The manuscript of survival – part 319

All the stops have come out now, and the flux of energy swirling on the outside and indeed inside of you will make it rather difficult to stay in balance now. As we have discussed earlier, the necessity of removing any obstacles from your channel was a highly important one, as otherwise, your connection to the information and energy you are here to convey to others will be restricted. So now, as so many old scars and bonds have been broken and removed, it may be as if a veritable dam of information is cascading into you at a very rapid pace. Some of it is indeed coming into your system from the outside, or the grid as it were, but what may come as a surprise to some of you, is the amount of information that is actually coming from yourself.

You see, when the blockages are removed, you stand freer to start to really connect with your own energy, the whole of your being, that is contained not only within this physical body of flesh and blood on Planet Earth, but also all of those higher aspects of you whom you have been separated from for such a long time. So yes, finding yourself suddenly hearing yourself talking to yourself will not be an uncommon experience these days. Many will call this intuition, or just a hunch or a gut feeling, but what you are truly experiencing, is your own inherent wisdom finally being given a voice. And we do mean that in a very literal way, for you will find that from now on, much of the information you find yourself accessing will not only come in the form of an understanding, and emotion or ”just a hunch”, it will indeed come in the form of very specific worded information.

So do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself saying out loud things that will make you think ”where did that come from?” For you will be getting better and better at accessing this, your own internal sage, and together, the two of you will start to explore many interesting fields. Yes, we did say ”the two of you”, for even if these are all aspects of the same Being, the very fact that your higher self can communicate with someone literally embedded into humanity will make this exploration not only very interesting, but also vital. Not just for you, but for All of creation. You see, you are the ”ground crew” in every aspect of the word, and you are the only ones literally straddling the divide between humanity and the rest of Creation. You may think of yourselves as tiny little creatures, without any impact at all. Not just on this whole wide world of yours, but also when you look into the dark night sky and look at the multitude of stars out there. It will make you feel like a tiny and insignificant speck, when the truth is in fact the opposite. For you are the only ones in a position to be able to bring these two aspects together in one and the same physical body, and the combination of your higher self and your Earth persona is one that has no like in All of creation.

So we say, count yourselves lucky to be right where you are at at the moment, for even if the discomfort, unease and intense physical pressure can be more than a little discouraging, it is also an experience that nothing else can compare to. For you are indeed Masters of creation, but you are also spiritual beings ensconced within a complex biological structure, on a planet with a wholly unique setup, and what you can accomplish together has never been seen before. Not here, nor anywhere else. So make sure to enjoy the ride dear ones, even if the thrills and spills may seem more than a little overwhelming at times.

So let us just finish off this missive by urging you all to sit down and dial your own number on your internal phone and say ”hello, I am here, may I speak to myself please?” and then see what happens. We are sure you will all get a few laughs, and maybe more than a few tears of gratitude as you start to realize just how amazing you truly are.

199 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 319


    When: Saturday 15, June – Beginning Saturday and ending Sunday –
    Time: Dream time
    Place: Our Pond
    Duration: All the time is good for you – your body will be sleeping anyway –
    For Whom: Everyone that want to participate – you may bring friends, too –
    Blessings: The usual we are receiving lately – mayhaps new ones –
    Registration: Unnecessary -set the intention and your Team will do the rest-
    Hints: Be fearless and sleep well relaxed. Ask your Higher Self for you to remember everything next day. If you have stuff unsolved inside your heart, ask before sleeping to all be gone. Ask to be opened your channel with your Higher self. Ask for balance in your life. Ask to be improved your process. Trust in the power of Heaven, that loves us all without measure. Enjoy together with your family of the Light.

    1. Great idea Nohmad! I’ll be there!
      I do go to bed every night asking for all this…..Maybe that’s the reason I am so so tired and feel lost most of the time, I guest we are not used to receive light and healing.
      Love to all

      1. Thanks Nohmad, I’ll be there with couple of finnish friends 🙂 Hopefully this time the dream will be more relaxed 🙂 Receiving light sure makes you more sleepy in a mornings and after having massive amount of dreams it feels like you have had a marathon during a night 🙂 This another night I had 5 different dreams 🙂

    2. Dear Nohmad!
      Connecting and focusing our energies is always a good thing, but I would be very grateful if you can avoid using the word “gathering” when you invite people to join you. I feel it is very important that no one gets confused as to when the “Gatherings around the Pond” are to take place.
      With love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Hi Aisha and all the others too. I loved the sentence about calling to yourself as I have started to enjoy my own company bit by bit, learning to like what I am and starting to believe already little bit that I am worthy and there’s a reason why I am here and that I would have something to share to others too. I talk to myself a lot, but not actually hear voices, its still hard for me to concentrate for silence and every time I try to silen myself up, I get these bodily senses as someone would tried to distract my concentration. But I try to work with this, but then in other hand I do respons to my inner voice in other way, like some one you said “I notice something when I walk pass by it and sometimes I have to turn back to get it as the call it so strong”. But something funny have started to happen this year. My inner voice have to be quite strong as people say to me all the time ” sorry, what did you said, I didnt hear?” although I havent said the word 🙂 And it makes me laugh every single time 🙂

    So much has happened and it feels to me too that I should take a time to relax and take time to adjust these new experiences and talent that has been given to me. It almost feel that this is all too much, but although my mind would like to rest, my heart wants or should I say demands me to carry on and keep on moving.

    So all the strenght to you all who feel that these new energies moves too fast and lots of love! I think I should go to see someone too, although I have find that crystals too have quite powerful effect on me. (deep breath)

    1. Hi, Nick. I am still breathing. Barely. Today fumbling around not quite knowing if I am alive. So weary it is NOT funny. Take a look see on my gravatar so I can write you personally what I saw yesterday. It just might help you on your journey. It’s a block buster!

      I Love you! Amy

      1. I need to swim in the ocean or something 🙂 I’m more and more torn apart. I just want to be water in the ocean. I am too shocked about this whole lifetime set up that I’m not shocked at all hahaha Jess I’m glad you made it 😉

        1. Nick, that is how I felt yesterday and today. Major shock. And yes water helps. I didn’t go swimming today because I was so exhausted but I do plan on going tomorrow. The more I SEE about this life, and what led up to it, the more I feel, will I ever get to the bottom of all this gunk so I can fly again?

          Joke is on me. Truly thought all my work was finished. Then my world fell apart leading to me falling apart leading me to see the hardest of all. The CORE.

          Water, Nick! If you can’t get to the ocean, get in a bathtub. What I wouldn’t give to be near an ocean. (sigh) Do the best you can!!!

          I love you! Amy

          Sent from my iPad

          1. Thank you darling! I sent you an email. You are right about earlier what we’ve just discovered is worth of our lifetimes and it’s just the beginning. Apart from hardships and deep understanding and love here between all of us at the pond, there is something even grander than that. It’s the beginning of change of the whole history of humanity and as we recall more about ourselves the course of time is changed forever. As we rewrite ourselves we rewrite the history of humanity and the deep emotion in every cell of our is the proof of every story. This Pond is not regular spiritual group, and as time passes we will be stunned of who we are.

            1. My Great Golden One, I have no words, none. My heart has awakened in a way it has not in a very long time. I have no words. I am Eternally Grateful to you, Mighty Warrior of the Blue Skies.

              1. Be Blossomed My Dear Rose 🙂
                And we’re back 😉 but I do wanna hear the happy one. Lol

                1. Done. Tomorrow. I really have no words, just so in my heart. 🙂 Embracing you in the clouds……

            2. Dear Golden Eagle, From the perspective and experience that I have, you are absolutely right. I suggest that everyone reads and re-reads and re-reads many times what you have just said here, until the depth and true meaning of it sink right in. Thank you for you insightful wisdom, I can only guess this comes from (or is strengthened by) your very recent experience, as you have written of here. EVERYTHING is changing and radically so. Deepest love to you xxx

              1. In case it’s not clear, this is the Eagle’s golden post I referred to above………

                ‘Thank you darling! I sent you an email. You are right about earlier what we’ve just discovered is worth of our lifetimes and it’s just the beginning. Apart from hardships and deep understanding and love here between all of us at the pond, there is something even grander than that. It’s the beginning of change of the whole history of humanity and as we recall more about ourselves the course of time is changed forever. As we rewrite ourselves we rewrite the history of humanity and the deep emotion in every cell of our is the proof of every story. This Pond is not regular spiritual group, and as time passes we will be stunned of who we are.’

                Eagle, from your post a few days back and from these recent ones, it seems you are (re-) connecting past and future in the now. Immensely powerful and you do it for ALL as well as yourself. A true trailblazer. Very much love xxx

  3. For me I have always had my higher self and my physical body self and thoughts. My body self is my soul’s mate. My higher self or soul is my body’s mate. My whole life has been to get them to work as one in thoughts. This isn’t to say one is good and the other is evil. It is just saying one is of the body and one of the spirit body. My body self is the ego side of my thoughts that deals with what is going on in my body and the world. It wants to balance its thoughts with the higher self thoughts. My higher self is the teacher of my ego. It has access to things my ego don’t have access to. My body self is all for hear and now and looks at the past learnings to work things out. It learns from books school and everyday life. Mostly 3d and 4d things. My higher self is all for learning new things. A desire for new knowledge drives it. It looks and learns things in many different ways from many sources that can be unseen and only thought of and seen in different ways than my body self can do.

    These two thoughts meet in my dreams. They learn different things so they try to work them out in my dreams to stay in balance and keep the mind happy and not at war with each other. You can also work them out while awake if you aren’t very aware of your dreams and can’t control them.They have to grow in knowledge together to stay happy with each other. You never stop learning so this never ends. What my higher self can see the body self can see to. Only with a different outlook on what is seen or learned. This works both ways. They work together to protect you from harm. When my body self learns something the higher self will take what is learned to new hights of understanding to gain new knowledge. When the higher self learns something it has to work out what it learns with the bodyself to maintain a balance so they grow together as one. If you just work out a balance life is much easier. If you don’t it can be much harder. Its has been written. It is much easier to wage war on thousands of people than to be one with yourself. Keeping a balance is much like talking to the other side instead of warring. To me life is like pushing the body self up a hill with the higher self instead of dragging it up the hill unwillingly.

    Blessing to all

    1. This sounds very healthy, Ray. We are moving from doing this unconsciously, in dream-state, as you say, to becoming conscious and fully aware of it. Thank you for verbalising it so clearly, much love brother, Gail xxx

  4. yes dear I have this conversation with myself out loud at home (maybe quiter outside) lke two people and it feels really really comfortable nowadays…someone in our family my brother´s son transitioned on the 29th he took his life a child of 9 month and a young wife left “behind” pls join me in sending love and light to the suffering members and love to his departure may he rest in PEACE

    1. I’ve seen the eye that fills the sky, in a dream I suppose. There were beams of light coming toward me from the eye. The beams morphed into beings. 3 different beings. One resembled the greys with the big eyes, but not such smooth skin, another looked very human, the last I could not make out a face. I saw vertical tubes and ? I dunno. Never saw anyone like that before.
      The only message that I’m conscious of is that they were happy with me. Giving me reassurance that all is well, no matter how much trouble I get into when I provoke closed minded people. I can really piss them off, when all they want is to stay distracted and entertained.

      1. Lol – ya know, I think you’re pretty swell 😉
        Glad you’re posting more. I bet you have a lot of good ole backwoods wisdom to share…since your lovely post the other day, I picture you in overalls sittin’ by the edge of the pond, king of the frogs.
        The hummingbird is on my ‘totem’ too 😉 – amazing little creatures – so delicate yet resilient, being that they can be frozen & literally come back to life…there’s really beautiful symbology related to the hummingbirds

    2. Good message, thanks Amy. What meant the most to me was ‘If you can have it ALL, would you first let it ALL go??’ SO SO relevant and, from my own experience, absolutely TRUE. If we want to ‘ascend’ out of 3-d we need to release EVERYTHING 3-d. Not some, or much or most, but ALL. And, if it is too much for now, I’d say, ‘No worries’ (going all Aussie on ya) It’s not a race AND there’s no cut-off point, so we need not fret if we feel we can’t let it ALL go today, or tomorrow, or next week. When our ‘time’ is ‘right’ (so many ‘………’s these days!!) it will fall away, as we look away from it all, bit by bit, until we look at it no longer. This is a priceless statement, Amy. Thank you so much for bringing it here. I do love you, sister xxx

      1. Thank you, Gail. Also what Lisa stated how exhausting it is to stay in the state of letting it all go. We really don’t have any idea how much we are attached to, for let’s face it, this is all we have known. This cleansing work is what is getting to me. As Lisa says, the vacuum. Oh yeah. I can SO relate!!!

        Loving you, Amy

        1. This is all we’ve ever known….you said it, girl. I do think we can really only be WILLING and then it comes, in its (our soul’s) own time. We all try too hard, somehow. I do wonder if we’ve been rather conned into this whole ‘you’ve got to make a massive effort’ business. Rest now Amy. Your strength and vigour will return again very soon. Love coming your way. xxx

          1. Bless you, Gail. You will know I am feeling back to norm when you see me here a lot. When I am quiet, I am doing my own work. Sometimes I do think we are trying too hard and if we LET GO of the trying…….hmmmmmmmm……….maybe we would have an easier time of it. I don’t know. (sigh) Truly complexiing, mind boggling, and if I don’t get a Bliss wave soon, you will hear me scream. Ah, what happened to those Bliss waves that were so plentiful in my life????

            XXOO Amy

  5. And the inside life is still like a box of chocolates… 🙂

    Inside the box, there is another one, and another one… an endless exploration.

      1. Hey Jess, I was just thinking about this song yesterday! Love it!!
        I see you’re a little south of me…I’m in NC. Thanks for posting this!


          1. Nice to meet you as well! I’m literally under a mile from the SC border, in Charlotte. Only been here a couple of years. Charleston is fun…so much character…and great food!!

            1. Ok, nice! I know that area very well – my dad lives in Lancaster, so we go up that way every now & then to visit.
              Yeah, NC is beautiful (esp the mountains) but it’s hard to beat the “Lowcountry”…I love being so close to the ocean and marshes – wouldn’t want to live anywhere else 🙂

  6. Dear Carolyn!
    I am here, I am here 24/7, even when I am not here in person. Remember that. You are not alone, never ever, and I am not the only one reaching out to embrace you, dear sister. I feel your confusion and your pain, but I can only offer you my love. For the answers you seek, you have already inside of you. And the CCs are just that, our Constant Companions, in many shapes and forms, just like Carolyn is one of the many shapes and forms making up YOU.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Carolyn,
    It’s been a day from Hell, for many of us…on top of weeks, months, & even years of the constant rollercoaster. I’ve had about 3 hours sleep in the past 36 hours & a splitting headache from all this crying.
    This process is not easy – why else would so few have ever accomplished it in thousands of years?
    I must say, that I am SUPER PROUD OF YOU for being ANGRY and having the courage to express it…because that is hard for you.
    Some people here have felt TOO MUCH anger all of their life and what they need to learn is Love, kindness, compassion. Others have felt nothing much at all, because their hearts were sealed up long ago. They’re a lot like zombies, but they don’t know that.
    You’re never, ever alone & we will always love you & help when we can. But you are the only one who can change You – change the things that no longer serve you. In the mean time, get a baseball bat or a tennis racket & go beat the Hell out of something! My friend, who is a therapist, taught me this trick and it really helps! Whack away at an old pillow or something that is OK to destroy and just get it out – scream & shout out all the things that have hurt you, that make you angry and keep whacking until you drop from exhaustion.

    1. Dear Jess, sending you an etheric cool cloth for your aching head, some etheric cucumber slices for your sore eyes from crying and an etheric baseball bat, just in case you could do with one. Love to you, Gail xxx

    2. Dear Carolyn, You may be right….perhaps we are CC’s, but I assure you, if I am one, I’m in a human body and I live on the Earth!! love to you xxx

  8. This is very, very timely for me. The releases I’ve been having lately have been intense, to say the least. And the other day, for the first time, I actually got a glimpse of my Higher Self. It didn’t last long but was a very profound and moving experience, full of love, beauty, wisdom, and gratitude – not to mention a few tears. I’m so excited now about exploring and strengthening this connection….”This is gonna be great!”

    Thank you Aisha!

    Love to all,

    1. Dear Leslie, thank you for sharing this! It is truly a process that leaves us feeling battered and bruised in so many ways, but it is also a process that brings us many, many joyful tears as well. For when you finally start to see YOU, it takes your breath away.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  9. I have been hearing the voice of my inner being for many a long year and a calling to simply only and always listen to my own inner voice. Knowing that this connection will now be much stronger is simply a joy to me as I love my own company! 🙂

    big hugs to you all! Listen, you know…you really do! Alex

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