Morning message 08.08

Dear friends! I woke up earlier than usual this morning, and was called down to the beach. As I watched the tide softly withdrawing, these words emerged:

“Remember dear ones, life is always changing.

Just like the tide.

Sometimes rolling in, other times softly withdrawing.

So allow yourself to feel deeply into this pulse,

this rhythmic beating heart of Mother Earth.

Sink into Her rhythm, just BE in that space

and know that all is well.

No matter how things may appear on the surface.

There, in the stillness, life continues on.

Every single second.

So be still, and know that you are still moving

in your right direction.

With every breath, you take a new step

into the unknown, into the new.

So allow all of this New to reveal itself to you.

Just like the tide reveals new land every single day.

And so it is.

And so it will be.


May you all have a blessed Lion’s Gate weekend!

6 thoughts on “Morning message 08.08

  1. YES, AHO, Dear Bente!! Thank you for the encouraging message along with the video. Wish we all could be there with you (anchoring the worldwide Loving energies) in your Paradisiacal location. Topsy turvy over here, but the mighty Shift is welcomed. What’s funny is that those “leading” the Shift are not even aware they’re the catalysts for Goodness. Thank Goodness for their roles which are soon to be completed. 3D Life has been a kick in the pants sometimes, and sometimes it’s exhilaratingly JOYful. weeeeee, what a ride! xo šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ā¤

  2. Like you, I woke up several hours earlier than usual and was wide awake. The clouds were so beautiful blue and golden and I felt that something was happening now, but I fell asleep again in full confidence that everything is as it should be.

    Thank you Bente for your message and for sending it at 08.08 which are “my” numbers ā¤

    1. Hi, BBBB!! Great powerful numbers, B: Abundance AND Infinity. Love to you. xo ā¤ šŸ™‚ The first half of 2020 was a doozy… the second half is going to be a double or triple doozy. (I finally got my sea legs to ride it out over here.) ENJOY. šŸ™‚

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