The manuscript of survival – part 163

Today we would like to delve further into a well known topic for you all, namely the ups and downs of your mental state. As we have already touched upon, this will mayhaps be the foremost of the challenges you face at the moment, because as the time goes by and you fail to see any of the monumental changes you are so fervently waiting for, your mental capacities will be hard pressed to keep the spirit up. In other words, what you encounter on the outside will leave its mark on the inside, and there is still very, very difficult to discern any of the outward changes. Or rather, they are there, but they are so carefully hidden amongst all of the detritus tossed about in this battle of wills, and as such, you will have to look hard and with the right sort of attention in order to find any traces of this unfolding of the revolution as it were.

Let us explain. As we have often stated, your minds have been carefully prepared so as to ignore so many signal, signals that would indeed confirm so many of the questions you all ask at this time. We are of course working hard on removing these obstacles, and let the information you so crave flow more freely into your heart and help your spirit to raise itself above the din of doom, but as always, this is an individual process, and for some, it will take more time than for others. The reasons behind this are complex indeed, so let us just say that it does not mean that any of you are ”better” at this than others. It is simply a part of the programming, and as such, we do again implore you not to compare yourselves to your ”neighbours” as it were. We will repeat this often, as it is so easy to get sidetracked by this comparison of symptoms and seemingly advancing and retreating, but is is very important that you do not measure yourselves against any other. Just measure yourself against yourself, and please, try to be objective when you do so, as we see too many of you not giving yourselves enough credit. And this brings us back to where we started, namely the mental challenges you all face. It is indeed quite a rollercoaster ride this, and this will be very apparent especially when it comes to the state of your mental well-being. You will have moments of soaring high, when everything seems to be just magnificent and beautiful, but then you come crashing down again, feeling as if you are even lower than before. All of this up and down motion will be very confusing at times, because it might seem like every time you make some progress, you will be hurled back down, maybe even lower than before. Rest assured that you are all making the progress you are meant to make, and that all of this upheaval and instability is just skin deep. Let us explain.

You are in your core so very strong and solid now, nothing can actually tear you apart and drive you down ever again, but as you are also opening up more and more to everything that surrounds you, both in the third dimensional plane but also in all of the other and hitherto unseen and unexperienced ones, you are also picking up so much more from your environment. Needless to say, the euphoria you sometimes manage to home in on is from your true destination, in other words, that will be the norm as soon as this process is completed. Therefore, all of the negativity, chaos, anger and sadness that suddenly erupts inside of you, are just signals you are picking up from the third density level. In other words, you are becoming so sensitive to all signals now, you will have a hard time sorting out what is yours and what is coming in from everyone around you. And as everyone that is still holding on to the third density vibration are becoming increasingly agitated and stressed out by what they perceive rightly as threats to their way of life, you will automatically pick this up and literally feel the same thing as they are. Not a very comfortable way of living, but trust us when we say that this will only be a temporay and transient phase.

As times goes by, you will be better and better at sorting out this mess, and you will become very adept at shutting out all of that which does not belong to you. It is indeed not very pleasant to be unable to shut out all of these negative emotions coming in from the outside, and we do understand your feeling of discomfort as you continue to pick up on all of these distress signals. It is not easy to have to feel them so strongly inside of yourselves without starting to believe that they are actually yours, and think that you are sliding downhill instead of stepping up the ladder. Again, this is only a temporary disturbance, but it is one you need to take quite seriously, as otherwise you might get caught up in this gathering momentum of fear, and start to believe in it yourselves. That is dangerous ground indeed, because then you are apt to literally throw yourselves down a very deep hole of despair, and that is not an easy hole to climb out of.

So try to focus on that inner sanctum we have already mentioned so many times, because there is where the truth lies, and that is where the voice of reason lies. And that voice will tell you very clearly that you are going in the right direction, and that all of these confusing outside noices and voices are only trying to make you lose that focus and intent you still have. You see, there are so many out there who can sense just how strong you have become, and they would like nothing better than to be able to tear you down again to their level, and they can be very, very insistent indeed. So again, it is imperative that you do not suffer this in silence, but remember to reach out to others, and on both sides of the veil, whenever you feel your defenses starting to crumble a little bit.

Another good measure against all of this negativity, is to seek out the solace of Mother Nature. You will easily tap into her strength and the purity of her energy, and she will provide all of the solace you need in order to wash away any residue that is clinging to you from all of this exposure to the ”outside world” as it were. She is gentle, but also very fierce, and she will protect you in any way she can. So ask for her help, and she will willingly give it to you, and you will literally feel how the burden of so much accumulated fear and anger just melts away under her administrations.

23 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 163

  1. Hello Aisha, Constant Companions and everyone.

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    Blessings to all.
    From Michael Mohoric:

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    Also because this is a big group I won’t be able to answer questions before the session and you’ll get the details you need in this email. Please feel free to email your experiences afterwards.

  2. Thank you all for your kind words of support, they are greatly appreciated. My love to you all.

  3. Thanks dear Aisha & CC’s….always informative, supportive & motivational ! The re-occuring theme to keep developing, stay focused & stay grounded in our core spiritual strength is an important one & sure to keep repeating as the outer world continues to adjust & affect us in so many ways ! As the storms progress feverently trying to take us off guard, put us out of balance, remember “thy rod, thy staff shall comfort me”…there are many avenues in which can be comforting & re-assuring to us…we just need to ask & believe that it done. The universal symbiotic balance that exists in the realm of LOve & Light, a kinda store-house that the energy of creation resides, is available to All who ask in good intentions ! I’d like to especially Thank the CC’s for adding the last paragraph in seeking solace in Mother-Nature….she is so much more than most know & understand….from her powerful forces to her butterfly gentleness, she is our protector, provider & the cradle of ALL life on Earth. She LOves us ALL & only asks for LOve, Respect & Appreciation in return….it is so very sad what humanity has done to her…breaks my heart !, but it’s never too late to re-learn how to LOve her again. Our ‘Oneness’ with her holds powerful healing & strength for the body, mind & spirit…I can’t begin to tell you in words how much she has shown me & done for me ! Dear Friends ~ In this ‘Now’ what we think & do, our intentions hold powerful energy that is growing each day…Believe in your power, Believe in yourself with good intentions…the veil is lifting & creation is allowing our thoughts to become reality !
    (Dear Wilbur…such an endearing heart-felt comment & I’m sure it was so deeply Appreciated by Aisha & the CC’s….but now it is time you must learn to become your own hero ! You can do it !)

  4. Excellent information, perspective, and advice. TIMELY is another adjective I could use as well, and how! Thank you VERY much for this intel. I appreciate it from the depths of my Self.

  5. Beloved Friends,

    There are a few important points within this message we might want to investigate further. If we find ourselves engaged in type “comparison”, by definition we are dealing with an egoist attribute. This is also the case if anything taking place outside of ourselves “makes us feel” the ups or downs… Our responsibility, is to develop a discernment process, or self inquiry process, to determine when we are attached to an egoist agenda or when we are residing and centered/grounded within or Higher Divine Selves. When our Higher Selves are present, there is a neutrality emotionally and we can easily disengage from any of the drama on the outside. Instead we will find ourselves within a space of compassion for those on the outside still struggling in there journey.

    If for any reason we get “hooked” by circumstances and find ourselves dealing with pain body issues, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is serving a purpose! Although it may not be pleasant, the pain is for moving and not residing. In other words, when our buttons are pushed, it is a type of “gift” for us to see that issue, which is within us, to have an opportunity to heal it. To do that, if you have not yet refined the tools to resolve the matter yourself, the C’s are correct in advising “to ask for help”.

    The answers we seek are within…!

    ❤ to all,

  6. Thank you dear Aisha and Constant Companions. From this message, I gather that all clearing of past negativity/ old issues is done and any experiences of negative emotionality we should realize that we are reading others, ( collective consciousness, others in the vacinity et cetera); well that is very good news that all of the clearing is done! The lesson that I have been getting the past few days is to “ask” for help right away and without hesitation. The old me has a habit of wallowing in misery way too long. Now if I have an issue, I just mentally or even verbally ask for help and it comes immediately….those beautiful benevolents/ Constant Companions are so wonderful, I am so thankful for all of the help, love & light. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. You are my hero’s and I love you all with all of my being. Thank you so very much for these wonderful missives as well. You are my hero too Aisha & all of my love to you for all that you have done for me and for all of us. You have no idea how much this lifts my spirits, I look so forward to this blog every day. Love & Light to you All.

    1. Dear Wilbur! Thank you and bless you! I agree with Theo, you are such an inspiration to me too, as you are always willing to share your insights and your encouraging words. You have no idea how important this is for me, and I feel so blessed to be able to connect with you and everyone else here every day. What an amazing and wonderful group of shining souls you are! This journey has certainly become so much easier to enjoy now that I know we are travelling together :–)
      Love and light, Aisha

  7. Just wanted to drop by and give my thanks to you all. Been attracted to these messages for a while now and I find them very helping. Not something they teach you at the schools and it has taken me painful experiences to start to read these in the first place. When my third eye “opened” as I call it I could remember many things including dreams and many “hallucinations”. In one of the earliest ones this guy told me I wasn’t dreaming. I have tried to remember that one when I feel shackled and limited. It’s comforting and more than anything I would hear those words again from him. But again, it’s us here with our “imperfections” knowing one way or the other we get to be free someday anyway so what the heck.. Hehe! Cheers all!

  8. Thank you Aisha and the C’s. My heart is humbled once again. Another timely reminder after coming out from under the grip of despair and anger these last few days.

    I am deeply grateful for your clear channel Aisha. Your
    messages have proven to be life savers.

    You are truly a beautiful soul, thank you!

  9. Thank you for reminding us to hold to the inner sactum, our core, as it is the only “security” there really is. Love, J.

  10. Thank you Aisha and our constant companions for your constant presence, reassurance and reminders of how to navigate the unchartered territory we are in. My emotions have been going up and down, but all focused on personal relationships lately, so this must be the area that needs clearing, healing and transcendence for me. As for the external world, I am fortunate that I can sit and watch the show without it as yet having effected me or my family in any serious way. I work every day to pull the energy in from Source and ground it into Mother Earth. I work to set my intentions for the highest good of all and to always go inside and hang out with my spirit family when the going gets rough. Love to all.

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