I cannot believe that I have posted the 100th installment of the Manuscript of survival today! Little did I know when I woke up on August the 16th last year that my life was about to be changed by this manuscript. That was the day I was given the first installment, and that was the day I told all of my clients that I could not work with them anymore. I just knew that I had to commit myself 100% to this new task, and from that day, my life as a graphic designer came to an end. Looking back, it is easy to see that decisions I had made during the last two years – or rather my whole adult life – had made all of this possible. I had scaled down all of my expenses, sold my appartment and moved in with my sister and given away most of my possessions in the process. In other words, I had created a life for myself that was radically different from a ”normal” 48 year old, and now I was taking another step that to many seemed almost crazy by deciding to stop doing the work that paid my bills. I have never felt as free as I do now, and I also realize that I could never go back to a so called ”normal” life ever again, and I am glad that I have saved up enough to keep me going for quite a while.

The biggest step for me was when I was told that the words that I channeled  ”should reach the eyes of others”, and I knew I had to start putting them out on the internet. I was literally shaking when I posted the first intstallment on lightworkers.org, the energies were so intense. I have been channeling for a few years, but that was mostly shorter messages to me or to people close to me, so this was something very new to me. The process of channeling the manuscript in itself was so intense at the beginning, so I had not given any thoughts to what the reaction would be when I published them, and I must say I was not prepared for the outcome of this. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would be read by so many and be so widely spread, and I have been very, very touched by all of the comments and messages I have received. It really made me realize how closley linked we all are, and it is just wonderful to tap into that energy and feel the love surrounding us all.

When I started to post the manuscript on the net, I also started a new life as Aisha North. Aisha is not the name my parents gave me, it was given to me during a channeling, and I just knew that now when I was doing something I knew deep down in my soul was a part of my contract, I also knew that the time had come to start using my real name. North came naturally when I registered my webaccount, and now it feels like I have truly become myself.

The next step was to start my own blog, and once again I was guided very firmly to put it mildly. Let me just say that the energies are relentless whenever they want me to do something, so it was a few very intense days before the blog was up and going. I always smile when people ask me what I do every day. They think that it must be boring to be jobless, but I can honestly say I really feel like I am working harder than ever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The blog has been a blessing to me, because it has made it much easier to connect with so many beautiful souls out there.

I have no idea how long these messages will keep coming. I only know that I have to sit down and write every day. I have been told in no uncertain terms that it is important that I do so in order to ”keep the channel open at all times” as they say. I always get a message, but some of them are only meant for me and they are much shorter than the installments of the manuscript. The constant companions, the group I receive these channelings from, seems to be a rather large one, and they have very different energies and ”voices”. I can feel the difference, and some of them are very intense indeed. The channeling itself is always fast, too fast for my fingers, so I spend much time trying to correct the mistakes afterwards. I must say that my English has improved during all of this, because I often get words I have to google to find out what they mean and how they are written.

I am at times just as frustrated as you are, because I am more than ready to reach that ”final destination” they have talked about so much. Sometimes I wish the messages could be more detailed, but I guess that is so typical of us humans. We want to know everything up front, preferably with the exact time and date, and then they usually reply with that dreaded word ”soon”. Doing these channelings help me a lot, because then I feel I am doing something that gives me joy and can hopefully be of help to others as well while we are all waiting for that final unveiling of it all. In the meantime, let us make this waiting period as good as it can be by sharing our experiences and our love, and not forget to have a good laugh now and then. Humor is the best medicine, so even if the work we do is serious, we must not take ourselves too seriously. ”Lighten up” as The constant companions said, and that is the best advice I have gotten in this process so far. I love to laugh, and this process certainly gives me a lot to laugh about, especially when my body is doing weird things because of all of the energy it is trying so hard to adjust to. So let’s give each other a hug and a smile, and thank you all for sharing this journey with me! Judging by the last few days, I think we have the most interesting part ahead of us.

Lots of love from Aisha.