The manuscript of survival – part 197

As you have already noticed, things have started to heat up yet again, not only in your mass media, but also inside your own bodies. The energies seem to be almost running rampant at times, but although the respite you had may have been brief, it was enough to make you more than well prepared for what you have coming up. Let us explain. Even if it does not in fact feel like it, your bodies have become so well adapted to all of these surges in the energyfields around you, so now, they are almost instantly up to par no matter how high the voltage of the latest ”bombs” that hit your fields had. In other words, you have become very adept at absorbing and assimilating these new frequencies. And even if your physical and mental bodies still sound off their protests at this, they are in fact much more adaptable than before, and they take a much shorter time in equalizing out the balance as it were and finding a steady stance on the new level it has been hoisted too. In other words, beneath all of these aches and pains, grins and groans, your whole ”machinery” is working super fast to adjust, unperturbed by any superficial irritation. For it is only superficial, even if you feel the discomfort literally in your very bones, much like the surface of an ocean becomes very agitated when the force of the wind increases, while at the depths, total calm persists. So too it is with you, as you on the surface will feel like you are being tossed to and fro in an endless onslaught of breaking waves, while at your core, all is sailing along at a sure and steady pace, heading in the right direction, not about to be veered off course no matter how high the waves become. So you see dear ones, you will not drown in all of these super intense energy blasts, it only feels like it. And even if it feels very, very real to you that all of these bodily discomforts and mental downturns will literally make you run aground, you will not, for your core is super strong and can take anything we give you without even flinching. So trust that you are all on the course to the shore you so desperately want to climb on to, and know that you will not falter, even if at times it seems you are all grinding to a painful halt. You are not stopping, you are advancing at a steady pace, and you are keeping a true course, no matter how tossed about you feel.

This will indeed be important to keep uppermost in your mind, now that this selfsame mind is literally being inundated with ”bad news”. You see death and devastation, sadness and sorrow all around, and it is so easy to think that the plight befalling so many of your fellow men is a sure sign that everything is going into pieces. It is not, it is only a sure sign that all of this skewed ”reality” you have been living amongst for so many lifetimes is now literally falling apart at the seams. And what will emerge, will be so remotely removed from what your eyes and ears have to endure in ever larger doses every day now. So remember to keep your focus elsewhere, as you must not let yourselves be captivated by this show that the darker ones put on, as this will only serve to cut you off from the real truth. And the real truth is this: for every day and every second, the light is increasing, and with it, the distance to that fabled shore is diminishing as you are all closing the gap by being who you are. You are pulling yourselves – and your world – closer and closer to the light, and you are doing a formidable job of it too. So rest assured that even if you feel more than a little battle weary, you are well equipped to pull out all the stops now, as you are being called to stretch yourselves to your very limits for this final stretch out on the open sea.

Know that you are and always will be protected, so do not convince yourselves otherwise. Because it is only too easy to be duped into thinking that we have literally left you to your own devices out on the high seas, but that is not the truth. Call for us, and we will show you just how loved you all are, and even in the depths of despair you can feel our presence by your side. We will never leave you, as you are more dear to us than anything. You are the embodiment of Spirit, and as such, you are the true bearers of the light. Not only in your world, but in ours too.

25 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 197

  1. Oh, Christie, Annette, Aisha……you are not alone, believe me; experiencing the very same. So thankful not to be alone while feeling so alone. Love, J.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one slugging it through this phase….there are days I’ve actually questioned my souls thought process’s about this mission, and did I have any idea how hard it was going to be on the body? I’ve been dealing with a Hepatitis C relapse since last summer, for awhile my energy was back so I thought it was cleared up…unfortunately not. Lately exhaustion and extreme, frequent hot flashes keep me wiped out and wondering what the heck I was thinking. Fortunately, knowing this is temporary has been my only saving grace…it helps to know that it’s not just me, that others are experiencing side effects related to the shift too. thanks for the post, the replies have been reassuring 😉

  3. Many thanks to you dearest Aisha & Constant Companions. Our greatest dreams are soon to be realized. I now can see light at the end of the tunnel and my pace has increased. The time for the final sprint to the finish is very close. May this be so.

  4. Aisha~ thank you 🙂 it helps so much to know how others are feeling, it makes it much easier to connect the dots! having each other to confide in makes it lots easier to stay out of the “suffering” view of things and maintain a more aerial view of things, and im so happy for this 🙂

  5. i have SO much gratitude for these messages, we are in the throes of some strong energies and i really appreciate these reminders 🙂

    for about a week i felt better than usual and started eating healthy, then the really crazy energies hit about thursday of last week. it lasted for about 3 days and it felt so funky during that time. i saw some info that said we upped the amount of light being influxed on the planet and that was in concordance with the fact that we have a slightly new galactic alignment now.. and that’s why it felt beyond what we’ve experienced before. bc it was a whole new level that we had never had before so that’s why we were all thrown for a loop… i had a more dramatic than usual occurrence with someone in my life and yet i could see the energies being played out the way it had to. we are all being triggered at deep levels, so that the pain may arise and clear out. i found ppl being more snappy and i was too, but i knew that it was just something that would pass.

    so that phase of energies let up about sunday, and i thought we’d be in smoother energies for a little while, but no! 🙂 it started up again that very night, and although not as intense as thursday’s energies, it is still intense. im just surprised that it hasnt let up for very long at all. we mustve been resting all that week where we felt a lot of love and ease, for this major clean-out. the energies are very visible to me at this point, and it’s like i automatically think of the non-physicals battling the dark in their own way and adjusting and creating plans for us to get to the light in the physical (by way of these energies to cleanse us), so i was thinking along the lines of, wow this really gigantic cleansing was created by all of us at the soul level and it will greatly improve the situation on earth. seeing the earth and all souls as powerful, strong, and having situations of love and ease, is where our own strength lies, and where i can see it will have a beneficial effect on others.

    if anyone is having a hard time being centered, i really am too. i feel psychically a little out of control like it is hard to not pick up on what’s flying around out there, and my muscles are cramping up as if to say, enough! this will pass though and we will be already used to this level of energy hitting us.

    i had lots of thoughts and feelings of self-doubt come up, and just uncertainty about my own personal reality. i think this is also how the masses feel as they clear, and it does have an effect on me. but in contrast to this, as im thinking about all this uncertainty and what it is that i do want; it’s like i keep getting these strong inner messages that now it’s so much easier to create/ manifest with the energies as they are now. and things that i think i need to hold on to, i can let go of a little more at this point. i think i was making things harder than i needed to, and i can just choose those things and experience that give me ease and joy. i think SO much comes up during intense times like this, and its so easy to get confused. the week before i was so clear-headed and “knew” that life was about ease and love, and how easy it is to “do” something, bc it really became more about using my mind to manifest stuff in my life. it really was a smooth rhythm of ease and trust. but then, the stuff that humanity is clearing right now is the direct opposite of that (hard work, strife, everything being so complex and conflicting feelings, etc) that that’s what i start to believe is real. i have to remind myself that the things we feel are a lot of times not about (or from) us. but ive seriously been very confused for days now.. but as i write this, im regaining consciousness lol. last monday, do you guys remember how there was love everywhere? so easy to feel good, connected and safe that day.. so i just wanted to point out how much the surrounding energies affect us, and instead of wondering where i went wrong, i should be nurturing myself!! hang in there, and i appreciate you Aisha & CC’s !

    1. Dear Christie! Thank you for sharing this, it really resonates with how I have been feeling lately. I got a small “breather” over the weekend, but now everything is so intense once again. Good to know that we have each other for support, and to remind each other that this is not about “suffering” but about moving forwards and upwards!
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha could you send this message from me to Michael / Merkabaman, I was not able to get to his gravatar page maybe you can? I left a massage for him on Manuscript # 196 and the copy of it is bellow. Thank You.
        Hello Michael,
        I do hope that you are the right person, if it is a mistake, please just disregard this message. Thank you.
        1. Please check out list of names of committee of 300 on Back to Constitution youtube channel (going back 3 or 4 month).
        2. Check out on Laura blog page – site link:
        3. Please check out on you tube Валерий Меладзе feat. Вахтанг – Свет уходящего солнца (guys did not have many actors so they just change the costumes to show different characters, once you will see it you will understand. Also they made a mistake it should be a Light of the Rising Sun (3D to 5D).

    2. Christie, Thanks for sharing that! I can say pretty much “ditto” to everything you wrote there, especially the self doubt and the muscle cramping. I’ve had to work harder to keep my center and stay out of the negative feelings. I have narrowly avoided a couple of potentially explosive encounters since Sunday. But I managed to maintain my calm and stay with the loving feelings, and wouldn’t you know it, both situations managed to resolve themselves with everyone happier in the end!

      Now this morning I have felt closer than ever to the “God Presence”. While focusing on my manifestation exercises my whole body started humming and it just felt so loving that it brought tears to my eyes! It was amazing! We are getting so close and I can feel the excitement building on both sides!

      Thanks Aisha and CC’s for this timely message (as usual)!
      Keith R.

      1. Keith, i just love how we can have such similar events and feelings! i too see how it’s so much more about “just being” now than ever before. situations will come up, and we know the drill by now, to the point where we know it will resolve in the right timing, with little to no effort on our part most of the time but just feeling it through and breathing.. that’s so cool about your manifestation exercises, it’s like we are “remembering” 🙂 i feel it building as you said 🙂 best to you!

        thank you to Jean and all else bc you guys make this place brighter and more loving 🙂

    3. Hang in there my dear, sweet sister Christie! We all love and support you. Christie, I have a hard time remembering what day it is. I have been on this physical, psychological and emotional rollercoaster for quite a while now, so I know where you are coming from. I too have had a profound message from the heart telling me to be very cognizant of what thoughts I have because they will manifest very quickly now. I have been thinking of scarcity, fearful if we have enough financially toi get us by and this manifests. So now I am thinking of abundance and repeating the mantra that I am loved and verry protected. (Which I KNOW we ALL are). So please know that I am sending love and light to you and may the only “funk” you experience be “Funkadelic, James Brown” kinda funk that makes you wanna dance. Peace, love & light

      1. Wilbur, your words are so sweet and healing (are you an incarnate angel? :)) thank you bc it has been a tough one today, i just got over a healing bout, only to find your words in the perfect moment! i wish for you the same ease and love 🙂 isn’t it interesting how it seems so many of us have been getting the same messages of manifesting, and being careful of our thoughts?? i too have been feeling worried about money, but also feeling that things will pull through 🙂 love to you dear Wilbur 🙂

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