The manuscript of survival – part 415

The tide of humanity has indeed passed a crucial point by now, and as these surges of energetic information keep washing over you, you will find yourself seeing the density of yesterday with a sharper eye than before. Let us explain. Again, what you see is not an accurate representation of what you are truly getting, and even if this is not news to any of you, we will still maintain the need to remind you of it. For as you still see reality very much through the eyes of a human, you will also continue to overlook the truth that lies beneath this veil of confusion. It is not hidden from view, rather, it is kept from your perception by your insistence to focus on the overlaying layers of intrusion and confusion. And so, what is there in full view will seem as if hidden in a mist, a mist of much speculation, frustration and indeed anger at times, for you will feel as if pushing and pushing on an impenetrable wall of light that resists to let you enter. Well, that is not the case, but again this is all in the eye of the beholder, and as long as the beholder has chosen to maintain a distance to the layers within, so the veil will seem to thicken instead of opening up. And so, what is there to discover will seem to become more and more elusive as those thin layers obscuring them all will seem to grow thicker and more miasmic by the day.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, and again, we seem to be repeating the same message. But again, the truth is very simple, and it is attainable for all, but as yet, circumstances seem to separate more than unite. But that is not the case, for even if you think you are constantly stumbling over roadblocks and bumping into blind corners, you are in fact moving in the right direction. But the problem is, you think you are not, and so you keep closing your eyes to the obvious, and you think the darkness is gathering momentum. Nothing could be further from the truth, for what is actually going on, is that you have come so close to the Source of all light, the brightness of it will make you screw your eyes shut to protect them from the glare.

That is understandable indeed, as you are still very much accustomed to living within a much dimmer environment, and as the magnitude of the light keeps increasing, your brain will react by trying to close down any apertures admitting the light so as to keep the old and much more familiar levels intact. Again, this is understandable, for it is an instinctive reaction, so in this, it takes a bit of an effort on your part to allow all of this light to shine all the way in. For you need not go around half blinded by this light, not if you allow yourself to give up the idea of the need to control it in any way. Remember, this incoming rush of information is enough to make the sturdiest amongst you to falter a bit, and so, you will try to steady yourself in any way you can, and so, you will try to filter out at least some of the incoming light. And the outcome of this, will be a growing sense of unease and imbalance, and a sense of bewilderment. For you will think it is more difficult than ever to discern which way to go next, and so, it will be as if you are stumbling over your own feet in order to find the right way. But again, all you have to do, is to simply let yourself go with this heavenly flow of loving light, for it will take you there, to that place you have been searching for, seemingly forever. You see, you cannot see the way ahead clearly, for this is in fact not an orderly road, paved and marked out for you to follow. That is not how this works. For you have followed that straight and narrow road for lifetimes now, and that is why you ended up where you are today. But now, you must let all the old charts and navigational systems you have been so well trained to obey fall at the wayside, and now, you must allow yourself to be taken out of the old comfort zone of predictability and let yourself be free to roam wherever this incoming flux of light will take you. For it may take you far and wide, not necessarily in the physical sense, more as in the sense of breaking down any last barriers remaining within you.

For now, it is truly time for you to allow yourself to take to the wings and set off into worlds unknown, worlds that are awaiting you, far, far closer than you think. You have a concept you call armchair travelling, and in many ways, this is exactly what we are referring to. For you need to allow yourself to be taken on a tour of the unknown that lies within you, to the wealth of undiscovered territory that lies there, beckoning you to come and visit it. For that is where the true adventures lie, but that is also where you think the dragons reside, just like on the old maps delineating the borders between the known and the unknown. For even if you are all more than eager to leave this version of reality behind, there are still some mechanisms of fear within you holding you back from taking this plunge to pluck up the courage and simply lose yourself in the well of possibilities that awaits you within. Again, that is easy to understand, for you have been trained well to think that this will entail so much danger, as you will be apt to simply lose yourself completely in the labyrinthine recesses of your inner being, so the safest tip will be to stay on the surface, where you can still see the light from the entrance. Well, that may be the case for the so-called normal version of a human being, but remember, you have already come a long, long way from that old version of you, and for you, it is about time you volunteered to venture even further in. For there you will find that the light is actually increasing, not dimming down, but again, this abrupt increase in light will have many of you turning back from it because you fear the exposure to so much light will perhaps be detrimental in some ways.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but just like a timid child, seeking comfort in the familiar will seem to be the natural thing to do when something so powerful suddenly manifests itself into your life. And even if this is something that is happening in order to help you finally see the real truth hiding behind the facade of your humanity, it can seem to be so overpowering at first that you need to step back and leave it for later. We know that many of you have had some deep forages within already, and for some of you, the effect of meeting up with this intensity has been just as we have described above, while for others, they have no recollection at all at even reaching that kind of depths within. But that does not mean that any of you are still stuck in those shallow waters of yesterday, for this is a process that all of you are going through at the moment. For this is indeed an unavoidable part of the process of true reconnection with the core, for it entails full exposure to the full potential of All of creation, and in this, there is no way around it.

So that is why we are here, to remind you all that this path ahead, no matter how daunting it will seem, and no matter how difficult it may seem to navigate, this way forward is perhaps the easiest part of it all. For the way forward is as simple as to stop thinking and simply allow it to happen. You need no compass, you need no detailed descriptions as to where, how and when to do it. For the light will guide to there, it will scoop you up in its loving arms and carry you all the way to Source – if you allow it do to so. And remember, there is nothing there that can hurt you in any way, no matter how strong the glare from this light will seem to be on your eyes. For this is where you came from originally, so this is simply you in your primary form, and this is where you will return to. It will not be the first time, for this is the place you go whenever you leave the current physical vehicle you inhabit. For as you transit from one life to another, you take a detour back to Source before you once again start a new tour of humanity in another human form, but this time, it is different. For this time, you will return to Source still within that physical frame, still living as a human being, and you will go back to Source in order to regain all of your inherent faculties for then to return back in that same physical vehicle, but this time, you go back armed with your full potential as a lighted being within that human container.

In other words, that instinct of flinching back you experience whenever you venture close enough to this brilliant source of light you all carry within is the natural instinct of fearing death. For as you have all passed through this door of light so many times before, you all know so well that going in through that light means leaving your physical life behind. For that door has been seen as the final exit from your Earthly sojourn, and so, you will balk at the thought of venturing in through that door at this moment in time. Again, this is understandable, but this time, it will not be an exit, it will simply be like a revolving door, one that will bring you into the light for the briefest of moments for then to send you back into your world again as the same person inhabiting that same physical body but fully immersed in the brilliance that can only be obtained by being fully connected to this same Source.

We know these words may leave your head spinning faster than any revolving door, so we will leave it at that for now. Let us simply sum this up in this way: you are all fast approaching that final revealing of the true light within, but as you have all become programmed with the idea that passing through this stage means exiting life, it will take some effort on your part to keep going forwards this time. For as the light increases, you will think that your hold on this Earthly sojourn is slipping away, and you will feel as if you are losing it all. You are not, you will in fact gain everything there is to know. But even if you know this beforehand, you will still have some issues with the urge to control it all. But the urge to control comes from those last remnants of fear you still harbour within, as the fear of dying have been so deeply ingrained within you all, so shying away from this brilliant light comes instinctively.

Again, we do not say this to berate you, neither should you harbour any such thoughts for yourself, for this is simply a natural reaction. But that is why we are here to gently guide you ever onwards, ever inwards, closer and closer to this immense light that is waiting to welcome you in. And remember, you will not be swallowed up by it. Rather, you will be filled up by it in such a way, you will be able to literally fill the entire world with this light as soon as you step back out again. And step back out again you will, for that is why you are here, to drink your fill as often as needed for then to return into your world and help quench the thirst of everyone around you. For remember, this light is not your light, this light cannot be contained, for this light is for ALL, and through you, it will finally become available to all.

134 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 415

  1. Hello everyone.
    This is my 40th favourite Japanese song from
    Akira Inaba – HOLIDAYS (Released Date : Oct.23, 2002)
    (This is a cover song of Michel Polnareff)
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    Human(Life) always affirm.
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  2. Most people know that the reactors scatted around the world are one of the most dangerous things in our world. Hopefully they will be dismantled and never used again when another power supply is created to take their place. Their is already some supplies that could do this that are being work on now. One device is made in the ocean with a pump to get it started by pumping water through a pipe with a series of generators used with gravity and pressure of the pump. to supply more energy than put into this device. This does not harm the water in any way and their is a never ending supply of ocean water. Anything that turns can be used as a power supply. There are thousand of ways to generate a power supply to reduce the need to ever use a reactor for power or coal burning devices. Getting our world leaders to let this happen and produce this or make sure others are allowed to do this is the problem. Hopefully this fear that is placed upon us all because of greed and power will be replaced by something that does nothing to produce fear in others out of greed and power of the few.

    Love and blessings to all

  3. Exercise during my afternoon nap:
    I saw Ron asked me: „are you ready?“ and I said: „yes, I Am ready“.
    Then I saw three black points, openings, I slowly moved towards the middle. When I asked I was confirmed that this is the right thing.
    Then I hardly got air. My respiratory tract was free before and also afterwards. This fits to the exercises during all years I had made at night.
    I was several times under water and then put in a few minutes lack of air tight that I can breathe underwater. Then these exercises were over.
    At night some years before was worked always on my physical heart. It hit like mad and sometimes I felt no more heartbeat. Then a voice said to me: „nothing can happen“.
    Afterwards I thought whenever in my heart was worked „oh yes, nothing can happen to me“ and worried never again. However, these exercises are also already long gone.

    Can it be that we – if we have gone through the revolving door – do not breathe air / oxygen anymore but be converted (with a short phase of breathlessness) on God’s light? Then we inhale and exhale only God’s light.
    This would also explain why our bodies shining then, God’s light flows instead of oxygen by its blood vessels.
    Übung bei meinem Nachmittagsnickerchen:
    Ich sah Ron der mich fragte: „bist du bereit?“ und Ich sagte: „ja, Ich Bin bereit“.
    Danach sah Ich drei schwarze Punkte, Öffnungen, Ich bewegte mich langsam auf die Mittlere zu. Als Ich nachfragte wurde mir bestätigt dass dies die Richtige sei.
    Dann bekam Ich kaum noch Luft. Meine Atemwege waren zuvor und auch danach frei. Das passt zu den Übungen die Ich in all den Jahren nachts gemacht hatte.
    Ich war mehrmals unter Wasser und stellte dann nach einigen Minuten Luftmangels fest dass Ich auch unter Wasser atmen kann. Danach waren diese Übungen vorbei.
    Einige Jahre zuvor wurde nachts immer an meinem physischen Herzen gearbeitet. Es schlug wie wild und manchmal spürte Ich gar keinen Herzschlag mehr. Eine Stimme sagte mir dann: „es kann nichts passieren“.
    Anschließend dachte Ich immer wenn an meinem Herzen gearbeitet wurde „ach ja, mir kann nichts passieren“ und machte mir nie wieder Sorgen. Diese Übungen sind aber auch schon lange vorbei.

    Kann es sein dass wir – wenn wir durch die Drehtüre gegangen sind – nicht mehr Luft/Sauerstoff atmen sondern umgestellt werden (mit einer kurzen Phase der Atemnot) auf Gotteslicht? Dann atmen wir nur noch Gotteslicht ein und aus.
    Das würde auch erklären warum unsere Körper dann leuchten, es fließt statt Sauerstoff Gotteslicht durch seine Blutgefäße.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

  4. What’s the problem in losing it all. Source made us bitches returning the favor, like one big collective reach-around. If we’re known in history as the dumbest imbreds known to all there is, what’s the problem doing it all the way down to 0D with the full scale nuclear holocaust. It’s like one way down to biggest number ever known. Think about it.

  5. hey team-light–or,uh,consistent fair-weather companions!
    well,before i begin reading comments,and trying in vain to catch up,i just wanted to say hey,i wonder what y’all can have to say,and like,isn’t it nice,finally,that it’s spring here in the northern hemisphere-i think by the time it gets cold again,i would love to be transported,somehow, to perhaps australia where it’s warm and safe,the people are friendly,and they love music! and there’s hopefully somewhere to just get out of the way,man,the frickin big machine is everywhere and everything tho…but particularly,i was thinking about the fukushima situation and if something happens,rather *when* something happens to that spent fuel pool,open to the elements,100 ft. in the air,like a deep,hot swimming pool–well it’s serious,see?,and the building is falling apart,see,and these long spent fuel rods are vertically placed in this deep pool that keeps them cool enough not to ignite–well if the water were to leak out,or the building collapse-and the fuel rods were exposed to the air,it will start an unstoppable fire,releasing so much deadly radiation and radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere,we know it’s only a matter of time before it’s ‘curtains’ for this whole ‘theatre’ of operations-
    but anyway,that ain’t to say we can’t be happy,happy that it hasn’t happened yet,by whatever miracle-we’ll need more of those!
    i ain’t about to get all sad yet–not while we’re still on the field-we’re seasoned pros-of whatever our specialty-i’m getting closer to remembering mine everyday now–haha–i love that david lee roth guy! -something like 30 years ago he talked to me in a dream,it was weird,as if the guy knew me somehow-anyway i just dig his songs and he gives the greatest interviews-
    he oughta be a comedian-sounds like his voice is in reasonable shape,despite having to again scream over the van halen brothers,haha,and their offspring-and he’s gottabe like 60 now or older-he’s an inspiration,whether you love him or you hate him-to me he’s just one of the greatest
    entertainers ever – and he doesn’t insult your intelligence unless he’s sure you won’t know it–haha

  6. Yes, I have experienced the exact same feeling a few times in my dream state. I felt I was on this “edge”, just about to “enter a new level”, but didn’t just yet, for the fear of the unknown. It was intense.
    Thank you for the confirmation, and a beautiful message as always. With love, Romana

    1. Dear Romana, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for bringing your light here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. What I have found out about my dream so far. Is part of it is about the merging of two spirits that become one. Everyone has a soul mate. This is two souls that are compatable with each other in every way. Always helping each other when in need. When one falls the other picks them up. There is no chaos between the two. This is like in old days when the parents tried to pick a soul mate for their offspring. I have never liked the way this was done without the consent of the two picked to marry. The merging of the two souls that I’m talking about is much different. It is a very sacred thing that is looked at by those who know everything about the two spirits envolved in this.

    You could look at it like having two golden disk with all the information of the two souls with all their past lives. Each disk compliments the other. The weakness of one is the strenght of the other so one can always pick up the other when needed. The infomation is very detailed. You take the two disk and make one disk. When the infomation is merged together you have one complete soul. This makes the soul truly in love with themselfs. You become a complete human body and soul. The love of your life is always with you in all things. This has a lot to do with our dna to. I haven’t gotten to deep into this yet. I’m still learning about the two spirits merging together as soul mates. So many details to all this dream. This is one of the best detailed dreams I have ever had. A lot of my dreams are very focused on collecting information. Not that I am trying to control the dream but trying burn the dream into my thoughts so I remember what takes place in the dream. It is like dreaming in slow motion that gives much more detail about the dream. You can see everything in much more detail in this way. When you replay this dream you can see even the smallest detail like the color and type of shoes that they are wearing. You see every expression on the faces that gives you more of a detailed full picture of what is said and thought.

    Me being the human I am will take a little time for all this information to soak in and work out in a way I can tell others about it. I recieve this information like I’m watching a movie. These spirits are in robes. You could say they are wearing long dresses that come close to the floor. The faces of these ladies are shinning with a white light. The light isn’t so bright so I can still see the faces through the light. The lady in the center is much like us. The other ladies are like us to. When she looks at me I can tell she can see right through me with her thoughts. I love talking to people like this. The truth always comes out. The other ladies are always smiling at me and asking questions. I in turn am asking questions to the lady in the center. There are a few things she could not answer. I have had to seek these answers with others. I have sought out others that I know of to ask about this and the full intent behind this. I have one close friend that always answers me. Some things he won’t tell me but I can see what he is thinking. Is this cheating I don’t think so. This friend I have never spoken of before have always been best of friends through good and bad times here on earth. Maybe one day I can speak about him more but that time hasn’t come yet.

    I will keep looking into this dream until I see what all of it is about. This type of dream may last for weeks until it is finished and all questions are answered. This type of dream is always about what may be ahead for the human race. Our knowledge is growing as a whole. More is written everyday by those who have become more awaken and entered as the knowledge of humans. This brings a smile on my face when I see all the work you are doing to bring this about for all to share.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. ❤ You leave me with a smile upon my face, too, Ray. Thank you for all you feel comfortable to share—always. En-JOY your day/night. 🙂 ❤

    2. My Soul man, who was already on the other side when we found together, said to me: “Although we are outside so different so we are inside the same” and also “a soul with two personalities, yes, yes, that exists “.
      Mein Seelen–Mann, der bereits auf der anderen Seite war als wir uns wiederfanden, sagte zu mir: „Obwohl wir außen so unterschiedlich sind so sind wir innen gleich“ und auch „eine Seele mit zwei Persönlichkeiten, ja, ja, das gibt es“.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE 😀

    3. Hello Ray,
      Each one of us sees life from a different perspective, as we are unique individuals, yes!!
      So as Bixie has said, your one soul has two distinct personalities. Something very few in the “new age” believe.They are looking for a mate outside of them selves.
      Actually it is still hard for me as my pineal isn’t very active yet.
      But knowing for a few years someone who does,in their knowing, it resonates with me deeply.
      Now what I have heard is that your twin is the feminine part of you, and as you are the part of you in 3d she is totally connected to spirit. (this lifetime)
      So for this thought to be true we must have been born a zero time with this attribute duality just like mother/father good.

      What the soul mate is has folks looking without for something that is always within. jmo. Maybe as a soul group we work so much better together.
      I pray you get all your questions answered, knowledge, and knowing is wonderful.

      Blessings ❤

      1. The Love for the Twin Soul is only achieved by going within and loving yourself first. Only through that Self Love is it possible to love your Twin, unconditionally. Your Twin Soul will actually trigger this process. ❤

  8. The revolving door – many, many times has been shown to me at night the black and white turning.
    I always asked “what is that?” And explained it to me with “it’s probably the invisible light and the visible light”. No, it was the revolving door 😉
    Now, finally, I go through.

    Die Drehtür – viele, viele Male wurde mir nachts das schwarz–weiße Drehen gezeigt.
    Ich fragte immer „was ist das?“ und erklärte es mir mit „es ist wohl das unsichtbare Licht und das sichtbare Licht“. Nein, es war die Drehtüre 😉
    Nun gehe Ich endlich hindurch.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

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