100 – and counting…

I cannot believe that I have posted the 100th installment of the Manuscript of survival today! Little did I know when I woke up on August the 16th last year that my life was about to be changed by this manuscript. That was the day I was given the first installment, and that was the day I told all of my clients that I could not work with them anymore. I just knew that I had to commit myself 100% to this new task, and from that day, my life as a graphic designer came to an end. Looking back, it is easy to see that decisions I had made during the last two years – or rather my whole adult life – had made all of this possible. I had scaled down all of my expenses, sold my appartment and moved in with my sister and given away most of my possessions in the process. In other words, I had created a life for myself that was radically different from a ”normal” 48 year old, and now I was taking another step that to many seemed almost crazy by deciding to stop doing the work that paid my bills. I have never felt as free as I do now, and I also realize that I could never go back to a so called ”normal” life ever again, and I am glad that I have saved up enough to keep me going for quite a while.

The biggest step for me was when I was told that the words that I channeled  ”should reach the eyes of others”, and I knew I had to start putting them out on the internet. I was literally shaking when I posted the first intstallment on lightworkers.org, the energies were so intense. I have been channeling for a few years, but that was mostly shorter messages to me or to people close to me, so this was something very new to me. The process of channeling the manuscript in itself was so intense at the beginning, so I had not given any thoughts to what the reaction would be when I published them, and I must say I was not prepared for the outcome of this. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would be read by so many and be so widely spread, and I have been very, very touched by all of the comments and messages I have received. It really made me realize how closley linked we all are, and it is just wonderful to tap into that energy and feel the love surrounding us all.

When I started to post the manuscript on the net, I also started a new life as Aisha North. Aisha is not the name my parents gave me, it was given to me during a channeling, and I just knew that now when I was doing something I knew deep down in my soul was a part of my contract, I also knew that the time had come to start using my real name. North came naturally when I registered my webaccount, and now it feels like I have truly become myself.

The next step was to start my own blog, and once again I was guided very firmly to put it mildly. Let me just say that the energies are relentless whenever they want me to do something, so it was a few very intense days before the blog was up and going. I always smile when people ask me what I do every day. They think that it must be boring to be jobless, but I can honestly say I really feel like I am working harder than ever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The blog has been a blessing to me, because it has made it much easier to connect with so many beautiful souls out there.

I have no idea how long these messages will keep coming. I only know that I have to sit down and write every day. I have been told in no uncertain terms that it is important that I do so in order to ”keep the channel open at all times” as they say. I always get a message, but some of them are only meant for me and they are much shorter than the installments of the manuscript. The constant companions, the group I receive these channelings from, seems to be a rather large one, and they have very different energies and ”voices”. I can feel the difference, and some of them are very intense indeed. The channeling itself is always fast, too fast for my fingers, so I spend much time trying to correct the mistakes afterwards. I must say that my English has improved during all of this, because I often get words I have to google to find out what they mean and how they are written.

I am at times just as frustrated as you are, because I am more than ready to reach that ”final destination” they have talked about so much. Sometimes I wish the messages could be more detailed, but I guess that is so typical of us humans. We want to know everything up front, preferably with the exact time and date, and then they usually reply with that dreaded word ”soon”. Doing these channelings help me a lot, because then I feel I am doing something that gives me joy and can hopefully be of help to others as well while we are all waiting for that final unveiling of it all. In the meantime, let us make this waiting period as good as it can be by sharing our experiences and our love, and not forget to have a good laugh now and then. Humor is the best medicine, so even if the work we do is serious, we must not take ourselves too seriously. ”Lighten up” as The constant companions said, and that is the best advice I have gotten in this process so far. I love to laugh, and this process certainly gives me a lot to laugh about, especially when my body is doing weird things because of all of the energy it is trying so hard to adjust to. So let’s give each other a hug and a smile, and thank you all for sharing this journey with me! Judging by the last few days, I think we have the most interesting part ahead of us.

Lots of love from Aisha.

23 thoughts on “100 – and counting…

  1. Hi Aisha,

    I to am struggling with the name thing. When I tell someone my full name it doesn’t sound “right” to me. A few years back I went to an A.R.E. workshop at the Metaphysical Chapel in Lancaster, PA. We did a meditation in which our guides took us up to the Hall of Records and we asked what is our soul name. I saw big, black, block letters spelling Enoch. I thought what a dreadful name, I want something whimsical. At the time I did not even remember anything about Enoch. Then we asked our guides what our name means and I saw believer. Could it be possible that is my soul’s real name? I am so confused about this.

    I also want to thank you for this personal messages. I just discovered your blog on Mayan Matrix but have gone back to the beginning to read all of it. A lot of the information sounds like things I have read in the Pleiadian books. Is that where your Constant Companions are from?


    1. Hello Ellen – Enoch, and thank you! I think you will know deep down if Enoch is your soul’s name. My sister got confused when she was given hers too, and it took some time for her to embrace it, mostly because it was a masculine name. But now she feels it fits her perfectly and matches her warrior spirit;–).

      The Constant Companions have told me that they represent many different civilizations, and that they come from many places. They told me that they would not give any of their names or any specific details as to where they come from. Apparently because they felt it was important that I did not get too “attached” to any of the individual voices. They want to be seen as a group, and at times a new voice comes in. Whenever that happens, I am always told beforehand that a new one will connect with me in a personal message. It’s very strange, because they literally “put me over” to the new voice and let it introduce itself, much like a sort of relay run. As you probably have noticed, they have different topics and some of them have a sort of old fashioned language, and I never know which one of them is coming through whenever I sit down to write.
      Love, Aisha

  2. Thank you ‘Aisha’…for this personal message. I as I’m sure the others that read your manuscript Appreciate your honesty & sincereity ! We All have our unique journeys & stories to tell, but what I was attracted to you was the fact that you didn’t boast or make others feel you were superior as some channellers do. We are All equal…no matter what..& sharing our thoughts should be equal as well, we don’t always have to agree, but we still can hold a level of kindness & respect on an even playing field in this illusionary game of life. I really do resonate with your channelled messages as I also have received similar ones, but I usually tend to keep them private as I live in a world surrounded by non-believers, so it’s refreshing to connect with like-souls as yourself. I admire your confidence & taking the steps to bring you to this place in the now, sure it hasn’t been easy for you…but as I’m often told, sometimes things happen that don’t always make sense or of our choosing, but they are necessary. I also am a huge fan of Mother-Nature in which I express this joy through gardening & photography…by the way…I’m a graphic designer too ! (I bet you are Gemini as well) My chanelled work is through a visual means in which I share photographs on the internet. It does get discouraging sometimes as I feel that I’m not making a difference & not successfully getting any of my awakening messages through, but I’m always told I have & am making a great difference…more than I know… ‘just because you do not receive an answer, does not mean you have not been heard – be persistant as I have been with you’……our work often sends us into the dark voids where the difference is needed… ‘soon child’ is another constant message, but this time I do believe ‘soon’ is about to actually appear…I won’t get into the details but I have been told many things…& it’s not something to boast about, or yell out how right I am, as part of Mother-Earth’s cleansing will also bare much destruction & loss of life…but as I’m told is necassary to birth the New World. I look forward to ‘All’ your future messages & may you continue in Strength, Happiness, & Wisdom with always a kind, compassionate & LOving heart dear friend ! Be Safe…be Well…if you possibly are interested in seeing any of my photos, just let me know…..you will have an event-filled weekend…I’m sure…Take Good Care !!~

    1. Hello Bev! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your messages touch me deeply every time. It is so true what you say about making a great difference for others even if it not visible, not even to ourselves. Before I started to channel the manuscript, I was so frustrated at times because it felt like I was wasting my time doing nothing. But just like you, I got the same message over and over again “you are all working so hard, you have no idea just how important you are for us”. Just by being ourselves and living from the heart, we are not only inspiring others, we are are also helping to release so much for humanity every time we release something within ourselves. I would love to see your photos, can you send me a link?
      Love, Aisha

      1. you can find me on the site ‘flickr’ & my ID is ‘lily-girl’
        I think you may be in for a surprise, as my images are not anyways near being typical…they are my visual connection to Mother-Earth & her harmonious flow in the Universe…this is one of the many ways she speaks to me…she has so much unending LOve to give us All, & it saddens me that so many just don’t care, & continue to batter & abuse her….it always upsets me…humankind do not understand that with one breath or movement she could quickly remove us All !..but she LOves us too much, she would rather teach us lessons & hope that someday we All will LOve her once more, as we used to long, long ago !

        1. Wow – beautiful pictures! I can see you really have an eye for shapes and details. I loved the ones you have taken of frost and the macro images of the insects (bumblebees are my favorites!), but the one that really spoke to me was the one of the two ferns titled “I need you”. Thank you for sharing these images!
          Love, Aisha

  3. Woohoo! 100 down! I wont say a 100 more as fingers crossed the sun earth and us are doing our jobs to perfection! But i will say thankyou aisha i have followed u pretty much from the beginning when u first started posting. Your words and energy resonate perfectly with my soul. Thus is pure truth and love! Thanks for your humbleness and purity Aisha. No ego going on here folks! Love Kirsten

  4. Manuscript of survival is defintely one of my favorite channellings that is around. I’m touched by your wonderful story and wish to congratulale you with the 100th missive. Many thanks and keep it going!

  5. Hello Aisha! I have been following these amazing messages since the very first. I love them soo very much and I cant tell you how thankful I am for them. I have shared them with many friends, I am very excited for the next stage which seems like it is coming very “soon.” I feel like I may even be old pals with these beings and hope to meet them soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

    1. Hello Cale, and thank you for your encouraging words! I am looking forward to meeting them all “face to face” too. I have some very strong emotional memories from connecting with them during mediation or sleep, but not any clear visual memories. The love I get from them is so strong, even if the energy that accompanies the messages they give me at times is very intense ;–). I know we all have a lot to look forward to!
      Love, Aisha

  6. 100 thank yous, Aisha!!!! I’ve been reading the posts off and on since you began, and last week I finally got a chance to start from the beginning, and I’m working my way forward. Thanks making it easy!

    1. Thank you Greg! Wow – it must be intense to read it all from the beginning. I have printed it all out in installments, but I must confess I have not read through everything myself. Doing these channelings on a daily basis is so intense at times I need a break from it all. I have seen some of the installments posted on YouTube, and it was amazing to HEAR the words. I helped me to really take in the message, as I do not really do that when I write it down.
      Lover, Aisha.

  7. Congratulations Aisha on your 100th! I do hope you realize how important your work is and how appreciated it is. I check your blog several times a day, I truely resonate with it’s messages We are no doubt from the “Three Waves of Volunteers” ( Dolores Cannon’s book “The three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”). I wonder how it’s going to work out when the big change is complete, will we volunteers go home or move on to the New Earth? Love & Light.

    1. Thank you Wilbur! You are always so generous with your comments! I guess we’ll have to see what we do once this amazing process is completed, if that is a word that can describe the “end result”. I think we get a choice, and the options can be several. I have a sneaking suspicion that I might volunteer for another mission somewhere, but that is probably not after staying on here and enjoying the fruits of our labour for many, many happy years.
      Love, Aisha.

  8. Thank you sooo much for sharing this Aisha. I have read these from nearly the beginning and have always been drawn to what they convey. It’s great hearing how it all happened for you. A few others and myself created a site where people can share their awakening experience. If you have anything to share regarding that I’d love to have you add it there. Again thank you for everything you do. I would love to see some of the other messages that come through to you also if you find they might be appropriate to share. Here is the site I mentioned.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! The site you have started is a wonderful idea, we need to create as many possibilities we can to connect with each other. I have just taken a quick look, but I shall take some time and read more of the messages there. It’s very inspiring to read other peoples stories of their awakening, and we cannot get enough reminders that we are in this together. Thank you for the offer to contribute, I’ll see what I can do.
      Love, Aisha.

  9. Aisha,

    thank you for everything. I can’t even put it into words, how much it means to me that you are channeling and giving us these messages. They are for our own good and it definitely helps in the everyday life. Me and my husband wish to live a life, like yours, where you are not an independent person of this world, but a free soul, who can do what ever she/he feels like to.
    For 5 years in the row, I’m working as a Legal assistant in the business field, but it’s just so not me.
    Yesterday, as it was the International Women’s day, my brother and my husband took me to a Garden Centre… for me, to be there, just made me feel like a little kid in a candy store. I’d like to be in the nature, between our beautiful plants/flowers/trees… I even had an idea, to simply quit my current job so then I could work in this Garden Centre; and this idea was like a lotion to my soul.
    I have a question for you: how did you manage to totally quit and leave behind your graphic designer job/life? I mean financially? Not emotionally, because I’m more than ready for that type of change. Did you leave the city and its attachments behind where you used to live or … how did you handle it, if you get my point.
    I don’t mean to get into your private life, I’m just simply looking for some kind of guardians on how to make this step that I desire so much.
    Thank you and wish you all the best.
    Lots of Love to all of you, Barb

    1. Hello Barb!
      It’s so wonderful when you find the things that makes your heart sing, I hope you will be able to make your dream of working with plants come true! I have been fortunate enough earlier in my life to have a job that was well paid, and I managed to save up some money. In addition, my needs got “smaller” when I opened up to this work, and as you guessed, the city life became more and more unbearable. I wanted to live a much simpler life, so I started to work from home and got myself a vegetable plot. I have a twin sister, and she has changed her life much like me. Last year she sold her old apartment in town and bought a much cheaper one literally at the edge of the forest. She suggested that I should sell mine and move in with her, and now we have been living together for a year. For us, this is the perfect solution. We have both cut down drastically on our expenses because of this, we can support each other trough these intense times, and we have the financial resources to give us the freedom to do the things we love. It is just like Steve Jobs said in his famous speech; looking back I can see how all the choices I have made through my life has brought me to this point, and the reason that I made it here, was that I started to follow my heart. It has been a long and hard journey indeed, but this last year and half has showed me that magical things will happen when you finally dare to take the leap into the unknown. I wish you all the best!
      Love and light from Aisha :–)

  10. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Please continue doing this as long as your spirit calls for it!

    I too have been dealing with a name issue and just started discussing this with a FEW people I can. My soul name, is KAI, I was given to this during a meditation last summer. I have begun using it sporadically and I must say when I say it out loud especially the very first time in a while, my entire core just SINGS and DANCES, its a new feeling.

    Thank you again for the inspiring work!

    One Love; Adonai!


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