Welcome to the November Gathering around the Pond Sunday November 1

Dear friends! What a day to have our Gathering! Not only will it be the very first day of November. It also comes along packed with quite an energetic punch. It is one day after the October Blue Moon and Halloween. It is also the last day of Samhain, traditionally the first day of the New year according to Celtic tradition. The veils are thin, and fires will be lit to ward off chaos and to herald in a new beginning. So let us gather around the Pond at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (UTC + 1) and add our light to the bonfires of harmony, balance and co-creation. It is much needed at times like these!

The fires have been lit.

The time has come.

The heavenly song of freedom

wants to be heard all across this world.

So add your voice to the choir.

Let it ring out.

Loud and clear.

Ripping through the veils of forgetfulness

with a mighty roar.

And the meek shall once again be free.

For this month’s Gathering, a group of us will gather around the fire in our traditional lavvo tent here in Stavika to meditate and play the drums. All of you are invited to join us in spirit. It looks like it will be a very powerful Gathering indeed. Thank you so much for adding your light – and your voice – to it!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the November Gathering around the Pond Sunday November 1

  1. Dear friends! The weather outside reflects the energies surging through the collective these days. Strong gusts of wind, crashing waves, intermittent downpours, sudden glimpses of blue skies and the Sun, rainbows in front of the dark clouds, and short periods of absolute calm. The strong winds will pick up even more in the days ahead, as will the global Winds of Change. I am being called to simply BE. After a period of fluctuating between intense activity and feeling almost drained, everything within me says “take it slow, be still, be present, just BE the calm”. I do believe our Gathering helped to release so much for the collective. It also opened up a space for the expanding energies to move more freely, literally decreasing the intense pressure that so many have been feeling/acting upon. Later tonight, we have been called to do a ceremony down in the glade from the video, the space where I called in the energies for our Gathering. In that space, a large tree grows, we call it the Three of Mary, representing the Sacred Feminine. On the opposite side is a large old pine tree, representing the Sacred Masculine. The ceremony will be all about helping to bring in as much balance as possible during this day where so many are more than willing to fuel the fires of duality, fear and anger. Thank you all for shining so brightly and for being the Light of Change ❤ ❤

  2. Dear Aisha

    Thank You for Your message…

    I just wanted to give You all a Heads Up on my new
    YouTube-Channel hippiespirit1966.
    I have made an Instagram in the same name and the central hub
    Is going to become the stengler(dot)dk site.

    This site is still under construction whereas the YT

    seems to have found it form for now.

    I recommend the video “Confessions of an Alien”

    I am pretty sure You all know what to do

    so I won’t leave a or something 😉

    Love & Light

    Stephan Aka hippiespirit aka Your Friend

    P.S. Anyfeed back is welcome and will be taken under advicement…

  3. Dear friends! Yesterday’s Gathering was very special for me. A group pf seven people joined my two sisters and me for a Full Moon celebration at 18:00 our time. We did ceremony around fires in four different locations on our property. The last stage of this celebration was a drum meditation inside our lavvo. Even though that took place about an hour before the Gathering itself, your presence was very palpable during it. Afterwards, I was guided to bring my drum to one of the ceremonial fires and play it to set the energies for our Gathering. The wind had picked up by then, and I could sense such a strong presence by all the Unseen. I made a short video while I was down there, you can see it here: https://youtu.be/P0Ps_akl-oc

    The Gathering itself was very powerful too. Even though I was sitting in my room, I “saw” us all sitting around the fire down in the space where I had played the drum a short time before. As we gazed into the flames in the fire bowl, they turned into a mirror of water. The water started to ripple, creating beautiful patterns. Suddenly, it was like the water exploded into a huge sphere of pure white light that expanded quickly outwards, covering the Globe. In the centre of this white sphere I could see a reddish/orange geometric design, very distinct from the white, multilayered light. I have no idea what this light was, but I could feel how it filled me up in the most loving way. I did not receive any messages during the meditation, other than a strong sense of “mission accomplished”. Thank you all for adding your vibrant energy to this Gathering!

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