The manuscript of survival – part 275

Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we refer to are almost unseen by many of you, you will still feel their absence as a relief in your whole system. For this process of pushing and pulling, squeezing and letting go in an almost rhythmic fashion is not only pulling you all further along on this path, it is also ensuring that you continue to travel ever more lightly. So take a bow, as you certainly deserve it, after having once more being plunged into the icy waters of second thoughts, and once again emerged from it even more certain that this is the only right path for you, and this journey is what you have dreamed of for eternity. It might not feel like a dream journey at all times, but even when the going gets tough, you know you have no real desire to call it quits and return to where you came from. For you sense, even in the darkest of hours, that you are being pulled along towards the brightest of lights. And even if the current at times seems to double up on itself and throw you into an impasse, you still sense a sort of forward momentum anyhow. For you are never in stagnant waters for long, and when you are there, know that this too is according to plan. Because you are not meant to withstand an endless succession of rapids without having the chance to breathe in, exhale and give yourself a little rest now and then. For you need this pulse to be just that, an on and off sensation of movement and pressure, easing into a somewhat slower and more tranquil phase, where you get the chance to catch your breath and recuperate a little bit before you once again get to shoot another rapid.

But these quiet moments, if we may call them that, sometimes seem to be the more challenging ones, because then your mind gets a little bit more space to start to think and feel again, and then, uncertainty and disbelief starts to raise its little head again. So for many, the periods of intense physical signalling is mayhaps the more bearable ones, because then you not only get all the confirmation you need that something is indeed afoot, but your mind does not get any space to misbehave again, and it will resort to sitting quietly in a corner and maybe just sulk a little bit. So this cycle of intense activity interspersed with some ”down” periods to call them that, each bring with them their own unique challenges. But for you, who have become seasoned travellers already, we think you have found a way to navigate the rapids as well as the backwaters. For you have learned to connect, both with your own center, but also with the whole network of fellow travellers out there, and as such, you have become more than adept at taking it all on no matter how daunting the rapid is or no matter how eerily quiet the pond seems to be at times.

For you have journeyed well, and will continue to do so, for you have set your sights on the one true thing that you know, that you are destined to conquer this whole river and get to the promised land you can already sense somewhere in the distance. And best of all, now you know that you will arrive there in the company of a great many other shining souls just like you. For you are not alone on this river any more, in fact, you have already connected with so many others on the way, and you can hear their shouts of joy, and you can shout out encouragement to anyone you hear is in distress. And that way, you can all help each other onwards on this journey.

Let us just close off todays message with a salute from us all. We are in awe of your accomplishments, and even if this may not be news to any of you, we would like to remind you all that you have come such a long way in just the last few weeks. And the biggest accomplishment you have made lately, is the connection you have all forged whilst being tossed to and fro in the churning waters of this river. For it is not given that you should take the time to reach out to others while you yourself at times are barely holding your head above the waters, so we are here to remind you all that you have in fact achieved something that is more than amazing indeed. So cudos to you all, you have not only helped yourself so much further along the banks of this river, but you have also linked up with the others in such a way you already form an unbreakable chain of light, each link pulling the others along, and each part of the chain making all of the others just that much stronger. So again we say do not forget to thank yourself for what you do. For what you all do is nothing short of magical, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we do so on behalf of All of creation.

109 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 275

    1. Ray, this Blessing is for YOU! I am learning something SO vital right now. I still haven’t the full grasp of it all, yet, in the practice, and the listening, and the studying, I shall understand fully one day. I am One with You. Peace.

  1. I have never cared for labels either. I have had a lot of different nick names through the years. I got these from people I worked with and a few from childhood.

    Nomad there are new studies on what healers blessings do to blood and many other parts of the body. They have found that a blessing changes the structure of the molecules of the blood to let them heal the other parts of the blood. This same test has been done of all kinds of molecules. They found a big change is everyone that had a healer bless. So never think a blessing may not work it will work you have to accept it.
    I’ll try to send you a blessing just open up and accept it. You will know what it is when you accept it.

  2. Vanilla, (((HUGS))). Believe and know in your heart, you are healed. I walk this path……I understand. Remember, YOU are not the body. YOU are Perfect for YOU are Spirit. You are in my Heart…….

  3. Nohmad!
    Thanks ever so much for inspiring words.
    I hope it will show in my bloodtests soon…
    But I will keep on hoping and working towards getting my health back. My body is so very much in 3D and has been for so many years, while my spirit consistently is working itself upwards. Maybe one day they can be syncronized a little bit better…
    I always value your postings on this site. Thank You,
    Blessings to you and all,

  4. This is so beautiful and I hold these words in my Heart. This brought tears of joy from my eyes. Thank you Aisha and thank you ALL!!! Infinite LOVE & GRATITUDE

  5. Hi all,

    I went to visit my new lawyer yesterday. I felt that for the first time there will be somebody really helping me. I have been so lonely in the process (the previous lawyer was “lukewarm ok”) but now I feel more confident. When I walked out from his office there was ad in the front door of the building titled “The light has been lit on your window” (a choir concert). That is how I felt too!

    🙂 Lara (maybe not needing to be the warrior princess much longer)

    1. Dear Lara! Thank you for sharing this! The light has been lit not only on your window, but in here as well. I wish you all the best!
      Love and light, Aisha

    2. Dear Lara~ Your message made me smile on this Saturday morning. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. ~Amanda

  6. I think we are all thirsty and why it so delicious to drink here at Aisha’s Pond. And the wonder of it all is the more one drinks, the more lovingly thirsty one becomes for more. And then the Pond expands to fill the thirst and so it goes on.
    Glad to be here.

    1. Dear Nancy! Thank you for being here and adding your energy to this space! It is like we are all weaving a big tapestry together, each one of us bringing in his or her own special colour and texture. And every time a new one comes in, the whole things changes again, because the new “colour” will make all the other ones sparkle in a new way. It is so amazing to see how this tapestry keeps growing bigger and more beautiful each and every day!
      Love and light, Aisha

  7. Some may not know but everything that has ever been created by man. Music, art, love, and even computers. Some are created by one person and some by many working together. It is just a reflection of your self. The more pure your intent and thoughts the greater your creation.

  8. Some people call this a Star Child. One who travels and is called a watcher. I’m sure you can find some things about this if you look it up. I read and study Six to eight hours a day. Sometimes more and sometimes I take a break. I’m old but love to study. Learning all I can is a never ending thirst.

    1. I study too, Ray, all the time. I am always learning, for the curve is Infinity. I have been thirsty all my Life, looking for books to help me understand what I do not. I am so honored to have met you here. Another Star Child. (GRIN!) I don’t like labels, though, and the only one I go by is my name. I am spirit having a human experience. And I am here to do my best with my Life and know I have a Heart that yearns to heal the planet and all in Her!

    2. I read your comment again and what you wrote really resonates with me. I have called myself the “observer” all my Life, another person has called me the “gatekeeper”. I see what most do not see and I go from there to help Source change those things that are Disharmony back to Love.

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