The manuscript of survival – part 187

Do not fret dear ones, as you have not been forgotten. We are well aware that for many of you, the time is passing excruciatingly slow, and you cannot face the thought of another day in this seemingly purgatorial condition. Rest assured that all is well, and even if you fell less than well by now, we are here to help you get through every up and down on this path. For even if it might not seem like it at the moment, there will be more ups than down in the time ahead, and we think you will all find more than one reason to hang in there, as they say. Not to be flippant about this, but you are in fact well seasoned travellers by now, and as such we think you deep down know that even if at a superficial level much seems devoid of meaning at the moment, we also know that if you go deep inside your own core, you will find the strength and certainty you feel to be lacking in all of your every day experiences. In other words, we do not take your complaints to be unwarranted or unneccessary, but we would just like to remind you all of your true strength. It is there, ready to be tapped into, and when you do, you will find all of these aches, pains, discomforts and uncertainties to diminish considerably. They will not go away, but they will cease to be as noticeable as they mayhaps seem today.

So even if this might seem to be an uncalled-for advice at the moment, we urge you all not to give yourselves away to the cries from the less important parts of your being. You are so much more than the aches and pains in your physical body, or the insistent voice of worry gnawing in your mind. You are as solid as a rock, and as strong as the Universe, and we think you will all find a way to re-discover that for yourself in the next few days. And please, do not take this as any criticism. It is not, it is merely a reminder that you are made by far more solid stuff than what your seemingly frail physical body and your somewhat timid mind try to convince you. Your spirit is already soaring, but your human parts, to call them that, are desperately trying to pull you back down again, and as such, this insistence on suffering and distress can be difficult to ignore. But you must try to listen past all of these blabbering voices of discontent, as they are only trying to hold you back from re-connecting with the real you. And yes, we do understand that this is a very, very difficult part of it all, because all of this discomfort and unease takes up a lot of space in your daily life. But still, it bears repeating that whenever you manage to go beyond this wall of disgruntlement, you will find the peace and ease you so hanker for. And then, you will be lifted closer to the level of the real you, where you strength becomes more apparent than your human weaknesses, and you will find the patience to persevere once again.

So please, listen well, and you will hear all of these voices for what they really are, just the signals of distress from every particle in your human body voicing out their fear of becoming extinct as you continue on your journey towards attaining your freedom from the old shackles of mortality and restriction. You are in fact limitless, and as such, you are breaking through all of these old barriers, but as you have already noticed, not without raising a formidable choir of resistance and reluctance. So do not let these lesser parts of you hold you back from attaining the glorius freedom you have in store, literally just around the corner, and do not let the voices of discontent convince you that this end goal is just a fiction. For if it was, you would not be hearing them at all. Then they would have been silenced a long time ago, in fact, they would never even have raised their voice in the first place. Because then, they would know that there would be no need to fear your determination to flee the old prison you have been held captive in for so long, the prison they cling so desperately to. Because the old limitations will be made null and void the moment you take that first step outside these old boundaries, so no wonder they make all of this ruckus in order to confuse you and make you turn back again.

So give yourselves all of the credit you deserve, dear ones! All of this noise is just a distraction, and the increased volume is only a sure signal that you are approaching that final doorstep. There is no turning back now, and the whole of you know this oh so well, but that will not silence this inner choir of fear and distress. So remember, the louder they scream, the closer you are to gaining your freedom from these limitations. You are the strong one, even if you feel almost beaten down and broken, so we implore you not to give in to these tiny parts of you still insisting on turning back and giving in. You deserve so much more than what these small particles of fear want for you. You deserve to become one again, one with your spirit, one with All of creation, so do not be stopped in your tracks by these annoying little speed bumps trying to set you off course. For the future is ever so much brighter than what these voices try to tell you. So keep breathing, and keep going, and know that you are not falling short in any way, even if you feel despair seeping in from all directions. You are moving forward with every breath you take, and this choir of discontent growing ever louder is just confirming this every time they send you another message of doom and gloom.

25 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 187

  1. Thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts and experiences. We ARE family and we WILL get through this together.

  2. Hi these messages were made into videos and put on you tube by cosmic mother 13 she had many subscribers her you tube acc is now closed and nobody knows why i wondered if you might have any ideas kind regards and thanks for all your posts. Pete.

    1. Hello Peter! I know that many people are kind enough to help spread these messages on other sites, but I do not have any information about the youtube account you mentioned.
      Love and light, Aisha

  3. I love this expression ” purgatorial condition”. That is so much the way I feel ! I am working as hard as ever, living from paycheck to paycheck, filling up my antic car with the same benzine and polluting the world, looking around and seeing people having even more troubles than I have…and yet reading such beautiful messages as yours, almost every day. Is there something wrong I am asking myself ? It feels like the birth of this new reality is like a mirage, always getting further as long as I walk, keeping my faith and my flag of light, not loosing hope, but entering a kind of numbness , just keeping walking and walking. Yes, its a kind of purgatory. Not too bad, so. I know light is coming, but this tunnel is so loooonnggg. Thank you Aisha to show us the light.

    1. I can relate to you merkabaman. It’s like acting out the darkness in me makes me bubble inside and I find occational peace that way. Lot’s of suppressed things venting out and it’s painful in society of ours. Like a frog in a warming cooking pan.

  4. When I first started encountering these intense episodes of this ‘cleansing process’ I never dreamed it would be like this ! It blew my mind of what I THOUGHT the ‘awakening process’ was all about. I was pretty much in a state of shock mentally and physically ! Thereafter I spent many years reading the esoteric works of many that have gone before us. It was fruitful in some sense but more in hindsight. If you read the biographies or spiritual writings of True Avatars you will see this process with a clearer understanding. It’s definitely an arduous path in all ways but is well worth it in the end ! My heart goes out to everyone that is experiencing these most difficult mental/physical symptoms, here as well as around the world and in the remotest parts as well. We here, in western civilization, have many physical comforts and aids that others do not. Be thankful and extend your hearts out to everyone everywhere who is struggling with this process. Thank you Aisha/CC’s for your continued support. We couldn’t do it alone and we are most grateful for your love and guidance.

  5. Dear AIsha and Constant Companions, Thank you for this message and for hearing and responding to my cries as well. That is always such an amazing comfort to me.

    I do feel confused at times. And like Bev said, I doubt the reality that I am awakening or ascending and sometimes wonder if I have entered an escapist reality, because though I have tried to MASTER my third dimensional reality and my emotional reality, I feel like I have failed, and do not deserve to ascend.
    I got so angry with someone who was being loud, rude and disruptive in a movie theatre this weekend that I screamed at them and threatened them with violence. I had to leave the movie, I had gotten so upset. I felt so angry and felt like such a failure for losing my temper that, when I left, I cried in the street, and, like Wilber said above, I cried out for for it all to be over.

    I feel like I must be doing something very wrong to not have any Grace. I am frightened to admit that in some ways I do not feel ready to let go of this third dimensional reality as I have never had the chance to truly enjoy it properly. And, I must say, that when I hear messages on youtube from The Galactic Federation of Light -which for the most part are very helpful- say we will not ascend if we are attached to lower energy vibrations. I feel that I may not make it as I still struggle with Desire and Lust and am not even sure I want to leave that behind yet. THERE I HAVE SAID IT!
    I pray about it and ask for guidance but I don;t hear anything.
    I fear I am living in the wrong place and doing everything wrong and cannot find any way to be “positive” as much as I think this is all, of course, a Great Miracle. Shouldn’t I be putting positive energy out in this world?

    WIll I be swallowed up by the ocean here in San Francisco when the poles shift or by an earthquake? I realize the only escape from all my fears is in my heart and perhaps that is the point of it all….?

    Aisha, your previous message said something about feeling like “we are in a microwave” and I had described it that way recently myself, so, again, it was so helpful to feel Not Alone in all this craziness.

    Thanks to all who may be walking this path with me and struggling through this as well.

    1. Dear Michael…may I extend a heart-felt hug & message to you in regards to your present turmoil ! These most certainly are very confusing & trying times for ALL & indeed there always seems to be way more questions than the answers we seek. The swirling unbalance that surrounds you will only continue & intensify like mighty waves rocking your little boat, unless you simply let it ALL go & trust in your soul & higher self…relax & breathe in the stabilizing energies that surely are there for you if you take your mind to a calming spot & allow ALL these fear based energies to leave & let the rightful ones for you enter ! Trust that there is a perfect plan just for you ! You are not to be left behind & you are not forgotten ! There is so much now that we are being exposed to on All sides, fueling these upset emotions…that’s why it’s imperative that we stay grounded, & centered in our own signature vibration that is unique to each one ! Our spiritual guides are there for us at All times, but we must realize that they cannot guide us or help us if we are full of anger & fear…you most certainly are not alone my friend…release All of the thousands of questions that are stirring you off course ! Try to simply simplify your thoughts & see the protective shield that your own energy signature emits where negativity is no longer welcome, only LOve Light & Life !~ What we allow into our lives & our thoughts becomes our reality. Dear friend, please know our Creator is filled with more Truth & Unconditional LOve that we simply do not have the ability to comprehend….whatever your definition of LOve is, Creator’s LOve for you is this times infinity ! Allow yourself to believe & trust in it !

    2. Dear Michael, Our beloved Creator gives his grace upon all who have a firm desire in their heart and all you have to do is ask for it. You sound somewhat torn between the desires of the 3D present reality and those of our beautiful new reality which is just over the next rise. I can feel where you truely want to go and your heart knows this well. I am feeling that you have desided to go for the new, beautiful reality, but our ego clings to the old and tries to fill our mind with doubt…..well won’t you miss the lusr? The this the that? Where ever your truest desire is my dear, sweet brother, that’s where you will go. Meditate. Calm your mind. Bask in nature. Laugh. Be joyful. Committ yoursef to your hearts desire. Namaste.

  6. Thank you so much. I think you almost saved my soul with this post. I woke up realizing that my whole life has been
    a waste and there was no future. When I read this post it put things in perspective again. Whew! My life has not been a waste and I do have a glorious future! Thank you again!


    1. Dearest Deb, Please know that you are beautiful, perfect and immortal. You are part of our beloved Creator as we are all part of the ONE, we are many but we are all connected. You have never been born. You will never die. You have never changed and you can never be changed. I speak of the real you, the Self, the soul and not this temporary container. Please realize your own magnificence. You shine brighter than a thousand sun’s. Feel this. Know this my dear,sweet, beloved sister. Please know that you are very much Loved and protected. Namaste

  7. A most interesting & connective message today Dear Aisha & CC’s…Thank You !~ When the aches & pains intensify as they have been of late, I often find that through this state of weakness it signals that ever residing little voice of negativity questioning ALL this as fiction like we are simply letting ourselves escape into the realm of film & make believe. Although my inner being most certainly knows ‘Truth’, these times are often most difficult. As humans we feel compelled to the statement of seeing is believing, & what we do not see must surely not be real…so we tend to move along our paths seeking that visual anchor to assure us & comfort us. Asking for spiritual assistance from the higher realms during these times is most helpful, but again much at our present form remains still untangable. I personally still rely on the tangable power of Nature & of Mother Earth as she is real, she is life & the grounding energy to soothe & comfort the body & mind….she has always been for me, my real anchor of peace & strength & in my photos she helps to keep my spiritual focus, certainity & calmness of mind. Not sure if you follow crop circles or not, I find them All so fascinatingly complex & beautiful, but usually their coded messages just baffle me….but lately I’m beginning to understand them & their complexity is becoming undeniable that they are being created from a higher realm. The latest one is so Amazing & it’s demensional cube realness just explodes with energy ! Another most helpful visual anchor for me at this time ! Be well my friend….
    LOve Light Life

  8. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. My body is protesting indeed with at least 4 days of chronic headaches, quite uncharacteristic symptomology for me. I must not forget to ask for help when necessary. The longest part of any journey home is the last few miles, it always seems to take forever and I think that’s what we are all experiencing now. The thought of quitting now is laughable! After all we’ve been through? No way! If I have to crawl to the finish line I’m going to do it. But in all honesty, I have had transient periods the last couple of days where I have been screaming at the Cosmos to get me out of here. So as usual, my beloved Constant Companions/ Benevolents, you heard me and helped me through the rough spot. Thank you, I am eternally grateful. Now let’s finish this mission proper and all go home to our hearts greatest desire. My love to you all, my beautiful,sweet sisters & brothers.

    1. Bless You Dear Wilbur…your soul is filled with warrior strength & may your healing vibrational energy signature grow to match it…but we must accept & extend our abilities in patience…& trust in the driver ! LOve & Light to You my friend !!!

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