A short update on the energies

The procession of photonics

is rapidly changing the planet.

Ongoing restructuring will continue

to shake up the collective,

resulting in permanent change.

Do not mistake outer panic for real progress.

It is the deeper layers that will be affected.

not those publicly displayed.

As always, what goes on behind the scene

will be unaffected by the hue and cry

emanating from all those seeking to murky the waters.

Remember, underneath the choppy surface

it is all both calm and clear.

So go deeper whenever the churning waters disturb you,

and you will once again find your true bearings

guiding you towards your designated port of call.


6 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

    1. The audible language of Mother is soothing, whether the powerful wind and sounds of the surf in this video or the bird song and babbling brook/or creek previously. Mother’s visuals of pristine Norway aren’t anything to be sneezed at either. Thank you, Bente, for bringing them and your own voice to those of us in lock-down. Being our eyes and ears and feet in Nature is most appreciated in this time of Shift. ❤

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