A message from Mother Earth

Dear friends! This morning, I went down to the beach close to where I live. The sun was out again after days of wild and windy west coast weather, so I relished the chance to be able to sit outside and meditate. While I sat there, I got this message that I wanted to share with all of you. I picked up my phone and made this short video. It is a bit “shaky”, but I think you will feel the energy of it. I do believe that part of the reason I was guided to move here three months earlier than planned, was to be here NOW. To be surrounded by all of this natural beauty, so I could share it with all those who are unable to BE out in nature because they have been ordered to stay at home. I want you to know that Mother Earth is here for you – no matter where you are. Just open your heart, and invite Her in.

19 thoughts on “A message from Mother Earth

    1. Happy Birthday, Happy Earth Day, Bente/Aisha! Look at the time you posted this video. 🙂 ❤ +++

  1. Aisha, I have somehow been drawn to your site recently, and although I did not participate in the Pond gatherings from years past, somehow I feel the invitation to join so strongly now. When you opened the door again it literally opened something in me that had been dormant for so long.
    The first thing that awakened my heart again were the words from one of your messages:

    . “There is a song waiting to be sung.
    A song of great wisdom.
    Allow this song to come to you,
    allow this song to come through you”.

    I have a collection of channeled songs ( hymns), that I have received over the years, that have been bubbling to come out again, but until today I have not felt called or safe to share any of them. Thank you for creating this place and for all the beauty you and your friends share. Elizabeth Natale

    Song of Love and Freedom ( waltz)

    The raindrops that glisten that fall on my crown,
    The teardrops that gather, what is not bound,
    A gentle reminder, that all is well,
    Nothing to despair, when love clears the air

    Oh The rainbows the laughter the birds fill the sky,
    This love song within me now has wings to fly,
    To carry this message to lift our hearts high
    Remove all the burdens and soar to new hights

    Oh When love is reflected in all that we do
    We remember our wholeness as that which is true
    We’re guided by love, not by our thoughts,
    One is eternal the other is not

    We are shimmering light rays expressing our song,
    We can do nothing other than be what we love,
    Its plain, its simple, because it is true,
    Loving is natural cause thats what we do…

    When there is no opinion to alter the truth,
    When all is forgiven no guilt on the loose,
    When our purity’s accepted we finally see
    We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for we set ourselves free!

  2. The Schumann Resonance spiked to 110 Hz today. The pachamama is dancing! Beautiful, comforting nature here in Portland Oregon where the magnificent tall fir trees kiss the sky. Thank you for confirmation, Bente.

  3. Great message, thank you!
    I AM very grateful that we are not locked
    down, here in Arizona USofA.
    With you in Spirit ✨💖✨
    Christie B


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