A short update on the October energies

Fear not what lies ahead.

The turmoil within you that is reflected without

is merely window dressing.

Your true core is as solid as ever

as is the core of humanity.

For you are evolving beyond your old form,

and as such, upheaval is simply a part of the game;

the game of releasing what was

in order to become more fully what you truly are.

So just like the trees,

go deep down into your roots,

feel the firm hold you truly have on yourself

and of Gaia Herself.

For She is assisting you all through this transformation,

this deep transition of mankind.

For you are a part of Her, as much as She is a part of you.

So allow Her to support you in this process

of shedding the old in order to reveal the fresh, new growth,

this inner core of vitality, of joy and truthfullness.

So simply allow whatever wants to arise to do so,

like the sap rising in the trees in spring.

Whatever comes up, comes up to nurture you,

no matter what shape  or form it comes in.

Embrace it all, as you will be embraced by All there is.

And so it is, and so it will be.


10 thoughts on “A short update on the October energies

  1. OKAAAAY. What a wild dance this is. Quick-stepping back and forth; up and down; side to side; cartwheels; and then WHAM… repeat loop. Must be how a hummingbird feels… only doing loop de loops. Gratefully, my JOY is returning; it went dormant for awhile. Sometimes, out of the blue, just want to break out in loud donkey laughs like Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit” bathtub scene bc this entire transitional moment in time is not to be believed, and hilarious bc it actually is happening. If I could sing, I would sing, “Amazing Grace” and “Hallelujah” outside as loud as I can (to let off steam and calm down), but my singing voice sounds like combative croaking frogs. I truly wish someone else around here would be called to sing those songs. Blessed musical poems.
    Thank you, Dear Bente, for your video and Words of Wisdom. I do KNOW the spectacular outcome that is awaiting us all/ALL, and my Heart sings in quiet Gratitude. In the meantime, even though I meditate, I feel like a tightly wound piano wire ready to fly off in all directions once let go. I guess remaining in covid isolation inside 4 walls doesn’t help.
    Sooo interesting. Whoever wrote this “script” has a dramatic and comedic flair for sure–both at the same time!!
    With my Love, Bente, and huge Gratitude, xo An upside down energy labelled “Lin” ❤ 🙂

  2. So beautiful, followed your work for years. Thank you, Namaste 💖✨🙏🏻Blessings, Anne Deidre Best Selling Author, Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach Featured on HUFFPost Live, ABC, NBC TV, FOX News Radio Contributor Founder of Visionary Intuitive Academy and Intuitive Living Network Receive Free Awaken Intuitive Power Gift Set http://www.annedeidre.com


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