The manuscript of survival – part 276

Let us begin this message by saying that we are all more than grateful for the way you have started to give from yourselves to this process. For, as we have touched upon earlier, it has now changed from being a process focused primarily on self-education to call it that, and instead turning into a process of manifestation. For you are already building the new, step by step, day by day, and even if it is at times hard for you to see any progress, we see it clearly, and it is indeed wonderful to behold. For what you manifest is mayhaps not as tangible yet, but none the less it is more than impressive. For what you are building, are energetic structures and connections, and these are growing rapidly now.

Some of these connections can be seen by the trail of messages you all leave behind in this space, but others, more subtle, but even more powerful ones, you are forging every day. For each time you take a step outside yourself and connect to the rest of the world, you also make a strong connection to anything that comes in your vicinity. And you do this, whether you are aware of it or not, as you cannot help but do this. For this is your task now, dear ones, as you have been turned into forcefields of such a magnitude it literally affects anything that comes within striking distance of you. And even as we speak, your reach is getting ever wider and ever stronger, for such is the nature of this field. It cannot but grow, as it is fed by the continuous stream of energy being beamed upon you all from the heavens above. So you are anchors, and you are transmittors of this benevolent energy that is starting to touch even the remotest of corners of your little globe. And you, by your very presence, are making it happen.

So never think that you are not important, or just a very small fish in a very large pond. For you are not unimportant in any way, as you have become beacons of light that are shining as strong as the strongest of lighthouses on this planet. And your light just cannot be dimmed in any way, not by you, nor by others, for this light has a will of its own, and what it wants more than anything else, is to spread out. So you are like fountains of pure energy, spouting an endless stream of this life-enhancing elixir onto anything and anyone that comes into your presence. And you all do magnificent at this, even if you yourself feel like you are a mere trickle, fading into the sand. For you are all gathering strength for that final push, and as such, you yourselves may feel a little bit depleted at times. But know that this is not the truth, for you cannot run out of steam in any way. For you are hooked up to the true source of light, and that source will never run dry, and neither will you.

So trust that all is well, and even if you feel less than vigorous at the moment, know that this is not for lack of energy, rather the opposite. For you are embodying such large amounts of it at the moment, it will almost make your phsyical body come to a standstill. Therefore, many of the natural processes will be slowed down within you so you can be better able to accomodate it all. So take a rest if your body tells you to do so, or do some vigorous workouts if your body tells you to do just that. For your body knows best when it comes to handling this extra burden of light, so better listen carefully when it gives you any advice.

For never forget, this is in many ways a burden you carry, not just for your physical body, but also for you, for this added light will also affect your life in so many ways, and the challenges this brings with it are not always easy to overcome. But you have already proven that you are here for the remainder, and you can take it all, even if some of the challenges will take a little bit more out of you than you mayhaps envisaged at the outset. But know that you will be given much leeway in this, as it is indeed up to each and every one of you to determine the speed of this process. After all, it was your choice to come here in the first place and take up this challenge of resurrecting the planet of your choice, so we will let you determine the pace in this too. But what you cannot decide over, is the speed as to when and how these new frequencies will come in. They have been set in a determined pattern very early on, but what you can decide on, is how to tackle them in the best way. And the best way is, as always, to listen to your own core. Then you will know what the best course of action will be for you. For you are wise, dear ones, and you will choose well in this, as you already have. So once more we would like to extend our gratitude towards you, as you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that we could not have hoped for anything better than what you have all given us already.

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  1. Hello all, I just can not sleep tonight so here I am reading…. here.

    To share about rescue animals, I do dogs, old dogs, no one wants now.

    I wanted to share the experience I had recently. I have had many dogs pass on with the vets help and requested that I experience a dogs passing naturally. Maggie, 10 year old, Mastiff/St. Bernard who I only was given the pleasure of loving for 6 months, before one morning at 4 AM I awoke to the sound of a dog in distess. An alarm clock couldn’t have gotten me out of bed quicker than the sounds I heard as my eyes opened up.

    I found Maggie in the hallway. What I believe I witnessed, while laying beside her on the floor, was her little heart was giving out. She had bounced back from a dog who had given up and didn’t care about life any longer; to a dog who dropped weight, atrophied muscles were working again so well, she was running with the other younger dogs to chase away that noisey garbage truck. Supplements galore for these old dogs and still they surprise you and take your breath and heart away so unexpectantly.

    I had adopted Maggies daughter also since they had never been separated, Nina is 7 years old. I believe Maggie came back and lived life again until she was sure Nina was taken care of and then she left. I always knew she loved a man in her past deeply and I have the impression that the man was a soldier who died and Maggie lost her home years ago. I feel that she is back with him and they are terribly happy in heaven now.

    As I laid beside her, talking, consoling her in her fright I realized my request had been answered, as usual, not in the manner I had wanted but answered none the less. No ER vet office is available up here without driving a good hour, I was on my own. At 6:50, Maggie needed help, her eyes told me so, so I prayed and prayed hard for her.

    I said to my guides/angels/spirit… that I have read for 2 years to ASK and they would be right there to help, all I had to do was ask.

    So,” I asked that Maggie pass on now, RIGHT NOW. She had led a hard life and deserved to finally be a peace, relieve her distess and take her softly and gently PLEASE NOW, RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT.” Maggie stretched out her lovely brindle legs, looked up at me then said goodbye and was gone. That morning, my life changed incredibly.

    We in rescue pull out the home remedies and every trick in the book we have learned to only add life and love and, not add stress to those under so much when they finally get to us. I get the panic when I feel the need for the outside help of a vet. What I was shown with Maggie, was that I had it inside me to help Maggie perfectly.

    However, as with Pinkrose, I have begun to realize amazing events, moments, blessings have come my way. Prayers and requests granted. Excited, scared and oh so grateful all at the same time no matter the outcome, intent is so much of everything.

    If there is ANYTHING to be grateful for when spending your life as an animal rescuer, it is to be able to call for help and have it arrive, softly and gently, just as requested. I am heard and someone answers my heart now with assistance I have found inside of me! Does this make sense after so many sentences! (:

    Far too long again writing but I just had to share….it is 3:30 AM in Arizona and this cowgirl is wide awake.

    Blessings, love and light to everyone skinny dipping in the pond tonight!

    1. Pupma, I am weeping with your story. I am covered in goosebumps. I too have been being told to ASK for assistance, and to DIRECT the Energy as well, and like you, when I see an animal who had been in great pain and distress, be relieved and become well again, my knees just about give out, I feel so much gratitude. We walk a Path that holds many sorrows, many challenges, but the LOVE we experience with these animals, and what THEY are teaching ME, I wouldn’t trade for all this world!

      My Heart is so full of JOY that Maggie is running freely in Fields of Gold. She is chasing butterflies and rolling around in the grass because her plight of pain is finally over!

      BLESS you for what you are doing! Bless you and (((HUGS)))!!!

  2. Dear Ms North, I, too, have been inundated with messages. It’s like a radio in my head that never turns off, and I feel compelled to tell anyone who will listen – although I do not because I don’t want to appear insane. I had a very intense episode in public a few days ago that was so intense I swear to you I could actually see molecules of light in the people around me, I could read what was their major damage and why they were standing in that spot with me at that very moment. It is maddening. At times I feel blissful by what I see, other times I am fearful and confused because I have no point of reference to what I am seeing. I assure you that I am not mad, that I am not a conspiracy theorist nor am I hysterical. What can I do?

    1. Jade, you sound like you are in an amazing phase of your journey and that your new gifts are manifesting. Keep meditating and work on creating peace and love for yourself and ALL BEINGS in your meditations. Clear all negativity.
      Keep forgiving all instances which need forgiveness in meditation or when it comes to your mind. You will feel so strong and whole and complete in your meditations that what is happening outside will become less startling and less important and I am sure that gradually you will understand your gifts and how to use them.
      Hopefully Aisha will respond to you with more info and I am not a channel
      as yet.
      Love to you. Keep breathing and know you are always safe and protected in the light.

    2. Hi Jade, I don’t channel like Aisha does but I do receive messages sometimes for me, sometimes for others.

      I am apt to share Michael’s comments. It sounds and feels very much like you are in a very exciting phase of your ‘opening up.’ Some of what you are ‘receiving’ sounds quite similar to the work of Carolyne Myss – who describes herself as a medical intuitive. She sees peoples issues and inside their bodies etc.

      It sounds like you are going beyond even some of this and from all my study and reading – you are most definitely not going mad but opening up to a great gift that we can all access when we are ready.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hello Phillip – I have had many experiences where I felt I was channeling from when I was very young. This has always been with me, I have always been able to see words above people’s heads when I go out among the people. Sometimes I see pictures, and for others I see an entire panorama of events that are/have/will happening like a mini-movie over the tops of their heads. I have always known things, heard things, seen things. However, in the last year or so it has become so intense and frequent and the language is so different that I find it unsettling because I am not used to it just yet, I think that’s where the discomfort comes from mostly. Also, when I say I could see the molecules of light, I mean I could see individuals, yet they were transparent, and an infinite number of light particles was visible to me, contained in their bodies. The closest I can liken it to is to see glitter stirred up in a liquid base. I had never seen that before, and it was flickering in and out like an old fashioned television would do back when we had to use antenna to get a station. As I sank into the booth of the restaurant I was at, trying to look like I was cool as a cucumber and look calm and normal in front of my little girl, the manager whom I am only friendly on a ‘hello how are you’ basis asked me if I was OK, I was pale and wide eyed and he said I didn’t look right. I looked at him and instantly knew why he was at that juncture in his life, that intersection and said to him: “You are here at this job because this establishment represents a predictable code of behaviors and ethics that while you may not subscribe to, you are secure in it’s consistency and predictability thereby assuaging your overwhelming anxiety issues.” It was out before I could stop myself. He looked like I slapped him and instantly sat down next to me and whispered ‘how the hell did you know that? Who have you been talking to?’ to which I could not reply, only feel my own anxiety grow bigger as I realized I was off the rails so to speak and was becoming overwhelmed with fear. I got ahold of myself after about fifteen minutes of concentrated breathing and talking nervously on my cell phone to my friend as a way to distract myself. I wonder if I am alone in feeling and seeing and where am I and what am I supposed to be doing? More importantly, who am I am what role am I to assume now that I have this sort of knowledge? Its not just individuals either, in the last two days I have had messages regarding events that are to unfold on a larger scale. I don’t know what to do with this information so I just talk to my neighbor who is also my spiritual brother about it. Any help anyone can give would be appreciated. I know there are many false channels and I have been swimming through oceans of conspiracy theory and ominous sites featuring fallen angels and galactic entities and I don’t know what to think anymore. I feel the need to connect with others but there is in trepidation and confusion still on my end at this time.

        1. Be CALM. ALL IS O.K. You,ve got a whole spiritual team taking care, guiding and protecting you and everybody around you. You are training Light language, they are teaching you. It,s the language that all angels/spirit/light beings use to communicate. The medium is telepathy. Don,t scare. Just go on.

          If you are so kind, we,ll be delighted to know the messages you are receiving. It,s very important for us and NOBODY here will think you are crazy. You are a being of light and we love you.

          Feel free to share/tell/say whatever you want. We will understand. We all know these are not easy/usual/normal times. What is unfolding is very, very important. And we all are part of it. We all are a unique/singular/different piece of a big picture.

          Much love to you, Jade!

        2. If there was a “like” button for what you just wrote, I would press it and dont be a stranger to write a little bit more of what it`s going on in your life cz for shore its more then interesting, you really got me thinking now ๐Ÿ™‚

        3. Gosh what an experience in the Restaurant Jade… ๐Ÿ™‚

          Whilst it I guess it may seem a little scary at first. It is the truth of who you/we really are… and for me feels a wonderfully magical gift.

          TRUST – it is said is the greatest intelligence…

          You are seeing the truth of who we are and I guess because we’ve all been brought up in 3D – it seems odd. I often say to people when I am teaching them energy (helping them remember – would be a better phrase) – that its like a muscle you haven’t used – may be a bit weak or seem really strange at first but after a while it becomes the most natural thing.

          I feel you are showing us all another profound glimpse of what we are ALL are really about and as, Nohmad, has said – you are safe here. You have much to bring to us, show us and inspire us with.

          You are OK and I for one am truly inspired by the gifts that are opening up in you.

          As to what to do with it. Your heart knows – follow that – and do share here – you will have the most receptive and supportive audience…

          Love, blessings and hugs – Philip ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. You ARE LIGHT. You ARE Love. You ARE HERE AND NOW to SHINE/DAZE/GIVE OUT all this INFINITE LIGHT/LOVE that you,ve got inside you. Look at people around you when you walk in the street/shopping/supermarket. You,ll see your light jumping directly to some of them from your heart, without intention, with different intensities that you will feel. You are healing/cleaning/awaking them. It,s your light(work) here and now. Don,t worry/scare/go mad, just outspread your light. It,s supposed that all of us (Lightworkers) to be doing the same as you. The difference with you is that your light quotient enables you to already see it happening before your nose. Keep flying with us, your new family of the light. Here you,ll feel safe/supported/and ALWAYS most loved. Aisha’s Pond is also your home. Ask whatever you need/want/yearn for to know, we all are here to serve/guide/enlighten you. YOU ARE ONE OF US! Hugs, Jade!

      1. Thank you all very kindly, I sincerely appreciate it. I have a good friend who I’ve known for about 8 years or so who channels. Every so often, maybe once a year, I used to call her and have these ‘classes’ with an entity who identifies himself as Metatron who has a very distinctive way of speaking. As of a few weeks ago, I heard him very clearly for myself. How this came about was: as I was in the twilight between sleep and wakefulness, I heard his very distinctive self say, “once you pass through the door of knowing, there is no turning back but do not be afraid. You can no sooner turn away from your gifts any more than you would be able to breathe under the oceans. To do so would be to deny Creator God and thus yourself your true potential.” I was shaky and trembly but wrote it down in the journal I keep nearby and fell asleep. When I turned off the alarm on my cell phone the next morning upon waking, I noticed I had gotten a text message from my channelling friend. It said verbatim what I had heard the night before. Word for word, down to the last letter. She had added one line at the end, and that was: We are here with you and are most eternally at your service, Metatron.

        Since then, its like I had described, its like a radio is on all the time. Even before this event, for the last few years when it would get a little quiet in the house I could swear I was hearing talking but it sounded like a radio far away and muffled, but I knew I was hearing it. I could not quite make out what it was saying. Now I hear it quite plainly. I am experiencing a great deal of discomfort in the physical, almost what I might call growing pains, it feels like that…remember getting those as a kid and how your muscles would just ache like crazy? Or your joints were sort of sore for a bit as a kid, when you were growing? I remember that, and it’s very much that way. I hope I am not confusing it with arthritis, how embarrassing that would be ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thank you all for your love and support. I didn’t mean to take over the thread at all, but I have been actively looking for others to connect with and it feels like I’ve come to the right spot. Thank you everyone, you all have my love and gratitude.

        1. Dear Jade! I am so glad that you have joined us, and thank you for sharing all that you do. I can understand how challenging this has been for you because so much of what you have experienced has happened while you have been out amongst strangers. That is very different from me, as all of my work has been carried out either at my desk at home or in the company of people I know very well. So thank you to everyone who have welcomed you already and shown you that you are in very good company here! It is so important to hear stories likes yours, because every time one of us dare to open up about our experiences they add so much to the energy in all the others in this space and elsewhere, and it makes everyone else feel less scared to do the same. And yes, it is time to share our gifts with the rest of the world, even if it feels like you are about to jump off a high cliff. I hope you will continue to share with us all, because I think you have so much to contribute. You are one more magnificent thread adding to the glory of this tapestry we are all creating together, and I thank you for bringing your gifts to this space.
          Love and light, Aisha

          1. Dearest Aisha, thank you so much for this space, thank you for the opportunity to connect with you all, and I am most grateful for the love and acceptance I have found here.

        2. Jade~ I have not had as many experiences as you, but I do know what you are speaking of when you say the muffled radio sound. I only had the experience once, and I was too scared to open up to it. Maybe 6-10 mos ago I was going to walk into the bathroom and even though the light was off, and the door was half open, I thought someone was in there. This may sound bizzare, but it sounded like a party was going on in there. It sounded if you were walking up to a house with a party/gathering going on inside, and you placed your ear on the door, you would hear noise/music/mumbling/talking. For a second, I thought someone left the radio on. I walked into the bathroom (SCARED) and it stopped. I checked the radio and it wasn’t plugged in. Nobody was in there. I knew what I heard and I started searching on the internet “muffled radio” and other related search terms. I also read that if you are scared you will not be able to open up to it. I am in the scared group and I have not been able to open up to it since even though I would like to. I terrify quite easily, like say, a rabbit! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope to be able to get to the point to be able to hear it and open up to it like you do. Thank you for sharing. ~Amanda

          1. Ah Amanda! Good, I am glad I am not the only one. In the time leading up to what seems to be an activation inside my psyche, even if I was in the car and the radio was completely silent, I could hear it. It would sound like when you leave your iPod playing sort of at mid level through your headphones, and you’ve taken off the headphones to pour yourself some tea and you hear the tinny sound and voices. Its sort of that sort of frequency, or was. Here’s what I found to help, and that was once I was able to achieve a state of relaxation through self hypnosis and binaural beats, I was able to sort of keep a pace with what the voice was saying and therefore understand it clear as day. The closest analysis I can offer is that I had to find the right vibration to let my mind groove to so that the information could be absorbed, to bypass my conscious mind or ego and go directly to my subconcious mind and conciously restructure what I’ve been told all my life. Sort of like a restart, or reset button haha! I recognized that if I were to be of most service, that I needed to alter this programming. In order to develop a relationship with this force that has really become a major figure in my life, I decided to communicate directly with my human voice and do it at a time when I was relaxed….what better way than after a self hypnosis session and a nice hot shower with warm jammies waiting! So, as I was showering, I was visualizing the water washing away old hurts and trauma, of illusions and disappointments. As I was visualizing this, and feeling the warm water relaxing all my muscles, the lovely scent of lavender from my favorite soap delighting my olfactory senses, I said aloud, “Universe, I ask that the path be clear so that I may receive abundance. I ask that the obstacles be removed so that I may be my best and highest self, for the good of all”. And I kept repeating that, savoring each word as it fell from my lips, I swear to you I could feel the weight of each word as I focused on the movie I had running in my head of all the blackness and debris being washed away and replaced with white shining light, as I connected the obstacles in the way of the path to abundance being washed away and the sensation I was feeling of the warm water rinsing my earthly self. It was sort of a remedial thing to do, admittedly, but it was the most natural thing for me to do, I didn’t really have to think about it at all, it all just came together. When the shower was done, I finished saying the last sentence and finished with thanking my guides and said and so it is done and put it out of my mind. This is just my experience and everyone’s milage may vary, of course, but perhaps there are some elements of my experience that can help some here. All my love to you all.

            1. Wow! This is SO cool! I am hearing melodies along with extremely high tones in my ears/mind. I actually listen, and sing out loud in my Heart Language, a language I came in with, the melodies I am hearing and they are SO beautiful. I am working right now on getting the understanding back of what I am singing/saying. That too was taken (not willingly) as a child.

              So……..a bunch of us are hearing voices. Hehehehehe

              Just my wacky sense of humor spin on all this. Holy Cats! IF you didn’t laugh about all this, you would reeeeeeally be in trouble! HAHA

            2. Amanda, forgive! It was not intentional for me to leave you out of my conversation! I think it is SO cool you heard voices. Now to get over the fear so that you can hear!…… And you WILL!

            3. Yes, I did some ‘research’ after I experienced it, and what I read is that it is sort of like tuning into a specific radio station. If you are not on the right vibration/frequency/acceptance you cannot hear it/get on the channel. My experience was a clear indication for me that the world we think we live in is SO far from what we could imagine. The reason I was scared is because I wasn’t sure if there is/was BAD things or entities. I really thought ET was going to jump out of my closet. In hindsight, I wish I would have been more receptive to it. Even now if I am home alone and I THINK I may hear or see something I always say something funny out loud like “Don’t do anything to scare me, you KNOW I can’t handle it!” Ha. Lately I have been guided in more subtle way like repeating numbers on license plates and receipts, and words and slogans that catch my eye or even pictures that are in my home that represent my current life in great detail. I’m finding clues all over by simply living in the moment. I never have to look for them, they are always nudging me. They aren’t ‘scary’ so I don’t mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for sharing I hope to be able to be more open to the things you describe. ~Amanda

        3. As I said before, you are in the best of the best hands. Metatron is Archangel Metatron, Lord of Ascension. Is Him who cares all the details of what is unfolding in front/under our noses. He has infinite hosts of angels under his orders, and a handpicked powerful group of them is your Angelic Ascension Team. Ask them whatever you want. In just some little more time you will be vibrating to the same vibration of theirs, then you,ll see/talk/relate with them face to face.

          All is O.K. Your gifts and your light are to be wisely used, and is your heart your compass now. Be generous/bountiful/prodigal with them, a whole humanity is awaiting in suffering for awaking. We all are going HOME!

          1. Thank you all so much, I sincerely appreciate it. The discovery of others such as myself has been a great blessing of peace to my troubled mind, and I believe with all my heart that my fears will cease very shortly as my human mind begins to accept that I am not hysterical nor going mad. As I have said, I have been very sensitive all my life, to the point of working with teams at the university when I was a teenager. I located my first missing person for a police department at age 15. It is not the activity that has troubled me so much as a complete shift in what I see and hear. In the years leading up to 2010, I would see and hear garden variety things such as people who have passed on and big labels on people like sandwich boards all my life. However, the messages and the language are starkly different than ever before. I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life and have had endured a great deal of trauma on many levels in this lifetime. I suffered what is called a bout of ‘exhaustion’ in Sept 2010, but really, that’s a fancy word for nervous breakdown. I had three of them, very bad, and then a period of what is called psychogenic fugue. I also kicked all those fancy psych meds they push on you – cold turkey. I had twelve years of it at this point and things were much worse not better. I shook and sweated and had seizures so hard I thought I was going to break all my teeth off. After four days of that, it subsided. I was in my hometown but did not know where I was, I thought I was somewhere else thousands of miles away that I had lived in some time previous to the episodes of nervous breakdown. I came out of it extraordinarily weak both physically and spiritually, and proceeded to move as far away from my hometown as I could. I had been abandoned by my earth family after a revelation about certain trauma that had been concealed for many years was finally exposed. It took six months just to regain my normal speaking voice, I could barely go louder than a stage whisper for almost six months. After Sept 2010, the messages, the language and what I see are dramatically different. After all I have just explained, I am sure most of you can understand why my main concern is that I am not going crazy. I assure you I am not. I have never felt more clear in my whole life. However, the nagging feeling I get about not being normal, as I have been told all my life that I am not, can be a powerful and loud clamor to try to shout down at times. Thank you all for allowing me the space to express my thoughts on this, and by doing so, I hope to help others who might have had similar experiences. I do not wish for anyone else to suffer as I have and if I can spare even a moment of pain for someone then it is worth it to tell what happened. I love you all.

            1. Dearest Beautiful Jade,

              I would have wecomed you earlier but I have been having one hell of a challenge day today! The pain where all my injuries are is sky high as this energy I KNOW is pushing through to bring healing! I just swore at my Team, commanding them to cut it back CUT it back so I can tolerate this pain better! I’z just about going out of the Mind. OMG!

              Anyways! I have much in common with you, and I am SO impressed with you for your courage to lay it on the line. I am still fighting, “You are crazy” which was deeply engrained in my psyche as a child with a whole lot other beans. Thank you for being YOU, thank you for being SO brave!

              I also have cracked teeth and brain damage from seizures coming off of pain meds in 2001. So, you are really in good company here (speaking only for myself here…….sheepish grin).

              I also feel so honored to be here, and I am SOOOOO grateful to Aisha for allowing me the space in her blog to write what I do.

              I love you, Jade! From what you have said, we honestly could be sisters. Bless you for your bravery. I am just now beginning to put voice to who I am, and the more I do do it, the better I feel about ME!

              Hugs and so much LOVE, Amy

            2. Jade~ I feel you are very brave, and you should know that….(I think you DO know that). It takes great strength and courage to not only notice the voices/mumbling, but to also be receptive to them and hear/work with it. I think you are right that your trials paved your way to be where you are today. I’m glad you felt comfortable to speak here, and that also takes courage too. Sometimes this site feels like the most natural place to open up at. Glad that you found us, and glad that you decided to share a part of your story. XO ~Amanda

            3. Wonderful sharing Jade, ‘incredibly challenging journey it has been’ – does that sound a bit Joda – ish :)? Any the point is when this has passed the bliss will be incredible – I feel it, I feel it.

              Much love, Philip

  3. So today I came home to find a dozen (artifical, but it still spoke to me) pink roses in the window as a decoration for spring. Made me smile, Amy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ohhhhhh, Amanda, how you made me laugh! And my Heart just embraced you in such tenderness. Thank you for sharing this. This is such a Good Sign plus my cats, who haven’t been feeling well, have PINK noses this night and running with JOY! First the animals then US! Oh yeah, baby!! Bring it on!

      PS Let your Mom know how sincere my Compassion is for her. She is in my Heart and along with many others, I direct Energy her way for Healing, Peace, and JOY! And so it is!

  4. Dear Friends, We did indeed experience a download. For me it was the most intense since November. It started Thursday night. And, I slept 18 hours the next day. I could barely walk yesterday as my lower back was completely locked up. It got better and then was locked up again just a little while ago when I awoke.
    Here is a link to a message from Hilarion regarding this past download.
    I am sure that all in Aisha’s Pond will find it interesting and helpful.

    I hope this is helpful to all.
    Love and Light, MIchael

  5. Everything I am learning on “How to use the New Energy” I am passing on to you.

    Either earlier today or yesterday, I said out loud, “OH, Sassy (one of my cats) I wish I knew exactly how to communicate to you so I know what is going on!” My Sassy has been showing signs of pain/distress and I have been doing ALL I know to help her, but to no avail.

    Today, I looked at her and again I saw how pinched her nose is, and the pain that was written all over her little face. My Heart just went out to her, on the spot, and the COMPASSION I felt was All I was in the moment. Suddenly, I felt intense liver/stomach pain which I just about doubled over with, and I said, HUH????

    My eyes went back to Sassy. I KNEW in that glance that what I was feeling is what is going on with her and I KNOW the cause of it as well. I ran to where the Homeopathy is kept and I gave her a dose of Nux to take her stomach pains away. In a matter of 15 minutes, her nose showed pink, something I haven’t seen in weeks with her.

    I was JUST saying to my husband today, we are going to have to take her in for blood work because I have done all I know, and still she is not feeling well.

    HOLY CATS! FEELING another’s pain is going to be evident when that person/animal is unable to tell you. I ASKED to be shown CLEARLY, and I was shown! OMG! This is incredible!

    Gotta run! Have a date for the movies!! Love you!

      1. Janis, I am just so full of wonder these days. I have always had a “knowing” yet, lately, I have been running into brick walls. Zippo. The Energy has been waiting for me to ASK it, or DIRECT it to ADD to what I already have! And now, from what I had as this “knowing”, now it is magnified many many time over! The acuity that I experienced and this horrific pain, yet in that instant, I KNEW what was wrong with Sassy, and not only her, most of my cats.This is amazing! Truly miraculous!!! Talk about living in Alice World!!!

        SO IMPORTANT. IF any of you are feeding your cats/dogs fish of any kind, STOP! The fish has so much mercury in it that it is adversely affecting the animals!!! Caution! Please be aware of this!!!!! I am SO grateful that I was shown this before any of my cats were critically ill!!!

  6. I love these messages, Aisha.

    It has been a hard journey, but we are so close now. The New Earth awaits us.

  7. Hi all,

    I finally ‘got’ the sugar craving thing. Our brains are changing durig this process. I read that the left and right sides are going to be connected as one. The brain needs sugar to function (this an old fact). I think this is the reason we are craving for sugar and eat it without gaining weight – it is being used as building material for our new brain (where the feminine & masculine parts are connected in a new way!!!)! LOL!!!

    1. Dear Lara, nteresting theory, I never heard that the brain needs sugar. I always thought that sugar was basically “bad” for us. But, I am glad to hear this because I had a craving and ate a pint of Hagen Daaz Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream last night!! I do feel that the sugar is bad for the pineal glad (which has been activated for almost a year) so, I struggle with the intense cravings. I have noticed that my brain is functioning differently this past week.

        1. Thanks Lara, I just looked at the link and the brain needs some sugar, but that too much at once is not good. My problem is that I cannot have just a little sugar. Once I start, I cannot stop. But, I do have a feeling that diet and nutrition in the 5th dimension may not be based on the same old rules. We shall see!

  8. …”as it is indeed up to each and every one of you to determine the speed of this process”. How shall I interpret that? Can I take a break or ask for a slower process`?

  9. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this inspiring message. My husband and I are traveling and being away from our sanctuary, it is hard to tell at times whether we are shining our light or just falling prey to all the many distractions of an unfamiliar environment. This message assured me that we are impacting many in incomprehensible ways. I have felt for a couple of years now that the beacon of light that shines from a lighthouse is an apt image for the light I carry. So Mark’s message and video above are a wonderful confirmation of that. Blessings one and all, alia

  10. I come to your posts about 3 times a week, to see what you have to say. Sometimes I’m all about it, and sometimes Im skeptical. I have always felt myself more of a transmitter than a receiver, and what you are saying now is where I am at right now. I’m am beginning to touch the infinate and beginning to allow it to work through me, trying to keep inspired, in spirit. I am actively learning how to let go of my fears and live. I am realizing that I have to let people in, and let myself shine outwardly, in order to connect on a profound and meaningful level. I want my daughter to benefit from my ‘stepping up’, and I want my universe to benefit from it as well. So thanks for the musings…it has been helpful and appreciated.

  11. Hey CCยดs, now that we know that you have internรฉt out there, Iยดd like to ask you a question. In which peticular way are these energies coming into our consciousness? Yes, I remember my contracts. I know about the fine print.
    I even thought I knew what to expect here. Travel brochures always make things more beautiful than they are. I just forgot to remember.

    Together we could make the experience a little bit more tangible.
    and mucho cudos for Miss North and for myself too.

    ha det

  12. Reading Amy’s wonderful little story inspires me further to deepen the sharing of something I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog.

    The Gift to humanity of Spheres Of Light which came into my conscious awareness in August 2011. It is here to help ‘elevate human consciousness’ – i.e. exactly what we are experiencing right now.

    You can embrace this experience consciously!

    Amy’s story shares something very important. The Power of Your Intention.

    When that Intention is held in the highest good – miracles happen as Amy experienced.

    This is one powerful reason why engaging with Spheres Of Light is so simple. It only requires your INTENTION.

    Three gifts I would like to share that I know are very important:

    1. The worldwide community engagement with Spheres Of Light that takes place each Monday at 8pm, UK Time. Just relax, lie or sit, close your eyes and hold the INTENTION to engage with Spheres Of Light.

    By doing this you not only consciously benefit yourself, as the CCs have reinforced here you become a powerful lighthouse for ALL.

    You don’t need to register, though you may be interested in the free newsletter.

    2. I’ve been guided to write a series of short blogs so that more people can GET this gift and work with it for themselves and thus all of humanity.

    One of the blogs is called: Lightening Conductor – as in lightening up, or englightening (a play on words with Lightning Conductor)!

    In it I describe a simple, yet very powerful process you can use to move through or TRANSMUTE your ‘stuff’ with amazing rapidity – and I mean lightning fast.

    3. If a few people are interested I would be happy to do small Skype ‘teach in’ for up to 6 people again for free with the INTENTION you could use this gift for yourself and ‘Pay It Forward’

    One of the profound gifts here is that you are consciously engaging with a very high level of consciousness rather than waiting for it to ‘hit’ you. That is a very profound thing…

    Key Links to find out more. The Home Page reinforces the ‘How To’

    and for the blogs: ‘Oh so simple! Parts 1 and 2 and ‘Lightening Conductor’:

    It is a blessing and gift beyond measure that came into my awareness and it is an honour that Aisha is so open to our sharing here…

    I offer these gifts that have come to me as my brothers and sisters of the light as someone so eloquently put it…

    In gratitude and love, your brother Philip

  13. A wonderful and timely message Aisha. Especially the part about physical tiredness (well, not expecially – but that was helpful to read). The idea that any contacts are having an effect is re-assuring – and, I think, not surprising. I guess it is tough on the caterpillar when it goes into the chrysalys.
    Thanks for all you do
    with love – Murray

  14. I really love reading your blogs, but I find it difficult to read because the writing is so small and it’s on a black background. This means that I rarely get to the end of a post. Normally in this instance I would just stay away, but I feel your posts are relevant and would like to be able to read them properly. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is there anyway you can make the text bigger? I don’t know if others have this problem…?

    1. Hello! You can increase the size of the text on all wepages in your browser. I have found this desciption on how to do it:
      To increase the size of the text on the page:โ€จTo zoom in, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the + key.โ€จTo zoom out, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the โ€“ key.โ€จAfter zooming in or out, to reset your web pageโ€™s zoom settings back to their original / default size, press and hold the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the 0 (zero) key.โ€จIf you have a mouse with a scroll wheel situated between the left and right mouse buttons, as an alternative to using the keyboard, you can press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key, while turning the scroll wheel forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out.
      NOTE: Macintosh users should use the Apple key (also called the Command key) instead of the Control key. Otherwise, operation on a Mac is identical to that of Windows and Linux.
      I hope this will help you!
      Love and light, Aisha

  15. Dear Aisha and CC, thank you so much for this message as it confirms what is going on in my own world. I had long worked with energy in a manner of bringing in cosmic to the crown and drawing up earth energy through the root and it was very linear in fashion and now, all I want to do is expand out like a big bubble, I do this whenever I feel the desire and it is almost as if I am encompassing the whole world and then the multiverse into my field. i also did a little test to expand my heart field in this way and Oh the joy of soaking in that was marvelous! Even as a child I prayed to be a cup overflowing with love and that is so the case right now! Awesome and big hugs to all my dear CC friends! Keep on truckin as they say! ๐Ÿ™‚ Alex

  16. Guerric-I’m not sure if there’s anything new Aisha can tell us at this point. Basically, we’re going through a cycle of clearing out old stuff, being hit with new energy, having time to assimilate that energy, etc., etc. I don’t believe her messages are meant to predict, like some of the other channels. (And, in truth, many of these predictions do nothing more than distract us from going within, tempting as it is to want to know when this is all going to end or what will happen next.) I believe the purpose of this blog is to support and encourage us. It validates what many of us are going through. so we don’t feel so alone.

    Amy-My information tells me we will get hit again with another substantial energy blast (as opposed to the continual, smaller ones) around the middle of March. But as you said, we may just be receiving personal heads up’s on the next blast. Only time will tell.

    1. Naomi, I feel good today. Not too sure what I “experienced” yesterday, mayhaps a prelude in what is coming? I never know. I just “feel” and go with it. Thank you for the “heads up”!

      1. Amy-I know I’m moving through a lot of stuff, so I think you were right. I just think this phase is somewhat minor (like any of them are minor!) compared to what we will hit mid March.

        1. Okay, in Mid March you can find me hiding under a lily pad in the pond making an SOS smoke signal. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~Amanda

        2. Naomi, holding your hand. This “phase” between yesterday and today has its peaks and valleys, coming and going, yet distinctively some of us seem to be moving “stuff”. This is not a major hitter, but still “work”. Try to stay above and fly. Raise it to 5th (or above) and stay there………practice makes perfect…….I am here with you……

            1. And thanks, Amy. Hand holding is welcome right now. I just feel so utterly and completely SICK of this process. I have gotten the message that I’m awake but don’t realize it and am unable to do anything about it. Wondering if others have received this message? Very frustrating!!!!!

              1. (((HUGS))) Naomi. I KNOW what you mean! This “process” some days seems never ending. I seem to be breaking through, and then again, back at the place, feeling as though I am going no where fast. Many aspects of Life seem to be opening, yet I still seem to be puddling along. Tantalizing maybes……..could be’s………yet nothing written in stone. I am just “winging it” hoping that somehow something will connect and I will SEE the tree through the forest!!

                To reach out here makes this Journey bearable. For SO long I was alone, but no longer, and for this, I am SO grateful.

                Hang in there……we must be at the break through point. I can FEEL it!!!

              2. There is nothing to undestand/think/do (mind = brain = 3D). You must/intend to/do LOVE this process that is unfolding. It,s transforming you and everything around you in something beyond imagination. Just look at/perceive/feel all that has already changed around. Your physical symptoms are just a very little price. Cust / Benefit = Zero!. Just for a while look back and compare how you where 1 year ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago. You are not more that girl anymore, and currently you are not a shadow of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Love the change, expect for more to develop, each day/hour/second. Create your change. Be whatever your heart loves you to be… or become. You are FREE now. What is to be unfolding ahead is YOU who have to have the aim/goal/will for it to happen. Feel love/joy/happiness, you,ve got a NEW WORLD under your feet, Mother Earth. Connect/enjoy/vibrate with HER. She LOVES YOU without measure. This Ascension process, that we all are meant to be enjoying, was HER, for HER infinite love She has for ALL LIFE ON/INSIDE HER, that She ASKED with crying eyes to GOD, worried for our future, tired of hearing us to ask for help for so unjust suffering and feeling Herself being destroyed mercilessly by darkness. This process is unique in ALL THAT IS. Never happened before. Mayhaps it will never happen again.
                Have you ever been in a Pond like Aisha’s before? Have you ever had this kind of friends/brothers/family before? Did you find here anybody that is not interested in just your best good?
                No, you just have not gotten the message that you are awakened. You are LIVING it. Enjoy to full!

  17. Hello Aisha,

    I am sorry if I don’t share the general enthusiasm here, but I feel more and more disappointed by your messages. Perhaps I expect something too sensational but I have the feeling you have not brought anything new in the last couple of weeks. Your earlier messages were full of information by contrast…

      1. Michael, thank you SO much for posting this. I have “back issues” and I was beginning to think my “predicament” was worsening. The lower back felt like it was breaking, with shooting pains in my muscles that I have never had before. The thought…..”have I a new injury?” surfaced just today and with it, I had to floor the pedal to the metal to chase the fear away. You have brought so much relief to me!! (((HUGS)))

        1. PinkRose! Yes, I am hobbling around like an old man today. And this has happened a couple of other times the day after a major download. But, it is nothing to worry about and can go away in 1 -3 days. It is painful but a small price to pay for SOURCE energy ๐Ÿ™‚
          Love to you,

          1. Sending YOU much Love for leaving this link. OW! But yes it IS worth it and now I have Peace of Mind!! Bless you!

            1. Friday night my mom was in back pain-screaming.(Not usual for her) She was considering going to the hospital because she had pain and could not walk. The back does seem to be giving many grief right now.

  18. Even dandelion are useful my grandmother use to make dandelion wine. The roots can be baked ground and then used to make a coffee. The leaves can be used for salad if picked before they come into bloom. The flower was put into wine. My grandmother knew all the plants I sure miss her. I lived with her the first 15 years of my life.

    1. Yes indeed they are (Ray and Amy)! In the UK when I was young we used to have a drink called Dandelion and Burdock made from the roots of the dandelion and from Burdock!

      Transmutation is very important in this process… more on this soon…

      Philip ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. In it now, Philip. Had to jump off the cliff and manually shift to 5th! Yep, skipped 4th, put her in neutral and high shifted into 5th! Yowza!

  19. Aisha, YOU made me laugh so hard when I read “THE new word” and I knew what I saw about you and the twinkle in the eye, is True. I’m giggling as I write this…..

    So much I would very much love to contribute about this missive, but for now, the subject matter we had been speaking of, specifically fear, has taken priority and it is time for me to take a step off the cliff (again). This I do alone, and this I must do, in order to flow again in High Gear. In speaking of the “dandelion”, some of my dandelions that I “thought” were completely dug up, I find today have grown back. Digging out roots is like that…….one can only dig up as much as one is able to find at the time, then life continues and a new and higher way unfolds, until those darn dandelions grow back, and one is standing at the edge of the cliff once again. (to dig out roots they have no idea how to…..)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this missive……..I shall return when I have dug these dandelion roots out. Love and hugs, Amy

    1. I’m hitting that same patch, Amy. I am hitting one dead end after another. For example, I just spent 7 hours total in two days on the phone with my new cell phone carrier and not one person is willing to help me get a new phone since the one I was sold is a lemon. Nobody cares. It baffles me. I am turning down one job to keep another only to find my current boss short changed me on work, and rewarded the person who tries to get me fired. I am confused because I have never felt so light and free and happy and connected to the people here and animals and one problem after another is occuring and snowballing. I try to solve them and literally no solutions are available. Today I was driving and I was thinking about giving up this process (I never would), and I drove past a house with a big sign in the yard that simply read ‘PRAY’ in big red letters. It was such a beautiful nudge but it almost irrirated me even more because I am not getting even a tiny break. It’s like the grips are getting tighter and tighter when I just want to run FREE. I’m SO hopeful, and an endless optimist, but I’m wondering where to go with all this. It’s bordering on cruel. I’m literally trying to manipulate my team to give me a break, to no avail. Amy, hope to see you back soon. ~Amanda

      1. Darn! I FELT someone here who was reaching out! (((HUGS))) Amanda!

        Something is alerting me we are coming into another “wave” so hang on.

        Anyways……yep, I hear you. One thing after another is cropping up, and I just find myself not understanding. Today fears galore galloping all within me, and I had to take control and say ENOUGH! That is when I shifted in HIGH and one after another, kicked those babies out.

        I truly don’t have anything to say to help you, Amanda. I see fast and furious around me, and no-thing is making sense to me. The only time I feel right, is when I go within and flow with OM that I hear within.

        My cats, one after another, just not acting right. Not at all. One after another, things are breaking. The “smooth” groove that was here, gone. Mayhaps this is the opportunity to make sure our inner houses are truly clean, so that the building phase which is coming up can begin. I don’t know.

        I feel good that these fears are appearing which means this is a reflection of all in this world. Good! Kick those babies out and work with Gaea to transmute ALL to LOVE so that we as a Collective Family can move forward to build our World. I am creating NOW to a certain point, but I KNOW KNOW KNOW there is SO much more. I am being taught how to heal with Energy, not knowing what in heck I am doing, but just doing what feels right and being shown (will go more into this later ๐Ÿ™‚ ). That is about the ONLY thing that is working right in my life. And since I have been busy today kicking those nasty babes out, (gently of course and with lots of tender care) I have been feeling “lighter” within.

        Hang on, Amanda. When No-thing makes sense, know that GOD is at work.

        I’m in the middle of crushing up Drontal pills and putting them in capsules so that my cats don’t taste the bitter medicine. There is a correlation here so that is why I mentioned it. I am crushing bitter pills at the same time I am crushing bitter fears………hmmmmmm……….

        Sending you lots of HUGS your way, Shiny Bunny!!! Hang in there and know you are NEVER alone! XXOO

      2. Thank you, Amy. Oooh boy, I hope your radar is off and we don’t have another wave. This has been the roughest patch so far. Yes, I do agree when it is like this God is at work. It feels like someone just pushed the RESET button on my life. It’s that feeling kindof like when you end a relationship. Scary and new with a knot in your stomach. I can only try to see the positive that this is a signal that things are moving along. This is very out of my character so I don’t even know how to deal with it. The positive messages from Aisha sure do help. I was soooo ready to read and drink at the pond today. Thank you and I hope your day clears up too! XO Amanda

        1. Ignore the wave part that I just stated. That MIGHT just be for me. I came back on here to bring HOPE to all of you, especially you, Amanda!

          This is a story, true, that just happened this past week.

          Monday or Tuesday morning, one of my cats, Max, decided to run out the door when I let Cookie out (who normally goes out). No biggie. He has been taught boundaries on far he can go. The problem with Max, is getting him to come back inside.

          I call Max to come back in to eat breakfast. No go. Here I am in bathrobe and slippers and yep, there I am stepping onto very slippery back stairs to get the Max cat in. In going out, out comes Mystery, the feral cat I love and feed, who was under my back stairs, where I have built a very small shelter with a heater and blankets.

          As he came out, he came out hopping, without putting any weight on his front right leg. OH NO! OMG! Without thinking, (half asleep without even one cup of coffee in me) I do what I always do when I see one of my cats hurting. I stepped towards him, and scooped him up in my arms, walking backwards toward the picnic bench, and sat down with Mystery on my lap.

          I cuddled him. I held his head to my breast. And then thought started. Holy Sh**! Mystery!?? is on my lap??!! a FERAL CAT??? The same time I thought, he started to struggle and I let go. Hmmmmmm…….(food for thought!)

          The thoughts raced. What do I do??? I freaked! Got Max first indoors and then ran for the phone to call our VET to try to get this guy in to see a VET. Not one, but TWO emergencies were taking place right at that exact moment so there was no one to even see him (see how the Universe blocks me to FORCE me to walk an unknown Path?). My heart plummeted. What do I DOOOOOO?

          By this time, I knew I lost my chance to even get near Mystery. I knew he was in the barn next door, so over I went with food. I got a good look at his leg, and my heart plummeted even further. It was twice the normal size and it looked as thought it could be broken. DANG! You talk about freak attack!

          Attempted to get Homeopathy into him and herbal pain tinctures via the food, but nope, he didn’t eat this food, the other cats did. Great!

          CALM DOWN, AMY! Is what I heard!

          I still had NO CLUE what to do! One day went by and that whole day I was spinning out of control. My Heart was just filled with the PASSION to get to Mystery to help him. But I didn’t know how!

          Common sense took over……..IF I could get to him, how would I care for him IF a cast or surgery was necessary? No way! I couldn’t do it! There HAD to be another way.

          I went into my quiet mode. There I was shown A) the Sun had been showing me two colors of late, a light pink and a very soft light green. NO-thing happens without a reason. And B) how I was reading we must direct Energy in order for IT to do anything. Soooooo……

          My Heart yearned to help this cat. I did the ONLY thing I knew how to do and that is stay in my quiet zone. Before I knew it, I was flying in High. No form. Only energy. My body dissolved. This Golden/Light Green Sparkling Energy POURED from me to Mystery and it continued for hours. Before this happened, I SPOKE to the Energy that was pouring in my Crown, and I DIRECTED IT to Mystery. I saw color, I heard my “OM”, and I felt extreme High frequency Energy.

          When the transference was complete, I just “knew”. I came out of my zone, dazed, feeling such Beauty……and for days after, I floated. I didn’t see Mystery for days, and I just kept knowing, on FAITH, that the Energy connected to him.

          Mystery again this morning, came out from under my stairs, with NO limp, walking fully on all FOUR legs (3-4 days from day I first noted injury). I stared. I almost fell to my knees in such gratitude. I knew right there and then he was HEALED.

          A few things I really want to point out. The SUN was showing me two colors and it just “felt right” to send Mystery the green I saw along with Gold I always see (Did I KNOW what I was actually doing? No!). Two, I flew by the seat of my pants, NOT knowing what in the heck I was doing, yet, I did it, ON FAITH, and because it felt RIGHT to do this. This is how our New World will be built…… us doing the unknown, but DOING IT on FAITH and how it FEELS! Three, I wouldn’t let go of my FAITH that Mystery’s leg was healed……I just would NOT!

          With this story, I hope to show all of you, that our New World is beginning to form. WE have to figure out how to use this Energy. This Energy is Divine and it will perform ONLY if we communicate with IT and direct IT to do a certain thing. This is Powerful, and with it comes a huge responsibility to create only out of Love. I don’t think this Energy would create anything but Love, but I am not about to take that chance. I wouldn’t want to…’s not even in me to do this! Because I am on a learning curve here, I only managed to HEAL one cat. I BElieve with all my Heart, that with practice, I will be able to heal not only animals (many at one time) but anyone and anything I direct the Energy to.

          Now, I return to the crushing of pills so that my babies do not taste bitter medicine. This is another segment of Life that needs my attention, and again I don’t know how to change it. Only through Inner Sight and Hearing, will I know what to do……….

          I HOPE this encourages all of you! Sending you my LOVE! Fabtanstic!

          1. Ohhh, that story of Mystery really speaks to me, Amy…it’s helpful to hear that idea of directing Energy in order for it to do anything! And also “This is how our New World will be builtโ€ฆโ€ฆ us doing the unknown, but DOING IT on FAITH and how it FEELS!” is both awesome and scary! Anyway, you’ve given me some serious food for thought! Thank you, Amy…sending love to you and each of your cats…I love cats, too…โ™ฅMysteryโ™ฅ…janis

            1. Janis, this is what is SO exciting to me! Even though I don’t know what I am doing (yet) I am doing NEW and I am seeing RESULTS, amazing results! As more “time” passes since I saw Mystery walking on all fours, my inner excitement is building! WE will get a hold on this, and when we do, just imagine what we shall create. I am learning to push “thought” aside, to allow “feeling” precedence, listening to that “feeling” and just GO with it. Wow! I feel like a kid with Play Dough again! LOL I have much to ponder on as well, for even though this is happening, I want to know MORE.

              I am creating a World of Love.

              1. PS Don’t get discouraged IF and WHEN you don’t see results. This is a LEARNING curve, doing something we have never done before. Be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself, and just keep “winging it” no matter how many times nothing (or so it seems) happens. Keep disappointment and dismay at bay, and keep focused on Heart Love. It takes courage to do what we are, and not give up. (((HUGS)))

          2. Pink rose, I cried when I read about mystery. I have five cats too and a feral I feed on the back porch, and when any of them get sick or hurt, I feel that sickness and panic and worry in the pit of my stomach. And confusion, thinking maybe they are holding energy for me to transmute something within me that is holding me back, and that is what is making them sick. That has happened often in the past. But your story gave me hope too. You didn’t know what to do other than go into your quiet space where you got the answer. And I know the gratitude you felt when you saw mystery was healed – I feel it whenever my cats are over the hump and have returned to wholeness after being ill. You are right – we have got to just jump in and create whatever is needed at the time – even if we dont know what we’re doing. We must start the process and take action . You are learning to trust your intuition and direct energy for a specific purpose. As Creators and Gods, we must start trusting ourselves and jump in and do whatever is needed. But what are we supposed to do when we are in that holding space and just being told to WAIT? How are we supposed to navigate thru these holding spaces? When in a holding space, it’s like a void – and the Masters have always said great things are created from the void and also from chaos. (chaos theory). So there is a lesson there we are missing. I hate the holding space where I feel stuck and trapped, yet there is potential there I’m not tapping. I just want to escape by sleeping or doing mundane things that have no meaning to get thru the hours and days. What kind of life is that? Where is the joy? There is something deeper to learn and be found here

            1. Sunny, there are times when you are in the void, that in order to get out of the void, you must FIRMLY decide to do so, and manually High Shift. Let me try to explain. We from “habit” go a certain route, and we stay there until we either become aware of it, (that it needs changing) or that very thing no longer feels good. There is a BIG part of us that wants to stay where we are at, because the unfamiliar is scary. Even though the familiar doesn’t feel good anymore, out of HABIT, a part of us says stay. In order to over-ride this habit, you have to take control, and take action to shake that void off of you. I admit, this is challenging, and the first step is always the hardest. This is combination determination/faith/bravado. Once you break the habit of the void, your Life starts flowing again!

              I’m really being shown Now is the “time” for all of us to shake the void off and to step off the cliff and fly. No, you will not crash. That is what High Gear is all about……change of attitude, a FEELING of pushing the Energy within UP to the 3rd Eye, and just pushing yourself out of the void.

              I will be praying for you today, Sunny. You can help yourself by saying either silently or outloud…….I am the Creator of my Life and I will do __________ (you fill in the blank!).

              I will give you an example from my own Life. When I am in the void, my bed and I become great friends. There comes a time when “feelings” within me start rolling, and that bed just doesn’t feel good anymore. Then comes the struggle. NO, YES, NO, YES. No, I don’t want to do anything but sleep, YES, I DO want to go for a walk. I throw back the covers and I start saying I AM going for a walk! And I do! From there, I just keep going, as my Life just seems to start giving me things to do……….(like my story about Mystery)

              Hope this helps. You can do this. You can. Push “thought” aside and zoom in on your feelings and your Heart. They will never lead you wrong!!!!

              Hugs, Amy

              1. I have been thinking a great deal about what you said, pink rose, about the need to create the healing for Mystery, and how you took action even though you weren’t sure what to do. You followed your intuition and just decided to do what was needed and the rest came to you. I’m thinking this is the way all of us must go now – take charge and determine what is needed and go within to find out how to create it. So I am working on this now. Thank you so much.

          3. Thank you for sharing, Amy. What is so sweet is the feral cats seem to end up becoming the sweetest cats of all after they are touched by the human heart. I so do feel your pain with the cat and my heart sank for you. I do so believe in healing and the powers of it. Several years ago, a woman helping me on my spiritual path told me I would be invloved in “healing”. I had no idea what she meant and at that time I wasn’t even close to being a spiritual person. Several years later in makes so much sense. What I take from your message is to use intent, which I have not been doing. I’ve been sort of marinating in my energy and seeing what happens. It’s not until I’m down and hopeless and frustrated that I take action, and maybe that is why I’m at these road blocks. What is so funny is my intent must be on FOOD as of late because I’m manifesting it like crazy. I was at the grocery store and I noticed donut holes and decided against them. I haven’t had them or donuts in maybe 10 years. I don’t eat that kind of stuff. I get home the SAME day, yesterday, and there are DONUT HOLES purchased from a different store on my kitchen table.NOBODY in my house ever eats donut holes. The SHOCK on my face. Of course I was delighted because I did want them, but how RANDOM!!! Thank you for sharing your story of intent. I will take that with me. Sending much love to mystery and the rest of your gang, and of course, YOU. ~XO Amanda

            1. Amanda, that is one of my messages I am delivering to my VET……that feral cats are extremely gentle, even more so then the “normal housecat”. My Heart just cries when I know that feral cats are trapped, neutered/spayed and then have one of their ears clipped and then just returned back outside with NO post surgery care……I know I am getting on a tangent with this, but, I am reaching out to you, Amanda, to start talking to people, telling them how WRONG the system is, and these cats deserve to be treated with respect and MUCH LOVE. I am working right now with INTENTION that the sterilzation process is done energentically, either that, or the rate of birth decreases in cats. There is an epidemic of cats here, and it is awful, just awful what a mess the shelters are here, and at the same time, it is SO shocking how cats in general are treated. My Heart CRIES for a better way, and darn it, I am seeking it. I invite you to do the same, work with the Energy, helping US find a better solution on the CARE and LOVE of cats/animals. I don’t have the solution, I don’t know what the answers are, but darn it!, I am asking to be shown a Different Way!

              1. Surgeries for sterilizations are NOT the answer nor is clipping a precious ear off a cat……..Dear GOD, how my Heart cries for these precious animals!!

              2. Well, I donated at my shelter for several months, and started volunteering in the start of January. My first trip around the shelter I gave out the treats as a way to send positive energy and inspect the cats. I noticed in the back room they keep the new cats in their cages to get them used to the shelter. My first trip I noticed 3 orange cats (siblings) in one cage that looked so lifeless? All of the other ones looked ok and well taken care of. I just want to note that this is a very reputable shelter and well run and the cats are taken care of. HOWEVER, (this is painful and I’m not happy) the following week I noticed only TWO of those cats. The manager told me one was adopted and i went on with the rest of my day at the shelter. As I was speaking with another volunteer (the volunteers seem to be multiplying and oh what wonderful, passionate and caring people they are) and I mentioned how I was excited that cat was adopted. She informed me they had to put it down!!!! I was livid!!!!!!!!! The lady mentioned how she and her daughter want to start a catch a release program to save cats in the area because its cruel and unacceptable. So, here is my story and point. I made it my MISSION to show (I guess this is intent) to SHOW how my work change change cats. I went in each week and loved on every cat and I focused my care on the two orange cats who were feral. The female warmed up easier and after 2 hours each week, she CHANGED. I poured my entire being into her. And I went in and she was adopted with another female cat. My heart broke and I was so sad. But SO HAPPY. The shelter staff and manager were impressed. BUT, cracking the brother was not easy. There were time I would pick him up and he would ignore me and be stiff and not move. I started to devote a solid hour to him of my volunteering and massaged him, and he PURRED. He immediately left my lap and crawled to his corner and hid after but he PURRED!! The next time, he purred and rolled in my lap. And stayed after I released my arms. THEN, the last time I walked into the shelter and he walked around LIKE HE OWNED THE PLACE. It was sooo cute!!! I picked him up and propped him on my shoulder and played. The shelter manager said to me she can’t believe how far he has come. I made sure she saw my progress each week in my own way. Keep in mind I’m only spening 2 hours a week, but the change was a miracle. Later that day, my little cat was adopted. And do you know what the shelter manager told me? She said the couple picked him because he was the MOST CUDDLY at the shelter! My indirect mission was to show them that they can be changed. And you know what, I now see (by chain reaction) the staff devoting extra time on the difficult cats. They hold them all day. They SAW the change! They have a new female cat that was mean and growled and I watched and heard a staff member say “I like working with the difficult cats” and she held the cat for a long time….THEY are all now doing what I did. I made a change as best I could. My goal is for NO cat or DOG at THIS shelter to EVER have to be out down. I’m also volunteering and in turn I notice more people volunteering. I know that one cat was put down, but I know I saved the other two. And the difference was seen. Everything isn’t perfect right now, but it is going in the right direction. I really am trying, Amy, to make a difference. And I know you, and many others are too. And I promise to continue…

                1. Ohhhhh, Amanda, you made me cry! Dear GOD! Yes, Luv, your Mission has begun, and where it is taking you, that is the Adventure. Your story moved me and I still have tears in my eyes! Your Energy, is attracting more volunteers to help out, and YOU in motion, doing what your Heart directed you to do, gave others around you the opportunity to observe you and they themselves are now doing what you are doing! The ripple effect! Actions speak a whole lot louder then words, and that is how, one by one, our world will be changed! I am so honored to know you here at Aisha’s Pond, and my Heart is filled with JOY that others are now focused on getting the Message out……these animals DESERVE to be treated better!
                  So many HUGS!!! Don’t worry HOW this is going to work out (as in bills being paid, etc…..) just know know know that somehow everything will work out! I don’t have the ability to describe the phenomenon when you Flow in this New Energy, the domino effect begins, and things just seem to get better around you.

                  Awesome story, Amanda, and thank YOU for sharing it. You made my day a whole lot better because of it and YOU! XXOO, Amy

            2. Amanda……(((HUGS))) ! From all you have shared here, I believe you are standing at the Fork in the Road. You ARE being called as a Healer and that is why doors are closing, or what you thought you wanted doesn’t feel right.

              Walking the Path of the Healer, is a very challenging one, and it takes great courage to walk it. I “feel” your Heart when you speak of the animals. Listen to your Heart, and know, just know, by following Its Lead, you will always be provided for.

              I fought for many years. No! I don’t want to be a Healer. I have so many other Gifts to share. Yet, I (HS/I AM) kept bringing me back face to face with healing crises, teaching me how to walk the Path Less Traveled, and to go completely on Faith. By seeing how I listened and directed Energy to Mystery and the results I obtained, blows out of the water ALL doubts I had regarding the Main Path I walk. (deep breath) Oh boy!

              Today I feel scattered, due to the “impact”, the “after reaction” from Mystery’s healing. So, I go within, and gain Center again. No, I don’t know where to go next, and no, I don’t know why my special babies don’t heal(or me for that matter), and no, I don’t know this that and the other, but I walk this out anyways!

              1. Oh yes you are correct, a fork in the road. I didn’t think of it that way, but that is the case. I tell my friends I’m turning down a great job with travel and prestige and that I want to work with….. ANIMALS and most look at me like I’m insane. Some even harass me and think I’m depressed. Or they think I’m losing it. Nobody can understand that I don’t want a void life with no time and no energy and no purpose full of corporate mumbo jumbo and jealousy and competitive backstabbing and lies and blah blah. To me it’s the opposite. How could anybody DO that???? I have been coming here, because I was hoping to get support and encouragement and I am. Even though I KNOW what to do, I’m vulnerable too and support does help. I know all will be fine. My gut tells me so. However an evil little voice in my head says “How can you live and pay your bills” or “Why would you go to college and then turn down a job that you worked for” or “you will regret this”. Thank you to all on this blog. And I read this blog several times and I the part below has literally been keeping my head above water.

                “For this is your task now, dear ones, as you have been turned into forcefields of such a magnitude it literally affects anything that comes within striking distance of you. And even as we speak, your reach is getting ever wider and ever stronger, for such is the nature of this field.”

              2. Only saw the bottom part of your message, and I just got the first part of your message. Thank you! I’m glad your day is getting better and than you for your kind words. I’m honored to know you and every piece of this growning puzzle here. Another side note, I have a friend who has been down a bad path….forever. She would be the LAST to be changed if I was betting. I sent her texts yesterday to check in with her. She has a long history of drinking, drugs, BAD CHOICES galore, use your imagination!! Well, yesterday I was in shock. She told me she is dating a good guy invloved with sports and church. She watched a documentary and now going vegan/vegetarian. She was concerned about animals. She wanted to pick a cause and focus on it to change the world. She was going on an on with all the changes she wants to make and see. She wasn’t just wishful speaking, she listed all the changes she already made. It wasn’t a phase, she was changing her lifestyle. She expressed concern with the GMO in foods and what she was now eating. I couldn’t believe it. This was confirmation to ME that even people I would guess to be last in line to ever change, are now changing, completely and beautifully. Just wanted to share that because even though you don’t know this person, wow. Trust me, the words were pure and true. So Beautiful to see!

          4. Dear Amy, Amanda, Janis
            I wanted to participate in your conversation just to tell you that you can not imagine how much light, love and union goes above your heart. I see you as a team, what great happiness and joy I see being produced connectivity, this collaboration … in exchange for nothing, it’s like everything has to be … in exchange for nothing.
            And how deep reaches my heart from all your posts. Make me mourn, laugh, but mostly surprised. I never imagined feeling so many positive feelings from a pond on the internet with people I do not even know, but that their problems are mine, mine feel too (we are one). You are charming, radiate peace, love. So much love that my ability to participate in many of the comments is diminished by the lack of expressions and see how well reflected in all your words. Although sometimes I get lost in the content of some posts, I realize that it is not important if I do not understand it all, I get to you and that is enough, because the heart understands what the mind does is impossible to.
            I have little to add to all that is said here many times, but always I have you in mind … to all who come here, it’s a drug, but a benign one and I do not want to unhook .. .
            I love you, I love you, I love you

            1. It is no coincidence (accident) that I am on my laptop for a few moments. I was just closing down, Emma, when I saw your comment. I had to come here to say, “I love you”, and give you (((HUGS))). We truly have begun to create a World based on Love and Mutual Respect. How awesome indeed!

            2. You add so much love to this space, Emma. We are all on the same team, just different players with the same goal in mind. I read a horoscope that said I would meet a ton of new people this year and I thought “yeah right” since I’m not that social anymore, and I don’t like to go out much anymore. But here I find myself surrounded by so many wonderful souls, it is more that I could have imagined. And thank you Emma for being a part of that group. XOXO ~Amanda

            3. Ohh, love reading this bubbly comment of yours, Emma…gives me a boost and makes me smile…so glad to have found you here, as well, and the others… ๐Ÿ™‚ … love to each one of you… โ™ฅ โ™ฅ โ™ฅ …janis

          5. That may be,
            or maybe the cat just finally licked the sliver out of its paw. Let me get this straight. Do I understand correctly that you have 3 cats, except one of them is treated as a second class citizen.
            When an animal chooses to live with you it is a blessing.
            Back in the 80’s when I got home from work a black lab was sitting on my porch. What a dummy I was, I kept shooing him away. It took some time before I realized he wanted me. turned out to be one of the best dogs i ever had
            Dear girl, you can’t tear a cocoon open with your fingers and expect to find a butterfly. The trouble with sitting around; doing nothing is, it’s hard to tell when you’re done. The trouble with sweeping a dirt floor, is; it’s hard to tell when you’re finished.
            What I’m trying to say is, we can’t measure any of this. We are on the inside looking out.
            There is no chance for any of us to escape. We are here for all of it.
            I try to remind myself, when it hurts so much that I don’t put my shoes on for 2 days in a row, that I volunteered for this job.

            Galloping away, in all directions at once, isn’t going to help you.
            I fear you will hurt yourself, slow down a little, wouldya?

            1. I love and care for 15 special needs cats, all who stay indoors due to their health status and due to the busy street we live on. One of those 15 cats is a wild barn cat who adopted me and is giving me the honor of giving her shelter, so she is the one who crosses borders and goes in and out. The FERAL WILD cat is one whose leg was twice the size of the other, had much more then a sliver going on. When I see one here who comes here for help, my Heart hurts.

              No understanding how you concluded I treat any of the animals that come to me as second class citizens. I have 14 hour days, most days, due to the work involved in caring for those who come to me for healing, food and shelter.

              I believe you misread what I wrote. You must be very tired with this latest download. I shared an outright Miracle that I saw happen. It is your choice to believe me.

              I don’t lie. Simple. Besides, if I did the Energy would reveal it.


              1. You’re right, we aren’t on the same page. I certainly mean no offense.
                Even so, you should put shoes on before you go outside.

        2. Dear AWL, I, too, cannot work anymore in the 3d systems that are falling apart. Much like you do not want to remain in the corporate job setting. I was a schoolteacher for twenty years And a social worker for four, and the schools and mental health systems are broken. It would be so much easier to stay in these lower vibrating jobs as there is financial security and survival needs met with a regular paycheck coming in, but the energy does not allow for us to remain working in those settings anymore. So follow your heart and know that all will be well.

          1. Thank you Sunny. I did follow my heart, and everything is working out better than expected and unfolding perfectly. Yes, so many systems are broken now and more than unbearable to work in.

            1. Amanda, just wanted to say I LOVE YOU! We haven’t connected in a while. Life is in Teaching mode right now for me!!!! (((HUGS)))

              1. I had to laugh when you said you swore at your team, because Friday I had a little chat with mine as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                1. (((HUGS))) Amanda! Don’t know about you, my Team really ignored me. Still dealing with mega pain in areas I normally do not have it. I know how to send Energy to others……still haven’t been shown how to do me. See Energy streaming from my Heart to embrace the area that hurts, mayhaps? VERY “coincidental I directed Energy to Mystery and now this pain in me……did his pain get stuck in me? My Team is quiet, darn it, and not answering me……Hmmmm……I suppose they are waiting for me to remove this pain. Still don’t have a clue, though.

    2. Sweet Amy…I’m there, too…your words “flow again in High Gear” resonate with me…I’ve asked for Help (prayed) to “find the Flow”…sending much love to you…โ™ฅAmyโ™ฅ…janis

      1. Ah, Janis, I have every confidence you will find the Flow. Whatever it takes, whatever is blocking the Flow, I pray you have the Stamina and the Sight, and throw that whatever out, so you may Fly High. Don’t ever give up. YOU contain the answers, you know the Way, the Life and the Truth. The Combined Love here at Aisha’s Pond will be of such Value to you. Bring It with you. Know you are Loved and ARE Love. IF you fully understood my Life’s Circumstances, and in spite of them, still I have learned how to fly, then GOD help me, I KNOW you can too!

        I LOVE YOU! Hang on to Love, for that is the ONLY thing of Real Value that exists. Hugs, kisses, and lots of go go go, JANIS! HEARTHUG!

  20. Another lifesaving message from Aisha & the CCs. Thank you so so much. You likely have no idea of the exhilarating lifeline this site has become for so many. I loved the following especially:

    โ€œWhat you are building are energetic structures and connections, and these are growing rapidly nowโ€ฆ It was your choice to come here in the first place and take up this challenge of resurrecting the planet of your choiceโ€ฆโ€

    How fun to know we made the choice to be here now even if I don’t remember making it, but it “feels” like something I would do. Every day, practically every moment, I *see* this beautiful Earth renewed into her shining pristine self. If we’re building “energetic connections” then my energy is unceasingly focused on Gorgeous Gaia in her perfect state; The greenest trees blowing in the freshest winds, the purest waters, the most vitamin rich Earth, the cleanest air, happy, safe, beloved and free animals (Earth angels,) the cleanest cities and villages that have all been restored with meadows and lakes and flowers surrounding clean streets and buildings. No more war, no more war-torn countries, the land and people are renewed with fresh waters, health, cleanliness, joy, freedom…….

    My dream goes on and on. I *see* it and *know* it will come to pass and more wonderfully than I can imagine. The other day, Nohmad wrote that in her beautiful dream she saw the restoration of our planet occur in an instant! I LOVED that. I affirm it. Our planet will be restored speedily, magically and instantly. Why not? All is possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy Saturday to each precious soul, xoxo

    1. Kat, I love your energy. I felt like I was skipping down a sidewalk on a sunny day reading this. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. LOl! Ty, Amanda. It happens to be a glorious sunny day where I am. Fruit trees are blooming with beautiful flowers (cherry, peach, apple, orange) and wafting their intoxicating perfume. I wish the whole world could enjoy the beauty of Gaia and laugh and laugh ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Thank you so much, Philip. I literally *see* it, *dream* it, *feel* it and *know* it. This vision is my constant vision. The Earth, when she is her shining self again, will be the envy of Creation! ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

        1. Dearest Kat, I am on the exact page as you are. WE walk together hand in hand, FEELING New Earth, BEING New Earth, SEEING New Earth, no matter what 3D displays! HI 5! I am BElieving New Earth into Life!

          More from me later……still pulling out dandelion roots. Much transmutation has occurred with assistance from Gaea, oh yeah, Baby! Uh ha uh ha!

          Oh, yes, I have had dandelion wine, which we coined “giggle juice”! It had quite a Kick! LOL

          1. Thank you, pinkrose! YES!!! We are BEING New Earth regardless of the old movie that’s still playing. The New Earth is already here. Beautiful, fresh, new and shining…… Ah, Dandelion Wine. Bet it has a marvelous flavor & vibration. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

            1. (laughing!) Kat, my Dandelion Wine days are long over. I don’t drink anymore and haven’t for a very long time. All it would take probably is one sniff of wine and I would be reeling. The Dandelion Wine memories are from a wild and crazy (young and dumb) period of my life.

              1. LOL! pinkrose we ARE alike! I also haven’t drunk ‘Spirits” for more than half my life and never did much when I was younger. But the *idea* of Dandelion Wine sounded so charming, something that ladies drank in little English Villages that Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers wrote about. Ladies that tended their gardens of roses, lilacs, sweet peas and dandelions ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. Kat, what is hopeful is that even in times of confusion or stress, I too still feel and see and dream and KNOW the new is here too. It’s obvious in so many ways, despite all of the chaos. You described it well. Thanks! XO Amanda

          1. Thank you, Amanda. Every confirmation of New Earth is another *energertic structure & connection.* If we really DO create with our thoughts (and I believe it,) then we’re already living on that shining planet and will be *seeing* it soon with Earth eyes as well as Divine eyes. Happy Springtime, xox

  21. Beautiful message once again Aisha and our CC friends. Last night I had the urge to write a little poem dedicated to you all… its just been finished on reading this message…

    In Aishaโ€™s Pond we all came to share
    It is a gift beyond compare

    A pond so still inside, silent, deep
    Yet full of life our hearts to keep

    A new future of beauty and peace for us all to embrace
    Filled with love, light and heavenly grace

    For that is our intention and so it shall be
    Each one of us a drop as powerful as the sea

    Each pebble thrown in the ripples the pond
    This place of creativity, we are so fond

    Heartfelt messages intertwined with love
    Our constant companions share messages of peace from above…

    Philip for all my beautiful brothers and sisters throughout the Universe

    1. Aisha’s pond, such a perfect analogy for this sweet spot of all the internet!

      Our hearts brought us here, and bring us back again and again to connect with the essense of us all, through ALL of us who gather here, and THAT is being reflected back to us, so beautifully.

      Very nice work Phillip and Mark!

      Cheers, to all of Yous out there!

      1. Thank you Kelson! Not sure who coined the term pond but it is indeed very apt!

        When I went to save the file of the poem on my computer – I noticed that I’d created a folder a long time ago (at least a year) called ‘Touching the pond’ – which came to me as something to write about at some point… this is the first entry in it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Dearest Philip, I opened my laptop with the intention of reading your poem, which I missed yesterday, due to me being rather occupied dealing with fears…….which are gone!

      Your Poem, put an added Stillness within me. It is beautiful! It describes Perfectly what Aisha’s Pond represents and YES, this is how I SEE it as well. We are all ripples going outward into the World, for what is experienced here, is just the microcosm of the macrocosm. THIS is how our New World is being created NOW! Quietly, with Great Dignity and Respect, Divinely Orchestrated……..and it grows…….without End……

      Thank YOU for sharing this! Thank you!

      1. What a wonderful experience Amy and what a delight it is to share here…

        Poems seem to have a power that is beyond the mere words and indeed what many words can say…

        … and you are welcome…

        Philip ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. The name of the artist is Antje Duvekot. The live version of the song is even more powerful to hear but it doesn’t have all those great lighthouse pictures! Pretty much everything she sings is full of light.

    1. Thank you Aisha for bringing this Uplifting message, thank you Mark for the Beautifull video message. It is so Joyous to connect to you all my Fellow Light houses. Sometimes it seems we are so scattered around the globe, but then we find each other in these little spaces and my Heart fills with the Knowing of you all my Brothers and Sisters of Light. I LOve you all and I thank you for gathering here today to connect in Oneness.
      Blessings of Peace Be Yours!!

      Ps. Many of the images are mirrors of home here on Cape Breton Island, N.S., Canada …… I Am Blessed to be Here Now!!

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