Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 6

Inoculations of light.

Swift and sure encodings that will set your soul astir.

This is what you are partaking of.

A movable feast, designed to improve your ability

not just to maintain a high input, but also to amplify your output.

For you are not here to just be.

You are here to help create the very fabric of your new existence.

An existence that goes far beyond merely existing.

And as you step up to this task,

countless others will be ready to follow your example.

For as you shine your light ever further outwards,

this in turn will help to ignite that God Spark in your brethren.

So where you go, a multitude will follow.

The dream you have spoken of so many times

is starting to make its own voice heard.

No longer hidden within the confines of your heart,

it is beginning to show itself in the most vibrant of colours.

No longer a fantasy, but an emerging reality.

So shine on, dear ones, sing your songs of freedom.

You will find that many a deaf ear have become unplugged,

as  many new souls are finally  ready.

Not just to listen, but to join the chorus.

Dear friends!
February is here, awash with the most magnificent of energies. Not always so subtle, but definitely uplifting in so many ways. Yes, it can be more than a little challenging at times, but now, so much of what we have dreamed of is finally beginning “to show itself in the most vibrant of colours”. It is coming alive, because WE make it so. We are constantly co-creating “the very fabric of our new existence”, and this Sunday, February 6, at 21:00 my time (UTC + 1) I invite you to join me for this month’s Gathering around the Pond. Let us come together as ONE, sending out a ripple of light that can help to ignite that dormant God Spark in our brothers and sisters around the world.

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 6

  1. Dear friends! Thank you for another deeply felt Gathering 🙏 I am still buzzing with the energy today. My drum wanted to be a part of this Gathering too, so I drummed softly for the first minutes. I could “see” the vibrations from the drum rippling out across the Pond, like small waves on the surface. As I sat in silence, I saw each and every one of us as spinning merkabas, in shimmering light purples and greens. Then, we shape shifted into clear pointed individual crystals, we looked like a quartz cluster. I saw bluish white light coming down from the sky, making us sparkle, almost like a Tesla Coil. Then, we all lit up with the brightest, whitest of light, sending it out far beyond the Pond ❤

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