Celebrating freedom

Dear brothers and sisters!
Exactly nine years ago, on August 16. 2011, I set myself free from my old life. That day, the very first installment of what would expand into The Manuscript of Survival arrived. Very unexpected, to say the least. I had received a number of short channeled messages over a couple of years, but they more or less said the same; they were meant to “prepare me for something important.” At the time, I was a self-employed graphic designer. I remember it was a Monday, and I sat down to work as usual. But I could feel that a message wanted to come through. So I just opened myself to it. And there it was. I just knew it, with all of my heart, that THIS was what I was meant to do. So I sent a message to all of my clients, telling them that I could no longer work for them, because I had just taken on a huge writing assignment.

My life has changed so much since then. I have lost count of the number of messages I have channeled. In addition to the written ones, I have also channeled literally hundreds of paintings. The paintings started to come in the spring of 2015, just before I was given what would be the last written message that was to be shared in this space. That is, until I was guided to re-open it again this spring. (Some of these paintings, and later, the words that came to accompany them, I shared on my other blog, https://aishanorthwaterspeaks.wordpress.com/.)

As I sit here and think back on these last nine years, I am filled with a deep gratitude. Towards myself, for daring to leap into the unknown. Again and again. And towards every single one of you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Thank you for all the love, support and light you have gifted me with. Thank you for accompanying me on this amazing journey! Without you, this space would never have sprung into full life. The Pond would never have been born.

This message is my gift to all of you on this very special day. Thank you for daring to fly, and thank you for helping me continue to do the same. May we all feel the wind filling our wings in the time ahead! With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

“The incandescent light of joy

cannot be contained.

Nor can your freedom.

Unfettered by any outside rules or regulations,

you are free to roam.

So go wherever your imagination takes you.

Your inner landscape is limitless.

Take to your wings, dear ones.

You are here to fly,

not to hold yourself back.

For it is only your mind

that can weigh you down.”

I also had to share this. It is the very first channeled painting that came through, back in 2015.





45 thoughts on “Celebrating freedom

  1. Thank you for your explanation of my feeling dear Bente ❤ I really did not know that it meant that I have evolved. A strange feeling actually but now I can put up with it 😉

  2. Dear Bente/Aisha, your Survival Transmissions lifted me up and helped to carry me through those ‘middle years.’ As I look back, I am a bit surprised that I am still here in Portland, Oregon – holding light to help the area with my presence. It is still my dream to return home to my beloved Denmark and where my son lives. I’m confident that day will come, but meanwhile there’s much work to do here, as the US continues to destabilize. Liberty & freedom are lofty goals. I’ve no doubt of the outcome but nowadays peace for me is found mostly in nature.
    Lys og kjærlighet fra meg,

    1. THANK YOU!, Lys, so much for your Light work in Portland!! and here in the U.S. Sharing Light with you. xo ❤ 🙂

      1. Hi Lin, delighted to re-meet your acquaintance! We Ponders were (are) a wonderful gathering of lightworkers. Upliftment was always your forté… 😘 🌷

        1. Again, thank you hugely, Lys. Your Light energy is truly appreciated in Portland. That said, I hope you can join your son soon in your homeland, Denmark. Take good care, Lys… I’m right along side. P.S. I’m glad you are getting into Nature–the only Nature I’m enjoying right now is in my front and backyards in the early morn; it”s too hot otherwise! ha With much Love, xo ❤ 🙂

    2. Dear Dorrit! Thank you for your light, your love and your perseverance ❤ Your presence makes a whole lot of difference for so many! I feel a deep connection to the western part of the US. Something there really, really calls to my heart. Some day I do hope to come back, and see more of Portland than just the airport. I do believe this connection in not just personal. Me and many others have sensed an energetic bridge connecting this part of the world with yours. I see it as an arch of light, spanning from the west coast of the US and all the way here, to Scandinavia. So what you do, is supported by us, and vice versa. Lys og kjærlighet tilbake til deg, håper du får se ditt elskede Danmark og din familie der snart! ❤ ❤

      1. Dear Bente, thank you for your kind words. Perhaps this light bridge you speak of is what first drew me to the Pacific Northwest in 1976 when I was on assignment for Cesar Chavez. If you find yourself in Portland one day, pls visit – though I may get to Stavika before then! xx ~D.

        1. Dorrit, I don’t want to post too much, but I kept getting a Heart-based niggling feeling to acknowledge you with appreciation for your long-life warrior service (Cesar Chavez+) here. Your work has Blessed us all here. Thank you sincerely. Denmark will be Blessed whenever you see fit to return. xo Take care.

  3. Joining Manuscript of Survival 2012 was a fantastic event for me and that you Bente was the one who received me the way you did was so important to me. Thanks for that ❤

    Someone said today "The personal and spiritual power, which for various reasons you did not have access to, will now be gradually released."

    I hope this is true. I feel that several years ago I had much more power than I have today, which is very frustrating, but I hope for a breakthrough soon.

    Thanks for your posts ❤

    1. Dear Birgitta! Thank you for your presence here, and in my life, for all these years ❤ I think perhaps the reason you feel "less" powerful today, is that you have expanded so far beyond who you were back then. Growing means stepping into the unknown, away from the person you used to be and know. It is a bit like walking into a much larger room, making you feel smaller. But you' re not 😉

  4. I am grateful for the resonance I feel in this community. The channeled painting that I acquired is my reminder that there are those with whom I share great optimism for what we are experiencing. Thank you, Bente, for each of your posts. They always give me a boost. 💖

  5. It’s easy thinking about you this day, it’s my birthday, because since I discovered your blog 9 years ago this day became more special. Thank you so much dear Aisha.

  6. Hi Aisha…I was only thinking about you yesterday and your posts five years ago? I read everyone of them over a Christmas house sit in southern Spain then. I resonated with everything and that gave me confidence on my shaky path/ at the time!. My path is very strong now. Thankyou for your ‘coolability’ and everyone connected with you…together WE are infallible.

  7. As we already shared in messenger and feels appropriate to share here also!

    Blessed 9th Anniversary.

    I was unexpectedly reminded this morning!!!

    What a journey.

    So much has unfolded. Infinite love and gratitude to you both.


    1. Dear Philip! Thank you for reminding me of this anniversary this morning. What a journey indeed! How amazing to think of all of the synchronicities that connects us. Happy anniversary to you too – the Universe certainly pushed the ON button on us both at the exact same time 😉 ❤

  8. Hi, Bente!! There are so many things happening–both personally and globally. I’m glad I have your messages, photos and videos to keep my gaze looking forward and upward along with meditation and other self-practices. Even so, I am–most of the “time”–in quiet gleeful exhilaration looking forward to each single moment of this Shift that we all have been working towards and waiting for for so very very long. I think of all the Ponders and send loving&laughing God Speed Light Energy daily. The USA and global news is beginning to be less and less negative for me as I witness it from the viewpoint of the heavy resistance energies finally melting, albeit very slowly presently. I appreciate the brave and hearty Peaceful protesters–I pray for your safety and for your resolve to remain Peaceful and even Wisely back away during inflammatory events. I’m Grateful we all know the end result of this Shift-ing pathway–the Prize awaiting our claim.

    Bless you, Bente, Bless Us ALL for our loving Wisdom, commitment and determination. Again, “Laughter is an instant vacation” (comedian Milton Beryl) when all else looks bleak. Even “pretend” laughter will work its way into true laughter as the deep cellular/molecular body remembers the feeling… and it’s infectious, in a benevolent way, unlike Covid-19. It’s a repetitious healthy exercise for those willing.

    Always, in Gratitude&Love&JOY&kind laughter, xoxo Lin 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Dear Lin! Thank you for your loving, laughing, kind and wise presence in this space and on this planet ❤ I am so grateful for you and for all those who have taken up the task of being the the calm and centered light in the midst of the turmoil ❤

      1. P.S. Dear Bente… I forgot to say: “CONGRATULATIONS” on your anniversary. And like everyone else here commenting, you changed my life tremendously with your Manuscript. Thank you into Infinity. With my Love&Gratitude always, xo ❤ 🙂

      1. I’ve not forgotten you for one minute, Philip, and your miraculous ability to lead me/anyone into actual physical healing. I am still in continuous Gratitude and BE-ing Blessed daily to be able to participate in this lovely moment in “time” to help you all here with this occurring huge Shift into JOY! Look at what we’re doing!! oh my. ❤ 🙂

        1. Blessings to you dear Lin. All that I ever ‘do’ is invite people to Realise (Real Eyes) what is here for them always.

          All is well. Most definitely a huge shift in the collective consciousness is emerging gradually. Many insights have arisen about it.

          A new puppy a younger brother to Amber called Joel is now with us!


          1. wow, Philip. A new puppy, Joel!! I’m almost jealous. We recently applied to adopt two slightly older pups even though I felt it wasn’t time yet for us to bring aboard beloved 4-legged little ones with all the commotion. I knew our applications wouldn’t be accepted. We’ve been talking about purchasing two little wee Westie pups when the time is right; feels right to do so even with so many dogs needing homes. “We’ll see” which is what I say all the time now during this adventurous adventure. You&Sue have the perfect lovely home and grounds for Amber and Joel. If I were a pup, I’d want to live there!! 🙂 EnJOY all the Shift changes in your country paradise. And, yes, I’m sure there is an overage of insights directed to your in-tune wave-lengths. (Mr. Orange probably occupies quite a few!) 🙂 Continued Blessings. xo ❤ 🙂

            1. Ha ha it is certainly a doggy and puppy paradise here. 😂😂

              I watch with amazement all that is unfolding right now. Most definitely ‘interesting times’. I know nothing (like Manuel in Fawlty Towers I mentioned to you before.

              Two Westie’s they are very popular over here also. If it is meant to be they will come. They would be fun.

              9 Years for SOL today. 😂😂

              1. Congratulations… I AM a grateful beneficiary. EnJOY your celebration today; I will join from here. xo

  9. Thank you so much, Bente 🥰(though I am accustomed to your prior name, Aisha)
    I first found you in early 2014 & was happy to see your return. Thought I lost you because my life had been going thru many changes (seemingly turmoil) during those 5 years as well!
    I also feel grateful to all – Light walkers, especially – & for the honor of being here during these cosmically unprecedented times.
    Thank you for all your efforts & the loving reminders of support. And I AM so often impressed by your/European’s adroit command of the English language! Just beautiful…

    In Love & Gratitude,
    Christie B


    1. Hi, Christie… I’m butting in here as I too agree with you assessment of Bente’s adroit command of the English language. Amazing. Take good care as you adjust/adapt to your personal changes–you are not alone on your path.
      Be Blessed. Ahhh, yes, lovely Peace–arms wide open. 🙂 ❤

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