A short update on the Solstice energies

Many of you have already stepped into the fast lane, a space where time seems to stand still, and everything about you seems to do the exact opposite. For now, the changes you have gone through already will have made way for what is coming in, and as such, you will find yourself overflowing at times with all of these energetic missives hurtling at you from seemingly all directions. Our words may seem bewildering, as indeed this whole period will seem to be very bewildering to many of you, for it will be difficult to settle in and find a way to describe just what is happening within you. For as you know so well by now, the process referred to as ascension is in all aspects an internal one, whereas your entire programming is being adjusted so that you are finally able to function fully on all of your inherent abilities.

So now, much will be transpiring that will be hard to explain for any of you, but as we have already said, you will indeed feel it in your very bones that something very new is already happening. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that tomorrow is also one of those focal points that will serve to increase any and all parts of this already rather intense situation, and as such, it will be apt to utilize that time slot to give yourself ample time to just be within yourself, and be present in this whole process. For you need to be able to seek shelter as it were within your own consciousness, and not let yourself be spirited away by any external noise and confusion. For this is all about you, about getting you more and more complete in the least amount of time, and as such, we therefore implore you all to find a way to focus on yourself as much as you can in the hours ahead. This may sound to be rather self-serving to some, and that is the whole point. For if you cannot find the time to focus on you, no one else can do this for you, and now, you stand before a very crucial part of this whole operation, and we think you will find enormous benefits if you do manage to seek within and sit with yourself for the time needed.

This does not mean in any way that we ask you to seek shelter because something negative is about to happen in your environment, far from it. This is simply a reminder that you should seek to avoid any unnecessary outside noise in this process, the better to be able to be present at your own rebirth. For this is all about the new you starting to announce its arrival, so we think you would not want to miss any parts of that rebirth. For now, so much will start to flood into you, so much that will trigger parts of you you did not even know you possessed. For remember, this is all about reawakening the dormant codes within, the ones that will ensure that you are no longer run by that simple process of survival that has hitherto ruled the lives of mankind. For now, you are about to start to blossom into what will be labeled as the truest form of mankind, the one that is here to work miracles, the one that will let this whole planet be reborn in the same manner as they themselves have managed to resurrect themselves from the old ruins that used to be them.

For you are as the phoenix dear ones, the shining one, emerging up from the ashes of the old and burned down remnants of the illusion of who you thought yourself to be. For now, you will start to see the limitless version of yourself, the one that has been waiting for so long to be let out from the old cage of superimposed limitations. And you would not want to miss that first glimpse of the real you, would you? So therefore, take time to just BE, and see if you can detect that first overwhelming sense of YOU, that earth-shattering sense of finally becoming so much more than what your limited beliefs have let you to think before. For now, those old limits will be shattered to pieces as you each, one by one, step over these old ruins and start to venture out in that wide open space, ready and waiting for you to start to frolic upon it.


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  1. Yes Sun – and I was – unexpectedly – one of them 🙂 A very permissive Pond where both the Higgs boson and flu symptoms are discussed. I like it when it’s high ceilings. Everything is as it is supposed to be 😉

    Much love,

    B to B

  2. Dear Areeza
    you already know me a little more through my actions. You remember that I’m reacting strongly when I feel somebody is attacked in any way. You saw how I stood for Susan when she was labelled as not able to enter higher frequencies…Nobody has a right to judge, nobody know really all about…almost everything what is going on today…I mean REALLY. So I have to hold back any judgment and patiently wait to see what will happen. I’m trying to be neutral and learn as much as is possible…You know, I like what a wise man called LAO TZE said:

    “Watch your thoughts – they become words,
    watch your words – they become actions.
    Watch your actions – they become habits,
    watch your habits – they become character.
    Watch your character – it becomes your destiny”.

    I’m more than 60 now, I live with this words for more than 40 years and they never fall to amaze me how true they are.
    Love to you Areeza/Breeze
    P.S. I feel good reading about them too, darling, but we will see. I strongly believing it is order in Universe. Right will show itself

    1. Hey Maria…. appreciate your input always. See my comments above today about it. I dont like judging either and I do have strong intent to stick up for the Oneness Consciousness – ending duality/separation. I answer when I feel things being put as definitely ‘bad’. As you say, right will show itself 🙂 And yes, if u believe bad is there, u can bring it with your attention on it. Not a virgin to That experience myself! Believe me when I say I have no ill feelings toward Susan – Love u Susan!! I just answered. XO~A~

    1. I know.. and i even added my voice to a thread on it awhile ago. Seems no one got relief. U can say you are not going to touch your eyes… but when u cant see because it is in your line of vision, u have to get it out. I usually use kleenex and not my fingers. I think there was an herb i took but I forget what it was ! so far so good today – maybe the black seed is helping

  3. Teasy’s idea is a good idea, but better, I think, to use real salt, like celtic salt, not the awful runny whitish stuff. Or just colsil…
    For your problem, Breeze, I think a long time ago I read it is banker’s eyes, because they touch banknotes which have been handled by many, and since many people rub their eyes with their fingers, better do it with the outer finger knuckles which are always clean… Check whether you have any bad habits…
    Rubbing eyes and face is a bad idea, unless you just washed your hands.
    Quite a conversation, guys !
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    I’ll see whether I can find information about your eye problem Breeze… If so I’ll let you know, though I do not want to pirate the comments here… 🙂
    Apologies to all, I have been pretty invasive, lately ! :-)))))

    1. I work ‘behind the scenes in the Operations Dept’ so I dont handle much but a keyboard and some papers. I do wash my hands often. But, I have had this problem ongoing since childhood… always had pink eye, etc. thanks for looking into it for me… never asked here and almost take it as just a problem I live with. XOA

    the following is not fit for human consumption.
    I am screaming. I hate it. the corporate, big business take over of Christmas is seriously fucked. We celebrate the equinox because tomorrow the daylight will be just a tiny bit longer. soon the early flowers will come up and we will see sign of bulbs sprouting, and then buds swelling and we know the cycles continue to cycle. but noooooooooooooooooo
    they want me to celebrate selfishness and greed and give me more stuff
    give me more stuff
    give me more tuff
    it’s makes me puke. no seriously, I throw up a lot.
    It’s not my fault
    I didn’t do it.
    make it stop
    I hate Santa more than anyone,
    more even, than “dear ol’ dad”
    thanks for ignoring this rant.
    so where else can i?

    1. I dont mind 🙂 🙂 I like release! I never liked the commerce part of the sacred days. I do Love Christ and believe he was more than a human. I honor the Christ energy emerging within All Things and Christmas is a day to celebrate what a wonderful Be-ing Christ is.

  5. Hi Breeze,

    Yes, glass amber or blue bottle to keep solution out of the light (I use a Martini bottle). And non contact with metal. The silver particles are in a Brownian movement inside the bottle, repelling, -dancing a flamenco, should I say- each other. Also many plastic are reactive to silver, but I think polypropylene is OK.
    If you use a plain cheap generator, as you go into the process of course, more particles in the water, so more conductivity, so the particles come out bigger (unless you have a constant current -expensive- unit, that is).
    This is why it is better to stick to a 5 ppm solutionm (or should I say 1 ppm of the diswater + 5 ppm of silver = 6 ppm more or less) so small particles, therefore more bioavailable, which allow you to bypass the stomach highway, thanks to sublingual absorption.
    Above 6 ppm you will see the soltion getting yellower and yellower, and it will get a bit bitter.

    @ otmn, thank you. Being too clean is not a good idea.:-) I read kids in the country are stronger than kids in cities because they are exposed to dirt and build a strong immune system. Trouble is chemicals come into play also. :-

    1. my solution always yellow – about 8-10 ppm. again, been doin it for 20+ yrs so I would say its ok for me and people/animals I have shared it with anyways. The generator I have from Utopia was about 80.00 – it is a simple battery one. I have run my finished solution thru a coffee filter in case there are larger particles. NOTE: One thing I have never been able to cure btw is the mucous in my eyes. anyone know of how, please share. its horrible to live with the stringy stuff u have to fish out multi times daily. My Dad had the same – I have hardly heard of anyone having this.

  6. Get Dirty to Get Joy- Bacteria in Soil Acts as Antidepressant
    Submitted by Intelligentactile on February 24, 2012 – 2:16 pm4 Comments

    A bacteria found in soil called Mycobacterium has been found to effect the same neurons as Prozac, offering people a natural lift in mood. This is just one more great reason to get out in the garden and grow your own foods. Not a green thumb? Just spending time in areas with rich soil will allow you to breath in these great benefits. – Intelligentactile

    Imagine: You’re feeling so depressed that you visit your doctor and request a prescription for a mood elevator. Instead of writing you a prescription for Prozac or a similar antidepressant, she advises you to get dirty. While you consider changing doctors, she describes how getting dirty changes your brain chemistry. The microbes in dirt, she says, tweak the same neurons that are stimulated by Prozac. Your options, she explains, are an expensive drug plus its possible side effects, or gardening, yard work, or a romp in the park. Your doctor, it turns out, hasn’t gone round the bend. She is actually up-to-date on the latest scientific findings about how the natural environment affects our brain function.

    The dirt-and-Prozac connection surfaced a couple of years ago from Dr. Chris Lowry and his colleagues at the University of Bristol and University College London. They exposed lung cancer patients to a common, inoffensive microbe called Mycobacterium vaccae, found in soil. The patients unexpectedly reported increases in their quality of life, including a brighter mood. The researchers wondered if this effect was caused by stimulation of neurons in the patients’ brains that produce serotonin, a feel-good chemical.

    Taking the next step, they broke up M. vaccae into fragments with sound waves and injected them into the windpipes of anesthetized mice. When compared to controls, the mice exposed to M. vaccae had more activity in serotonin-producing neurons and higher levels of serotonin in several areas of the brain. “[The bacteria] had the exact same effect as antidepressant drugs,” Dr. Lowry said. The scientists said that one might derive dirt’s benefit directly by rooting around in a vegetable garden, or by eating lettuce or carrots picked from that garden. Popular media ran with the findings. ”Is Dirt the New Prozac?” asked Discover magazine.

    The dirt-and-Prozac connection fits with a recent idea in medicine called the “hygiene hypothesis.” According to this concept, exposure early in life to the bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in common, everyday dirt is necessary to stimulate our immune system. When children are exposed to the stew of microbes in dirt, their immune systems become stronger. The immune system also learns to ignore substances like pollen or the dandruff of pets, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Researchers have shown, for example, that kids who grow up in dirty environments such as farms have a lower incidence of infections, asthma, allergies, and eczema later in life, compared to kids raised in urban environments in which parents try to keep them squeaky clean.

    For a century and a half we have waged merciless war on filth through public health measures such as public sanitation systems and water purification programs. These developments have been enormously successful. The increase in lifespan in modern societies is due largely to the reduction of death rates from diseases such as typhoid and cholera, which in nineteenth-century America were called “filth diseases.”

    We have to wonder, however, if we have gone too far in our obsession with hygiene. Throughout our evolutionary history our ancestors lived in intimate contact with dirt, and its influence, we now see, was not all bad. We evolved in the outdoors, and we are beginning to glimpse the price we are paying for shutting ourselves off from nature.


    1. Thanks Otmn. at work the other day we were talking in the lunch room about why kids now have bad peanut reactions. This was not always so because they used to eat more dirt! get more dirty. had better immune function. Side affect from dirt: you can eat peanuts. For me, I absolutely love Root Veggies – get me some radishes just out of Mother Earth…. oh the joy!!!

    2. So true – thanks Otmn!

      In winter time, during the years when I was very depressed and my brain was burning with anxiety, I was led to take care of my flowers, maybe replant them, talk to them and EVERY TIME my anxiety eased. So amazing!


      B to B

    3. I don’t believe in getting sick so I don’t anymore. But I do love the dirt. I had a 80 by 120 ft. garden for many years I worked in. I had horses rabbits and chickens that gave me enough to put in worm beds for my garden to help the plants grow. I do take meds for my heart now because of all the abuse I let myself do to my body in my younger years. I feel great now and see a few more years in this old misused body. Next year I plan on making a greenhouse and a few fish tanks to raise my own fish and use the fish to help my plants grow. I have drawn all the blue prints to make these. Now I just need to do it.

      Love and blessings to all

      1. Look up Oil of Oregano Extract for colds works great. It seems to clear out my lungs to. This is just my thoughts on colds and for people who smoke. You will never hear a doctor talk about this. Maybe because you can buy it with out a doctor.

        Love and blessings to all

      2. Do u have to kill the fish or just use the fishy water? I could not do it if I had to kill my fishes or maybe they dont live long and u toss them in garden after they die. Although my boyfriend had fish that lived 8 yrs! He said it was because he did not clean the tank. I would not eat at all I guess – cause I cant kill anything. Love you Ray – so glad to hear u feel so good!

  7. Re Col. silver, it is safe (I have been using it for almost 18 years now), provided it is made properly with distilled water (1 ppm, no more), and pure silver (minimal purity requirement is 99.9 % silver). But at the beginning people didn’t prepare it well, even using tap water full of impurities, so of course, such solution is not good).
    I also use an electronic zapper (as per Dr Hulda Clark).
    It’s good not to have colds anymore, I can do without…
    Thank you again, Aisha, for your great posts !

    1. Yes, true. I make my cs properly with distilled water and must be stored in amber or blue glass bottles. The instructions and kit are all there @ http://www.utopiasilver.com – once u get the kit, all u have to do is buy the water and occasionally replace the silver rods. I make mine stronger though and its been fine. Thanks for the post Miz

  8. I’m going to spend the day playing in the dirt with my tractor.
    a few words on how to know who to listen to.
    The good guys will lead you to an ever widening perspective of the truths of existence. They aren’t much interested in having their ego’s massaged. They care more about the message than they do about any personality.
    The bad guys will encourage you to believe them and follow their their teachings. They will want to do your thinking for you, suggesting that they know more than you do about yourself. so you should follow them.
    So if anything wants to narrow your mind or divide people into any sort of “us vs. them” don’t go there.

  9. Oops! Forgot to mention this……
    I was taught to “talk” to my physical body (muscles, organs, cells). Our tissues and cells respond to the loving and reassuring vibrations in our words and voices. The physical body feels as if it is “under attack” by all of this energy and DNA activations and is responding defensively. Yes, it sounds “weird” and “odd”, but talking gently and stroking your body softly helps it to settle down and “accept” what it is going through.” Soothingly explain the changes to it. After a while, it truly does begin to respond to your voice. Mine is not as “defensive” anymore (took several months, but it is working.) I know, it sounds crazy, but we literally live in a magical time now!

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! same here. And I never separated ‘parts’ – we were all in this together 🙂 That could be why at first I really did not want to get rid of the Uterus. I really felt ‘it deserved’ to ascend with the rest of me! Its fine with me now – it served its purpose (hey maybe it ascended ahead of me!) and I am still complete and feeling no different – only better physically. Treat the body as the sacred vessel it is – it serves us well. But, yeah this is how I know what to get for my body – I ask and listen – this is why I decided to get the Black Seed Oil recently along with the magnesium oil. I have used essential oils for yrs too. Magnesium rubbed on the heart is wonderful too for heart issues…as well as taking Mag. supplements. I also got Bio-Oil for my belly surgical marks. seems to work nice on the facial lines too! Thanks Caroline for this discussion is important to many I believe , Love A

    2. Thank you, Caroline, for this information. I had heard this in the past, had practiced it for awhile, and then forgot all about it. My sweet body/cells deserve(s) all the help I can give it/them… immediately.
      xo Lin

  10. Hey Everyone!
    Something else to be aware of is literal movement in the heart space. In the beginning, it manifests as palpitations, fluttering, and then turns to all-out bursts of energy that feel like energy blocks being rearranged in the heart. Don’t know how else to describe it. Can be alarming at first and if you are really concerned, a trip to the doctor is OK to ensure the physical heart is healthy. A few times, I felt that it could be a heart attack and went to the doctor. Really put my mind at ease.
    Love to you all,

    1. Man,,, those intense heart days… remember them and dont even want to think about it. I have (had – past tense from now on!) the sensitive central nervous system too. Re heart: I had SVT, MVP, PVC’s. would feel like my heart chakra was way out of whack – not in alignment – I would even lean to one side or the other to ease it sometimes. I went to emergency room dont know how many times in the past… I wore heart monitors….been on a beta blocker since I was 18. Yes, go to the dr if u are really nervous about it to be safe. most of the time if u r a lightworker/healer it is not a bad physical problem. If u could have seen me yrs ago and now – you would not think it was the same person. I know I came in to this life different with really strong heart/head connection that would not let me ‘get away with’ anything. lol. Had to walk a thin line to keep my heart from freaking out many times. I have/had a great low self protection (of some kind) that took care of me more than I realized. Always felt I had to be so ‘extra careful’ with my body and kept alert to what I needed to do. Knock wood, I have been doing well in the heart region for some time now. The large fibroid did not help either – pressure that aggravated my vagus nerve. not anymore 🙂 not nearly the blocks I felt in my body now that that issue is removed. When I had Lymes, I thought I would die my heart and entire nervous system was so affected – for about 7 yrs. I had no aches or pains. Drs thought it was in my mind and gave me xanax, etc. It was hell. Heaven is just around my corner! So much relief and even with the symptoms I still have from time to time, believe me people, it IS getting better and better. Stay the course – its gonna BE OK and Acupuncture – I got a lot of help from it and Reiki and healers….and keeping my faith in what was unfolding and why I was here. XO~A~

  11. Lastly – according to Chinese medicine, the liver harbors much of our anger. It is very common to have it go wacky. It is also the filter of the body. Acupuncture. Works great.


  12. About the flu –

    Some of what is going on is truly influenza. Fevers, aches and pains, croupy cough. True flu is a few days and then lingers on for a few more. I recommend preventative homeopathic Oscillococcinum. One dose per person per month from September till March. Up the dose to once a week if exposed or if there is an epidemic. If you already have it – take Influgip. These are made by the company Boiron.

    Energetic “flu” can mimic this but there will not be fever and the symptoms will come in cycles.

    To keep the immune system up – garlic, chili pepper, ginger. Walks in the fresh air. Acupuncture is great if it is available and affordable in your area.

    If there is nausea or dizziness – homeopathic coccculus.

    I believe c. silver is risky.

    Love, Susan

    1. Thanks for the valuable tips!

      The first week of November, I had fever, cough, very cold symptoms but then the symptoms merely feel that tingling in the top of the nose (am reminded every time I tie my shoes;) They reduce / compounded with a sore throat every few weeks .

      I feel it is more like what you say about the energetic flu:

      “Energetic” flu “can mimic this but there will not be fever and the symptoms will come in cycles”, but I really don´t know…

      Yikes, what I get tired of this 😦

      Anyway I liked what you said about more team/guides connected to lightworkers. I could need one 😉


      B to B

    2. re Colloidal Silver – all i can say is i and my family have used it for ourselves and our pets for about 20 yrs with great results. When my coworkers are sick, i am not. I do not even remember the last time I had a cold or flu. I keep some in my desk. The Greeks used Silver all the time knowing the benefits – even lining their bowls, etc with it. I have watched a cat go from bad abscess from a bite to complete healing in 5 days where i could not even locate the wound. My friends dog was at deaths door a couple times… told her to use Silver, dog recovered. Maybe with our new bodies, it wont be necessary to use anymore I dont know that. These are just my own direct experiences.

      1. to add: when i put silver in my cats water bowls they suck it up – whole bowl gone when i get home – regular water not – so its like they know. I do this about 2 times per month maintenance – if they are sick, each day. about one tablespoon per bowl. humans about same straight up.

  13. Good Evening All,

    Have been off line for a few days. I have been working with the Team preparing the information blog. Much more work than I anticipated.
    There is still some energetic cleaning going on and it is necessary to take breaks to give me some rest. There are also periods of time when they have to go on low communication mode.

    I just wanted to give you a quick update. All is well. I am constantly reassured of that. They know we are all getting impatient, tired and skeptical but as I’ve mentioned before, there are legit reasons this is taking so long. The amount of preparatory work is staggering. They must always weigh our progress, security and health. They are FINALLY starting to recognize the fact that information and support are vital.

    The good news is that they are trying to get more teams/guides connected with the Light workers. They are clearing and improving the communication networks. They absolutely hear your telepathic SMS’s and are responding. When you feel a tingling sensation or suddenly “know something” – receive some sort of info – you are being guided.

    To answer a few of your questions above:

    How to know if a channel is legit? This is most difficult for the majority of people. Most of the time, I would say “trust your gut.” How do you feel when you read it? Does it feel reassuring? The lines are being cleaned and the Federation is trying as much as possible to intercept the spam. Until I get the “all clear,” be cautious. Any channel that gives a date for the Event is bogus. Any channel that talks about prosperity funds or politics…. Any channel from “Ashtar,” “Astar Command,” – made up “Star Trek” names; Arcturians (negative ETs that were booted off of earth); Hathors and most of the overly long, preachy religious figures. Blossom is legit.

    About implants: Unfortunately, there were humans who IN THE PAST (mostly from the late 1940’s to the 1980’s) who had illegal implants. These are tiny microchip devices. Please note: IMPORTANT!!! These devices are what you would call “null and void.” Meaning – they are inactive. They are meaningless because the ones who planted them are gone. Kicked off of earth. The last stragglers are in custody and are in the process of being deported. (This is the unnerving energy you feel off and on.) Nevertheless, the medical teams of the Federation recognize that although the microchips are inactive, there are those who want them removed. NO human healer is certified to do so. Please disregard anyone who advertises this service. The Federation knows who is in need of this. They also know who has some lingering fears and is providing guides to help them heal the trauma. (I speak from experience.) During the appropriate time (I take this to mean when they come back to work on ground level) – the medical teams will take care of it. It is NOT true that all humans have been implanted. Having been “told” by someone, does not necessary mean it is true. One must be “scanned.” It would be similar to taking a dog to the vet where a scanner device is used. Please do not fret over this. Once again – any device (in the unlikely case of implantation) would be inactive at this stage.

    My best wishes to all of my dearest friends and Light workers for a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

    Love, Susan

    1. SUSAN
      There have to be some misunderstanding. For the second time you telling the people here that Arcturians are NEGATIVE beings and were booted out of Earth. Everywhere else it was told the opposite. A well respected prophet EDGAR CAYCE said: ARCTURUS IS THE HIGHEST CIVILISATION IN OUR GALAXY”.

      Can you, please, explain what is going on here? What is the reason behind openly accusing someone of being negative. Do you have it verified from more places than one?…

      I want you to think about it, please. It is just not right to put this image in the head of the people here. You don’t know them so you have to be careful what you declaring as a truth. Because now everybody, looking for the truth, will question your source. I’m just warning you to be careful what you saying.

      Happy New Year, Susan, to you and your family.

      1. I forgot to tell that I red all what I could find in Internet for a long time when you first said about Arcturians. Your opinion is the only negative one. Did you understood properly information from your source?

      2. I, too, dear Susan, am curious regarding more input from your source re the Arturians as I remember reading the same as Maria from an Edgar Cayce reading.

        Thank you in advance for your answer(s), Susan… and thank you, Maria, for raising the initial question.

        With interest and Love, xo Lin

      3. Hi Maria, I thought too about the Arcturians because I remember having a book about them that I enjoyed. Well, I googled them and immediately was lead to this site:
        I enjoyed reading it just now very much… it helped me get more fully into what has been opening up for me about ‘matching frequencies’. In other words what you hold onto for others will become a part of your own frequency. I have felt a great push to let go of some of my thoughts about others that was of a low level frequency. This below was at the end of their msg from above link:
        “Beloved Returning ONES, we welcome you back into your true frequency of expression. You do not need to wait for the right “time” to ascend, for time is only a third-dimensional illusion. You can always come Home within the NOW of the ONE. Furthermore, you can “visit” Home, and then return to experience the Great Adventure of Creating New Earth.”

        1. read the rest of it – it is really interesting that I have asked to go to the ‘rejuvenation tank’ as i call it – many a time and the Arcrturians have what they call a rejuvenation room. They mention a temple one and one of their ship. I have always just envisioned the ship but hard time really ‘getting there’. so,i will envision the violet temple tonight 🙂 also mentioned how some ‘rehearse’ our ascensions in our sleeping bodies. And how the different elemental forms are ascending. enjoy !

      4. Dear Maria, Lin, and Breeze,
        According what I could find on the official Edgar Caycee website, no where in the Caycee readings is there no mention of Acturus being an advanced or highest civilization in our galaxy or our universe. Nor is there mention of Acturus as a “star gate.” It appears Susan ‘s sources are correct. She is wise to advise us to use caution and discernment upon all we read, see, or hear.

        1. I always go with my gut and what feels right as Susan herself says. I do not like to tell anyone what they should do or not do or be afraid of – its up to each individual and giving opinions is fine. I also resonate with prosperity funds so…. it is what it is for each of us. I would not say Susan is wrong – these things she dislikes are just wrong for her imo so she feels strongly – again any channeling is still going thru a human being with their own set of beliefs/feelings/etc. What Susan says in the beginning of that paragraph that is stirring up concerns if fine with me. It is the end that states things she is inferring are absolute bogus. I have had too many experiences in 49 yrs that were confirmed and can not all be coincidences…have done me well and not harm. I have heard channelers say do not listen to ones who say do this or that and Susan herself has said this. So, we feel out what comes into our paths for own growth and go with what resonates is the bottom line. Best to all for positive experiences of upliftment! XOA

          1. Dear Breeze,
            I apologize. I spoke too fast. I should not have said it appears her sources are correct. I should have just stated what I found and left it at that.

            1. Hey… no problem Forest – I just wanted to respond for anyone reading. I got to thinking last night more about it. I think all of Galactic creation is moving up in frequency/resonance with this mass ascension so for me that means all Beings here and there have good to offer. The Plejaren (Pleiades) came to Earth during the Fall of Atlantis and tried to help and ended up ‘interfering’ too much – we were ‘scolded’ for it! lol. So, we come back again to make right and assist in ultimately more beneficial ways. And so, I believe it is with any Star Lineage out there – In my view we are all one big Extraterrestrial family. We are a mixed brood here. Sure, there has been wrong doing and it is coming to a time of Oneness; ending not just Earthly but Universal duality – making things Whole again – Healing – Evolving
              Peace and Love, ~A~

        2. Hi Forest Joy
          try to find James Mullaney- astronomer and author. He is speaking about Arcturians in the base of Edgar Cayce’s point of view. I want to know so I read. And trying not to come to the conclusion, because as Will Durant said: “Education is a progressive discovery about our own ignorance.” So I’m learning only – progressively.
          Marry Christmas, Forest, try to find more because I did it.

          1. Good Day, Breeze,
            I had read James Mullaney’s article in the EG blogs and this morning watched a video where he talks the mention of Acturus in EG’s readings. I stand behind my statement that nowhere does he state that Acturians have the highest civilization in the galaxy or universe. He doesn’t even mention a civilization there. Now he does mention it as the place from which that particular soul left when it came into a incarnation and went back through when left that incarnation. I am not interpreting anymore beyond that.
            Whether it is a negative place or has life forms I do not know. And it doesn’t really matter. No matter where or how, We are All God’s creation. I do love it and you so.
            Merry Christmas, A. You are A-1!
            Forest Joy

  14. Energies from our new universe began manifesting physically in people in this area 4-5 days ago, from our new galaxy 5-6 months ago, from new earth 12-13 months ago. Energy from new universe is entering the physical body at the point of Hundred Meetings on top of cranium.
    After a short rest the Liver, seat of the Ethereal Soul, is once again working hard devising a plan. The kidney is on overtime supporting will and ingenuity. The physical body is trying hard to adapt. Hence one may have any or all of these symptoms: headaches, sour stomach, spasms, body stiffness and pain, too much or too little energy, alternating hot and cold, coming and going of stillness and irritability, memory problems, and feeling befuddled.
    Underneath all, a feeling of peace and success is slowing permeating throughout. Be kind to your Liver and Kidney for the next few days. Your ethereal soul, will power and ingenuity are working so hard for you and all that is. We’ll all get a break in a few days.
    Love and harmonizing energy to you all,

    Forest Joy

    1. Thank you Forest Joy!

      You don´t mention cold or flu (which I almost had hoped). My flu has been going on for 8 weeks now and it starts over and over again. I think I take good care of myself, but despite this, it is stubborn. All kind of advice is most appreciated 🙂

      Much love,

      B to B

      1. Ahhh, well she didnt mention it, but I will say that over in my parts the cold and flu has been back to back for 3-4 weeks now. Luckily very minor, but in my normally healthy family it feels like a long time. Another oddity is that it has barely touched me, it will start and leave real fast, blessings to that! But I have always had it the longest in the past so just another shift. We’ve been using lots of homeopathics, herbs, garlic and ginger to keep it under wraps.
        May you feel better soon B to B :)!
        (My new fav make at home cold solution is orange juice, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger, it really packs a punch)

        1. It would be about time to get rid of the flu now but I assume it will be replenished when I visit my grandchildren over the Christmas holidays (it started at the last visit with them;)

          I have all autumn been drinking gallons of home-made aronia drinks, every morning I drink tea in dried birch,´and blueberry leaves, lemon, meadowsweet and always a piece of fresh ginger and honey – but it has not helped. So – I guess that patience is required – as usual;)

          Thanks for your tips! A little more orange perhaps could work – or a little more anger maybe;) I’m a very patient person;)

          Much love,

          B to B

      2. A few drops of oregano oil under the tongue is good for this, also. Worst taste in the world (yuck), but if all else fails – it’s worth a try. Works for me. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be feeling better soon.

        1. interesting that the black seed oil has oil of wild oregano also in the blend – that Was the main taste too. Wild rosemary and garlic is in it too.

      3. Dear B to B and All,
        Cold and flu symptoms have definitely been a problem for many. Let me explain to my knowledge why. I see three possibilities.

        1. In the last few weeks until a few days ago organs and meridians in this area most affected by space and earth energies were Spleen, Triple Burner (the flow of various energies, water etc. in the entire thorax, and its upper, middle, and lower sections), and the Adrenal aspect of our Kidney. Remember in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) the organ systems can be much more expanded than in western medicine.

        The Spleen is in charge of transforming and transporting dampness and phlegm. The Triple Burner helps to move it all out. The Kidney is the basis of Qi to get it all moving. They were so very tired from supporting the Liver and Kidney, Gall Bladder, and Urinary Bladder for so long. It takes a lot of Qi. Therefore, the phlegm, dampness, and Qi gets stuck. One may have nasal congestion, cough, bloating, nausea, dizziness, constipation or diarrhea, tiredness, and more.

        2. Liver is still depressed because of the toxic overload and insufficient energy. It is of the wood element which over acts on the earth element (spleen) which becomes further weakened and even less unable to do its job. Natural occurring Uranium has been showing in tests which would definitely affect the Liver. It could also cause nausea, diarrhea etc and eventually cause blood deficiency which further affects the spleen and liver. While the liver is affected by anger, in this case it is the depressed liver from toxin overload or insufficient nourishment causing anger or irritability.

        3. Virulent and/or hidden viruses have been cycling. Hidden viruses will stay in hiding with various cloaking mechanisms and come out when the body is weak.

        To sum it up Qi and nourishment is weak and pathogens are strong. Now let’s take care of that. Since you are not in my physical office for an examination, I recommend good food.
        For Spleen, liver, and triple burner and helping connective tissue and muscle including that of organs
        A. Pumpkin or bright orange winter squash: 1 cup or 1/4 liter per day for 5 days is good for most people now
        B. If stuffy nose and/or plugged ears try Dried split green peas cooked: 1 cup or 1/4 liter per day for 5 days

        For liver and kidney which very very important especially now
        C. Cheddar cheese every day for 5 days. Provides an enzyme needed for proper breaking down and utilization of manganese and other nutrients important for bones. The CCs mentioned bones. Yes, it is in our bones now
        D. Eggs: 2 every other day for 3 weeks. Eggs nourish the blood helping the liver and kidney in the proper formation of blood, nerve, bone, spinal cord, and brain tissue.

        There are many many physical changes and growth taking place requiring much nourishment and energy. However, food and herbal medicine work on all levels. Have fun and eat in harmony.

        1. Thank you Forest Joy for your engagement which is most appreciated!

          I am reminded of something that several alternative therapists told me over the years, namely that I have not fully functioning liver (or kidney, I will not actually remember). Also, I have lived under severe stress for many years on this trip, which almost certainly affected the adrenal glands. This I have almost forgotten!!!

          Also think that I am a year ago quit smoking, so I can imagine myself to purge is still very active.

          I’m not (have never been) allergic or sensitive to anything except eggs, which I get a lot of pain in the stomach of. Pity. Otherwise I’ll take thankful to me your dietary guidelines.

          What a fantastic support I received here today – I am overwhelmed! A pond of great knowledge as well :)) I thank you most humbly!

          Love & light,

          B to B

        2. Dear Forest Joy… you are a wealth of valuable information! Thank you most sincerely.

          I somehow feel you don’t (I think you’re back east), but do you practice in the Los Angeles, California, area? Finding a quality health practitioner is like finding a gold nugget in the desert.

          Hello, Gold Nugget! 😉

          xo, Lin

          1. Dear Lin,
            Thank you so much for your kind words. I live & practice no where near LA. I am in a small western town but a long way from Southern California. Put your intent out there, have faith and one will appear. Patients from coast to coast and from Louisiana to Alaska have honored me with their presence. It’s a small world after all.
            Love and harmonizing energies to you,
            Forest Joy

          2. Dear Lin.
            Your inquiry has me thinking. I am taking several weeks off in a few days. This last 8 years has been intense and demanding as a healer especially since I knew nothing of this approaching shift. It will be a needed respite. I will also be contemplating where I want to take this practice but not leave this area. I will be asking myself questions. For instance what would be the best way to put my abilities to be of benefit to the most people without impairing my health. What office ambiance would be most beneficial for patients, staff, and myself?

            I have never advertised outside this geographic area. Perhaps it is something I should consider. I stay extremely busy as is, but you have given me much food for thought. Bless you.

            Forest Joy

            1. Thank you, Forest Joy… Will be watching this blog for your answers to yourself regarding your practice. Be well and have a very Merry Christmas with your family. xo, Lin

    2. Perfect Timing Forest Joy! Cant thank u enough for this input. I have 1/2 of those symptoms and mostly in mid section (stomach) but my ‘gut’ feeling was Liver too. Also feel like I have very little stamina at times. Given I had surgery 5 weeks ago, I was not sure if it was still this or more… I think its more of what u are describing for all of us. And my brain was out of control last night – intense energies all over the place. Going to stay cozy and quiet today. take good care all!!! XO~A~
      ps- I still recommend Colloidal Silver for virus/bacteria issues. And I was steered to try Oil of Black Seed – just took my first dose today.

      1. I actually took out my bottle of colloidal silver when you talked about it last time, but the best-before-date had expired. Wonder if it still works ….?


        1. I personally dont think CS goes bad. cant hurt u. I am liking this Black Seed Oil — I mean it could be in my head, but I feel a lot better right now. 🙂 I also rubbed Magnesium Oil on my mid section (I got that at Utopiasilver.com where u can get colloidal silver and the generator to make your own which is much less expensive – I have been making my own for about 20 years now – the Black Seed at Vitacost.com)
          Hope u feel better soon ! My guy went to visit his Mom – I so wanted alone time …ahhh Love, A

          1. You’ll start craving that “alone” time more and more and more. My husband left this morning for an out-of-town job and I felt my entire body relax into a “sigh of relief”. He’s the most loving man, but sometimes we need a break! I can now process and integrate all of the “new” that came in over the next few days in silence. ahhhhhhh right back at you, “A”!

    3. Hi, Son of Blue,
      Good thoughts and harmonizing energies I send your way.
      I too shake and spasm at times. While I have been able to stop most of my patients shaking, I still do. The shaking we call “wind.” Just as a tree shakes in wind so do we. Wind is wind. Whether it is space wind, wind from the center of the universe, or earth wind, wind is wind. It has certainly been shaking some of us to and fro.

      Why so? There could be several causes. For most of us it mainly is in our ancestral Qi. Various peoples have developed various physiological coping mechanisms to cope and thrive in their respective climate where their ancestors have lived for many generations. Some these mechanisms don’t necessarily serve one best in this new space climate. We are having to evolve extremely fast.

      Sometimes preparing for a storm we do every thing we are possibly able to do. But the wind is of such force and magnitude we can only cope as best we can. We are all doing beautifully even if it feels dismal at times. Each is doing the best they can. Our ancestors must be proud of our ability to cope, change, and eventually thrive in this brave new world.

      In addition to the foods I mentioned above, you might try green beans everyday for a week. They also strengthen kidney. Cold feet deficient kidney Qi.
      The real is shining like a brilliant twinkling star. Perhaps the twinkling is from the shaking.

    4. My left leg is having symptoms too! Only today. What is that about I wonder… Just a super achy feeling in my left hip, knee, shin and even down into my left toes! Interesting and strange times…

      1. Dear AllisFaith,
        In TCM pain is a symptom of stagnation. It Could be stagnation of Qi, Blood, Cold, Damp, Phlegm, or any combination of those. There can be many factors in the root cause including those of general information I mentioned above.
        Love and harmonizing energies to you,
        Forest Joy

  15. Thanks Sun!

    I am so glad that you have had a glimpse of what rebirth is and what it can give us all. I really am looking forward to experience it in full.


    B to B

  16. What u share reminds me again of my vision long ago of the lit up Vitruvian man – all of us with outstretched arms touching – creating the new light grid of the world! This is being activated I agree with you! XO~A~

    1. interesting, while i was going inwards earlier on the 21st i called out for us “all” to join “hands”, and as a circle of many different energies “we” “pulsed” a greater energy -x-

      1. Oh – I did as well when I attended a healing meditation to save the Baltic Sea. Eventually covered all the oceans and all participants came to The Pond to spread its waters into all the oceans in the world 🙂


        B to B

  17. I like what you are saying Sun of Blue, it makes sense to me.

    Love and Gratitude to everyone on this site and Aisha and the CC’s

    1. Dear Iris, It is a day – a time – of Love and Gratitude, Love 2 U from a fellow lightworker in transition to even higher L & G ! XO~A~

  18. thank you for your insights. after my childhood i always had trouble saying “please” or “thank you” it always felt disingenuous. probably part of my delve into the pit of despair etc. i wasn’t thankful and i wasn’t pleased so there didn’t seem to be a need to say it. infact being forced to say it was really quite uncomfortable.
    writing or verbalising an emotion is a lie if you don’t feel that emotion. however two simple words “thank you” have great power and meaning when the intent and the emotion is genuine. i was speaking to a young man yesterday whom nearing the end of a hard days’s work only complaint was: the number of people who say “sorry” firstly without infact being sorry, and secondly acting like using the word immediately forgave them the deliberate trespass they just caused.

    slept most of the day so far. gonna eat too much, wrap myself up in my magic blanket and watch some light entertainment. Before slipping into a hot bath in a hotter room, for a few hours of inside time. Then it’ll be down the pub for few beers to celibrate new years eve/day according to gaia and the star (as opposed to the gregorian calender) -x-

          1. Interesting, though. After reading Breeze’s comment about “Egyptian medallion,” and feeling Mayan calendar myself, I looked up Egyptian Calendar. There is an image of one very similar to this on the first google page that comes up. My Kindle is so small and does not provide much visual clarity, so I can’t be sure just how similar, but I felt calendar strongly. I would love to know, too. Regardless, it is a wonderful meditation. I had a very similar experience with this as I had with the Tom Kenyon Call of Angels that James posted here a while back.

            So thanks Breeze, Soul Feather Diamond and James (belatedly!!!)

            🙂 AH

  19. I am just afraid that again nothing will happen. Not inside and not outside.
    10 + 14 + 2008 = nothing. 12 + 21 + 2012 = Zero. Like we will not live ever happily after on a beautiful beach in bliss. The beach will have become a promenade full of concrete buildings for tourists, where the jobless Youth is hanging out and Greg Giles is begging for food. Phoenix? Arizona.

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