The manuscript of survival – part 162

Let us start this missive by saying that you have all walked a long, long way to get to the point where you are now, and let us also say that the point of no return is also far behind you. Let us explain. For many, this journey is so taxing at times that they are thinking ”is it really worth it, and will I ever get to that promised land of bliss and peace I so long for?” This is indeed more than understandable, as you are being tossed hither and thither by these energies, and at times it even feels like you are literally hitting a solid brick wall, and as such, the pain and discomfort can be enough to make the bravest of hearts have second thoughts. But as we said, the point of no return is long since passed, and the time to that fabled destination is certainly much, much shorter than the gruelling distance you have completed already. This might seem like an empty promise yet again, as we will never, ever give you any specific dates or lengths of time in these messages, but as we have so often said, this increase in pressure means only one thing: this process is coming to a climax, and as such, you can at least hold on to the promise that you are in fact so much closer to that final goal than ever before. Not much solace in this you mayhaps think, but as we have said earlier, you are getting so close, you can literally almost stretch out your hand and touch that final goalpost already.

As always, everything around you seems to be pointing in the opposite direction, as there are certainly no lack of daily proof of the mismanagement reaching new heights in every field, but again, if you manage to look behind all of those headlines screaming disaster and catastrophe, you will see those little glimmers of light in every corner of your globe. Not much compared to these well advertised negative happenings that seems to be breeding uncontrollably wherever you turn, but as we have stated on so many occasions, do not be fooled by that superficial layer of drama that seems to cling to everyone and everything at the moment. It is literally only skin deep, and as such, beneath that layer, so much positive energy is starting to take hold and seed its information into so many of your fellow men. It has been talked about the onset of this so-called invisible tsunami before, and this tsunami is gathering in strength and spreading out like concentric circles all over your planet. This tsunami of benevolent energy is starting to push through that thick layer of miasma covering up so much and literally blocking out the light. But now, the light cannot be blocked out any more, and more and more people are starting to see the real world in this new light. And when they too open their eyes to this new daylight, they will also hear the calling from their heart and turn away from the old.

Remember, not all of your compatriots will react in the same way. For those still set on completing this disastrous cycle in your world, this light will feed their bloodlust and frenzy even more, as they are literally frightened to death by this onslaught of light on your planet. And they will react in very unpredictable ways indeed, so do not be surprised if the level of hatred and anger and violence will suddenly erupt and overflow in some parts of your world. Again, they will only be signs of the advancement of the light, so do not fall into the trap of getting caught in this escalating drama. Remember, it is only a play put on to fool the masses into thinking that they have lost all the power they possess to do anything at all to change the course of this little blue planet.

The rest of you will feel this as a surge of strength, and you will be even more energized yourselves by these incoming rounds that will literally trigger those remnants of darkness that still lingers in some people’s hearts. They have chosen not to abolish fear, instead, they have chosen to embrace it and protect it with all of their power, and they will resort to any dirty trick in the book to convince as many as they can that the world will forever be a dark place. It will not, and your presence here has already guaranteed a very different outcome from this prolonged process. The light has already won this battle of wills, and you have fought long and hard for this victory. Now the time has come to sit back and watch as the decaying of the old takes its course. Of course, you will not be left without tasks to do while you watch the spectacle unfolding, but please remember that you must act as a spectator, not as a player, as the other side put on their final act of the charade they have been playing out for so long. Your role is not as a cast member in their drama, your role is to continue shedding more and more light onto the stage so that others can see through the playacting and realize that it is time to leave that stage for good now and join the ranks of those who have let the light enter where darkness once ruled supreme.

15 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 162

  1. I feel like I do the same thing :)… I am trying to stop doing exactly that 🙂 I do not feel afraid anymore, so no need to keep the behavior.

  2. Been wondering is there others who just try to break their hearts all the way to the unforeseen future so there’s no more pain inside fueling… my own fears or something? Or is this just a man-thing?

  3. Infinite Blessings of Love Light & Gradiutde Aisha, as always a pleasure to share in your Light, Joyous message of Peace within.
    I Love you all Dearly Beloved Family of Earth…. shine on!! :-))

  4. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions for you words of support. It is difficult to keep striving ahead in the midst of seemingly dark things still happening but these words so help.

    Blessings to all
    All are one

  5. May the BENEVOLENT ENERGY resonate with every earth/water/fire/wind/ether particle of your body/mind/spirit complex 🙂

    Infinite benevolent energy to YOU ALL

  6. Dearest Aisha & Constant Companions, Thank you so very much for all of your much needed Love & light. The past few days have been physically difficult. Sunspot 1515 alone has showered us with much energy, let alone that which we cannot perceive. I was able to remember to quickly ask for help and you sent your Cosmic analgesia which displayed excellent effect, thank you! Love & Light to you all.

    1. Wilbur, I love your “Cosmic analgesia” description! How clever! Some of my friends have claimed me “delusional.” Now I can say that I am being supported by “Cosmic analgesia” sent to me because I asked and I am open to receiving. thank you.

  7. A BIG thank you, dear Constant Companions & dear Aisha!
    Indeed, Light and Joy feel glowing everywhere, and VICTORY in our reach.

    Dear sweet little family of Light,

    here an invitation to a xxshort meditation indeed, that could bring Gaia giant
    results. Please join if your heart is telling you to do so.

    I AM fascinated by the Sacred Geometry of Creation, and so watch every day
    on Crop Circle Connector to see what great news are sent us from Heaven.
    Although I can see through the symbols & their hidden meaning, I still look at
    these magnificent pictograms like that poor calf in front of the new gate.

    On the 2nd of June a great “polar clock” was coming, and genuine people
    discovered that on Saturday, the 4th of August, at 19:43 a huge attack on the
    Olympic Games in London is possible.
    But somebody else war rushing in, pretending the calculations were wrong,
    and quickly giving another date and another time.

    Well, I felt so indignant – as always when TRUTH is twisted the other way around, I just cannot stand it! – that I sent an email on the spot to AMUNA RA.
    This delicate, fragile lady, who wares her spiritual name, walked in the crop
    right after and got direct from QUETZALCOATL a crucial message..

    Please read her report on www. Pleiadian
    she is short and clear. Quatzalcoatl was confirming the date of 4th August,
    and he & The Councils of Light asked us to send our power of Light & Love
    to London, all together as ONE, united at a chosen time.

    This time is every Saturday at 6:40 to 6:50 London time.
    As I said, just 10 minutes. The meditation content is on that site too.
    This lady is very active spiritually, has about 100 people working with her.

    We had 3 Saturdays till now. Today is the 4th. In my meditations, I saw
    that City of London like the darkest possible nest of the dark – till deep, deep
    in the body of our beloved Gaia. Realized how much work needs to be done.

    In LOVE & in LlIGHT asking you if you feel like joining, if your heart says YES.

    My name is Marieta, I AM ballet mistress, loving to fly like a butterfly.

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