A short update on the energies

Listen to the call

from the wanting to become.

Feel into the great rush

of Creative Sparks

cascading into your field.

Know that you are the portal

through which everything

comes alive.

It is from your shimmering light

that all things New

will be created.

5 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. SO very beautiful and completely aligned to what I am feeling, as always, much blessing to you Aisha

  2. Thank you dear Bente for this very powerful message ❤ Yes I have been feeling the creative sparks for a while now though I still don´t know what to do with them. I´ve been longing for something new since the beginning of this year and feel like a horse that full of power wants to let go into the race. I hope I will find my race soon ❤

      1. I’m glad you’re certain that a change is underway because this limbo is very draining. Thank you for relating to what I said dear Bente ❤

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