel” and “hear” a constant vibration, and even the crickets are quietly singing along, even though it is not evening. The “orchestra” is quite amazing! We are moving SO fast now, that it seems only a mere hours is needed to get to the next level.. Then it stabalizes, and like you said, the aftermath if exhilarating. Have we begun to experience Heaven on Earth? I’m “feeling” something glorious coming in! I really pray it is here to stay! Ahhhhhhhhh…….

        Love, Amy

        1. Dear Amy,
          So glad you are in the aftermath. Yes, the orchestra is quite amazing. I also can feel, see, and hear the the constant vibrations. Right now the sailing is smooth. The turbulence from before has abated. As to heaven on
          earth, hopefully all human souls have or are making their decision and shouting a resounding “YES”. Pope Francis on Saturday evening in the Worldwide Catholic “Vigil for Peace” in the Middle East and throughoutf the world asked all from all corners of the earth to cry out “Yes, I want it.” Leaders of the Moslem, Jewish, Protestant, Othodox Christians conducted prayers for peace at the same time. Every bit helps! Pray those “YESes” keep coming from all peoples and beings throughout all of Mother Earth. As CCs told us, the time is near. This is the time for each human soul to decide what is in each heart and soul. In doing so Humanity’s collective heart and soul can move on to Heaven on Earth.
          YES! I DO BELIEVE!
          Love and Joy,
          Forest Joy

      1. Oh, Dear God, what are you doing to me, AH? The lead singer reminds me of a young man I dated, who I was absolutely totally in love with. The earth actually moved when I kissed him. Due to “conditioning” and how he began to become needy, I left him. I’ve not known love like that again. And I am stunned I am saying this. (blushing and getting hot)

        1. There seems to be a good bit of this “(blushing and getting hot)” going on with me, too. At first I thought it might be those mid 40’s hormones kicking in. But I think it’s more about remembering those parts of ourselves we shut away and left behind.

          Glad I could, um… Sounds rather bittersweet for you.

          1. This may sound harsh or strange, but I would rather not remember certain things, for in doing so, I know what I do not have. Bringing JOY and Harmony to all in my life, and not looking at the holes or what ifs, is how I manage to stay in Peace. To know Love again, as I know it does exist, most likely will be a Gift for me next Life. I am probably more then 10 years older then you are. I am secure in knowing Who I am in this Present Moment. I would not be Who I AM today if I had made different choices. I have gained much Wisdom on the Path I have kept. And most importantly, I have re-memered how to Love ME. (smile)

            1. Does not sound harsh or strange at all. That’s why that last line I put on there had an um and a question mark. I couldn’t tell if you were glad to have had this remembrance or not. And I agree of course that even the slighest different choice or experience in the past would change who we are today. Which is priceisely why we created those experiences in the first place. Am I learning?

              And I am ever so grateful for those 10 years you’ve got on me, and all the wisdom and teachings you have to offer. Otherwise I would not have your blazing pink trail to follow. And though I may take a step or two outside of your footprints now and again :), I can see your shining beacon of self love and acceptance up ahead.

              Love and gratitude,

              1. Oh, AH, I really do Love you! Thank you for BEing you. I treasrure your words and keep them in my Heart. Bless you!!!

                XXOO, Amy

              2. Life is SO strange. The older you get, the less your realize you know. Humility comes on board, while beauty fades. And the Love you truly did not have for self while beauty lived, one finds in beauty’s diminishing trail.

                To have Wisdom and Experience when one is young, OH, what a glorious world we would have. To have Eteranal Youth with Wisdom gained, yes, Heaven on Earth will cerrtainly live.

                I was reading a book, Conversations with God, that if this world would leave the child bearing to the young and the child rearing to the elders, this world would be a changed place. One for the better, oh believe me. Yes, life is ironic, yessiree bob.

                Thought I arrived at Wisdom’s Gates, in my 40’s. As years went by, HS showe me nope, ya still don’t have it. Menopause came and went and my brain got re-designed by Heaven’s Grace. Yes, now, I do stand before Wisdom’s Gates, and yes they have opened for me.

                One of my very favorite things to do is look deeply into an Elder’s eyes and see God. The same holds true for a baby. What transpires between infancy and elderly, is a mind blower. Thank God the older one gets, the more we become that infant again. Thank GOD!!!!

                1. Amy, I believe that is one of the most profound things I have ever read.

                  I do hope you are recording all these things so that the rest of humanity can benefit.

                  “Petals Unfolding” by Lady Pinkrose

                  1. My Dearest Sister, you have given my a Gift this night. I Gift so rare that I don’t know quite how to thank you properly. You just gave me the name for a Dream I have had for a while. My own blog. A place where I can write my thoughts down, when I do get inspired. I haven’t recorded my thoughts that I write here, and the thought of going back to find my comments to do so, no. I start here. Right here. I will copy what I wrote, paste them in my notes, and Dream.

                    You have no idea what you have done today. For me. Anna Helen, I do bow to you, and am eternally grateful to you.

                    I Love you. Amy

                    1. I think my heart just expanded to twice its previous size. I am weeping with joy, my most precious friend.

                    2. And you are getting my tear ducts going on this end. Petal’s Unfolding is perfect, just pefect. How you came up with that name is beyond me. Put it fits like a glove. And for what I do say, it fits. I had an idea in my head just the other day about a subject matter, and this Pond was just not the place. The urgency within me to express my views was huge. It’s still there. Oh, Anna Helen, I am dedicating my blog to you. To you, my friend. YOU! You are the impetus to get me to do this. Here I have a blanket and I feel secure. But now the time has come to branch out. The Pond willl always be my HOME, though!

                      And a BEE flew in my house which means whatever I have been wanting to succeed at, now is the time to do it. At the time, I looked at the message and said huh? Now, with YOU, the pieces of the puzzle. Came together. And fit. AND it is because of you that the subject I desire to talk about birthed withiin me. YOU. Anna Helen. YOU!

                      With deepest Gratitude, Amy

                    3. Wow. Just wow wow wow. I can’t help but point out that the bee also goes with the rose. Picking up the nectar and spreading it out…

                    4. No doubt this has been sent to you a million times, but I wanted to hear it for me, too. I believe in you, Amy.

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