The manuscript of survival – part 371

As many of you have noticed, the pace of disturbance has reached fever pitch in many, and rightly so, as from this day forward, there will be no holds barred. This may sound discouraging and even fearsome to some, but trust us when we say that you will not suffer unduly. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that you are not here to suffer, dear ones, you are here to conquer, and as such, the trials and travails you may encounter on your way are merely to help you to do just that. And when we say conquer, it is not in the old meaning of the word, for this is not about achieving an elevated status at the cost of others. No, this is simply about reconquering yourselves and your own inherent power, a power that has been taken away from you for such a long time. Again, we know that many will resent this message and call it redundant or at least repetitive, but remember, our task is to help you to fulfill yours, and so, we act in many ways as you supporters and cheerleaders, the bystanders that will egg you on to do all that you can to surpass yourselves.

For make no mistake, we are well aware that for some, this journey could not be more challenging than it has already been, but we also know that there is not a single one of you that is not capable of fulfilling this quest of being totally reunited with yourself in all of your glory. And through your very personal efforts, you will not only reclaim your own powers, you will also reclaim this planet back to what it was meant to be originally. A place for loving co-habitation, a place where mankind would live in harmony with themselves and all the magical creatures of Mother Nature, big or small, beautiful and wild. And as you know more than well, this has not been the case for a very long time, but now, thanks to your efforts, it is about to become so once again.

So take this as a reminder to keep the end goal in sight if you find yourself succumbing to these waves of transformational energy in such a way you think you are becoming utterly powerless. For you are not, in fact, you are reclaiming more and more of your original powers each and every day. But make no mistake, the feeling of powerlessness in itself can seem to go above and beyond of everything you will think you and your physical body are capable of. But you are made of strong stuff, dear ones, and you are capable of feats far, far surpassing all of the challenges you have already had to face on your journey and so, know that you have not even reached the nearest outskirts of your own limits. And that is something you can not do either, as you are above and beyond any old conceptions of human limits. But still, there will be more than one of you who still can hear that small and rather exhausted voice within saying “no more, you cannot take it, and neither can I”. But remember, that voice is the voice of the old you, the little you, the one that had no way to access your own greatness. But now you can, and now you must. For no one can force you to step into your old and grand shoes, that is a decision that is left entirely up to you.

So remember that each time you find yourself starting to crumble and fall, give yourself a hug and some pep talk, and ask others to do the same for you. For you DO have it in you, but at times, the access to this greatness will be obscured by a seemingly impenetrable wall of physical and mental fatigue. So when you do find yourself slamming into that wall, know that there are more than one open door in this wall, ready to let you pass through without you having to exert yourself at all. And these doors are all marked with the same words: self-love. For if you manage to find that all-encompassing love for yourself, nothing will stand in your way, and you will allow your body and indeed your mind to become weary from time to time. For you will know why, and you will keep on loving yourself throughout it, no matter what happens. And then, you will find yourself passing through these seemingly dense phases much more easily, and you will not waste your time hammering on that wall, blaming yourself or even thinking you are failing in any way.

So again we say, love is the key that will open any door, also those within yourself, and we do know that these doors can be the last ones opened, for for some reason, mankind have found so many excuses not to let themselves be loved unconditionally by themselves. They will feel far more comfortable about extending that sentiment to others than to themselves, but remember, to know yourself is to love yourself beyond any concept of limits, for you can never love yourself too much. For only by loving yourself unconditionally can you truly extend that same generosity towards others, and so, going within and giving yourself free reins to do just that will give you literally a free ticket to everything else. For then, and only then will you be able to reach beyond any limitations at all and go as far as you possibly can. For the borders you must cross are the borders you yourself have stipulated, and you have done so by a misconception of your own self-worth. For you are worthy of all the love you can engender, and all the love that others will send you in return. But remember, you are the main generator of this love, and you are the one that need to understand that unless you find it in you to let go of any limitations of loving yourself, you will carry these limitations with you forever, and they in turn will limit everything else for you.

So sit down and have a deep one on one with yourself, and see if you can find it in you to be honest about what limits you have given yourself. Are there none? You cannot be sure unless you give it a hard try. We think you will all find a way to love yourself just a little bit more. And when you do, you will see how this love that you manage to convey to yourself will be reflected both outwards from you, but also back from everyone and everything that surrounds you. For if you do not think yourself worthy of unlimited love, then how can you be able to receive this flood of love that is coming your way even as we speak? And remember, the wave of love that is approaching will not take no as an answer, so even if you do not feel you are worthy of receiving it, it will still come to your door, and it will refuse to let go of the opportunity to enter, even if it has to do so by literally breaking the door to pieces in order to be let in. So perhaps it would be a better suggestion to have it wide open by choice, as in your choice.

So choose to embrace yourself with all the love you can muster, and then some. That way, there will be no more walls to climb or locked doors to struggle with. For then, there will be no obstacles in your way, and you will greet this flood of incoming love with open arms, and you and it will become one, for never again to be separated. But if you choose to barricade your door, this wave will not only serve to knock you off your feet, it will be more apt to drag you down under and leave you floundering for a very long time indeed. This may sound ominous, but it is simply a reminder that this is all about free will, and it is as always you yourself who must decide whether to let go of the old and become even lighter, or stick to the old and risk inundation. We can not force your hand, or rather, your heart, in any way. For you are the masters of your journey, and that is how it must be, so this time it is as always you and only you who must make that choice. And you must do so at your very core, for this is a decision that will have to be a true one. And that is why we say make sure not to get bogged down by any temporary symptoms or superficial events, no matter how taxing they may seem. For at the core, you are more than ready to make the choice to stand tall and find your one truth, so please make sure you do not let it fade away under the pressure of the day to day chores and challenges. For this time, it is more important than ever that you manage to find that wide open door within, the door that is marked with LOVE and that only you can locate.

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  1. note: this happened last night. i slept for a solid seven hours afterwards (something i have not done in a very long time). it is my tendency to want to clean this up a bit as far as spacing and whatnot, in order to promote clarity. she tells me to just leave it and let people make of it what they will, that each will get from it what is appropriate for them… (ripley typed it up as i lay wet dripping and naked on my bed and just spoke it out … i have simply copied it from Word to here.)

    I had to get my daughter to help me with this as I am so exhausted. I once again landed on the floor of the bathtub, sobbing. This message started as I was standing under the water.

    “…There is something you have been holding back. It is imperative that you speak it now, child. We showed you an image after you came home to us that you have not expressed. Why? What are you afraid of? Judgemet, again? This cup will not pass from you for you have chosen it yourself. Speak it now or I shall draw it from you. The last time I did this, you did not like it, did you? You lost consciousness, and then you had to sleep. Shall I draw it from you, or do you choose to expand your consciousness enough to feel beyond the judgement? (This is where I fell to the floor of the tub sobbing, saying, “Mother, I am not worthy of this. I do not want this burden.”) And I tell you, you do, for child, you are me, and I am you, and this is no burden. If you release what you have been holding back, you will gain understanding of this. Do so now or I will draw it from you: it is your choice. (And so I dragged myself from the bathtub, and got my daughter to help. She is typing this as I sit in bed, exhausted, but having made the choice… and the tears come again…) Woosh! Here goes. The Father sent me back with a list of atrocities currently occuring in our world that he said do not matter because they are not real. I previously listed a few, and then stopped. This one in particular (tears surge up again) is what I was holding back. Actually, there are two things I was holding back, but it is okay for me to express just this one. He gave me a visual of (still crying) a student taking a gun, going to his school, and shooting his fellow classmates and teachers. This is something that the Father said does not matter because it is not real. And now the Mother tells me why: “We want to experience everything, all there is. We want to experience the pain (emotional, physical, and spiritual) of both the murderer and the murdered. The pain of the family members and friends of the murderer and the murdered, the pain of the community. We also want to experience the anger, joy, and love that rushes forth in the wake of such an occurance. We are each and every one of you, each and every one of you is us. Every word you say, every action you take, every thing you feel, is us. ‘Experiencing.’ You were told that there would come a time when we would no longer speak in parables, that we would speak the plain truth. Dear one, look into my eyes, hear me, feel me, know me. You are The Kingdom of Heaven. You are The Mansion with Many Rooms. It is not coming down to you, you are not going up to it. You already live in it. It is a simple matter of which room you are in. We will speak of this further when we discuss what Ascension really is. Sleep now, come to me, and renew, for there is more to come.”


    and now she is urging me to share the other image i was holding back. the woman (in florida?) a few years ago who drowned all her children in the bathtub … and she says, “It was WE who drowned our children, and it was WE who were those children. Dear one, WE are impressing this upon you NOW so that you all may SEE and KNOW why there is no need for judgement. No need for forgiveness. The earthly plane in which these things occurred is meant for the very purpose of experiencing all these things and their consequences. You are exiting this plane NOW and in order to allow the love that will support your movement to “another room in the mansion,” it will aid you to understand this.”

    1. Anna Helen, thank you for sharing. What the Mother said reminds me of a similar concept and spiritual truth in The Little Soul and the Sun book by Neal Walsh. How the little soul wanted to experience forgiveness so someone had to agree to play the role of perpetrator and betrayer so there was an experience for him to forgive. The lady who drowned her children – they must have had contracts to experience this during their earthly life. When I was going through that severe depression this summer, the spirit guides told me the depression was serving a higher purpose. That it was important to know the depths that the soul can go to as well as the heights. To learn the value of opposites and contrasts.
      As humans, we get so weary from pain suffering and loss. Maybe the Mother can help us understand more how to view it from the God-Level, instead of from our limited human level.

      1. Yes, Sunny! I remember this story. Was it you who posted the link to it at the pond a while back? I did read it then, and thought it to be so profound and true. And I am in perfect agreement with you that everything serves a higher purpose, though we may not always understand it from our perspective. The word I keep hearing from Father/Mother is that “our” experience “increases” them.

        I am so glad to see you are in a different place with the depresion. It took me a long long long time to come out of it myself. And I thank you for your comment about Beacon for Lightworkers and sorry I can’t recall at the moment … The Group (?). Again, since I am new to this type of communication, it is very nice to know that others are saying the same things.


        1. Anna Helen, it is Go to top and click on From The group and click on beacons of light. They have a different message each month. Novembers was about us being able to see ourselves in other dimensions and they called it inter dimensional bleed-through. The guy who channels is Steve Rother.

          Its odd and different to think that these atrocities “increases” the Mother and Father’s experiences. But that’s what God told Neal Walsh in the Conversations with God books.

          I keep thinking about Trayvon Martin being killed by George Zimmerman and how that was so hard for me. But maybe they contracted for it so they could experience this and be increased in some area.

          Looking so forward to the next knowledge you will bring through from the Mother. It helps me so much to see life from a broader perspective and not judge

      2. Thanks Sunny!

        Yes – that would be interesting to know as I had lots of depressions in my life. Somewhere I read that depression was about our anger that we depress into our bodies and souls.


        B to B

    2. ALee,

      As Sunny has said the first thing that came to me was the Conversations with God Books series by Neale Donald Walsch… though it was a different facet meaning the same thing as The Little Soul and the Sun which was/is a beautiful story. This story appeared in the books and then became a separate book especially for children…

      The bit that came to me was a piece in Book 1 where Walsch is asking God many questions about why the world is the way it is and having given a profoundly beautiful explanation that just resonates TRUTH one the subsequent things that is said is this “Hitler went to Heaven”… and God goes on to explain that understand and embrace this is fundamental.

      One other thing to share the story of Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom who had a sister who died in the concentration camps. She helped many escape them and then wrote in later years about her experiences and preached forgiveness. This extract about that Sue found a couple of years back a personal account of hers:

      “It was at a church service in Munich that I saw him, a former S.S. man who had stood guard at the shower room door in the processing center at Ravensbruck. He was the first of our actual jailers that I had seen since that time. And suddenly it was all there – the roomful of mocking men, the heaps of clothing, Betsie’s pain-blanched face. (Betsie was her sister who died in the camps)

      He came up to me as the church was emptying, beaming and bowing. “How grateful I am for your message, Fraulein.” He said. “To think that, as you say, He has washed my sins away!” His hand was thrust out to shake mine. And I, who had preached so often to the people in Bloemendaal the need to forgive, kept my hand at my side.

      Even as the angry, vengeful thoughts boiled through me, I saw the sin of them. Jesus Christ had died for this man; was I going to ask for more? Lord Jesus, I prayed, forgive me and help me to forgive him. I tried to smile, I struggles to raise my hand. I could not. I felt nothing, not the slightest spark of warmth or charity. And so again I breathed a silent prayer. Jesus, I prayed, I cannot forgive him. Give me Your forgiveness.

      As I took his hand the most incredible thing happened. From my shoulder along my arm and through my hand a current seemed to pass from me to him, while into my heart sprang a love for this stranger that almost overwhelmed me. And so I discovered that it is not on our forgiveness any more than on our goodness that the world’s healing hinges, but on His. When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command, the love itself.”

      Much love to you ALee, Philip 🙂

      1. So beautiful Phillip – the story of this woman from the camps. That God gives us the love we give to those we forgive

    3. Thank you ALee! Thank you for letting your mind and body become the channel that conveys knowledge to us.

      Was Ripley really taking this? Without being scared to death?

      Tremendous love,

      B in awe

    4. Tremendous love to you ALee….the information you shared is the information that has been coming through for me for quite a while. ALL experience is valid within the realms of duality and if we just experienced it without judgement or shying away or self loathing, etc. it would not need to be repeated over and over again until we got it…

      From the non-physical perspective, all souls are perfectly safe, completely loved and supported unconditionally and know their eternal beingness and Godness…from the physical perspective, in order to learn the experiences of duality–of earth school–of angel academy, whatever you chose to call it–we MUST believe that this physical vehicle and this plane is real….if it is simply a game the lessons are not strong and certainly the whole point of being here is to evolve as a soul in as steep a learning curve as is possible.

      huge hugs to you–having compassion for both sides of the duality–for both points in the vesca pisces circuit is the key to evolving and moving beyond these lessons….Huge hugs baby girl and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Don’t know if my last post went into cyberspace. Wanted to add a few more thoughts:

    As you know, my approach to this “project” has been different than many others. It doesn’t mean that my approach is the right one and the others have been wrong. It means that my experience on ground level has persistently shown what works and what doesn’t. I have always been for taking the drama out of it and getting the clear, straight-forward information out there.

    As we are getting closer and closer to the mass awakening (very close in my opinion) and events will come into the awareness of the general public, people will be turning to you for assistance. Sometimes we are under the impression that everyone knows and feels what we do. The number of people who consciously understand is small. There are people who are sound asleep and don’t feel anything or don’t want to feel anything. The past few months, there are growing numbers who are waking up and are totally confused. These are the ones who are running to the health clinics with “symptoms.” And these are the soul mates who are going to be drawn to you in the supermarket, health clubs and parks.

    My opinion (this time it is coming from me and not my guides) is to keep it simple. Words that we use all the time on the forum – like “beyond the veil,” “illusion,” “game”….. and especially “chaos” are not for the uninitiated.
    Before you can do algebra, you have to learn basic math. This is why, when people come to me, I sit quite close to them and look them straight in the eye. I reassure them that the symptoms they are feeling are REAL. They are a reaction to energies that are not spoken about (yet) in the news or by the health fund doctors. I tell them that it is related to chakras that they learned about from yoga or tai chi class. They understand energy fields. (The ones who don’t are not having the symptoms and are not coming to you.) What they are feeling is an opening of these energy centers. A reactivation of DNA. I also explain about solar storms. And I leave it at that. I don’t go near the words ascension or spirituality or GFOL. If they want to know more, they come back and ask. Most are so relieved that they are not going crazy! So, the key words are ones that are now “mainstream.” Energy, chakras, acupuncture points, meditation, solar activity……
    In the years that I have been doing this work, I have never, ever been laughed at. I have had people tell me respectfully that although it makes sense, they are skeptical. I have had lots of people say that they are waiting for “evidence” but for the past 5 or 6 years, no one has told me I am crazy. (Before that, yes. My good friend who is a doctor sent me to a psychiatrist!)

    So, go slow. Be really calm. Really clear. Stay clear of religious or lack of – doctrine. Tell them that LOTS of people are like them. Give reassurance that they are not going crazy and the stuff they are seeing is not their imagination!

    Love, Susan

    1. Welcome back Susan!

      Glad to see you here again and to take note of your words. I really appreciate your frankness in your language 🙂

      I usually tell people it carefully and with few words. Then, they choose themselves if they want to know more – it’s up to them to ask. I realize that it was a bit abrupt when I told my son that I agreed to a soul contract for thousands of years ago. His humorous comment was “Sorry Mom – I did not know you were several thousand years old” 🙂


      B to B

    2. Susan, thank you !!!
      For the post (didn’t get lost in ether, I just read it) 🙂
      It is so spot on with all I’ve been feeling the past days ! Right down to silly giddyness !
      The cool part is I’ve been telling close ones about this (giddy, dizzy, head pressure, strange dreams) that it will serve as validation for a few of us around 🙂 “(sorry for all the smileys, but I’m really giddy yet again.

      And, thanks a million for the above advice. Yes, keep it plain. Wow. So many ask nowadays.

      Many hugs to you, wonderful Lady ! Filled with Bubbles of Joy

    3. Couldn’t agree with you more Susan on the sharing with others. The keep it simple and in plain everyday language is what I use all the time in the healing/consciousness ‘work’ I do.

      My opening gambit when I get any enquiry is to get them to clarify where they are first… then we go from there…

      Much love, Philip 🙂

  3. Good Morning!

    Paul, thank you for your explanation. Yes, the membership card looks like a credit card and has a bar code. I actually love going to my health club. I have been a member there for 11 years and it is my home away from home. I mostly go to the classes these days – less to the machines – so it isn’t a matter of not looking forward to the workout. I think it a matter of not liking electricity. I have never been able to get near massage chairs, hair dryers or anything else that has an electric vibration. Maybe – just maybe – electricity is too low vibrational for my energy field and the higher I get, the more annoying it is? I know nothing about engineering so this is only a guess.

    Kiera, I asked the Sirians yesterday about the pole reversal. They said that the rumors going around are NOT correct. The axis of the earth is always shifting and there are certain times when planetary changes can affect it. There are days when the angles will be more pronounced but in no way will the earth be turned “upside down” overnight. They thought this was actually very amusing. There are massive solar storms and they do not expect this to settle down for weeks, possibly longer. Due to this, they once again, suggest keeping basic supplies in the house because solar activity and the increasing high vibrations can affect electric/electronic grids, cell phones etc. About the comet, yes there is one “in the area” as they said but they said there are often comets and it is no big deal. Again, any planetary stuff can affect our satellites and communication devices but in no way will this comet come crashing into earth.

    Ponders, I have been off line because last week my hard drive burned out! Literally. I had to take the computer in for new parts. So, yes, there is freaky stuff going on with my energy fields. I also decided to take a break and go away for the weekend to ground myself at a nature reserve. 100,000 cranes came to the Galilee last week for a refueling stop. Talk about noise! I have been on ground level since then helping a lot of people deal with the energies. The big advantage in Israel is that there is tremendous openness. I am amazed how many people are receptive to what’s going on. If anything, there is relief. The biggest fear I see is that the “heart conditions,” “anxiety disorders,” “insomnia” etc is not what they think or was told it is!

    According to the Sirians:

    What you are feeling this week is:
    1. A lot of high vibrational energy coming in from the Universe. A major portal was opened. The two sides of the brain are still not in sync so one side is getting this flood of info and saying “no way” and the other side says “yes.” Neurological overload. This will settle down. This can cause headaches and feeling of being unsettled. Some people are going in and out of dimensions. The “gear shift” is quite new in the car and for people who are used to automatic transmission, driving a gear shift takes some getting used to.
    2. The pressure in the crown chakra and the feeling of “weight” on your head is large GFOL ships. Preparations are in full swing. You will feel pressure but very happy and giddy when they are around. You KNOW when it is your space family. You feel like HOME has come to YOU.
    3. A lot of chit-chat and high pitched sounds – again from the ships and massive numbers of staff members. You are picking up “control towers” but can’t always understand.
    4. Little “blips” of panic or messages that don’t sound they are coming from you – like end of the world scenarios…. These are the last minute desperate psychological waves sent from the last remaining negs. They are in custody. I was told to IGNORE ANYTHING that sounds fishy and immediately clear your energy field with white light, sage, water etc.
    5. Messages from the guides (spiritual ones, ascended master, GFOL guides) – this can be while you are awake, semi-sleeping or in the dream state. They are testing the waters to see who is ready and how much. You will also see sparks of light from the corners of your eye or little light missiles.
    6. Another wave of reactions to the energies which may require more sleep or less sleep, mood fluctuations and food cravings. Anybody overdosing on chocolate this week?!!!!

    What is finished/finishing up:
    1. The bulk of the “preparations.”
    2. DNA upgrading (you should feel less pain in the spine, muscles and brain.)
    3. Nasty stuff cleaning.
    4. Most, but not all of the hacked messages. (Notice the decrease the past few days.)
    5. The bulk of the “grid” which I don’t fully understand.


    1. Thank you so much, Susan. Particularly for the updates on what and why we are experiencing what we are. The whole thing about going in and out of dimensions is going on with me. I knew inside that this is what is going on, but it is really really nice to have confirmation.

      Love to you and so glad you’re back on line!!!


    2. Dear Susan, thank you so much for this update! I can definitely relate to the two sides of the brain being out of synch and going in and out of dimensions 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Thanks Susan!

      Yes – things are going on in me for sure but I’m not aware of what is happening – I never was 😉 Just know that my feeling in head and body is fluctuating all time. This week, I’m anyway happy to turn myself around in bed, which required great effort last week. Also hope my three week long cold will leave soon.

      Much love,

      B to B

  4. Is ISON the Blue Kachina of Hopi Prophecy?




    “In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time.

    Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole.
    In the final days the Blue Star Kachina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise. ”

    aka….Magnetic Pole Reversal?



    Comet Ison:

  5. I see many beautiful messages, chanellings and conversations,
    I feel totally disconnected from it all. I cannot even respond to them. I feel diconnected from everything.
    What is wrong I wonder, what am I doing wrong? Am I not allowing love? (that’s pobably it)

    What I do have to share is that Vive got her new prosthetic leg today. She tried in on, stood on it and walked on it. It was a most awesome sight in a most desperate hour.

    Still loving you,

    Where is the sun I wonder, where is my light?

    1. It’s Joy I’m missing. God Lori, I love how we laugh and live and love.
      I miss you’re smile, and everything about you. It’s the Joy of you I’m missing.

      1. JJ, don’t give up. There were many times I would read people’s comments here that were so full,of light and joy, and I felt despair and sadness. I kept thinking there was something wrong with me as I wasn’t feeling all the happiness others were writing about. Now things are better as I have been healing. We are all going through our own Dark Night of the Soul and should not think we are doing something wrong. The dark will pass and the joy and light will come in
        Sending you energy support and understanding.

        1. JJ, I write from a place of mourning right now. Yet, I feel you and I wanted to encourage you. I have tears in my eyes, for I live with a joyless man, one who does not know happiness if it bit him in the butt. I had to find JOY within myself and JOY in all I do in order to keep sane.

          Do you think I too yearn for one who is my other half? I saw a sign on the ground while taking pictures yesterday, and it said, “Single?” and then an organization to contact. The wind had blown it from only God knows. I went quiet inside, and just “wished” at that moment, to have a companion who understands me, who acccepts me, who loves me for me. And I am taking that wish, tucking it in my Heart, and KNOW that a day shall come to pass, that this too will BE.

          I Love you, JJ. I Know. I SEE. Your tears are mine. I HUG YOU.

          Love, Amy

          1. Amy Sister!

            Jag känner dig så mycket i dina ord och vill omfamna dig – du modig, underbar kvinna med alla kronblad och tecken för att uppmuntra oss alla.

            Jag tror är bra att vara tyst för whiles, utan att ha pressen att “producera” saker, att vara tacksam för att bara vara (inte så lätt som det är sagt) – och för att kunna göra det, utan skam. Jag är så tacksam över att kunna göra det eftersom jag annars inte skulle kunna åstadkomma detta fantastiska arbete som pågår 24/7.

            Du vet att min kärlek är alltid med dig Amy!

            B to B

            1. Jag hedrar dig, min syster. Fr utan tystnad, gr man inte learn.Without lrande, ingen tillvxt r mjlig. Inte heller delar ocks. Jag lskar dig!

              With deepest respect and Love, Amy

              1. Tack Amy!!!

                Thought hemispheres had crashed or something when I read your reply 🙂 Lovely!

                For some reason I got the word “erupt” to me when I started writing this reply, so I went to Wikipedia: “A retinerad tooth is a fully developed tooth that has not erupted (broken up). Typically teeth erupt when the crown is fully developed, but roots in development.”

                I say as ALee – I donno, just saying. The only thing I know in this matter is that I was working at the School of Dentistry for almost 30 years without caring about erupted teeth 😉 I was a spider in the web.

                I really appreciated your language researches 😉

                Much love,

                B to B

    2. If it’s a consolation, I can say that I feel the same way – up like the sun yesterday and today down flat as a pancake. Unjustified, have no running at all and know me just grumpy. Read Oracle Report and found nothing at all true. On the other hand, I did not read it completely through either … Who cares?

      The best I can do now is to sleep and hope for a better day tomorrow. You JayJay – we might hang and throw between two rungs in the ladder – what do you think?

      So good on Vive can get the prosthesis to function well. It’s a brave girl you are 🙂

      Sleep well JayJay! I think we both need that;)

      Love you JayJay!

      B to B

      1. Sleep, yes. It’s all I can think of!
        Dead dead tired. Got a throat infection too. Need some rest!
        Hanging between the rungs of the ladder! Good description how I feel! Hahahha! Wow, I can laugh again!
        Thank you B, for reaching out.
        Let’s just rest a bit before we start climbing again! Up, where we belong!
        Love, JJ

      2. B… me too. I got hit hard for 1-1/2 days–really weird bad/raw cold (which don’t usually get colds anymore) and bones/sacrum painful stuff going on. Could barely get up/walk to the bathroom and refrigerator to get a drink of water. Whatever the CCs want to do is ok by me (I haven’t had 30+ years of this stuff) as I know where this is all leading, the lovely end result.

        A lot of reading to catch up on when I feel better.

        Take good care, “B taking care”. With Much Love, Lin

        1. Lin, Luv, I too have been hit hard. Still going with my blog with super human effort. Not posting a lot here……HS telling me NO. I was so congested I almost went to a doctor. I started taking Enchinacea and like a charm, immediately within 20 minutes of ingestion, I started to get relief.

          Now the bathroom runs…..pain in back and joints so bad could barely walk. Actual screams passed through my lips. Today extreme fatigue but minimal pain. But the beat goes on……….

          Gave hubs a huge choice. Choice number 1 or Choice number 2. He chose 1. All is well. Could what I am working through be clearing his way to SEE the Higher Good? Hmmm..

          Sending you Lots of HUGS, Amy

        2. Thanks Lin! Take care of yourself too.

          Have you always been a caretaker? I have always been a “fixer” although I in recent decades allowed others to do what I always took for me. It’s actually very liberating to reach the point where you do not always have to be the one who takes it upon themselves to clean up or fix in order for the various events. Or solve other people’s problems. I got a real lesson to learn what is your or my problem but anyway it can be difficult when emotions are involved.

          Good night Lin! See you tomorrow 🙂

          B to B

    3. Wonderful news about Veve! I can see her running on it very soon! 🙂

      I agree with you about all the wonderful messages here at the pond and can also understand where you are right now. I haven’t been able to participate like I would like and am trying to play catch up on all that is happening here at the pond, but I won’t likely be able to leave many words here as I don’t seem to have any right now or at least I am not able to express in words at the moment. I have had to turn back inward for the time being in order to get through what I have been trying to cope with in my life. We are all taking turns I believe in our growing. Some of us are in a tidal pool and can’t yet get back to sea, but the tide will come in again and take us back to the ocean. We have to wait it out, but the tide always comes in. I think to that if we were all in the tidal pool at the same time no one would be able to do the work so we are taking it in shifts with some of us needing healing, some needing rest, some needing to dive ever more deeply at times into the sand to see what we can find there. There are some good things in those pools! Hopefully the tide will be in soon for those of us muddling around in them. I for one have had enough time there and would like to catch a wave and swim in the beautiful sea!

      Love and light to you JJ!


      1. Yeah, i’d like to swim and frolic in the sea the whole time. Needing a rest in between makes a lot of sense! Thank you! Thank You!

        Vive is also off the chemo’s. So far she’s “clean” from cancer.
        It’s been one h… of a ride these last 6 months, treating Vive’s disease. No wonder I am tired… 🙂

        Love and light shining back to you Denise!

        1. That alone will do it. So glad to hear she is doing so wonderful! She will be feeling so much better finished with chemo, 🙂 My brother in law just got off chemo and radiation a few weeks ago. It has been a challenge with three intensive care stays and two ambulance rides. He seems to be doing better now too. Will likely do surgery after the holidays. We went through cancer with my father as well six years ago. Very difficult road. Take a break….you deserve it!

          Much love,


          1. Yikes, sounds familiar with what happened to your brother. Same thing happened to Vive 3 years ago. That’s the first time she got cancer.

            Love to you and your family!

        2. JJ … now its time to take care of your self!… recharge your batteries.. go inside yourself and make wishes / plans. If you are happy, Vive is gonig to be happy —

          1. Dear JJ… Was just now thinking the same exact thing. With all that you’ve been thru, desperately caring for a beloved child, no wonder you are feeling spent/numb. Your emotional body is replenishing. I
            hope you continue to take care of YOU now. You did good; you brought Vive back from the brink (you and ALee).

            I’m thrilled about the good news regarding Vive.

            Take good care now. With Love, Lin

      2. Dear Denise!

        Your words really shine here – thank you! Your messages are breathing thoughtfulness and love and makes me feel good to read them. You are also struggling with life and I just want to say I’m with you my love.

        Love and respect,

        B to B

          1. Denise, I agree with Brigitta that your words just shine. Thank you for helping ALee. I “feel” what she is going through, and I wish I could really be there to help her through. The physical distance is at times so tough. Human touch and BIG (((HUGS)) would really mean so much.

            So we all do our best with mere words right here.

            Blessings, Amy

          2. Denise, I agree with Brigitta that your words just shine. Thank you for helping ALee. I “feel” what she is going through, and I wish I could really be there to help her through. The physical distance is at times so tough. Human touch and BIG (((HUGS)) would really mean so much.

            So we all do what we can by writing here.

            This is the second time I am writing this. I’m really not meant to be on this computer today. It seems like forever and a day that I have really been here, but yet, my guidance is saying no.

            Blessings, Amy

        1. JJ it’s good to feel you smile, maybe even laugh for a moment even. Glad you have B to hang out with until you both feel better. As for Vive we all do a little happy dance inside knowing that she is walking around! I’ve always thought love is the most amazing thing… but with love and distance I also know it brings some of life’s greatest missing feelings. Can’t put the rest into words right now so will stop trying… I think you know what I’m trying to say. Love, Nancee

          1. Sweet Nancee!

            Thank you for your always wonderful words here. I take the chance to anwer here about your wonderufl picture you gave me and the wonderful parable of God’s care when you plant your plants. It was so clear and true, and I thank you for it.

            I struggle with a stubborn cold too but as always, the rule that was so important to me for many years, and even now, is “listen to your body´s needs”.

            Much love to you Nancee,

            B to B

      1. JJ, I don’t know the whole story…..I haven’t been here much this day. But from what I read, I am so happy for Vive! What a fighter that girl is.

        Bless you and Vive!!! Amy

    4. Dear JayJay, I see your light – always! And I see Vive’s light too 🙂 Sending so much love and big hugs to you, to Vive and to your whole family!

  6. breeze thanks you all.. she’s feeling dizzy, can’t take alot of pains meds. cause they make her sick.
    so she’s getting thru this with your help & feeling better now. She’ll post when she’s feeling alittle bit better. Love to all !

    1. Please tell Breeze, Amy is there with her, holding her hand. And surrounding her with Pink Light. Nice and easy does it. Love truly does heal. And there is so much coming her way from here! Love, Amy

  7. You can make millions of different shades of colors by mixing them together. But you can’t mix any two or more colors together and make white. White is without color and a color of its own creation. It is the beginning of colors. Black is the end of colors when they all come together.

    1. Thanks so much for this dear Ray….& might I expand a bit on this, as BEing an Artist, I have studied color theory….color is basically a chameleon & it actually changes & shifts according to the Light & within the Light spectrum, White Light is the assemblance of All Color….but depending on the medium, for instance paint, yes it is colorless & by adding the basics of red, blue & yellow we get All the other colors…& to go to darker tones, we simply add black…which leads me to the theory of black…did you know that true pure black does not exist in nature, it is not a color at all, but a creation of mankind & only man glorifies it….interesting isn’t it….I LOve everything about ‘Colors’…I guess naturally, BEing an artist, I should !…..also interesting is that color is a perception of the eyes, & many of us don’t see color in rthe same way, also animals see color much differently than we do ! Light is the maker of color, without Light there would be No Color ! Light refracts & reflects to create color, Light is Invisible energy, & Light is Food ! without Light there would be No plant kingdom ! Light is the On switch for the beginning of Life ! (I still am feeling a need for some continued quiet time, & of course I still have the 9-5 work ball & chain !! but thought I’d pop in for a moment) LOve to You !….Bev~

      1. Hi, Bev. I still am on the quiet time. Floating in an ocean of All There Is. I have nothing to say right now. Just hi. And I am glad I am not alone in the quiet.

        Love, Amy

  8. Look forward with going to the gym and think about the end results of why you are doing this and not think about the hard workouts. See if this helps.

  9. Hi Paul,

    Question for you. Every time I go to my gym to sign in with my membership card (which they scan on the computer) their computer freezes or breaks down. If I go to another computer, the same thing happens. At first they all thought it was funny. Now, they make me hand my card in at the door far away from the computers! It happened at other places too like Zara. I really dislike electronics. Could I be doing this subconsciously or could I have an energy field around my body that is disabling computers? What do you think?

    TIA. Susan

    1. Hi Susan! I have several people in my life that do the same thing to electronics…my mom, my husband, and two friends! None of them can wear a wrist watch. The one friend has blown up at least two computers and her husband won’t let her around the electronics now as they are business computers. The electric devices on my husbands car are often going awry and if he gets in mine the same thing. If he puts the electronic car key in his pocket it won’t work either. Same thing happens to my mom. My husband no longer carries his wallet in his pocket and this has helped. See if that works for you. 😉

      Much love to you!


    2. Hi Susan,

      Good to hear from you again. Yes, to me, despite the “engineering says this is the way things are” kind of way, absolutely there is an energy around you, and probably your card by extension as it is really just a part of “you”. At least in as much as it would not exist without you.

      For as long as I have played with computers, I’ve been able to feel into them and sense what they need to function. My wife uses this “ability” to her advantage now when something isn’t working, she asks me to come and stand next to her so she can fix it. It works, so we don’t question it.

      As I read your message, I got the feeling that yes, your dislike of electronics, combined with your creative power manifests in frequent malfunctions (My engineering lecturers will be rolling their eyes right now, LOL). I’ve not had a lot of experience soothing machines long distance, however, but I can surely give it a go 🙂 (And Ray’s advice below is sound also, emanating joy to be there always helps) And, if you can find a way to like computers, they might start being less nervous around you. Just sayin’. I know it isn’t easy when we see them as the cause of all our frustration, but you and I know that’s not the way it works, don’t we?

      Is your gym card some sort of proximity card, a barcode, or something else? (if none of that makes sense, I’ll just go with the feeling of it)


    3. well Susan it was about time!!!! …. and you managed only five lines of text? … c mon you can do better than that (i am used to at least 50 lines of text from you)….. since i am your biggest fan 🙂 i expect some new info from your connections in general…. 😉

    4. Heya Susan — I have a question for you and your Galactic friends….

      Do you have any more information on how the comets are currently affecting the Sun, which in turn is causing EM fluctuations for us & Earth of crazy magnitude right now?

      Can they tell us ANYTHING about the connection between these comets & the impending Pole Shift / Pole Reversal — the reversal both on Earth AND the Sun?

      Which are seeming to coincide….

    5. FYI………off Georgi Stankov’s site today:


      November 20, 2013


      Dear Carla,

      By the way on November 13 /14 there was an explosion of the comet Ison and this may have been the trigger of your (our) procedure to open the pineal crown-chakra of humanity: Check

      “Physically, ISON’s tail is about 12 times wider than the sun. So, when the head of ISON plunges into the sun’s atmosphere on Nov. 28th, more than 15 million kilometers of the comet’s tail will still be jutting into space behind it.

      Because so much gas and dust is spewing from the comet’s core, it is impossible to see clearly what caused Comet ISON’s outburst on Nov. 13-14. One possibility is that fresh veins of ice are opening up in the comet’s nucleus, vaporizing furiously as ISON approaches the sun. Another possibility is that the nucleus has completely fragmented.”


      Dear Georgi,

      With regard to this explosion of comet ISON, yes, it’s possible to have been connected to this whole event of the Sun Portal opening and the pineal gland procedure.

      Didn’t you actually dream of an explosion over the past few days?


      Dear Carla,

      Yes, I indeed dreamt of an explosion and also read somewhere that the comet Ison is a catalyst that will trigger reactions from the sun during our ascension process. The timing when it will touch the sun with its tail is Nov 28th and this is significant also.



  10. This morning I was presented with the phrase “what makes the light.”

    Here is my answer.

    I do.

    And THAT, my friends, is salvation.

  11. Thank you Marko, Sunny and Aisha for your reassuring words, they helped ! I am now starting to heal slowly, by the way i’m a 32 year old Black South African ;-D

    1. I am so glad to hear from you again! I send you an extra big welcome-hug and and I hope you will find many bright moments in the days ahead!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear fed-on-the-mend, I am so deLIGHTed that you are feeling the healing! Stick around, please!!!!! It gets better, it really does.

      Much love to you,

  12. I had a dream of someone coming to me. I could sense something watching me. I ask why are you watching me. He said I have always watched you. Then I ask why do you hide from me. I told him I have no fear of you and wish nothing any harm. Then I said. I give my love to you all that I can. He then came forth to me so I could see him. I was looking up at the ceiling over my bed. Orange and golden colors begain going across my ceiling in waves. It was like looking at the clouds of a storm coming. Only the clouds were of color building and weaving in and out of each other with flashings of light running through them. Then a face apeared as if it was coming and going back out of sight. Then it stayed in place for me to see.

    It was a human face. With the flashing around it in about a ten foot circle. He said I have come to you to show you something. He said bring your light out of your body and come with me. Within a flash I was floating in front of our sun. He ask can you feal the energy of the sun. I said yes I feel its love. But I feel no harm from it. Then He smiled and said Your ligt is of white light. The sun is made from your white light of creation. He said noting can harm this white light. He then said all creation comes from this light. Then he said know the power of your light that lives within the body of humans. Remember what I have shown you and give this much thought. Then my wife came home and was asking for my help and ask if we come talk later about this. He said call unon me anytime. Then I jump out of bed to go help my wife.
    Dreams are so much fun.

    Blessings to all

    1. Thanks Ray for your story!

      So amazing! And so will your wife and stops in the middle of it all;) Well – we women can be a little hands-on sometimes;)

      Grateful that you are among us!

      B to B

    2. Dear Ray, thank you so much for sharing this profound vision and important reminder! It is so true, nothing can harm this white light, and whatever we create, will be as pure as this light. So we must put away any fears of “doing wrong” and boldly go forth an BE creators 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  13. Beloved sisters and brothers of the light! I have been told by the CCs that there will be no new message to post today, and the reason for that, is all that has happened here at this Pond for the last 48 hours or so. So in case you have missed out on any of the comments that have been posted here during that time, I urge you to go back and read through the words that so many have shared. For if you do, you will see so much that will touch you in a very profound way. Because there is magic happening here now, at a rate that defies description. I sit here with tears in my eyes and a heart singing with joy as I try to take in the magnitude of what I am witnessing. Can you see the shift that is going on? Can you feel how the energies gathered here have just jumped a whole octave higher? Look around you, and see the radiant hearts that are on all sides. And look inside yourself, for you will see exactly the same radiance there.

    I also ask you to join me in sending healing light and love to our sister Breeze to help to ease her through the aftermath of her surgery. And to all those out there who are struggling now, also those who have yet to step forward, know that you are also surrounded by the love and light that is gathered here. It is always here for you, and I hope you will let it in.

    Eternal love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Aisha!

      Since I’m not so aware about such events, I want to ask you if EVERYONE will undergo the same blatantly obvious events that Alee and Sun and also Amy has done? As usual, I’m not so self-conscious about what really happened to me, although I know it was a very tumultuous and fundamental change that I went through last week …

      Another, maybe sillly, question: You said to ALee “…it is finished”. WHAT is finished? The struggles? Sorry – I didn´t read my bible so well…;)

      I know that we all are individuals and having our own way to go but can´t help asking.

      Thank you for your message Aisha!

      Much love,

      B just knowing what love and light is

      1. Dear B to B! Thank you again for shining your beautiful light here:-) When I wrote “It is finished”, I was just repeating the last line in ALee’s own message, for to me, it looked also as a beginning for her. And yes, I do believe that we will all go through something similar as this, but that we will all experience it in our own way. As many have channeled lately, we will be “hit by a wave of love”, “experience rapture” or “get the love bug” in a way that will make it impossible for us all not to know when it happens to us. For it is simply about KNOWING, as you say. In addition, some will have the role as “reporters” as the CCs call it, and so they will be guided to share their experience with others.
        Much love from me, Aisha

        1. Thanks Aisha!

          Yes – “hit by a wave of love”, “experience rapture”.

          So it was.

          I am so grateful for your answer and for everything that happens here.

          All my love,

          B still in awe

          1. Dear Sun_of_blue!

            I would be honoured to be in your team. That´s the first thought.
            Second thought: Is it time to divide us in the team now? What does it mean to accept being one of your team members ? Are you automatically team leader? How are you going there?

            I am an independent, strong and self-sustaining woman who is used to making their own decisions in everything. Though I basically understand what you mean, I have to admit that I alienate myself against being trapped in a team having acted freely and independently in as many years. I probably need to know a little more what you’re thinking …

            Yes, yes – understand that this is not a marriage proposal in the normal sense 😉 but I give open expression of my thoughts and reflections – this is going a bit fears up til the surface too 😉 Feels suddenly as if I now have to decide who to select as best friend after having had all the Pond as a big wonderful team. I feel a little dazed, I must admit .

            Excuse me Sun if I do not really take the canter. You might have a little more foresight than I have.

            Why did you ask me?

            With all love and respect,

            B in puzzlement

            P.S. I like coffee in moderation 😉 D.S.

            1. Hi Sun_of_blue!

              I accept the terms and take on me chefs hat;) You can take over when I need to sleep;) Looking forward to an exciting journey 🙂

              Spontaneously, I think of my children when I see figures 3 7 3, and I have given birth to three children and the first born in 1973. Will sleep on it and see if I have any other associations.

              Now I leave the cap to you so you can take over for a while;) Thanks for the invitation!

              Much love,

              B to B

      2. Birgitta, I sent you a reply from my Kindle email, and it is apparently floating around the ethers. I am not going to force it, I will let it land here if it was/is supposed to. For now, I will sqy that the Mother tells me to relay this to you and any others in the same place.

        “Relax. You are there. You just don’t KNOW it yet. Just…”

        And then (oh how I love this, sister…) she shows me a huge, skyscraper sized


        1. Thanks Alee!

          I am overwhelmed by this skyscraper B! Wow!!!

          After last week’s experience, I felt myself clear too but after taking some of yours and Sun’s experiences, I thought that – I probably was not. It does not really matter either, I was just so surprised that there could be even more significant than what I experienced – for my experiences were so incredibly profound and full of love and gratitude 🙂

          Anyone who lives will see, as they say;) Awaiting next report 🙂 Is this what is called “salvation”?

          Much love and appreciation,


          1. This may not make any sense, but this ia just the tiniest taste of what happens when you let go and let the love take you. I have been hearing the line from this song, “I’m alive. I’m alive,” for several weeks now. I have searched and searched for this song. Tried to force it. Tried every freaking animated movie I could think of in my 3D human brain. In the last hour, I felt a merging with my higher self. Take me, I am not afraid. Show me the way…

            And BAM! Here it is. May not seem like much, but it was a deep confirmation to me.


            Love you BIG B!!


    2. Love and light and JOY to all…. thank you Aisha and CC’s…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. just catching up on past posts tonight. thanks Aisha and everybody. truly, deeply, Areeza > on the other side of pain you forget the pain and that sometimes seems odd but it is because Love is always there and no pain can take it away for good. ever. I did not expect that much pain… but i always expect that much Love !!!

      1. Areeza! You made it! I knew you would! Now, Luv, you are FREE in more ways then you know right now. For now, recover, Love on yourself, and luxuriate.

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

  14. i am amazed
    there has been so much growth and progress here, lately
    it wouldn’t be because I pissed you off, would it?
    oh well
    it was going around in circles of everyone patting each another’s backs.
    I hinted before that sometimes we play different roles.
    sometimes, I am the villain
    whatever works
    there is no time to waste

    sorry, but if a cage rattle, a toe tug, a nudge, a prod, an elbow in the rib, or a kick in the shin just doesn’t seem to work.
    the next thing in line, is the claw.

    1. From one crazy to another,
      I love you
      and all the roles
      you play.
      thanks, man

      I do hope all is well with you.
      You’ve been missed here.

      1. thanks so much
        some of what i do is risky
        perhaps you may have some idea of how many persons that have had a moment of anger toward me. not to worry, this is easy, home and warm; not like the good old days, drinking until the bar closes, um well,
        just doing my ministry amongst the sinners.
        got to be careful, some of these guys can hurt
        I think i’m close to wrapping words around a concept/idea that combines teams, crystals, the number 12
        hmm, [work in progress]
        so far something like this

        1. Dear Otmn!

          I am a straightforward woman who speaks in a clear and transparent manner (at least at least in Swedish ;). When people speak in metaphors , I have more difficult to take in what they mean – especially in English. I can choose to ignore what they say, and I do most of the time but sometimes I would like you to speak more plainly so that I fully understand what you are saying and may also answer / respond to what you say.

          You remind me of a playmate I had as a kid. I always played with the boys, I was a tomboy. Fished , competed to see who could jump the furthest and fastest run , running horse , spit furthest of all , building huts and climbing on the barn roof 30 feet in the air . This friend of mine was always trying to provoke environment but were too cowardly to say what he thought .

          When I understand what you say, I suspect that you are a very wise man. It’s a pity that I can not always take advantage of your wisdom though I also understand that the language problem many times is on my side.

          Much love Otmn !

          B to B

  15. Never ending story with no real tangible change in our lives ! I don’t know about you guys, maybe you are a working class all of you posting comments here, but i’m not and i’m really tired of being a lab rat and being lied to over and over again by such blogs that promise and promise changes that never really happen in our outer reality and I’m tired of being a burden living on other peoples blood sweat tears, since I’m unemployed and surviving on a social grant that I’ve just received a letter about in the past two days that it’s going to be suspended soon to make matters worse ! I feel i’ve sacrificed my life for nothing following this spiritual path that kept in a holding cell for the past 10 years of my life ! I have nothing to show, but poverty and shame to show for my sacrifices, nothing is happening in my life, and no one is helping ! Now and then i feel my life has lost meaning, and dying could be my best option since i can’t escape the poverty i’m struck with in this never ending story of traveling with unsympathetic so called guides who care only about themselves and experiments they are running on us all ! I don’t see myself living the comfortable life to experience the joy that is so publicised in such channeled messages as thee order of the day, infact the opposite has been the one reality i’ve known other than dreaming on a daily about a supposedly coming prosperous life that never materialises, ever !

    1. Dear fed up!, welcome to this Pond! I feel your pain, but I also see the light you carry within that has prompted you to open yourself up and show your pain here. For by doing just that, you have given yourself a chance to find the help that you have searched for. You have friends here, brothers and sisters who have been through so much in order to get them to where they are today, and I know they are waiting to give you the same loving support they have received from others here. I hope you will feel at home here, and that you will start see your own light more clearly. For I see it.
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. fed up

      all I can say I hope your life cahanges for the better soon if not imediatly.. i myself have a lot of “health” issues and even when I get to think what more will i have to go thru it makes me sad and scared, and like you i was hopping for the best and I still hope it will come soon… (till then, will have to live by it)

      I dont know how old, healthy, what country you live in but if you are at least healthy and relatively young grab whatever “dirty” job you can find… so you can get by this time of insecurty….

      And lets hope in the end you will get yor satisfaction in whatever way it is best suitable for your soul….. weather this “asention” hapens or not…

    3. Yes, I have felt this way so many times off and on during the past six years. All the struggle and uncertainty and wondering if all these promises are just Pie in the Sky. All the financial issues, loss, relationship problems, divorce, etc. make it hard to find joy. We all struggle here, one way or another. Some days are good, some very trying.

      Sending you support and understanding.

    4. Send love and appreciation to the water molecules in the clouds, do it for hours, every day. Ignore voices in your head, you will be healed. You will find what you need, not what your want or desire. Try it, it can’t hurt can it?

      I did it for weeks and had a complete healing of my body, and life became calm, not wealthy but not poor either.

  16. The conversation with Amy sparked a few things that I feel called to share…

    Invisible Acts of Power… that is the title of a book by Carolyn Myss. She has written many books and this one is particularly pertinent to the conversation.

    The essence of the book is based on hundreds of peoples real experiences of ‘support’ etc that they had received from others when they really need it in their lives. She explores them from obvious physical help to a simple word or gesture from someone unknown and anonymous.

    The central message that emerges, borne out by peoples own testimonies is that the most powerful influence came from the simplest act of power and it might have been from someone completely unknown and whom they will never meet in the physical.

    The book for me correlated with my own truth on the matter…

    …for in life its been a wonderful gift to hear in one case some 30+ years after I had simply been there for a friend and frankly had even forgotten the incident that I was reminded how powerful it had been for him at the time. Wow.

    Other occasions when someone says years after “Oh I remember when you said……… and it really helped me….” or similar.

    I was being me… and it was natural to have done these things. In these moments I was right in the heart…

    … and that leads me to the gift/insight/truth to share… when we are acting from our heartspace, it IS JOYful, feels JOYful and is powerful beyond measure.

    I know this. You know this. We all know this… simply going within to check will show its truth to us.

    In the context of this missive… loving oneSelf… is a beautiful and JOYful thing and it cannot fail to touch others in powerful ways… we intrinsically share in the process for we are sharing our GIFT and as I mentioned the other day:

    “The Spirit of the Gift is kept alive by its constant donation.” Lewis Hyde… I would say… “The Power of the Gift is enhanced…”

    Sue asked me one time a few months back before I was due to do another SOL talk. Just share with me… why are you doing this talk?

    From within the JOY bubbled up and out came something like…

    “I would burst if I didn’t, it’s just JOY flowing out of me…”

    So, my fellow Ponders… here’s a truth I have experienced when I was acting out of JOY, being me (true me) and I bet you have too if you look at these moments too… and here’s the thing… we are being invited to be this/do this ALL the time.

    It is within our GIFT… It is our GIFT… We are JOY and JOY just naturally gets shared and grows beyond measure in its expression…

    The most powerful energy comes from within… we know and experience this to be true when we pause and notice.

    To quote an experiential insight from Sue which brought her to tears of JOY…

    “Joy has no limits…” (It comes from within).

    I share this JOY with you… powerful beings/friends/ponders/gods…

    Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Beautiful, Philip. So many things just in the past few days have brought me to laughter. Deep belly laughs. And in so doing, it made me realize how much I LOVE to laugh, how funny I really can be, and because of the circumstances in my life, I had stopped laughing.

      Laughing, how I LOVE to laugh. I have two posts ready for tomorrow, both based on laugher. If I can bring laughter to others’s lives, through my pictures and just by being me, oh for the JOY! Did you understand when I said oops I just did another Lucy when I forgot I had signed up for Spheres of Light?

      Think “I Love Lucy” and you’ll get it. I honestly do these things, that I really don’t mean to, and they are hysterically funny. Hubs, whose sense of humor left a long time ago, actually gets angry when I laugh. Poor guy. My laugh just points out how unhappy he is.

      No one can remedy that situation except for hubs. 🙂

      OK! I am giggling as I write this. I hope my “heat” didn’t scorch too much. You are British, I am Irish, and oh, when I get going, I glow heat. I was going today, my friend, and I have YOU to thank.

      There is a huge chunk of wide open prarie for me to explore. I just opened up an entirely new chapter of My Life today!

      GOD, IAM so in LOVE with ME! And ALL!

      Love and JOY!!! Amy

      1. Laughter yes… smiling and laughing here

        You remind me of a quote on a card in our kitchen from Sue’s mum describing something she was experiencing 25 years ago… the quote:

        “Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.” Unknown

        How true is that!? Have we not all done much to laugh about endlessly! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I think I did miss the significance of I Love Lucy (the programme was only dimly in my memory)… anyway you realised you’d already been…

        When you first said heat I thought you had mispelt and meant heart… for what jumped out at me was the heart intention that had gone your way when the conversations started and you picked up on… so I felt heart… 🙂

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. YOur writing here is so elequent, Philip, and just so darn truthful. I LOVE what I do in ALL I do, even if it is folding laundry, because I honeslty have JOY in my Heart. More so lately then ever. I keep cracking up and giggling at just about everything. I am finding almost everything funny lately. I used to be like that, putting a humorous spin on life. Not like the dumb or rude comedy acts that are so popular lately. More like Lucy style. Good old faishion funny.

      BIG (((HUGS))) and GOOD NIGHT! Whew! Waht a day! Amy

    3. So right. So true. So genuine. Your own brand of joy and light have touched me more tban I can ever express, Philip.

      Thank you for your Self
      And for SOL

      joyfully II,
      😀 AH

    4. Awww Philip, you already know I love you…what a beautiful inspiration you are.

      With much gratitude and love always,

      1. I came back here to read again, what you wrote, Philip. Truly Words of JOY. I fell into them and felt as though I fell into a glass of champange. (smile) Efferescence of JOY. LOVE_JOY_PEACE. It just doesn’t get any better then this, does it?

        The interconnectiveness has me in awe. I no longer know the beginning and end of all of us. WE have become Eternal Flow.

        (((HUGS))), Amy

    5. Thank you Philip for this message that resonates so much with me.

      Yesterday, when I would do some errands on the town so I asked my helper in the universe to lead me where I should go and in what order I should do these cases. I was full of joy and at a high energy level.

      At the hairdresser’s, I met a woman in a wheelchair who spoke to me and we began a pleasurable and joyful conversation and I really felt the energy floating around and filled us. I had not made ​​an appointment, but of course they had a hairdresser time with me directly;) The woman was waiting for her husband who would take her home and at the end she rolled back her wheelchair and turned to me and said “I wish you one really nice day “.

      We had a wonderful impromptu meeting in love, spontaneity and joy and I am confident that we healed each other both.

      I love these meetings with completely strangers who dare to open up. When they do so it will always be healing meetings 🙂

      Thank you Philip for your joyful work and dealing it with us!


      B to B

  17. Wow, there was such an energetic tonal shift with this message! Rooted limitlessness is palpable in the fields, whew – hew, buckle up, the ride is about to get off the hook! Thanks Aisha and CC’s, can’t wait, exciting times! Xo

      1. Sending healing thoughts to you dear Breeze. Lifting you up in light and cradling you there until dawn. Much love. Denise

    1. Mother’s Loving Light Energy and a Peaceful, Healing Sleep to you, Breeze. Enveloping you, holding you like the little girl you spoke of recently. rest. you did good; it’s over… just about. Receive now.
      With Love, Lin

  18. Much Love, Sun. Thanx for sharing what we’re all awaiting, those of us who haven’t received as yet. Much Love, Lin

  19. Conclusion to conversation between Philip and I….

    By acknowledging and embracing and loving what we are doing, and act as though we truly are living in JOY due to what we have created, by doing this very thing, others will be attracted to what we have created. The Law of Like attracts Like.

    I am passionate about what I do in my life, with my life, and what I create in my life all founded on Love. I am passionate about sending out to this world Love that it so desperately needs.

    Even GOD looked at what he created was GLAD and rested on the 7th day. Even GOD acknowledged what he had done. So IAM GOD and I shall sing to the mountains what I have created all in the Name of Love. And BE GLAD.

    I must find another word for pride or be proud. That word carries with it negative connotations, again all due what man has done with this word.

    Amen! Glory! And so it is!!!

    Love you!

    1. Ray, my Elder Brother and Friend, I do bow to you, most reverently.

      When you reached out to me yesterday, you touched a wounded little girl. That same little girl who did not get encouraged or praised, but just the opposite, always being told she was no good. No matter how hard that little girl tried, she always failed in her parents’ eyes.

      In the touching, your gentle and wise hand, broke into a scab and tore it off. In so doing, you allowed the woman to take the little girl today, and go through step after step of healing.

      Without your presence, without your words, without your Love, today would not have happened. I have tears in my eyes as I write these words to you.

      I AM so grateful to you. I know it was not your intention to “trigger” what unfolded in me, but this woman, ME, is one very happy woman this happened. I have gone living for 56 years with this wound, and today, I can honestly say, I AM FREE of it.

      May YOU BE Blessed many fold, for reaching out to me. I will not ever forget this, Ray. You go down in my history book as One of the Greats in my Life.

      For the first time ever, a little girl got encouraged and Loved.

      With all my Love,

      1. May your body and soul merge and become one voice for love honor and the understanding of the loving soul you have always been. This is for you to Anna

        Blessing to all

    2. Oh Lady Love! You are just a blazin’ today!! And our light man cometh. I don’t think Philip quite knew what he was in for. I love love love how he kept you going until you got where you wanted to be. We followed a different trail of clues to the same place. Bev was right about “pieces of Amy and ALee melding together” on Petals Unfolding…

      Love youme,

      1. IAM ALL. I know not where I start and you end. I know not where you start and I end. All is ONE. The River of Love gusheth forth. IAM swept away in a Rush of Eternity, Forever. IAM FREE.

        (((HUGS))) Lori and Ray and Philip. (Philly, may my heat you felt this day have cooled by now)……

        LOVE is ALL there IS. And NO-THING else.

        I bow to ALL,
        Lady Pinkrose

    3. This is the other thing I am called out of bed for… beautiful dear Amy…

      You are JOYful… Full of JOY… that is your essence

      More to follow…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  20. **i am including all parts of our “conversation” as well as some personal observations, because i feel they are important. this is a very similar experience to what i had a few days before our last gathering when Source said “Come,” took me into him, and then sent me back with a message that my mission was now to be a vessel for his love/light to come through. i got into the shower somewhere between 10:30 and 10:45 am, and that was when it started…

    “Dear one, look into my eyes and hear me. I wish to expound upon some things. Are you ready?”

    i must be since you are here. (i see her smile indulgently.)

    “I wish to speak of separation and what that means. You once asked me if I ever feel separated from the Father. I told you yes. That I, too, have my own soul spark. That all things, all things, do until they are fully remerged with the Father. From a grain of sand in your ocean to the entire created eternaverse, and all in it. That separation is merely felt and understood at different gradients. Many assume that when they “ascend” this sense of separation will be gone. It will only change. Many assume that when they exit the 3D paradigm, all will become perfect and trouble-free. I tell you all is already perfect and trouble-free. Exiting the 3D paradigm merely changes the gradient of feeling and understanding, so that the depth of love and the perception that brings changes one’s attitude toward one’s experience. The experience itself and all that word implies continues until the full remergence with the Father.

    Now let us speak of separation of SELF. It is time now for this understanding to be plainly stated, a bit forcefully stated, if necessary. Are you ready?”

    uh, yes… (here she puts her hand beneath my chin and raises my face again to hers, so that i am looking into her eyes. there is a brief flash of light in them – milky white – and i relax from scalp to toe.)

    “Child, I am not chastising you. Do not shrink from me. For this is my entire point. This is what I am saying. Hear me. Feel me. Know me. You ARE me. All of you have heard this over and over again. You must let it sink in NOW. For the moment, I will continue to refer to ‘the wave of love that will drown you in its power.’ (This is not a precise description of what is ‘coming,’ but we shall speak on that at another time. We will at that time speak of what ascension actually is, not what it is perceived to be by so many in the 3D paradigm.) It is because of this wave that it is imperative that you understand who and what you are. Today you were inspired by members of your soul family to reexamine the words in the latest installment of The Manuscript of Survival. Recall these words now, and relay to me what you discovered.”

    conquer/victory, know, and love …

    “Yes, child. but what did you discover? State plainly the idea that formed in your mind and heart when you put these words together. You are reluctant to do so, as you feel you are impeding on the experience of others at times. I tell you, this must be stated plainly NOW for all to see. For you are all having the same experience in different ways.”

    ok… “seek and find what already IS. recognize the god within. give yourself leave to believe.”

    “Yes. And then child, what idea ‘hit home’ with you then? When you felt the culmination of all understanding you have gained at your current ‘level’ and allowed yourself to really KNOW. When you combined these understandings with what the Father revealed to you previously, about ‘nothing mattering in the space your vessel currently occupies because none of it is real.’ You are reluctant to state this plainly. Why? Did you not recently state that you did not care what others thought of you? Do what the most recent installment of the MOS suggests. Test this limit in yourself. You have made it this far for a reason. Dare you go all the way? It is imperative for yourself as well as others that you state this plainly.”

    uh, well… (here she takes me by the shoulders and gently shakes me, she tells me that my words are hers and her words are mine. there is another flash of light in them – bright white this time – and i vibrate from scalp to toe, and the words are nearly pulled from me beyond my control.)


    “Yes. It is finished.”

    **i woke up in a very cold bathtub at sometime close to 1:00 pm. i crawled to the bed and slept until nearly 2:45 pm …

    1. Love you sooo much, ALee/AnnaHelen/Lori/Ethyl. Thank you for BEing a scribe for Mother/Father/God.
      Now am going to re-read this one over and over, as with Aisha’s. amen.
      With Much Love and hugs, xo Lin

    2. Beautiful beyond words dear AH…

      I am called out of bed to share this and something else shortly…

      “This is God work we are up to you and I, so keep on…”


      “Have I not told you ye are Gods.”

      These two quotes from Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch…

      I read this book some years ago and it touched me deeply. For I had the experience that Walsch/God refers to… when I read it my soul literally leapt for joy… it did so because for many reasons and it really felt like it was me talking to me…

      ALee said

      “I am God playing a Game…”

      … and she felt it to be true… “Truth is an experience not a belief” Osho…

      Wonderful ALee … you are standing in your power and I’m/we are right there with you…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Yes, Anna Helen, I have read from beacons of light and Steve Rother’s Group of angels that he channels that this life is a game. And the Deeksha leaders are always telling us that nothing matters, nothing is real, we are not our minds and bodies etc. We are so much more.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Sometimes when I channel my spirit guides or the Masters, they shake me when they want to get a point across. Not a harsh shake, but a loving one like you experienced. That’s when I know they mean business and I better follow through with their guidance or I will miss out on something . So I have always done what they said, even if it was hard.
      I’m going to re-read the last part of the MOS again to understand the deeper meaning that the Mother wants us to know.

    4. Beloved sister, it is finished, but it is also beginning, for now, YOU have stepped into those “old and grand shoes” of YOU. I bow to thee, shining soul, and I thank you for shining your ever brightening light here for us all to see it.
      Much love and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha

    5. I don’t know what to say except thank you. Than I don’t know what to say except thank you. Thank you for all these comments. Not just the ones here, but for them ALL. I bless the day I found the pond. It is magnificent to be part of such a loving family. Growing together is an awesome experience!! May each of us continue to shine ever brighter.

      And speaking of which, I have been away from my Kindle for a whole three hours (!!! 🙂 !!!), and when I powered it up just now and went to Google to load Aisha’s site, there were words already showing in the search area. They read “what causes the light” (!!!!????) Another strange and wonderful “clue” that I am off to follow…

      I love you all!!!
      :)AH k you for all these comments. Not just the ones here, but for them ALL. I bless the day I found the pond. It is magnificent to be part of such a loving family. Growing together is an awesome experience!! May each of us continue to shine ever brighter.

      And speaking of which, I have been away from my Kindle for a whole three hours (!!! 🙂 !!!), and when I powered it up just now and went to Google to load Aisha’s site, there were words already showing in the search area. They read “what causes the light” (!!!!????) Another strange and wonderful “clue” that I am off to follow…

      I love you all!!!

      1. HaHaha! Ethyl pulled a Lucy… I meant naMaste, of course.

        Nanaste sounds a little too close to “Na Nasty.”

        Hehehehe … oh god i love to laugh …

      2. And there was this, too. Last night, my family was eating dinner. All in separate places, as usual. I was alone in the living room and sat down in front of the tv for the first time in a while. It is almost always on when Rip and Kev are home, but has become mostly background noise to me. I decide to change the channel. For some reason I entered 500 on the remote, and this artist Gavin McGraw was performing this song, Belief.

        Once again, you can bet I payed attention..

    6. Dear ALee… the most profound sense of silence entered me as I read your words. I marvelled at how I felt Mother also held me steady by the shoulders and I ‘naturally’ read your/her words slowly, savouring on each of them. This is the first thing I’ve read upon waking up this morning. I reread sentences over and over, not because I didn’t understand the words but because… well it reminds me of how I put a new baby vegetable plant into the outdoor beds… I put her in, then my fingers return to her to push her in a bit more snuggly, then I return once more (all within seconds) to tuck more earth about her, like pulling a warm snuggly blanket around her. I too will return to the MOS and read again today.

      I read as far as the “We will Rock…” song and came back to post. I really like that song but had to stop it for now. I checked how long it had been between your “mother message” and the song and it had been a couple of hours. I knew instantly I needed time to bask in the gentle sunshine of the words before I was ready to dance with the song.

      Thank you my friend. I knew you in my heart as Anna for a long time… then I felt you as ALee… I quoted you as Ethyl last night to friend when sharing another post of yours… My heart reaches out to know “Lori” a bit better too. In all of this I see an example of the many names pointing us to understand “Oneness” just a little bit more.

      I thought I would write about 2 sentences but I see I have done much more. Thank you from the depth of my heart! Love, Nancee

      1. I am deeply touched, Nancee. We will make that phone call happen!! Whenever you’re ready, let me know and we’ll set it up. I also want to thank you for mentioning the Queen song. I listened to it again, and for the first time I felt a double meaning in the words “We are the champions of the world.”

        Champions not only as victors, but as defenders, too. For the honor of the world.

        Love you,

      2. Tears. Hugs. Love and joy to you!!

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. Hi Michillin, many thanks for sharing this video… brilliant… I will be sharing it widely.

      I was interested in watching it because of the energy/consciousness ‘work’ I do and grounding is much talked about in this arena … connecting with earth and universal energies.

      The results the people got in this film are just wonderful. If anyone has any doubts about the benefits of connecting with the earth directly watch this.

      A friend of mine made his own grounding mat and tried it out for his healing room with noticeable immediate results. I know this summer in particular I felt really pulled to walk on the grass every day barefoot which I did… wonderful… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

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