The manuscript of survival – part 346

As you have all been made aware of by now, much is going on behind the scenes that few of you have any detailed knowledge of. We know that this is enough to set many’s teeth on edge, but let us just say that all is in good hands, and the reason for this imposed silence as it were is simply this: you will not be exposed to anything that might be detrimental to you in any way, and that does include some of the information that is currently flashing by you at warp speed. This will sound ominous, but this is in fact merely a precaution on our side. You see, you are still under the deep influence of your human side, and as such, much of what is actually going on now might be hard to perceive, much less in a positive way, by you all.

We are well aware that this might seem to be more than a little condescending, but trust us when we say this is nothing of the sort. This is simply something that has been agreed upon from the very beginning of this operation, and it was done in full concurrence with you. In other words, before you came to be in this physical manifestation, you were all thoroughly briefed beforehand just what all of this would entail.

We know that to many of you, this will sound less than probable, as you are probably thinking that if this is true, then why on Earth did I agree to this in the first place? Well, you did, and knowing fully well what you do, you were still chosen out from a multitude of volunteers, all eager to be a part of this huge operation. But you were the chosen ones, and you are here, commited body and soul to see this carried through. We cannot thank you enough for that, but we also know that because of this ”disconnection” so many of you feel from this, the real knowledge you all carry within, sitting in the midst of all of this without any clear recollection of ever being told what it would truly be like, is not an easy task to carry out.

But you are all doing your part in this complicated maneuver, just as we are doing ours, and at the moment, you will feel very much ”out of it”. But you are not, you are merely removed from anything that can cause you to lose focus on your real task. For remember, this is indeed a complex operation, one that involves a whole set of different skills and different players, and as such, now is the time for you to simply sit back and BE in your roles as the human conveyors of this energy of change, while we are all busy taking care of so many other vital components in this operation. Fear not, you will soon be back in the know as they say, but until then, you will not be burdened by any extra baggage in addition to the one you already carry in the roles as wayshowers and caretakers of this new energy.

245 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 346

  1. have you tried setting your etheric transponder to the new frequency our constant companions are using at the moment?

    “the shit is hitting the fan (pardon my french), and more is on the way.
    please stand by, while our strategic groundcrew (humans in specific key positions) cleans up the mess,
    and, with much help (you know who you are), gracefully guide the ongoing events towards a mutually beneficial outcome.”

    i recently ‘received word’ from 4 different and independent sources that confirm my feeling that definitely something is up that must be handled with the utmost of care in order to prevent any ‘unforseen consequences’ to arise.
    i have noticed that this all revolves around the transformation of the current systems in our many societies, be it financial, judicial or logistic.
    i am noticing that some groups, who are pretending to be wearing dark hats, do not wish things to change for the betterment of all, and are keen on playing with their toys ‘just for themselves’.
    yet i believe that this outer-worldly stage-play is merely a reflection of our (combined) inner (mental-emotional) state within each momentary experience.

    here is another (new) message that also gives some more in-depth vibrational news:

    1. Teasy, the intensity and the ferocity of the extreme transmutations I have been involved in, and the extreme negative reactions I have been receiving from total strangers, makes me think something most definitely is up. Usually all I have to do is smile, and people melt. Not so lately. Hate. Real hate has come my way. And it boggles my mind.

      And I became so exhausted today I told my Team I quit. I commanded no more transmutations until I can get rested. It has been brutal, nonstop, and today I took a hold of my POWER and said NO!

      Just letting you know, just the way others are reacting to me, and the incredulous extreme transmuting I have been doing…… something is up.

      Good night. And (((HUGS))), Amy

    2. And then too…….today again today. Today has been one of extremes.

      Two men hired to put two doors in our pole barn observed my “strength” and my “conviction of walking Truth” and commented to my husband that I am the one who needs to call a certain company to tell them how selling a very expensive door that is not square and must be taken apart in order for it to become square …….. is bad business. I “voiced” my opinion, the men listened, and obviously knew I meant what I said and in such a way, that I would be listened to. So……Now we must pay these men more money to put these doors in, so I am insisting we get some of our money back that we paid for these doors. If they don’t agree, I will report them to the Better Business Bureau. Yep, I do mean business!

      Today I have been seen in a “hated” way and today I have been seen for my “light” way. I’ll focus on the “light” way and allow those who saw me in a “hate” way work on their judgment issues.

      And now good night……

      1. Beloved sister, dearest Lady, you are growing and extending in all directions, and the growing pains are very present in your life now. As Sun says, you are shedding your skins one by one, and so you feel raw and exposed and vulnerable whenever you interact with others. It is as if your skin never becomes “thick”, so you take it all in, both the love and the negativity. But as so many have shown you already, what you bring here is of immense importance, and what you bring is the real YOU that is shining strongly beneath all of those layers that are coming off now. That is your golden core, dear sister, and that is what we see here every time you shine your light for us in the way that only you do. So when you go out in the world, your light will continue to trigger reactions all around you, but even if that can be extremely painful at times, always remember to check in with the real world that you find here at the Pond. For here is where your light is being reflected back to you from all the other shining spirits here, and here is where you see the true, shining you when those out in the rest of the world are trying to make you feel so much smaller than you really are.

        I love you dear sister, and I send you a huge embrace and so much gratitude for BEing just who you are, and for sharing all that you are with us.

      2. I am also experiencing the same ‘trigger effects’, dear Lady Pinkrose.
        I notice that everyone who has not fully grounded the light is now being caught off-guard intensely in almost every moment.
        I even notice it in people who may appear to be very stable.

        I’m also noticing this ‘trigger effect’ with an amplification like never before.
        Even though I have previously experienced similar cascades when I was very young, it was usually over a much longer extended amount of time.
        Contrary to how I was when I was younger, I am feeling much more able now to navigate such situations.
        I now also see every trigger of such intensity as an opportunity to be compassionate in every possible way, layer and direction.

        The energies at the moment are more or less flooring some significant parts of my physical body, such as experiencing a pounding headache.
        I even wonder how I am able to type this; I feel carried and guided to share here as indeed your reflection (from all of you) is of an immeasurable value to me.

        I’m sure the new message from our constant companions is on par with this 🙂

        1. Teasy, these pains shall pass, I promise you. For several days I wasn’t sure which would blow sky high……my head, my neck or my lower back. None in fact did, and today I awake with zero pain. Ride it out and my advice, don’t suffer. If it aligns with your heart, take something to alleviate the pain. I do. I don’t belive in being a sadist.

          Love to you on this Glorious Day! Amy

            1. Teasy, again your mind amazes me. Just recently I have begun to talk to these pains, and to actually go within them, to discover the basis of their existence. I’ve had some otherworldly experiences, downright beautiful in fact, all because I chose to stop fighting the pain and to get curious about it. 🙂

        2. That’s a good idea, dearly beloved Lady Pinkrose.
          Though I have yet to find a physical supportive ‘cure’ for this type of ‘headache’.
          Perhaps you know one that I don’t know yet?
          Thank you for your message 🙂

  2. Good day, Mr.J!! I have not forgotten your special wish and again tell you I am adding so much love and energy to it. 🙂 AH

  3. Oh Sun – you are so amazing, so strong and powerful, though I sometimes don´t catch all you say, but I feel you are a very wise man who really have prepared well for this journey. I really appreciate your being here at the Pond.

    Love and Respect!


  4. Uh…is anyone else noticing anything odd about receiving comments? Yesterday and today, I noticed at least 3 comments that seemed to be talking about a different message or different date than we were on. And I don’t mean like a reply was attached to one of Aisha’s previous meassages, b/c you know, you can see what they’re attached to. It was almost like there was another message floating around out there that I didn’t see. Also, I have been getting replays of old comments appearing in my inbox. Maybe it’s my e-mail service or something. But maybe it’s overlapping timelines? ….

    Dunno. Is it just me? :)AH

      1. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s evidence that we’re releasing the illusion of time in general. 🙂 AH

    1. Replays of old comments was appearing in my inbox perhaps a weeek ago and the last message from Aisha and CCs didn´t show up at all. Hmmm…..

  5. thanks so much Aisha,
    I dedicate this song to you
    I don’t have the words to reach you
    any other way

  6. take some cheering up from me.
    be water, let it flow
    a while back the cc’s suggested to relive the junk as an observer as it left for the last time. They said, don’t relive it again, just watch it go by, eh?

    this song is about 40 years old, yes, some of us have been at this a long time.
    remember when I posted, the only way for the caterpillar was to transform into a flutterby, the only way for the tadpole was to become a frog,
    the only way for us is to succeed. there is no choice for any of them.
    It hurts, just as the back legs are breaking through the skin of the tadpole, they suffer, they rub themselves on something, trying to scratch the itch, as the legs emerge, they swim in circles, belly up. When I first saw that I thought it was dying, nope, just sprouting legs.


        1. Thank you Otmn!

          What a lovely song, not least the lyrics. Very inspiring! Think it would work in my zumba as well 😉

          Smooch back to you 🙂


    1. I LOVE YOU, OTMN!! This song is now my ascension anthem! How perfect!

      And of course your analogy of the flutterbies and tadpoles is perfect, too!


      1. Happy happy birthday dear JayJay….
        Wow….the day you were born to shine your light forever…
        I wish you celebrate it in the best possible way,and good luck for you and Vibe today and days coming….much love to both…..

  7. cc==
    “We know that to many of you, this will sound less than probable, as you are probably thinking that if this is true, then why on Earth did I agree to this in the first place? Well, you did, and knowing fully well what you do, you were still chosen out from a multitude of volunteers, all eager to be a part of this huge operation. But you were the chosen ones, and you are here, commited body and soul to see this carried through. We cannot thank you enough for that, but we also know that because of this ”disconnection” so many of you feel from this, the real knowledge you all carry within, sitting in the midst of all of this without any clear recollection of ever being told what it would truly be like, is not an easy task to carry out.”

    I didn’t just agree to it, I jumped at the task. I picked a particularly difficult job. I think of this service as earning “God points”, or you could call it earning college credits for Heaven, I wouldn’t ]shrug[ , but you could think of it like that. Exactly as Amy described, it is about experience.
    Buddy oh wow.
    come to this mixed up planet and you’ll get more than enough experience, even if you do like me and go out hunting for more. It is a steep path.
    I’m a professional, kids don’t try this at home.
    oh wait the one who stayed home, don’t have bodies hereon Earth to feel what we feel. nope, it’s like they are in the grandstand cheering for their team. We are the ones on the playing field.


    1. Otmn, you’re a great DJ! I still own “Frampton Comes Alive”! Saw him a few years ago and he was fantastic.

      Hope your back is faring better than mine these days…ouch.

      With love,

  8. Dear friends! What a roller coaster ride this is! I’m up one moment, feeling OK and then BAM, out of nowhere, I am blasted with so much energy I just have to go and lie down. So THANK YOU to everyone of you who manage to continue to shine your light here, I am beyond grateful for all that you bring to this space. I will probably not be so “visible” here in the days ahead as well, for I have a strong feeling these blasts of energy are not about to quieten down yet. But I am very much here in spirit even if you do not “see” me around so often!
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Please take good care of yourself Aisha! Your beautiful presence is always felt here.
      With love,

    2. Dear Aisha — I can relate. Have been so exhausted the last two days I wanted to die. This a.m. I feel GREAT. It is SUCH a roller coaster. Hang in, dear Messenger. All will be well 🙂

    3. Dearest Aisha, I know I speak for all of us when I say we will thinking about you and connected to you in love and light.

      Hugs of comfort and support…
      🙂 AH

  9. Some thoughts to ponder upon this day:

    We on the Path of Re-membering, are getting close to, or have come to, graduation day. Which means, that all the knowledge we have learned in books, or all the Teaching we have attained, and all the testing we have achieved in which to check our progress, is now all leading to……


    That moment when the “urge” to analyze and to read and to logic-ize, is fading. In its place “life” speeds up and before you know it, that knowledge is changing into experience.

    Experience is the only way to UNDERSTAND the knowledge. To BE it. And thereby BE God. Knowledge is conceptual. Applying that knowledge to life is experience, and therefore, knowledge becomes “real”, no longer just a concept.

    When I was in college studying to be a registered nurse, I had to study, and yes this meant reading the books, not just putting them under my pillow for osmosis to occur. I read until my eyes fell out of my head. I wrote (this was pre-computer days) until my hand fell off.

    In essence, all I had was head knowledge, and really no-thing at all.

    When I started my clinicals, I had the biggest wakeup call of my life. For what the books stated, was a mere fraction of what experience is.

    And when I obtained my first job, the shakings were even greater. For that is when I realized, all that knowledge that was stuffed in my head, was basically useless until I ADDED to it, by experience, hands on.

    There is no other way to learn, really learn, then allowing your heart to lead you. Allowing spirit to guide you, and by jumping into life with both feet, blindly at that, and begin to learn how to apply all you have read in books, and ADD to it. That is where……

    UNDERSTANDING comes in, and those A-HA moments happen. They just do. And in the understanding, our confidence rises as we more clearly see ourselves as Divinity having a human experience.

    From my Heart to your Heart,

    1. Thank you too Amy… this cut through my morning haze also. Time for less focus on who I really am!

  10. JayJay,
    Isn’t today your birthday?! I hope I got it right! Happy Birthday with lots of love, hugs, and smooches!


    1. Dearest Leslie, thanks a million! Actually it’s tomorrow, but I’ll save all you send for then! Wow, you really warm my heart at a moment that is/was a real low for me.
      My Love to you!

      1. I’m glad I was early if it made you a little happy today JayJay! I wish I could do more!!


        1. More? What you do or say is always enough! I’m ever so grateful!
          My love to you Les!
          XOXOXO JayJay

          1. Happy Birthday to you
            Happy Birthday to you
            Happy Birthday Dear JayJay
            Happy Birthday to you

            Hipp hipp Hurray!

            Let the sun brighten your birthday 🙂

            Much love and joy to you,


            1. Dear Birgita, Thank you! That is soooooooo sweet!
              You send me the sun, it’s a beautiful day!
              Love, JayJay

              1. Dear JayJay! I am sending you a huge birthday hug and so much love and light wrapped up in a big, beautiful box 🙂 I love you dear friend, and I hope all your wishes may come true!

                1. Dear Aisha, Thank you so much for your beautiful gift!
                  It is so heartwarming, all these beautiful wishes from my Light-family!
                  My love to you,

  11. Jay Jay,

    About the dreams – they are a way of “venting” – both of some last left overs that need to be cleared and also a way of dealing with what’s happening now. This will pass.

    1. Dear Susan, well that was some ‘leftover’. It was so real…
      About keeping sane, well what can I say. I feel that with you. This POND keeps me sane. I guess I’m glad that I cannot channel, because I would fall for any channeling that came along. I’m too trustfull. It must be some kind of build in selfprotection.

      I’m really scared what’s going to happen in a few weeks time. They are going to evaluate what next steps to take in the chemotherapy, but I’m inclined to not to go ahead with any more treatments. Next week Vive will have her second 5-day chemo-session, but after that I feel that we need to stop this senseless treatment. Hellen (my wife) disagrees with me however.
      I hope and pray by/or before that time however that the GFOL will be back on line and be able to help Vive.

      I’m usually patient and don’t ask for help as I know you will ask them as soon as it’s possible. It’s just that today reality is kicking-in hard.

      Love and Light,

  12. Dear All,

    Can’t believe my response just got blown into cyberspace but will try again….

    To give you an example of my persistence, when I was around 11 or 12, I had a “disagreement” with my father. I was always coming up with “radical” ideas which he could not understand. I decided that I was going to walk home from the restaurant instead of riding back with him. This was in Ocean City, Maryland. I have no idea just how long that boardwalk is but it is quite a few kms. He bet me that I wouldn’t make it. I did. Blisters but I did.

    Now, I refuse to take no as an answer if I feel it is not justified. There is an expression in Hebrew called “pikuach nefesh.” It literally means to save a life but I also expand that to mean to save one from suffering. For example, it is illegal to smash a store window but allowed if you have to break in to help a man having a heart attack. Therefore, I often break the rules in giving information if it is to help you all from suffering. I will pay the piper later on.

    A few important things to remember. I don’t idolize or worship or am awed by our guides. WE ARE THEM. We all are Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Pleidiens, Washentonians, Brytonians and Bionians. We volunteered to come into human form for this mission.
    We are the ground crew.
    We are not children.
    Yes, we can trust them because again – WE ARE THEM AND THEY ARE US. That doesn’t mean that we have to always agree with them. I butt heads loads of times when I think they are wrong. Respectfully but I stand my ground.

    This afternoon, I went into my hard drive mode. I did some investigative reporting. I have to say that I second Son of Blue’s feelings about something going to happen by the end of the month. I really don’t like to put my head on the chopping board like he says, but the signs are there. The negatives feel like they are wearing out. I have had too many dealings with them before and I can tell when they have their tails between their legs. I also have seen silver, cigar shaped craft in the 5th dimension. Something is moving.

    In the meanwhile, I would recommend a few things:

    1. Please, please do not channel for the next few days unless you are very, very experienced. There are still pockets of negatives around. It’s kind of like not dealing with wildlife unless you have the experience in handling them.
    2. Please ignore any stuff you read on the internet about portals, purple flames, prosperity funds and so on…..all hacked.
    3. Get a lot of rest.
    4. I don’t expect any serious interruptions but as a precaution, I would have a few basic supplies and back-ups in case our communication systems are temporarily suspended. Again, I don’t think this will happen but could….
    5. Even though you don’t feel your guides right now, don’t worry.

    Michilin –
    About the beer – I wish I could say I liked it but I don’t but will take some good coffee if you want to invite me! Oh yes, we are quite a melting pot in Israel of Arabs, Druze and Jews. You haven’t lived unless you have had freshly baked druze pita and olive oil.

    Brigitta, what is elucidative?

    Thank you all. I will do the work. You just have to keep me sane and on track.

    Love, Susan

    1. Susan!

      What I mean is that your language is so explanatory so even me can almost understand what I don´t understand;) Did that make sense?


      Love and respect to you Susan!


    2. Hi Susan, this post of yours brought “home” something that I has been flicking in and out of my consciousness on your other posts. It’s like I stood up inside and went “YES!!” Without really realizing it I have been seeing myself as ‘less than’ with the guides etc. YOU communicate as an ‘equal’… you in earth form and they aren’t… simple. You are capable of having an idea that may not agree with them… therefore so am I. I once received a message from a group (via another woman) that I was to do this and that. After a stretch of time and nothing flowed in that direction despite me looking I told them I was no longer available to fill that role for them. I think I’ve carried some form of guilt for the past 3 years about it. NOW I understand better. Thank you… I know that wasn’t what your over all post was about (and it is excellent) but this is a huge discovery for me.

      I was going to try and shift physical locations for my birthday (31st) but I’m feeling more and more to stay around where I currently am. Now I’m starting to understand why. I will have this place to myself for that Canadian long weekend.

      I look forward also to the end of all the body pains inside and out!!

      1. I agree with you Nancee! Susan has “made us equal” with the CCs by talking with her entities the way she does AND I LOVE IT:) I have also been seeing myself as “less than’” with the guides, CCs etc, but Susan “breaks the walls” for me. Perhaps that´s also the reason why I can see that some of you now dare to stand up for yourself in a way that I have not seen before?

        Something I wonder about in the last message:

        “In other words, before you came to be in this physical manifestation, you were all thoroughly briefed beforehand just what all of this would entail.”

        I think CCs for the first time said that so clearly, almost like blame yourselves. If I read that in another blog, I would be suspicious.

        Love and light,


        1. Hi, Birgitta! And Nancee and Susan and of course all the pond…

          I do so love the epiphany of understanding that we are and are equal to our guides, etc. I had an awesome experience with Gaia not too long ago in meditation. I saw myself sitting at a patio table sharing a refreshing drink with a woman who looked familiar but whom I couldn’t remember seeing before. Suddenly I knew it was Gaia. I said, “Wait a minute! You are just sitting here talking to me like we are friends or something!” She smiled and it was like whoosh! Boom! This sensation of euphoria, empowerment, love….ah there are no words….slammed into me and I felt the two of us merging! Just wow….

          And as to the idea of us being aware of what we were doing when we volunterred. Whenever I read this in a chanelled message, I always feel that they are simply reminding us of our own power. That they are telling us, “Look, you have yet to understand the importance and magnitude of what you are doing. You may not remember it, but the intensity and level of preparation you went through before starting this journey was immense! Not just everyone could withstand what you are going through.” Feeling it this way has helped me to recognize and honor my own strength, stamina and persistence.

          Love to all…

          🙂 AH

          1. That is really interesting Anna Helen – just yesterday I was in meditation and went deep into the Earth. And all of a sudden I did not feel like the Earth was my Mother; she felt like a Sister. It was a very joyous and more intimate kind of feeling. I really didn’t know what to make of it (other than I liked it!) but reading what you just wrote now I wonder if this is another “relationship” that is shifting….

            With love,

            1. Yes! Exactly exactly! You took the words right out of my heart! From mother to sister….sooooooo wonderful.

              xoxoxoxo 🙂 AH

              1. I’m really glad someone else experienced the same thing! I felt almost sacreligious as I’ve always thought of Earth as Mother Earth. But this shift, it just felt so happy and so right, and just as you said, She was happy about it too!


          2. Anna Helen!

            You really affected my heart by saying “Not just everyone could withstand what you are going through”. Tears of gratitude. Yes, you are so right – my preparation for this journey was immense, but I almost forgot as it was some years ago.

            Thank you for your love and answer. I needed to be reminded of my “strength, stamina and persistence”.

            Love and respect,


    3. Susan , you mention hacking in channelling, I don’t channel but like to read some. What is it with the portals, abundance thingy and purple flame all being hacked? Can you explain a bit more please?

      I am with you on the dreams. I have had some savage dreams in the past. I reckon they were partly dealing with co existing multidimensional lives as well as past lives. You know like shaking out residual muck. Strangely most seemed to be below ‘ground’ or in dark places and tunnels, some very bad. Pleased to say the Colour of the dreams are now usually brighter and above ground, some still a bit strange but not scary.

  13. I am most grateful for all the assistance I and mine receive. I thank the cosmos. I too am getting very tired Sister Susan, please hang in there. Love, Peace & Light to all my beloved sisters and brothers

  14. All is well, all the time. A good feeling to carry around…thanks for reminding me, Sun of Blue.

    🙂 AH

  15. Had a terrible nightmare. I was dreaming that I was in a group of 4 people, 2 man and two woman. We were all to be whiplashed. I maneged to hide with the other guy, but one of the women got whipped so badly that her whole back was bleeding. In my dream I witnessed the whole thing and I could FEEL her pain throughout. It was just horrendous.
    I also dreamed another bad thing, but thankfully I don’t remember…

    1. Ouch! I have had some really disturbing ones, too. Aren’t we supposedly stll working on stuff in dream time or something? Maybe it’s that or just the junk coming up to be released? Past lives? Other dimensional experiences? In this particular case, I will NOT throw in “repressed subconscious desires,” Ok? Ha! 🙂

      Lova ya, Mr. J

      1. Yeah, it’s one of those things. I’m not an expert on the subject. I had a feeling it was from a past life. Dunno.
        Love ya too,

    2. hey i just wanted to share that ive been having nightmares too and that I feel Ive simply been transmuting issues in and through my “dreams” or rather that space if you will.

    3. JayJay I like what Susan said about your dreams. I might be off base sharing this but I’ve been experiencing a lot of connection with those souls that paid a very high price back when they were labeled “witches” years ago. I asked them to stop venting their anger through me and to please start helping us heal and to learn their old wisdoms and knowledge. I have often felt that they deeply desire that those here now as males understand their pain. Maybe some of the dream related to that and perhaps you some how are connected to those times. I presume (not always a good thing to do) that I was… whether one of the women or one of their persecutors (a hard thing for me to accept)… Vent away… you may be releasing for others as well! Much love, Nancee

      1. Very interesting Nancee, as I have had some past-life recall fairly recently of exactly what you describe – being a witch. I saw my present day husband in that scenario…and am slowly working on getting him to “understand” in this lifetime! So what you said here resonates 100% for me, thank you!


        1. Les I’m so glad to hear about the resonating. I am slowly starting to understand my own connection and not doubting as much what I sense about it. I was so moved last year that I wrote a short prose about the witches. I hadn’t been moved so strongly in a long time! Right now my life seems to be totally out of control. The place I’m going in Costa Rica is really struggling financially and I’ll be living off a savings account I’ve got. I wonder whether I am crazy to go… I’m selling my car, storing my few things that are left and taking a huge risk in so many ways. Please “pray” that I have the courage to see this through. I don’t have my ticket bought yet. In the morning I unload my things yet I forgot to arrange for the keys to the truck I’m to use. Nothing like being forgetful!! 🙂
          I had a hang up about posting too much when I first started and never did thank you for your post back then to me. It touched me and I really appreciated what you said. I really want you to know that.
          Love, Nancee

      2. That is very well possible. I’ve always felt terrified of the thought of torture, and what has been done to witches in the past is just horrendous. I especially have these thoughts about torture during wartime.
        Hope this will all be over SOON!
        Love, JayJay

  16. You did agree blue one. You did. I was there with you. Back again we will laugh about the sceptic outlook. There is no off world. Allis one. Did you forget all? ReadE.T.101 again. busy bee Michylin—-

  17. Good morning,

    From what I was told, a few comments:

    Yes, it is true. The higher up you are and the purer your DNA is from your home planet, the more you are feeling the heat. Your antenna is wide open and your senses are sharper than most others. It is kind of like shaving and then going into the sea and feeling the sting of the salt water. Someone else can go in and not feel as much because their pores are closed. The same salt water.

    It is a big advancement in my opinion that the Federation has even used the word “operation.” I have had major issues with them for months when they sugar coated their channels with all kinds of stuff like these energies are “ascension pains” and so on. I knew from the get-go over 2 1/2 years ago that they are starting on a major clean-up and they are not going to tell the public. They said that they feared that humans couldn’t take it if they knew the real truth and they wanted to protect us. I told them that it is the exact opposite. Just like children – you tell them what they have to know according to their age and maturity. You don’t tell them “don’t worry – we are taking care of it.” They do NOT understand that most humans need information. They don’t need to tell us military type security details but they have to tell us in general terms what to expect and how to deal with it.
    I am only privy to a tiny portion of what is going on but I can tell you that the cleaning has to do with a major clean up of both negative human and negative ET garbage. This is why we feel sick. It is the fall-out from hundreds of thousands of years of putrid garbage. It makes me furious when I read that people think this about them or what they need to clear internally or that it is due to the incoming Light. Does Light make you feel depressed or sick? Does this make sense? When they finish cleaning, we are going to feel a lot better. Period!!!!

    I agree with all of you. Even the strongest and most dedicated Light workers are wearing out – both physically and mentally. Being told that we knew this (before reincarnating) does not help me right now. What I need to know is what can we do to alleviate this pain – because the usual steps are not enough now when it is coming to such intensity. And I think if we knew that this is REALLY coming to an end (hopefully by the end of the summer as they told me yesterday) and we can BELIEVE that – and not yet another postponement….. then we will be o.k.

    Yes, we are in this together and yes we will finish the job. I am pretty much as sick, frustrated and impatient as all of you and this is wearing thin……

    Love! STILL!


    1. Susan, drink a beer. This helps . And stand your ground in the holy land.
      Be there for arabs and jews and druse. And don´t be aisha. Are you a wayshower and light warrior or not. Stop and be. Stop and have a shisha.
      at your command michylin

    2. Yes, Susan! Love! STILL!

      “Ever since i was a baby girl
      Wanted one thing most in this world
      It was to keep my love- keep my love alive” – Love Alive, by Heart

      I keep thinking that this New World that’s being talked about is going to have a tough time if all the Lightworkers and sensitives are sick…so it really is in everyone’s best interest to take good care of us. By end of summer, do you know if they mean that literally as in Fall Equinox, or colloquially as in end of August?

      With love,

      1. Oh Les, LOL one of my FAVORITE SONGS in the whole wide world…when it comes on my ipod when I am walking or dancing I sing it out loud with tears pouring down my cheeks–even just reading the lyrics from your post I got chills all over my body–this is a message to us for sure!!!! I love it! Thanks so much for posting it! 🙂 hugs! Alex

        p.s. as for the second half of your question in working with some of the energy the specifics are more centered on the equinox, like by the beginning of october beings hanging in the lower astral will not be able to exist there anymore because that area will literally be gone…a huge date for us is also August 25th and like planting a seed in the earth sweet girl, place your intentions for the world and your sweet family into the earth and sky on that day.

        1. Thanks Alex, I would have posted a video of the song but don’t know how 🙂 It always gives me chills too.

          Yes, looking forward to that second Merkaba on the 25th! To continue your analogy, the first Merkaba felt very much like raking the soil (and raking and raking….) so I’m looking forward to planting.

          Should I break into a chorus of “Sowing the seeds of love…”?! 🙂


    3. My mother was a Biology major. When I reached the age to ask where babies come from. She discoursed on cell reproduction, zygotes, embryos, fetus’, then went into Mendel’s experiments with sweet peas, and how he discovered genetic variations to explain why everyone looks a little different from everyone else. And then animal husbandry, to explain why only certain bulls are used in cattle ranching, and on and on. She new I was going to get overloaded with to much information.
      She explained, that I would understand as much s I could, and disregard the rest. She let me read any book I wanted, she figured knowledge can’t hurt. and what went over my head will get another chance some other time.
      I ended up curious about everything, good and bad.
      the internet is my library. any time I get a notion about something, I go to the search engine. it’s wonderful

      1. I´m reading the book “The Bible Code” by Michael Drosnin (from1997). It´s really interesting that codes about what will/have happened have been hidden in the Bible waiting to be discovered by the computers.

        1. Ooh, yes, I think I bought that book when it first came out. Haven’t looked at it in awhile, but remember it was very interesting. I must still have it around somewhere, will have to look for it – thanks for the reminder!


    4. I agree with you Susan.

      However Lately I have felt that ‘this not knowing’ is perhaps helpful. It would blow most of us away because of its immenseness and not all of us would deal with it so well.

      But I have been thrown the word ‘patience’ for so long now I Know that this must be a Quality in My personal design plan to either learn or master during this waiting time.

      Also I play with the idea that maybe we are ‘sleepers’ and that before we are each activated out of this illusion and into the new space we must stay cool and be the light.

      Maybe the idea is to keep us undercover from ourselves, not get distracted from being the light, and maybe keep protected from the consequences of the big clean up, ie keeping our physical heads down while sh*$ is hitting the fan.

      What do you think.?
      Namaste. Michaela.

  18. – I don’t believe in God – the-demiurge.
    – I don’t believe in Jesus – the mushroom
    – I don’t believe in archangels – the quacks
    – I don’t believe in Sirians, Pleiadians, arcturians,… quacks

    I believe in the Smurfette. She holds the Key 🙂

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