An Equinox update

Once again we are delighted to have the opportunity to commune with you in this manner. For we come with a message of joy, one that will be called out from the mountain tops, not just in your realms, but in ours as well. For now, the waters have parted and the risen will arise, the New will come forth and the old will fade away for never to return. The advancement of the light is such, no like has ever before been seen, and so, what you have sown, you will finally harvest. For you are the ones who brought the light to these shores, and you are the ones who will reap the benefits first. But it is also through you that the benefits will be equally distributed amongst the masses, given in equal measure to all who care to embrace it.

You see, once more it is the humble who shall rise, the ones who had no thought for greater glory, merely the humble aspiration to become ONE again. For it is this singular goal that will elevate All, as you have chosen to forgo the accoutrements of the outer trappings of fortune. For you are indeed the more fortunate ones, the ones who have chosen to be just so, the ones who have taken upon them the mantle of going against the flow of outcries, the ones who have taken upon them to go where no man has gone before, and to do so carrying merely the simplest of guidance, the one that emanates from the very core of your being.

And so, you have walked in the barren landscapes of nevermore, the valleys that seemed to be bereft of life but not of strife, the valleys that seemed to be below the level where the light could even penetrate, but you went through it all, and you emerged on the other side. Triumphant, but with an air of grace, victorious, but with the manners of the benevolent, arisen but with the grace of the humble. For you boast not of your achievements, you merely ARE them. For you are not words, you are actions through and through, and it is by your very actions that you have succeeded to climb out of the valley of darkness and into the full anointing of the light. And because you have chosen to climb thus, you have elevated ALL. For you are one amongst millions, but you are also a giant amongst the teeming multitude, the one that has parted the sea and found solid ground where before there was just sand, the one that has changed the course not just of destiny, but for the very planet on which you reside.

For you have set down your roots in the fertile soil that awaited you since you took that first step away from the darkness of the infertile landscape you once were forced to plough, and now, those roots have already sprouted some fresh new saplings, saplings that will grow to such a high stature in such a short time, all of mankind will be able to reside underneath the fertile boughs of this orchard. For the seeds you planted such a long time ago have already been fertile, for they in turn have already generated a new growth that will serve to sustain all that choose to step across that divide that you created by stepping across the old demarcation line and thereby staking claim to the brand new land. And so, where there once was no choice but to endure, there is now a choice to come alive once again, by choosing to see the choice, and by acting upon it.

And so it is it has come to pass because you came here to be the glorious ones, the ones who did not falter, but stood your ground by refusing to stay grounded in the old. And so you stepped forward with all of your being, and you ripped apart the old illusion, tore the iron curtains to tatters and stepped out into the fresh air of freedom, the land of plenty, the land of forevermore. And now, this land of plenty will become the land for all who take it into their heart that they too have a rightful claim to be a part of this grand new territory. For this is for all, but it will be for all to choose whether or not to become a part of it.

But for today, we will simply say rejoice, for yours is the freedom, yours is the landscape of wonders and joy that awaits there up ahead. And now, you have no other reason but to become the one you have come all this way to be, and we know you will all be the ones you have been destined to be in a way that will outshine the Sun and outlast forevermore. And so it is that we thank you all for being the ones who chose to become fully and truly ONE with themselves and with All, and from now on, that will be all you will ever need to be ever again. We choose to end this missive by saluting you all as the newborns, the newly re-erected ones, the ones that stood apart because they chose to do so, but the ones who stepped away from it all in order to bring it all back to where it was supposed to be. And now, you are here, and everything will follow in the wake of that first and crucial decision to say YES to be the first ones to realize the dream that is carried within ALL. And so it is, and so it will be from this day forward.


Aisha North series 6 - 2

393 thoughts on “An Equinox update

  1. Happy travelling Aisha, and sis, and thanks to you all for your love and support in your recent messages, you all had me weeping. Sorry about the duplication (sort of) Sunday (my blackberry’s not really up to this sort of communication) but I was desperate to reach you as the management (my name for HS) said it was time! had to shove the phone under my pillow to stop my hysterical fingers!

    Home now and just learning to live, and heck, I do believe I’m excited, what is this this strange feeling called hope eh? Battered, sore, stitches everywhere and still got the doctors in a spin and wondering what’s gonna happen next, but I am damned sure I’m not alone there. Love you all, and happy hols, Aisha, hope I’m in time, Linda x

    1. Thank you for your happy wishes, dear Linda! I send you my love, my light and a gentle hug in return! I hope your physical body will heal quickly so your journey ahead will be a much smoother one.
      Aisha ❤ ❤

  2. Hello everyone.
    This is my 144th favourite Japanese song from ~
    SPIRAL LIFE – 20TH CENTURY FLIGHT-Beyond the light- (Released Date : Apr.25, 1994)
    Lyrics : ~

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === We can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~ )
    === We can “READ” the meanigs of each Crop Circle ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,


  3. so odd you are able to predict how my body will feel. I indeed feel like I have recieved part of my that has long been forgoten. The weekend I was super bogged down, especially Sat, but now I feel new and my body is healing like never before! And my path is clear as glass, that I am now able to exicute.

  4. mother is home from the hospital
    our best guess is she had a seizure and fell
    they have taken away the tramadol , because one of the side effects is seizures ,and given her something else
    she seems to be alright now with the new meds.
    it is hard to be 87 years old

    to bad nobody confessed to wearing brightly colored hot pants.
    i know a lot of you ladies are in your 60’s
    which means you were in your 20’s in the 70’s
    there has to be some disco queens around here someplace

    1. ❤ Dear Otmn… very glad to learn your mom is home now and doing well. I hope she has no further traumatic episodes and will remain easily comfortable. Also hoping that you are doing well, too… you both continue to be in my prayers. (Frankly, what would our Pond be without your sharing your Wisdom, intelligence, experience(s), feisty honesty and fun/bawdy/masculine sense of humor… and now your paintings–and too few photos of the farm and the animals)

      An aside: a big THANK YOU for sharing about the RX prescription, Tramadol. Dickens, our 14 yo pup, is on Tramadol for arthritic pain—I monitor the amount of his dosage daily and did not know about this side effect. If given even just a tiny bit too much, he becomes anxious/wandering the house and begins panting. I will call our vet tomorrow. Our wholistic vet told us that this RX was less problematic than another that I had inquired about that was recommended by another dog owner.

      (nope, no disco queen here either 😉 , but I agree that there has to be some here somewhere 😉 "Come out, come out wherever you are." Blessings, Be well, xo Lin ❤

    2. Dear Otmn! A big hug and some extra LOVE to you and to your mother – being 87 is hard but I know your loving presence makes it easier. And your giggles always brighten up the day here at the Pond as well 😉
      Aisha ❤ ❤

  5. Made my heart smile! It’s a great feeling to be a part of this great change. Thank you to everyone that can relate this going on in their lives as well! Keep pushing forward :]

    check out my blog and leave feedback, please!

    1. Welcome to this Pond, dear cashxgradyxvisuals! Thank you for bringing your creative light here and to this world 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. When I play this in my car, when the weather is good, the windows rolled down, it stays on REPEAT the whole time, for days, for weeks…

  6. Hey All !….it’s been an interesting few days with so many downloads of information before & after the eclipse, I basically had to, in a sense go into a shut down mode to sift thru it all ! …but I’m gradually coming back & a few things I received, I wanted to share & will do in steps, 1st., the most important one I feel is this –
    “of all the creational wonders within your world, the most precious jewel is ‘Life’ being foremost the most important & sacred of creation that should be the most valued, treasured & protected…..beginning with ‘Birth’ & in this lies All the ‘Magic & Miracles’ that makes your living world special beyond comprehension….& sets your world magically unique & separate from All others ! Behold & Embrace the beauty of Love manifested in ‘Birth’ !

    Feeding time.

    Northern Palm Squirrel (Funambulus pennantii) - Baby

    1. & this ‘All’ fits so nicely with April Benders new posting ! (once rejected, now re-accepted back into Georgi’s realm…but she possess a difference that I really like & always admired…she’s strong, assertive yet fair & full of grace & equality…& often I feel her messages & the messages I receive come from the similar/same source….& I don’t think she intends on doing any ‘ass kissing’..note to Kiera….lol)

      Excerpt ~
      “…..the recent powerful March equinox gateway energies (eclipse and new moon) are now bringing all, the opportunity and the energies conducive to manifesting that new world dream or “imprint” into reality. This is happening through the act of co-creation and cooperation along and within the (5-7D) Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, which in many ways is still in its infancy but evolving rapidly.
      It is also important to remember, that according to the natural cyclic rhythms of Earth and its collective, what is “seeded” in March will only continue to grow, flourish and mature throughout the rest of the coming year. So this indeed truly stands to be quite a remarkable year for ‘magic and miracles’ to abound !”

      Full posting – & a great one I think !

      hope you ‘All’ are having a splendid day !….Love, Bev xoxo

      1. ❤ Love these photos, Bev!!! and bookmarked the 2nd link to read later. Glad you're back up and around. Now to see your flickr link. Take good care. Loving You, xox Lin ❤

              1. I sooo Love this little guy !….the truest purest eyes filled with so much innocent perfect Love… I melt into them every time I look at him ! It amazes me why so many can’t see this real manifestation of creational Love & these little precious ones need our utmost help, compassion & protection !
                xoxoxo to you Lin !…..Bev

                1. ❤ Don't worry, Dear One… it's happening, the fog around the ever-Present Divine Love is dissipating/dissolving. And it's us, the Light Workers, encouraging this process with our kindly, Loving perseverance to refuse anything but Love Light. Isn't it GREAT! Loving You… continue to be well. Thanx for your posts! xox 😀 Lin ❤

      2. & this ‘All’ fits so nicely with April Benders new posting ! (once rejected, now re-accepted back into Georgi’s realm…but she possess a difference that I really like & always admired…she’s strong, assertive yet fair & full of grace & equality…& often I feel her messages & the messages I receive come from the similar/same source….& I don’t think she intends on doing any ‘ass kissing’..note to Kiera….lol)



        Absolute agreement. Hilarity of connection here — I was going to bring up April Bender after our last discussion about Jahn.

        I was going to say that April was my favourite Channeler from his group….the difference you mention, of her positive qualities — these are the qualities that have been lacking in George’s negatively-skewed group.

        April is the next level up, she is where Georgi and his followers will be going next, once they dump their negative egos.

        April Bender is the balancing Mother Energy for that group.

        I remember that Carla Thompson and April would sort of clash with their channelings back when they were popping them out regularly. Sometimes one would say something that conflicted with the other’s channeling and there would be some funny friction going on between the two.
        My Higher Self always looked forward to and preferred April, recognizing that she was more advanced.
        I don’t know the intimate details of that group situation, except that she went into seclusion for darn near 2 years, according to George.

        I want to tell you something really interesting —

        Back then April once even picked up on my energies, and told Georgi through the channeling that there was another, 3rd individual serving as the Trinity connector for him, deliberately connecting him and his dual soul into the positive pink Heart Energies…and April basically described me to a T, and what I was doing with him, at that time.

        (At that time I was still communicating with him, directly connecting, hoping to raise his frequencies, and automatically doing the pink Heart thing with him.)

        April’s channeling also said that this person was a Balance of Masculine & Feminine energies.
        I was pretty damn impressed. Wow, but she was bang on with her details.

        But George immediately rejected and completely ignored that Trinity information from April’s channeling, as it did not match his belief that he and his new-found Dual Soul (Carla) were the only 2 “Logos Gods” sitting at the top of the Hierarchy Pyramid he had built for himself.

        He especially did not like to hear, that there were other individuals on this planet who contained within themselves the Balance of Masculine/Feminine. Which he did not.
        To him that was a threat to his position of “power”. Obsessed with power play.
        So — instant rejection of that information from April.

        Something else really interesting:

        I’ve noticed there has been a full “detachment”, between me and that group, in the last 2 months.
        I no longer feel responsible for them, and the feeling of connection with them is gone for the most part.
        Thank Christ. That was a LONG haul.

        This is incredibly Good News….indicating that the inter-meshed Timelines are now finally moving apart.



        1. as i continue to get acquainted with my feminine side the more i become in balance
          it is glorious
          i am so sorry that women have been so entirely made less than equal in many societies when in fact they are the ones who make it all happen.

        2. Hi Kiera….just a quick response to ‘Thank You’ so much for this & I really Appreciate ‘All’ you said !….I do remember some of this, but I’m terribly fatigued today & hope I can elaborate more with you on this at a later time….truly you have been through a lot but only has made you stronger & wiser ! Keep being ‘You’ as I am certain you will… have much to offer !….Love, Bev xoxo

    2. “…This process is also a test in many respects, in that you will be called to face any lingering fears or issues of insecurity, faith and/or vulnerability. For many of you felt ready to go from day one, but now that it’s actually time to don your full/true roles (as you very much feel this pressure or soul urging acutely), many shy away, no longer sure if they can do it. They doubt themselves and they doubt the existence of a Divine Plan. I want to make it clear – Yes, you CAN do it! In fact, you are almost there! But you must break-through these lingering blocks and limiting beliefs. You must cast them off once and for all! This is your test! And of course even those masters who have successfully completed this phase will still have to deal with clearing work to some degree, but at this point it becomes more akin to maintenance work instead of full-on personnel immersion…”

      Fears, Doubts, Insecurities, Vulnerabilities & DisBelief are all your limitations ! Remember that You are Limitless & more Powerful than you imagine…You are ‘Lightning in a Jar’ !!

      Take the Test !…the results will surprise You !

        1. 😀 😀 😀 I AM Lightening in a jar!!! wheeee. What a great, FUN concept… FEELING!!

          yippeeyay… let’s go Light up the world, people. I LOVE the picture above, Bev… it’s energetically, adorably, outrageously FUN!!!! Thank you, you beautiful WATER Lady with a CAN-DO attitude, work ethic. Loving you, Dear Lady. Be well, laugh a lot today (I’ll be laughing with you). XOX ❤ Lin

  7. What you resist persist,
    But dang it,
    when I immerse myself in the oxygenated water to breathe with,(Abyss),,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it feels like I’m drowning. Glugg gluggg!!!!!! :0)

    1. this is really interesting to come in and read because I had a dream this morning of Kelly going under water and swallowing it. I went down to bring him up and got the water out of him somehow and he breathed again.
      It was so realistic. Before, we were surrounded by water on feeble, small boats – part of our bodies in the water – part out. There was a tall, old brick building and we were intending to make our way there. It was right against the water and some told us it would have land again in the Spring.
      Kelly had on a bright cobalt blue hat – it is how I found him better when he was beneath the water. I think thats all i remember.

      1. accept , he did not fight in going down in the water. he just went under and I did not understand how he did not just come right back up again – though he can not swim in waking life is true – he folds and sinks from the middle. In this dream he went straight down and all I could see was the top of his hat. anyway….
        have a great day/night ❤

        1. Love you so much, Areeza. Stay on your chosen path. It is the right path, the true path for you.

          Love, JJ

          1. 😀 ❤
            You are such a sweet one
            I Love You Too
            I remain your true sister in The Light
            "Bloom Where You're Planted":
            I keep seeing that on the picture frame of me with Kelly and so it is and
            The In Love feeling – its for me from me and outward to the
            absolute All 🙂

  8. Dear friends ❤

    Judging by my awakening at 3:30 AM again (I've actually got to sleep unusually long they last nights !!! 🙂 and eager intestinal workers, stomach pain with subsequent visits to the toilet, a large download has occurred during the night. Feeling pretty exhausted by now.

    Time for a nap!

    Hugs to you all ❤



      1. But then – the day after – I had the most energetic swing up again :))) I was so definite in my opinion so I got our caretaker to order the re-equipment in our common laundry room – without even asking high his superiors;) OMG! Talk about the ups and downs on this amazing journey ;)….and the laundry room seems to be a strange transformer for my energies 🙂 LOL!
        Love & joy ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. dear, Dear Otmn, I am still shedding joyous tears over this one
    Autumn time is my time 😉 I truly Love, Love, Love your work!
    bless you and thank you. Very glad I decided to look backat the posting a bit this evening – just to find this ❤ Hugs
    You will feel me sitting with you in the sun light , I promise! I am filled with the Light you share in your Beingness as well as your art works.

    1. It is as the leaves speak to me in the Autumn time 😀 ❤
      Since a very small child, I have had conversations with trees and their leaves which i always took as treasures of joy to my heart and soul.

      1. by the way, there other images hidden in Autumn
        or should i change my hot pink square
        to otmn
        i like it, it reminds me of day glow hot pants
        confess did you ever wear those short short that separated the labia and made every man you encountered,
        drool and dream(wet)

      2. ~Very Pretty~
        Smooch back With ya~!
        gosh,,, I really am flirtatious these days
        While we Let It Be and just enjoy
        My stomach has had butterflies for days now
        the kind you feel when you are In Love

        1. And…………. Areeza, you are in Love,are love, you are just feeling it more.
          Keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. .


    Heart ~ Soul Of The Sea



    “Soul Of The Sea”

    Today you looked around to my heart’s call
    This tiny life ain’t been strangled after all
    Time, time, time, time
    Never ask what’s become of us
    Just dedicate your sorrow
    Here and now
    To the soul of the sea
    And me

    Rushin’ to me
    You turned around to my song’s call

    You dreamer in the sand
    Just lie there laughing til the fall
    Kindest lover
    I can’t stay alone tonight
    Bring me all your love
    Here and now
    Come rushin’ to me

    Wake up late
    Without a smile
    Telephone rings
    You run like a child
    On the street
    Into the day

    The people I meet
    Have nothing to say

    No smile
    No sorrow
    No laughter
    No tomorrow…

    They talk hen to hen
    They talk about their men
    And practice all the tricks for them
    Too soon nighttime’s coming on
    Deep in the darkness feeling alone

    No rain, no seed
    No dreams,
    No silence!!!

    Far away today

    Mama ocean hold me to you
    Rock me on your waves
    And tell me…
    Is it all true?

    Time, time, time, time
    Never ask what’s become of us
    Dedicate your sorrow
    Here and now
    To the soul of the sea


  11. It was 7am here in other half of the globe. More dark then light. I was on the backyard walking barefoot on the grass. In the East the sky was red, fast fading as the light come quickly. I turned to the West and couldn’t believe it… the rainbow was there like painted semicircle on the light grey background. I run to the house for my camera but when I come back, it was gone and only a little strap of colours remained here. It began to rain slowly…I’m so sorry I couldn’t take a photo to share…at least I’m writing and letting it to your imagination.
    Hugs to all of you reading this.

    1. I know very well how it is to try to catch views that disappers in minutes or even seconds. This was really the case when I took the picture attached. Thankfully we can store our pics on our own “hard disc” 😉

      I could imagine your beautiful view dearest Maria 🙂 ❤
      Thank you for sharing it ❤ ❤ ❤


  12. Lee Harris on Facebook today
    14 min ago

    “It is all about love, always. Love is the highest level of feeling that the human body can experience. There are many different ways to experience love. Receiving is a heart opening act. When somebody gives you something – be it material, energy, love or a smile – and it touches you, your heart opens a little more.

    If you have been going through difficult times and people give you love, it can bring tears out of you very easily. Their love is helping to heal your woundedness, your contraction in that moment. When you are wounded as a human, you contract and draw everything in. All of your energy goes to dealing with the part of you that was left with a hole.

    If a relationship ends leaving an almighty hole, you may spend months having to recover so that you can open your heart once more. If you can open to receive it, there will be love that will come to you from others as you go through this process.”

    – Zachary through Lee, from The Art of Receiving in ‘Energy Speaks-Volume Two

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