A message from Mother

So once again it is with the utmost reverence that I call out to you in this manner, for you are indeed such an important part of me, just as I am an inseparable part of you. We are one, yet we are legion, we are in this together, yet we are all playing out our own individual roles in this game-changing event we call the resurrection of Earth and the resurrection of mankind. And you have come so far already, dear ones, and so too have I, for where you go, I follow in your wake, and vice versa. For this is truly a collective endeavour, one where every single one of you have taken upon you to play out your crucial part in this carefully orchestrated symphony of enlightened moments, every single one of which is so intricately woven into the preceding ones, so too to the ones that will succeed it. For this is like a dance without a defined beginning or end, simply an ever unfolding tapestry that will continue to reveal its hitherto hidden treasures as you each add your unique thread to this golden warp of light that stretches out before you, shimmering in expectation to see just what touch of colour will be added today, and the day after that and the day after that, in an endless succession of creative outpouring that together adds up to this magnificent creation of the ONE.

The ONE that was splintered, but it is no longer so, and therefore, this ONE has become such a powerful surge of manifestable potential coming alive, and bit by bit, you add your own interpretation of this potential to the ever increasing outpouring of suchlike material, the one that your co-workers are also so busy churning out now at an ever increasing speed. For as you embraced this concept of ONEness, you also opened up that chamber within your heart that is so closely linked to mine, and then the song that I have been singing out in solitude for such a long time started to set your heartstrings astir as well. And then, you began to vibrate in such a way, part of this endless pool of untapped potential was spun into that golden thread of energetic filaments only you can create. For it is your unique vibration coupled to this endless sea of potential that is making all this come alive. The potential is available to all who seek towards that inner sanctum of themselves, but as you touch the shores of this vast sea with those first stirrings from your heart, the friction that is engendered is unlike the friction that any of your brothers and sisters also bring to this shore. And so, your ability to create something tangible from this vast sea of undulating particles, waiting for someone like you to put them into a defined sequence, is one that rest solely upon your shoulders.

For only you can call into the vast abyss of this ocean and call forth the creations that represent your part of this collaboration, and only you can make these specific parts of the ONE come alive. And so I thank you all for heeding that call from your own voice of reason to BE, for that is why you are here now, to step forth and step out into this endless open space of creation waiting to become. For it is waiting to become through you, and now, so much has started to come alive already, woven from the very fibers of your innermost longing for this, the palace of your dreams, the palace that you are now painstakingly putting together piece by glorious piece. It might be construed as a gargantuan task, too complex to even consider taking on, but this is something that WILL be done, for it has already been made possible by your willingness to step into that physical vehicle you ride around in at this very moment.

For that decision was the final bolt that secured this entire construction, the keystone that served to connect these lofty arches and flying buttresses safely together to form this palace, this new abode for us all. For in this magnificent mansion that you are now so busy manifesting we will all cohabit in such a way that it was always meant for us to BE. For this is for All, the union that has been made through the linking of your hearts, minds and souls, holding out through the ages of darkness by holding on to that dream, waiting for just this moment to make that dream come alive in a way that will make the long, hard wait a faint memory that will fade away faster than the dew dries up under the morning Sun.

For we are here now, we are ONE now, and the palace of our dreams is already beginning to take shape in the form of a knowing deep within each and every one of you that now, you need no longer simply endure, for now, you are here to live out all of those dreams, and to do it in a way that will make us all sing for joy eternally.

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  1. “Grestian convolutions resolve.

    Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.

    Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.

    Fraternal orders stand down.

    Maternal paradigms stand up.”


    PS. Might someone be able to translate what this means?

    1. ❤ ohhhhhhhh, Thanx, A. Wonderful. It's painful to try and find the words that don't exist to fit the feelings that arise from the photos. ❤

      (sweet dreams)

  2. i was led to this article. it is almost exactly about what is here being discussed.
    a few excerpts;

    This day is so full of joy for all of you. We have told you over and again how magical you are on this planet. Although it seems your own evidence of your daily lives does not always support the magic that we speak of, that is about to change. There are some very interesting things that are taking place as you approach this cross in the timeline. When you pass into this energy you will start to see new capabilities within yourselves, and that is the magic part that we have been waiting to see.

    You understand, dear ones, you live on the planet of imperfection so you to have an experience here as a spirit, because spirits are perfect. Ah, you have nothing to learn or gain as a spirit until you come down here and divide your perfection so that you experience imperfection or some vacancies in your own energies

    Now you are passing a new alignment, as all of humanity can now step past this next level and start balancing things. That is the reason there seems to be so much turmoil on your planet right now. There are so many wars, there are so many people speaking their truths—sometimes forcefully, other times standing in the energy. So many things that have been hidden are now being uncovered.

    With all the things that are taking place on Earth, your magic is awakening and is time to revisit your specialness, your uniqueness, all the parts of light that you have held within your being. Now, the question will be

    before you go to bed give yourself permission to re-member your magic. That is all you need. Simply give yourself permission to receive what is being given to you to help you stir memories of your magic. From that point, it makes no difference what the actual dream was because you have opened the door to receive the magic and it begins at that point

    Many of you do not do something because you feel it may take away from someone else. You are so incredibly sensitive to that, that you do not want to make waves on your planet. Please start making waves, for it is time to re-member who you are and use the magic within to start creating your world.

    let the magic awaken

  3. Gosh…as always so much here. I do love you all!!! With each of you in my dreams…night all. See you in my dreams. With you always. Denise. ❤ ❤

  4. Andrew Foss > ‎Oracle Report at Facebook:

    Happy Monday! I am having an Amazing Week! “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Ghandi

    :))) ❤

    1. happiness is choice ❤︎ thank you dear ghandi & dear B
      I watch this sometime & remind myself that I am consciousness having body experience & it is truly exciting now always ❤︎ more fun unexplainable things are happening to many & to me too. 😄 and I am thankful to many thing.

      1. (just ’cause you’re soooo darn CUTE! 😉 ….. do I need to have a reason?! nahhhhhhh. ) ❤ 😀 xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Hahahahaha – AND SO ARE YOU dearest Lin :))) ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks 🙂

          You know – this day has been like a big, live domino game where I put the first domino in motion when I did an officially ending on thirty years of medication (mentioned here before) with a final visit with a young recent graduate female doctor at the hospital. The meeting with her was absolutely magical, she had tears in her eyes and the meeting ended with me hugging her and told her to follow her own inner truth and wished her good luck with her life journey. (She was also familiar with the mountain village where I passed my shaman courses as she got married there last summer !!!)

          While I took on my outdoor clothes in the waiting room to leave the clinic a woman of my age (who also had "hit the wall") admired my necklace (a jaguar in bronze) and I told her briefly that it confirms a spirit animal I got in one of my shaman courses. It was a short but intense and uplifting conversation before she went to see the doctor. Pang on beetroot as we say here in Sweden (that's me in a nutshell ;)))

          A beggar looked at me in sheer amazement when I (carefully prepared 😉 stuffed a bank note in his mug before he even asked for it … ;))) Then I bought cakes and visited my old job (which is within the hospital campus) and I can only say that the coffee room was vibrating with joy, light and love :))) After that i took a walk to the grocery and I bought tulips to myself and also to my neighbor that I broke contact with almost two years ago (a great story in itself <3) and went home and celebrated myself with good food.

          As I said in my last comment to you, I was tired tonight and lay down on the couch and I cried with gratitude and joy to Deuter's magical music that always affects me strongly – it goes straight into my soul !!! When I woke up, I experienced an indescribable immense expansion of joy and gratitude that can only be described with this picture (if there is still space in Photobucket to convey it 😉

          Thank you for being who you are Lin ❤ ❤ ❤
          Infinite gratitude and love to ALL my light family ❤ ❤ ❤

          This is the first day of the rest of my life 🙂 ❤


          1. ~~ ❤ ~~
            (heart soaring in case anyone ever wondered about this mark i leave)
            Love you too B
            I lock in your shamanic beingness as I go to bed this evening. you are my rock. Bless you for that as I will always remember.

            1. remembering your essence B – helps me remember my own solid sacredness that is. I can scatter way more than you! 🙂 well, i used to anyways. Standing up straighter now. In my own truth.
              When once I was an old crone – a wise shaman in that life though – I taught many a young soldier (they were needed a lot back then – pre Eskimo time in the Aleutian Mts)….well, they came to me as I sat atop the Mountain side. Solitary…and not all that nice…LoL… fairly ‘stern’ as I recall. My name in that life meant: Stands In Her Truth
              Not so far off from your own self B, I would say 😀 ❤
              Well, that lifetime helps me greatly in this one. As they all culminate into our Oneness. I feel an eagerness to make things so complete in myself. At the same time, I want to blend into everything.

              1. this could be me
                It also would explain why i think i will die by suffocation.
                I did see a show on discovery channel or one like it, that depicted something very similar to this. And the remains of the old woman did have stones and gems about her. I view this not long after learning of this lifetime and it could have freaked me out… but I was just glad to get a feel for the life I had at that time.

                1. Very interesting – indeed!!! Thanks Areeza! Reading your link I realize why I often had bronchitis as teenager and actually always had during my life….lots of hard flus….Asian flu when I was 10…those always burning fires and smoke….And and lately I have burned my own “Northern sage”… a lot….well… I think our old shaman lives are coming forth now 😉

                  Love ❤

              2. How nice 🙂 Maybe we met in the past life as shaman women although I worked more in the Arctic and the Kola Peninsula ;)))

                Love you ❤

      2. …because….
        ‘Love has a heart on’…
        and it just keeps growing!!! 😀
        (was told an hour ago that phrase had to go someplace and i kept ignoring it)
        so, its blessed upon you our dear B One~! and I can go now.
        rest well

  5. Lee Harris at Facebook today:

    “Focus on your heart chakra now. Just tune in and focus some attention on that area with your eyes closed. Feel that center and just ask to be allowed into the love that exists there. Ask that your whole soul can experience and move inside your heart and soak up all the love. And when you feel that, breathe it in for it is yours.
    This lies in you every single day of your life. This is in you. No mystical guru is needed to show you that door. This can be your daily reality.”

    ~~Zachary through Lee, from Relationships



    1. Bless you for this B!
      going to bed now and will focus just on this

      we are holding something new -yet again- in place and its good to keep our individual focus clean and clear and simply In Love.
      'pearl onion' i hear and see just now.
      like we shed the old layers of the larger onion. (and i felt that in the three nightly purification/liberation/activation I went thru – thought of Kiera mentioning the onion layers).
      now,,, we have a small pearl onion we are holding and its very precious.
      I dunno…. cant really trust what i might say today (still 19th for me) 🙂
      ~ From This We Build ~

      1. ….but in this one….we keep the precious pearl Alive, Bright and Well in each layer!!! again, why so important with our purity now.
        but, for some reason, I dont like the idea of more layers. Just the sweet, simple pure pearl. Build what we need to build without all the darn layering. I now have the urge to just swallow mine. Lately I get these ‘gobbling up’ urges when it comes to solar flares.. you name it! interesting.
        geez! cant i just go to sleep. all of a sudden, now, I get energy ! hahaha

  6. Dear brothers and sisters! The CCs were right when they said that “these energies will not always come knocking softly on your door” – at least not on my door, for I have been well and truly swept off my feet by the energies today. So if you wonder where to find me, the best bet would be either on the sofa or on the bed 😉 I have a feeling I am not the only one having a “non-day” today, so I send some extra hugs out to those of you who have been a bit overwhelmed by these incoming waves of energy too.
    LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Aisha dear,
      I had 2 days when all my metabolism (liver-kidney-breath) seemed stuck ……. and I’m scared!
      “I am healthy in my whole body,” this I ask-I order to my “Innate” and, exactly as you say, is a process of re-adaptation also exhausting and painful … 😉 … but “all’s well that happens “!
      And the Mother sends us so much love and courage and …. hope! … 🙂 …
      A hug smiling

      1. Dear Adele! These energies are having an effect on my body as well, so I do hope you are feeling better now! Take good care of yourself, and never hesitate to check with your doctor if things does not “feel” right. After all, even if our bodies are doing all they can to adapt to these new vibrations sometimes they do need some extra assistance from others 😉
        With love, light and hugs from me, Aisha ❤

        1. Thanks Aisha dear,
          I come guided step by step to find natural remedies to help my body to adapt to its energetic changes.
          In many years of study and homeopathic cures and treatment plant for my dogs and cats (with the guidance of a good vet!) I learned a lot of things to support the body’s organs and to live healthy.
          Until January 8, never any problems with the new energies!
          Then my body “spoke to me through the pain” and asked me to support him in some of its parts and also to understand what I need to do or not to do.
          The letters of the Mother and CCs, as well your comments, are of great help to me and then ….. no doctor is necessary, simply to keep open the “inner conversation” …. and the right answers ….. arrive! …. 🙂 …
          A big hug smiling and grateful

          1. My body still feels numb and dumb – especially in the legs and my left arm is still sore and stiff although it has eased a bit since a few days. Neither ointments or anti-inflammatory tablets makes absolutely no effect.

            Love & Light to you dear friend ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Indeed, dear B and B, for many years “in spiritual studies” there was talk of “energy shifts” that caused aches and pains that no doctor could explain properly because no medicine and traditional allopathic therapy can cure.
              And you have experienced just that!
              I think that in these cases we have to support our body … finding yourself remedies (homeopathy-herbal medicine-yoga-meditation-nutrition etc etc etc) asking it to ourselves, to our Higher Self, which organs we must support and self- test the remedies that we would like to use together with bed rest and, if we can, even with the walks in Nature! … 😉 …

              1. Last week I intuitively cured my cold rash with my own herbal blend which gave me a great feeling 🙂 but I’m very well aware that I should give my body a bit more physical exercise… and yoga…;)

                Much love to you ❤

    2. ❤ Love to you! Rest up, En-JOY the warmth&comfort of the sofa/bed. In your beautiful country right now, those might be the only places to stay warm. 😀 Hi to Sis. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…….. peace. xox ❤ !!!!

    3. OH MY YES! YES!
      read above by Mag Blue’s comments if you want for I was like the scarecrow without a brain. Right from the moment I got up.
      Even words I tried to read this morning were either bending or bulging weirdly off the screen! That has subsided but still just so glad the day is over.
      nothing like this do I ever recall. definition of ‘Blah’ to the max level.
      (for reasons, so we go with it)
      Love to you ! with Hugs! and thank you!
      Heart to Heart ❤ Hand in Hand
      shoulder upon shoulder….we stand the tests of these times!

    1. Dear Areeza, XO back to you 😀

      I once dreamed that I was sitting on a flying carpet, floating through a room after my masculine energy had slipped into my body.
      It was so beautiful, so gentle, I felt how the wind was moving my sleeves …

      Yesterday I also woke up with wonderful feelings, there was a fountain of clear water touched me from below up.

      In recent days, I often had the physical feeling that someone holds my side under the ribs and wants to lift me up.
      I don’t know where this feeling comes, but it’s wonderful. I feel somehow raised.

      Heart Greetings
      I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. oooo, you give me an idea Bix
        I am the breeze so when I tried to get on that carpet,, well,,,it just did not fly like intended. something did not feel right with it. I will just nix the carpet next time and Be My True Essence. 🙂
        Thanks! ❤ and I enjoy reading your experiences! have missed them !

        1. Yes, dear Areeza,
          that experience with the carpet is already many years ago.
          Someone enabled me this experience.
          At that time I also made my own flight tests without carpet, I held with my hands onto a small red children chair to keep the direction 😀

          This morning I woke up with the thought:
          „For a God, nothing is impossible” and saw a smiling face.

          I noticed how ,laborious’ my life still was.
          A God who lives in 3-D way – such a thing doesn’t exist.
          I also don’t want to learn any complicated spells like Harry Potter,
          my life should be easy, light and clear.

          Heart Greetings
          I AM BIXIE ◇

          1. „For a God, nothing is impossible”
            Yes – I’m actually starting to understand that there is a truth in this.

            Thank you for sharing your lovely insights ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. This morning I dreamed also that I still had to clean the passages in the attic.
              Attic – head – brain – thoughts?
              😀 BIXIE

              1. Dear Bixie ❤

                The best cleanser I can recommend is called "Unconditional Love" :

                Use your heart to spread it in every nook and cranny. Guaranteed miraculous results! Does not even require after drying as it is totally absorbed by the recipient that additionally reflects the results back to you with exactly the same effect 😉

                Moreover, it is completely free and available in abundance if we allow ourselves to discover it 😉 Highly recommended! 😉 🙂

                Abundance of unconditional love to you dearest Bixie ❤ ❤ ❤


                PS. Though I KNOW you already discovered it as you have shown its excellence 😉 ❤

                LOL – I find this video quite fun – as I don´t understand anything because I always do things in MY way 😉

                1. ~ laughing ~ funny

                  Yes I know …
                  I always use ‘Ajax TipTop’ for cleaning, then everything reflects without drying.

                  A while ago I had a very myself astonishing knowledge about the sun and the head.
                  I keep thinking of the words of Ramtha on ‘the rising core’.
                  And I realized:
                  Our solar system is not flat but because of the rotations a kind of cone, a triangle.
                  The visible, white sun is not the heart, but the HEAD of our planetary system.
                  One of us still unknown, invisible, black sun is the heart.

                  BIXIE 😀
                  I love that I can write my strange thoughts here … ❤

                  1. Yes – isn´t it great that we can share our thoughts and ideas freely – without any restrictions 🙂 It’s very liberating to feel/know that one’s limitations split increasingly 🙂
                    Love you and your ponderings dear Bixie 😉

  7. Mag Blue !
    Hey and yes~! agree with the Arc being ‘seeds’ for distribution.
    As well as Comets.
    My Kelly is one who turned me onto the idea of DNA in the so named Noah’s Arc – not the actual creatures themselves.
    Anyway…just caught up , i think , from the past few days postings.
    Love you and All so much – always, forever, eternal bliss streams forth.
    ok. Mt Shasta it is! I see now a carpet awaits as my taxi….
    no wonder as i was reading here in the dark i kept feeling that i was really located way high up in the sky! with no edges to what i was sitting upon.

  8. Lee Harris at Facebook today:

    “You have no idea how loveable you are. It’s incredible.
    You are so very loveable and so very loved.

    So, if you are ready to awaken to greater love, repeat this, aloud:

    *I am everything in creation*
    *I am pure love in the human body*
    *I am here to share, expand and grow*
    *I am love and love will always find me*
    *I welcome love with open arms*
    *I welcome love with open arms*
    *I welcome myself with open arms*


    You are clear.

    You are love.”

    ~~Lee, from You Are Love”


    Good night/morning dear friends 😉
    Love you all ❤

    1. Re my Mt Shasta enterprise intention: this pic is more like what i experienced last night 🙂 **along with a strange political convention type dream. I recall speaking with a woman politician – hell bent on offering what I wanted to counter her own ‘not Having to be on the up and up Because…’ statements….but kept getting interrupted.

      1. …was not allowed inside the mountain….
        hmmm…. i kinda figured that might happen.
        Lots were camping out around its base though!!! ❤

    2. thats Ok Stefan for I have been thinking on The City Of Light in Sedona and wondering about its coming along in visual manifestation 🙂
      so… I will catch up on and info on that subject too. when i get my brain back. LoL. thank goodness, it gets a long shut down soon! bedtime.
      Hey Denise! I remember hearing that the next City Of Light would be in Georgia ! Freedom Star map. used to have a copy, got lost when i moved.

  9. from Aluna-Joy
    not new but I was drawn to it (I have always thought a very important ‘event’ would occur at Mt Shasta myself – and involve our star families) :
    whole article: http://www.alunajoy.com/2012-feb19.html

    from a dream she had at Mt Shasta:
    “I could see the dimensions blending together; the past with the present and the future. Anything that had been lost in other times or places was returning to the center point where we all were. I thought to myself, as I watched this spectacle of controlled pandemonium, “Could it be that anything that was lost in the past could be re-born in this new age?”; Lost loved ones, lost health and youth, lost abundance, even lost species, etc…. It was appearing that this was possible, and maybe this is why great losses have always felt so unnatural or surreal to us. Maybe loss, lack and limitation IS unnatural to us.”

    from the Star Elders:
    “Once an egg has cracked, it cannot be returned to its original form. It is at this point that the egg is forever transformed and destined to become scrambled eggs. Once the light of truth has made itself know to the unconsciousness, the old collective mind set can never return to its original form no matter how hard it tries to do so. It is forever altered by that light.

    The light is the crack in the egg. The egg is the barriers between our dimensions, and YOU are the light that is opening the portals for that light to forever change the unconsciousness in this dimension. A dent has been made . . . the portals have been opened. The ripples in the pond ( 🙂 ) are reaching out further than you can imagine. Each little dent, crack, and ripple that you initiate grows . . . Not because you want it to . . . , but because it is the truth, and truth and light adjusts everything. This transformation is now upon your world, and it is growing in a multiplying rate of speed. You can feel this now. So the light is growing in a multiplying rate of speed inside of us as well. You are feeling like you are exploding in an unstoppable brilliant star. You all are lightening up the entire universe. Now it is only a matter of time before all that was lost will return.”

    Aluna: “Our bodies are giving us clues as well. As these dimensions merge back into ONE, like a stack of pancakes, we will start feeling differently, and sometime the symptoms are uncomfortable.”

    >>> Stack of Pancakes (Lentilular !! ) 😀

    1. Thanks Areeza ❤ ❤ ❤

      My heart rejoiced last Saturday when I read the headline on the front page of my local newspaper: "Opened his heart". A middle-aged disability retired man with low income, had invited a young beggar from Romania to share his home and food until further ❤ ❤ ❤ So great courage and a model for the rest of mankind! I honored him on Facebook 🙂

      Love, hope & gratitude ❤

  10. within I would say less than 5 minutes here… the sky went from yellow to orange to pink to purple …and now a misty gray. And all the while, there is a gentle rain. The light is in the whole sky, not just where the sun would be setting.
    just pretty cool 🙂 it 5pm here.

  11. From a book I just discovered (thanks to Grebs when I went looking for answers re Gravity and Levity! haha – so fun how this happens! 🙂 ) anyway….book is called The Flaming Sword by Nancy Fullwood and this is on one of the opening pages – found it at Amazon :

    “I, Michael, Lord of the Sun, say that life is moving forward with the swiftness of light. Life and Light are One. Darkness and death came into being through man’s loss of spiritual consciousness. He lost his great glory when he set himself up as king of the earth, recognizing the material realm only. But the spirit which is life and light waits with infinite patience until man lifts himself from the material cross upon which he has bound himself and soars with the spirit into the realm of reality where love and harmony dwell together. Then and only then, will peace settle like a dove upon him and the kingdom of harmony come to earth. To live in spiritual consciousness and so bring about its manifestation is the holy task of the man who is aware.
    A vast host of these children of the King are coming out of the material shadows into the sun-light of spirit.
    So will the spirit take possession of earth.
    I, Michael have spoken”

    1. What a great find Areeza :-))

      and you don’t see this referenced to often in my humble opinion either 🙂

      “I, Michael, Lord of the Sun” but it’s a “biggie” for me , thank you :-)))

      Ra, MichaEL, Ramses 3rd, Yeshua to name but a handful 🙂 (i might feel inclined to slot Thoth in there too, at least on some level) :-))

      Inner sun/outer sun 🙂

      There is a kool perspective on DNA and our Sun here i think :-)) and Water too :-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cc2yXdL0nM

      i am not endorsing some of the mans views regarding the mechanical functions of our solar system but i think he is right at least partially concerning the connection between DNA, Solar activity and Water.

      Magnetic Blessings :-)))))

      1. Hmmm,, of course, we could go a little further with this and maybe explore the notion that a CME is actually a physical thought form,, hhhmmm and who was it just lately was trying to find pics of something which reminds me of a Flux Tube ? :-))) maybe this might help a little :-)))




        hmmm,,, there is something here “they” want me to see, and it is something to do with me,, the solar disk (or stone, both apply) and us here at the pond, and magnetics ! hhmm and water !


        1. hmmm maybe there is a correlation here :-)))

          this astro physicist lady is saying in this instance, as solar magnetic activity increases so the volumetric flow and density of the water on Earth changes :-)) hmmm it gets lighter,,, hmmmm more magnetic activity less density :-)))

          Maybe then,,, magnetic’s is a causation of Light which is consciousness, or love in action :-)) for sure 🙂

      2. the electric blue lightning bolt
        i see again. with the water….
        igniting the DNA 🙂
        and…I knew ‘you’ especially would like this from Lord Michael very much
        and I had placed images of Tesla coil a few pages back.
        There has been so much igniting one thing into the next and the next for me. I am a bit burned out today. LoL. For today, i feel as someone with 1/2 the mind – even plain senses of any kind – compared to what I had when I posted such things just days ago! uh oh! ( no worries ) Will make a come-back – nope, i hear ‘come- forward’ tomorrow or soon. Hey – BTW – Anyone else think the 19th was a weirdo day ?!
        Dazed – so much so to not even get to confused LoL
        Glad I had not such things as job interviews today for I would just have stood there with a dumb founded look.

        1. Hmmmm that electric blue lightning is persistent :-)) Water and DNA is a theme i am getting bit time too,, cosmic waters and cosmic DNA,, there is something more there yet to be revealed methinks :-)))

          yesterday 19th,, ha lol layed out like a fish on a cold slab 🙂 feeling nicely charged today though,,, yes heavenly connect is here one moment gone the next,, i am thinking these are big and powerful upgrades and reset’s and new holographic connects have to be made each time ,, bit like nerve endings maybe ?

          i am still in this pineal uptick tooo :-)))

    2. Dear Areeza,
      >> Gravity and Levity! haha – so fun how this happens!
      I’m very interested in it. Where did you read the issue?

      1. I know. I tried to back-track as it came once again from ‘a picture’ from a google search. I kept going ahead and ahead …and…well, u get it.
        I tried to find what ‘started my run’. LoL. It may come up again and I will remember 🙂 and post it.

    3. … YAAAAYYYYY )))
      and, LOVE the way it ALL works TOOOOOO )))
      ThankS AreezA !! – ))

      F-la-M-in-G S-wor-D … very interesting )))

      flaming = M ‘in’ (la + in) ‘in’ FG = 13 ‘in’ (121+914) ‘in’ 67
      = 13 ‘in’ 1035 ‘in’ 13 = 18 ‘in’ 26 = 44 ))
      = 8 infinite ))
      sword = O ‘in’ WR ‘in’ SD = 15 ‘in’ 2318 ‘in’ 194
      = 15 ‘in’ 59 ‘in’ 23 = 14 ‘in’ 38 = 52 ))
      = 7 C-enTer )))

      meaning, the FlaminG S-worD = 96 = (48+48) = 84 ‘in’ 48 = 132
      132 = 66 + 66 … so flaming sword = 6666 = 24 = 8+8+8 = H+H+H
      = Ja-co-bS La-DD-eR ))
      66 66 = balanced vibration on the left and the right
      = balanced vibration in both …
      the AP.parent & FUN-da-MENTAL real-it-Y ))

      ” … He lost his great glory when he set himself up as king of the earth, recognizing the material realm ( AP.parent reality = ate the AP.ple ha ha -)), only. But the spirit which “”is”” life and light waits with infinite patience until man lifts himself from the matter-i-all “crOss” ( the emp”T” feeling ) … up-on which he has bo-U-nd himself and soars with the spirit into the realm of reality where love and harmony dwell together.”

      .. “infinite” patience means to me, that the ‘loss’ of GreaT GlorY, can and will only be tempOrary … even if the EXP-erie-NCE of T-emp-ta-tio-N … is forever ))))

      … ha ha … the paradox of the INfiniTE MO-me-NT )))

      BE HappY )))

      greb’Z )

      ps … due to the fractal infinite nature of the YO U-n-i VERSE …
      … uSING num-B-ers to dig into the FAbrIC … will lead in circles ))
      … unLESS, you k-NOW wHERE you are, and headed + mayBE )))

      ha ha … each UN-iq-UE = A-WE-SO-ME !!!! – )))

        1. B 2 B !!! – ))))))))
          … thanks allot !! – ))
          ReaDinG ALL the comments here for quite awhile …. and getting to K-NoW everyONE a “LiL” )) … thROUGH the “in-DIVID-u-all” sHa-RING(s) = s-UP-Er A-we-so-mE riGht !!

          So, k-NOW-IN-G “you” in this INformALL, self revealing, CO-n-DIT-i-ON LESS wAy …

          = i k-nOw you a weee bit, seen what interests you )))))))))))))

          so …
          to hear “YOU” say, ” i’m F(AS-CInAT-IN)G ”
          … )))
          WOW WoW wow … !!! – )))))))))
          ha ha )))
          MERC-i !!! – )))

          LOVELOVELOVE )))
          greb’Z )

      1. Do you know what Areeza mentioned about gravity control or Ray had mentioned the group of flying car project that is all open information.

        1. … pretty sure ))
          i was talking about balancing the polarity, wHERE if WE have the “two” principles of the same force, in this case gravity // levity … both pushing pulling in the same direction, WE get perpetual motion … or something like that )))
          ALL PolaritY … is a one way street )))
          = one person’s garbage is another’s G-OLD )
          = WE can not throw the dARK switch in a well lit room ))
          = ALL hu-MA-ns co-me to exp-ERIE-nce life at this leVel of REALITY .. th-ROUGH a woman = birth )))
          = ALL EnergY has a “CreativE” quality
          and, ALL EnergY has a “RE-ceptive” quality ))
          = WE are infinite )))
          = ALL-WAY-S eXP-aNd-INg ))

          …. hope this helps )))

          LOVELOVELOVE )))
          greb’Z )

  12. I found that little weeping kid sending the radiosignal, and now coming to terms with it. New signals coming :).

  13. Out there on the ethers or this wake life. Intercrossing all the time. Just seeing it working all the time makes me realize, I can not sleep, ever, as I need to guard emotions 24/7. That is something. More I get in me, more I realize. Such a work ahead.

  14. It’s amazing to clear the emotions enough and track where all these mechanics come from. I didn’t have a clue how powerfull a though can be. Now I do. Gotta pump good out there. Heart-stuff.

  15. it sure has been an ENDURANCE and I am grateful to walk out of that energy into bliss. Thanx Aisha, radiant blessings to ALL

    1. Hi Oriharu
      I left you the last note about our conversation in the same place.
      Have a good day and big hug.

  16. ❤ Dear Oriharu, Thank "you" for reflecting the kindness of the Light, the gentleness of the Light, the quiet JOY of the Light, the Oneness, so beautifully. ❤ Amyrah/Lin

  17. The new concept of ONE – I invite brothers and sisters also bring to this shore. I will create something tangible from this vast sea of undulating particles. – I can make these specific parts of the ONE come alive. For this is for All. The palace of our dreams is already beginning to take shape in the form of a knowing.

    If you define the word “patience” as “beyond the self”, the meanings of the two ways will occur. One is the meaning of conventional “beyond the self” in social relationships (as many/majority/integrated splintered). The other is spiritual meaning of “beyond the self” in God’s power (as ONE).
    Once I had written down an article. The content is “There are many ego/selves/DNA in the world. Each self would have a territory. Especially in urban narrow office room, someone is a ruler. People will pay attention to him or her or you or me. However, we never pay attention to the true ruler (The God = Selfless = Previous Self). There is/are selfless among many selves. For example, even people who are in a wave of urban ego, they can feel the beauty of selfless in wave sound of coast. This is the scene of the secret meeting with ‘self and selfless’. Of course, there is/are ‘selfless’ among many egos even in the urban narrow office rooms. ”. (May.07, 1999)
    http://oriharu.net/jnin.htm (though Japanese)
    Of course, our SELF is made of God’s power(= selfless = light = love). We are surrounded by love. We can use love. However, basically, we are ruled by love. (Mar.11, 2014)

    Recently, my updating of a file(~http://oriharu.net/eThe_Light_of_the_Archangel_Michael.htm) had stuck. Because I’ve been in pressure of “compliments” of higher dimentional teachers. They praised my self. However, there is nothing to its destination. But I’m just a human. I can just hearing/reading their words in patience. At that time, the message of ASANA MAHATARI occurred. (Jan.03, 2015)
    This abnormal stimulation, in a sense, was lightly my patience. And I consider it and noticed that it is better to receive meanings as go toward the purpose of ‘increase the light of this world’ than to read as compliments to myself. I have changed my understandings not to receiving their words as it is. I changed to receive their meaning as the purpose of increasing the light. If to receive in such a meaning, their words became flow into a huge area of the “purpose” than a flow of dead end in my ego/self. Because I’m happy that use myself in order to avail of someone or something in service. (The maximum number of life for as long as possible) So I also come alive.
    And next, I noticed I am the light, too. (Jan.12, 2015) Self is made of the light, too. Which I can believe. You too, I can believe. And reached here, the distinction between “You”, “I”, “God” has disappeared. And I became to understand that when I read missive of higher dimentional teachers, there is only purpose of ‘increasing the light’. The purpose of The God/light is The God/light. Their purpose to praise me is increase the light, too. There is no distinction.
    Then, a message of ASANA MAHATARI occurred. (Jan.13, 2015)
    This issue of ASANA MAHATARI exactly represents my changed understandings of sense of purpose(6D) and existance of myself(7D). Interpretation by human beings is always ends almost to failure that looks from another direction, but Our Mother and ASANA MAHATARI and Archangel Michael and many other messages are viewing accurate angles. So I became to know beyond walls of ego/self. I became to know/understand ONE beyond trinity. According to Mother’s message, I prefer to use the word ‘palace’. When speaking of Palace, it is The Moon Palace of religion Oomoto in Japan.
    Speaking of Omoto, it is a mechanism of God One Permil(= Circle of Witchcraft). And in honor of Onisaboroh Deguchi who is the guru of religion Oomoto (has been oppressed). I will reside the Palace!

    1. Dearest Ori,
      when you create this palace
      I would be One to most joyously come to it
      wherever it resides and
      see you there 🙂 smiling ❤

      1. Hi dearest AreBre,
        The palace means complacent of habitat that wrap ourselves/souls. Wrapped by love/light/God situation.
        Our Mother used a word ‘palace’. I can believe It is implied in the “Moon Palace” of religion Oomoto. Religion Oomoto established by Onisaburoh Deguchi who was a superhuman.
        The Prophecy of Baba Vanga (Bulgaria) mentions until 51 century.
        “Spirit World Story” (by Onisaburoh Deguchi in Japan)
        that mentions until 50 century. (mentions from 350,000 years ago)
        According to “Spirit World Story”, train will be flying in the sky. Its speed is about 800 [km/h] in 24 century. Beautiful flowers in the world blooming.
        The average height of human is 54cm in 50 century.
        The golden wing will be attached directly to the human body is so can move faster than radio waves in 50 century.
        Our Mother used a word ‘palace’. Onisaburoh Deguchi was especially robust construction the Moon Palace, it would be the meaning of “is grounded in God”.

        1. Lovely ❤
          thank you again Ori my friend
          we have all these beautiful things in our imaginations – where Love finds a happier space – living its Grace. So different than what 'seems the reality' upon Mother Earth in what 'seems like' a very long time – she and we and All deserve the imaginary come Real! and so it is as it occurs Now..and now…and Now until it Is seen by All.

          1. Thank you AB ❤
            Someday, this image might come the day to version up in resonance with some reality. The palace might come to visible in our spiritual eye? 😉

    2. excellent Stefan!
      and Ori!
      thank you – so timely
      from the link:
      “No power can displace you, from the place,
      which God has assigned for you. Because only
      the godless remain far from the Graces, but the
      ones inspired by God, live in His abundance and
      in His infinite Kingdom of Grace – eternally.

      I am That I Am.
      In infinite Love”


      My dear family of living Love Light ~
      I have had three nights of intense purification. I can not elaborate upon it too much as it was not to be focused on and kept in my mind – it was only to ‘know’ that it occurred. Took place in dream space but not dreams. It encompassed a set of healing purifications and I would say also activations – once the first completed, it advanced upon the next and the next. For three nights. I felt it to be very specific and well planned. It started with my lower organs the first night – as they vibrated noticeably. Last nights purification/activation involved the area to the left of my heart. It was a pleasant experience each time. I drifted too sleep with each of these night’s vibrations within my body. The dreaming space was occupied each night with very specific healings for removal of imprints and activation of what is meant to help the new vehicle move forward….along with these, phrases were spoken. The previous ‘one liners’ as i called them that I kept hearing night after night, were perhaps to get me ‘ready’ for the past three nights of purification/liberation/activation. I wish I could explain it better or more specificly but its not meant to be that way because I am not to hold on to anything I receive lately…more so, to let in move in and out just like breathing.
      And…this link you provided presents for me the culmination of what occurred! I Can put some words to what I experienced much better since reading this….and add the word “liberation” to purification and activation and see how important it IS.
      Reading what is preciously given in this link is the Icing on the cake! I am very happy to receive it this day…. as it occurs Now ❤ ❤ ❤

    3. THANK YOU dearest Stefan for sharing this link ❤
      It was extremely valuable to me right here and now.

      All my love and gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Yes – GREAT link!!!

        After all my amazing experiences and happiness last week I thought I was forever untouchable of negative/dark energies 😉

        Yesterday morning I noticed that I didn’t feel that glorious feelings of gratitude and honour to All-That-Is like I got used of feeling now. Yesterday evening I was almost drained of energy and slept on the sofa for many hours. As I got up to go to bed I caught sight of your message and read that link and others from this channeler throughout the night. Just AMAZINGLY what happened to my energy – and newly invented cleaning “Nordic sage” was in full service also 😉

        Today my left upper arm has eased a lot, my energy has raised and I will also be working through these links a couple more times.

        Thank you once again Stefan ❤ ❤ ❤

        Here is the link I am talking about:

      1. When I went to Germany in 1991, I asked a question and recording their answers by video. In front of the German, I nodded in Japanese as usual “AH SO!”. The eyes of the German was alived at the moment. I also feel that talking with Japanese at that moment. 🙂

    4. ❤ your energy carries a lot of JOY and Love, Dear Oriharu… Thank you for sharing it with us, along with your expanded/Inspired knowledge. You, your postings are appreciated. 🙂

      1. You are spheritual ! Now I noticed that there is a song unit “Sphere of Influence” in Japan. But I don’t know the origin of the name.


      1. Alisha,
        I have a riddle for you, so you can focus on what you want.

        The answer to all things. Ready?

        All things, The One, it’s name is “Love” and it’s number is 9

        “I AM” Indigo Phoenix, and my number is 5

        Look in “The Book of Revelation, with your new eyes and you will see my beautiful sister.

          1. Hello B,
            You are the only one so far to reply so I have more of the riddle for you.
            This is why I put a numer the a name.

            My name is Lucifer and my number is 666

            My name is Love and my number is 9

            6+6+6= 18
            Lucifer = Love

            Now let’s look again

            My name is Reflexion and my number is 666

            My name is Love and my number is 9

            6+6+6= 18

            So do you see?
            “I Am” (5) The Antichrist and I stand before you my Father (666), Lucifer. All I see my Father is evel.

            “I Am ” (5) The Christ and I stand before you my Father (666), Lucifer. All I see is Love.

            1. (Dear Otmn! I just removed some of your “unplanned reposts” of the Timothy Leary video 😉 I hope that is OK! Love, Aisha)

                1. ❤ I wonder what his Spirit/multi-dimensional self looks like. Except for the absence of teeth, his physical body (face) doesn't look 125 yo. Laughter is such a gift; donkey laughs even more. "Youth-ing" energy can reverse it all–maybe even grow teeth? Would love to sit and listen to his gained Wisdom.

                  Bet he has some playful, loving pups around, too! ❤

              1. thanks i was trying to move on to another thing, but it kept going back to that
                i don’t know if i did something wrong or if it was meant to be emphasized
                what’s his name works in mysterious ways

              2. Awwwwh. Crap.

                I dunno, Aisha — personally I wish you’d left it….his “unplanned repost” tsunami of swearing was so damn adorable, charming and rip-roaringly funny, I miss it already

                Just made me want to hug him to death….

                1. yeah
                  i am starting to love you, too
                  i am starting to think you just might be a brave brat
                  nothing less ccan deal with me
                  i loved a women once, but she got the hep-c and died
                  spring of 2001
                  oh well

                  1. i am saying forget about getting her a liver transplant
                    people like her don’t
                    she had a nevada corporation
                    she flim flamed a lot of old people
                    her dad used to come late at night into her
                    she watched her dad push her mom down the stairs
                    with a concussion and a broken arm
                    she hated everything with testicles, except me
                    oh well
                    after all these years
                    she is still dead..

                    1. That’s a lot of 3d “experience” for Source for one lifetime. I’m glad she gave herself (and you) the Joy of Love, too.

                    2. oh my
                      iforgot to mention the tattoo of a rose on or more nearly between her breasts
                      no matter she is still dead

  18. to answer you question

    And why do you often tend to react in this non-contributive, counteractive Low Frequency way? (Facetiously or not) — That is the key for you to pick up.
    Explore THAT…..with or without your shoes on

    tune off, turn out, and drop in

    why do they think we all overdosed and died
    i am getting old

  19. Speedy Synchronicity through the *Path of Least Resistance* — appeared within a minute of longing for my decades-long way Overdue, flying car with Zero Point Anti-Gravity propulsion…..(even though this guy seems to need a few pertinent driving lessons — and there sure as hell wouldn’t be any flames shooting out of my free-energy vehicle)…:



      1. yeah so?
        where do thinkk you want to go/
        what do you need one of those for/
        you would be better off learning how to make shoes

        1. Well, considering where we are sitting right Now, stuck in this limiting Timeline that the general Human Collective loves so much and wants to maintain as its comfort zone — until I can actually “Teleport” myself around in this reality, I would use it to get groceries, for the most part.

          This would be necessary until I could instantly manifest with my thoughts, whatever goods I required.
          And if I could derive all my energy needs straight from sucking on photon light energy, as the higher-dimensionals do — then I certainly wouldn’t need groceries.

          But at that point, I would also be able to teleport myself anywhere, as well as levitate/fly my own body — so I wouldn’t need a vehicle of any kind except for my own Light Body Merkaba “vehicle”.

          So what exactly is it that you find so threatening/irritating about this concept?

          And why do you often tend to react in this non-contributive, counteractive Low Frequency way? (Facetiously or not) — That is the key for you to pick up.
          Explore THAT…..with or without your shoes on

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