Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2.

Dear friends!

Last night, I had such a wonderful vision. I saw myself finally opening up my heart by reaching inside my chest, and lifting out my heart. I held it in my hands, and then I released it into the air, and it flew up like a bird. But then, it changed into this beautiful, iridescent blue butterfly, and it soared above me. I opened my chest even more, and I let the light flow into it and fill it completely, all the way into the deepest corners. And from my chest, hundreds of butterflies came flying out, all the same brilliant blue colour as the first one. They all flew out into the world, and each one landed on a different person. I saw them landing on each one of you, on my family and on my friends, on strangers, and on my guides and family on the other side of the veil.

It was so beautiful, and I could feel how the love flowed through me, into these butterflies, and into each and every one of you. But then I started to think ”isn’t this supposed to be about receiving also, not just giving?” And then I saw how all of these butterflies were drinking in the light from all of the people they had landed on. For the light within these persons was just like the nectar of a flower, and suddenly, every person changed into this beautiful flower, feeding the butterfly sitting on it. I could feel how I was nourished by all these tiny droplets of nectar that each butterfly drank in. And then I looked down on myself, and I saw that I was covered by hundreds of butterflies in many, many different shapes and colours, and they were also drinking from my light, my nectar, and then I realized that there are so many others out there who have also started to learn the lesson of opening up their hearts to the light, and to let themselves be nourished by receiving this gift, this nectar, from people around them, and from our helpers on the other side.

It was such an intensely beautiful experience, and it was also the most perfect picture of what this Gathering is all about. For this time, it is our turn to receive, our turn to drink in this nectar of love and light that not only every person here, but the whole of Creation is offering us. The CCs described it like this in a message to me this morning:

”Tomorrow, you will all be invited to sit down and once again connect with your innermost being. Then, you will also be invited to open up your innermost sanctum, and to let the light from above fill this sacred space to the max. For the light is here, dear friends, it is here to give you a helping hand in order to make you let go of any hindrances that may still be standing in your way. For many, these hindrances carry much weight, while for others, they might be as light as a feather, but to us, they all carry equal importance. So this time, we ask you to say yes to receive this light in a way that will enable you to free yourself fully from whatever you are still carrying with you within.

For this journey is a journey that can only be accomplished if you are devoid of any old baggage, and this time, you will get all the help you can by simply allowing yourself to receive this heavenly gift of love and light that will pour forth in an unending stream. It will help to wash away anything that you do not need any more, and it will also help to uncover any hidden treasures that you all carry inside. For there is so much more to you than you have yet seen dear ones, and now, that greatness will finally be able to start to shine forth. For it is there, inside each and every one of you, and whether you think you are worthy or not to receive, and indeed display it, we see it, and we will do all we can do to help you do the same. For this time, the time has come for you to start to shine in all of your glory.

Again, this process is not something you have to accomplish single handedly, far from it, for the more you open yourself up to outside assistance in this, the stronger you will become. For you are a part of something so vast and all-powerful, but unless you see yourself as this single, shining point in a huge grid of light, all feeding each other with endless light, your own light will become too weak after a while. For you need to acknowledge this connection, for you are no longer these solitary beings floating in a dark ocean. You are just the visible apex of a huge interconnected grid of light, and your light will only become stronger the more you open up to this forcefield that you are a fully integrated member of. So the solo journey is indeed over, and on Sunday, this will become even more clear to you all, as you will be once again invited to step fully into this vast ocean of love and light, and we ask you all to please make sure to drink as deeply as you can of it. ”

I know I will do my best to drink my fill, and I hope you will all do the same. For we all deserve it, every precious drop of it, no matter how hard we try to make ourselves think that we do not. We have all given all we have to this journey, and now, the time has come for us to refill our cup again, and to not stop until it literally runneth over. For the Source that will offer to fill it for you, can never ever run dry. So tomorrow, on Sunday June 2, at 21:00 Oslo time, I will sit down and connect with myself, and then I will invite the Source to fill me up with light, every single particle of me, so that I can sluice away whatever needs to be removed from my channel, so that this stream of light will never be slowed down in any way ever again. And I invite you all to do the same.


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

And remember, you do not need to connect at this exact time in order to be a part of this Gathering. All you have to do, is to find a time to sit down and connect with this energy with the intention of opening up to refill your own cup, and to let this light help to wash away anything that may still be clogging up your own channel.

With love and gratitude, Aisha

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    1. He and his band are much older now, but hey still going strong.
      They opened with this song yesterday.

  1. Aisha – I was so spaced out yesterday I forgot to thank you for everything you do. Your light inspires us all, deeply. Sending you a great big hug!

    With much love and gratitude,

  2. My experience on Sunday was indeed different from last time, but so inspiring I can still feel the sense of ahhh/awe. Initially on connecting I physically felt myself holding hands, then there was a pause, blank really. I then saw myself in a long white robe, in an environment where everything was white, standing next to a pool . I knelt down and scooped up a small cup of the water, which was clear violet color, and drank it, then stood up, whereupon I saw rising up from me like a mist all my past, drama, issues, and so on, leaving me clean and clear as if it never was, and I knew the real Me had been this being in white underneath it all along. There was such a wonderful feeling of peace, calm and silence that I sat there next to the pool for awhile, just grateful for the wonder of it. Then I noticed some other people quietly gliding around the pond as if ice skating. 🙂 I had a couple of playful encounters with pond members, then it was done, again in 30 minutes like last time. I can still connect with that feeling of purity and remember how simple it really was to let it all go, so many thanks to Aisha, the CC’s and everyone for the opportunity.

  3. I did not have the possibility to connect yesterday as I wanted. Last time was with meditation for a couple of hours. Last night I Was saying goodnights to my dayghter, took about two hours, she fell asleep at halfpast nine. Was too tired to sit and meditate then. Just took the time to lit a candle and ask my spiritguide to take me to the pond whenever possible even in my sleep if necessary, and connect me. I think it happened. Didnt wake up when my husband got home. Usually do that. The only thing I can remember is that a couple of issues got solved and lifted from me. At the same time I got a “blueprint” of how to react to things that have been stuck in my heart, in order to be able to let it go. It was shown to me that I myself have to do the legwork to heal this in the situation when it occurs. It will be easier every time, but I will have to do it myself with help from the friend in the spirit world/CCs.
    Got aware connecting to the pond is happening to me in the daytime occasionally now. It has happened once or twice the day before yesterday, but more so yesterday and today. When it happens a feeling of instant connection to the pond, bliss, joy and love is poured upon me. I also feel as being in two places at the same time: here on earth running about my ordinary things and at the pond. It all happens in seconds, but it also feels as lasting a long time. I instantly feel connected to the pond and something happens to me in body or spirit that lifts stuck energies or feelings. Life is easier today. Feel like resting, but at the same time I feel stonger. Hard to describe since english is not my native. Hope you understand. Ask otherwise. love, Anna

    1. Dear Anna, thank you so much for sharing this! Your heart is open now, and the light is showing you the way ahead. Your willingness to receive has already been rewarded, and it will be so again and again. Your ability to connect with these beautiful energies shows us all that we can indeed find solace, help and support at the Pond at all times, no matter where we are or what we do, if we just remember to reach out every time we feel stuck or down.
      Much love from me to you, dear sister!

      1. Dear Aisha, thank you for being You!!! And doing the things You do!!! Are reading the channelings and texts and find a lot of inspiration in them.

        I am eagerly awaiting the next step in this stairway to brighter light, love and truth.
        Love to you dear sister Aisha, the CCs, all of us at the Pond and beyond, Anna

  4. i finished a mural just before 3pm in Boston. i took a deep breath and went inside (i had already tried saturday too as i forgot it was to be on sunday hehe..) & let me say, there were physical results.

    THE WIND kicked up to such a high speed, some cans fell over which had been stacked up for over a month (through thunderstorms even). as i continued to breathe deeply. the wind came in as a light storm came through and it was a beautiful afternoon on the Emerald Necklace.

    thank you Aisha for your tremendous work (and many many updates in recent months) & your sister & the family here & beyond.. we couldn’t have made such a beautiful dimensional experience without you! let’s keep going, on & on, forever in light.

    forever yours,

    aka etc etc etc .;)

    1. Dear Ben! Welcome to this Pond brother, and thank you for bringing your light to this circle and this Gathering! The whole day yesterday was very unsettled here in Oslo also. Thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding, strong gusts of wind interspersed with calm and sunshine. When the time for the Gathering approached, it calmed down completely, so Mother Nature was certainly doing her part to help us all! And yes, let’s keep going my friend 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Benny and the Jett!!!! OH man, my drawing power is strong! Welcome one of my very cool friends from another great Pond at the golden Gaia group! Hugs my friend! 🙂 You will REALLY like this vibe! Alex

        1. Dear Dominique, thank you for your comment about animals. It is very pertinent at this time, as we see the dark behaviour and attitudes globally being exposed and thus cleared.

          I agree and fully respect that Aisha works hard to keep this place beautiful and that this Pond is sacred. But neither beautiful nor sacred mean to deny the truth or to be afraid to state it or to find it too distasteful to hear. Part of our function as forerunners is to see the shit in the world as well as in ourselves and our own past. Part of the Pond’s work is to clear the world as well as ourselves. If we reject or look away from a nasty worldwide truth, we empower it to stay hidden. What is happening now is the full-on exposure of the shittiest, cruellest, most sickening aspects of how life has been treated. Think monsanto, starvation, child sex trafficking, etc, etc.….we can all think of the myriad of global shit that needs cleaning up. And these issues can be consciously brought to the Pond for expulsion from our beautiful world. It is as oystergirl experienced it with the black flakes being cleaned off the jewels and then expelled by the dolphins. And it has even more power when it is done consciously, when something is brought to the Pond consciously, rather than being some nameless black shit that is expelled.

          Btw, Dominique, I don’t see your words as reflecting that you are in NEED of throwing turds!! Sometimes truth looks like turds because it is nasty and not fluffy and sweet, but highlighting a truth is not the same as throwing turds, really it’s not. Only perhaps you could have said it differently. But it didn’t offend me, even as it was. But perhaps that’s because I have already dealt with this issue on a personal level and am consciously and actively dealing with it on a global level.

          I’m not suggesting that we all go on and on about the shit in the world, but if someone is drawn to, or is passionate about something that needs clearing, it seems reasonable, even actually valuable, to raise it so that others who resonate can gently bring it to the Pond, along with you, and help to wipe it off the face of the earth. This is also raising our frequency. It is the attitude you bring to any subject that reflects your frequency, not the subject itself. The more we are filled with love, the more we can address issues without rejection and with a healthy attitude. The more we are filled with love, the more we can address global issues as we transcend our personal ones.

          As Nohmad said, the killing will stop. And it will be soon. People will realise that we can live a fully healthy, in fact healthier, life without ‘nourishing’ or clothing ourselves with dead things. This realisation is part of the personal cleansing as well as the global cleansing.

          Thank you all for your contributions. This is clearly a high-energy place full of high-energy people.

          My love to all at this Pond,
          in deep appreciation for who and what we are, ALL of us,

          1. You’re right, Gail. The way we treat animals has to do with our own blood and, therefore, our own thoughts. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Same here Phil, felt nothing, but now giving myself over to absolute pleasure and trusting in the journey constantly. We did it again and now wait and see.
    Bringers of the Dawn, wow.
    Thank you for the light and love CC Collective.

  6. ” a little bit at a loss ”
    Although I felt great peace after the gathering ( no visuals – did get a couple of physical jolts though ) this morning I felt like giving up this whole thing and am left with a splitting headache.
    Wonder if anyone feels the same?
    P.S. Luckily todays work has been cancelled so I can take it easy.

    Don`t want to bring anyone down but felt I had to post this. Phil.

    1. By nightfall I’d hit the proverbial ‘brick wall’ of emptiness…the space between where you just feel lost and a bit foolish. This too shall pass

      1. “lost and a bit foolish”
        Interesting,thank you Jess,gives me strength.Didn`t think I`d be the only one.I know it takes time.

        1. Phil, Jess, Blu – I had the same feeling of emptiness waking up this morning, like all the air had seeped out of my party balloon. But then I managed to connect with the Pond, and the energy there was so calming, relaxed and friendly it really helped me. So take it slow, breathe and connect my friends!
          Group hug!

          1. Yay! Group hug! 😊
            Don’t quite remember my dreams, but when I first awoke this am – it seemed like I was surrounded by Pond Light. I think we must have had a sleep-over lol

          2. Thank you Aisha and Jess…yes, a group hug is always a beautiful thing! I did connect earlier, it was communicated to me that there is just so much coming in through my head (crown) unless I keep myself “charged” as well as grounded throughout the day, my head will keep on feeling like a balloon. Not a “new” feeling, this balloon-ness, but quite uncomfortable all the same. I was just painting with various shades of green, and that helped me a lot too…since it’s too hot outside to comfortably merge with my plants, feeling their love and healing energy through the color of their leaves is working some magic. Love and Light to you, my lovely sisters, and to all here at the pond!!!

    2. Perhaps no coincidence Phil that work was cancelled to allow you to take it easy – a blessing in disguise perhaps… 🙂

      from Philip oooop North…

      1. Aye lad – sort of hit me later in the way some of these things are imperceptible at the time but are so obvious later on. Been for a run so feel a lot better now. Body, Mind and Spirit !

        1. Cool and glad to hear it – I’m off to do the rest of the grass its blazing sunshine oooop here today lad… 🙂 Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. Splitting headache here too, Phil…I also didn’t feel like I “connected” as much as I wanted to, and the visuals I had weren’t nearly as clear or as beautiful as they were at the first gathering for me. So you’re definitely not alone in the physical discomfort and disappointment department. (((HUGS)))!

      1. …and NOW the headache is brewing…should’ve seen this coming!
        Lymph pressure in neck/underarms/chest. Yep, detox time.
        For the love of God!
        I do hope this clearing work will be complete soon…
        In the mean time, I’m grateful to have finally found a ‘process’ to help clear the sludge.

        1. I have been procrastinating the “detox” thing today, too…but I think I’m just gonna have to do it, there is “sludge” and I know I’ll feel much better afterward. Sigh…coffee, here I come 😦
          (Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about Jess…not the most pleasant process under the sun, but very effective, LOL!)

          1. Gulp…straight shooter, you!
            I’m trying a steamy E-oil bath & lymphatic drainage massage (self) first. Maybe I can come up with an ‘incentive plan’ for my mate to learn how to do LD massage on me…hummh.
            May the Force be with ya, Mag!

            1. “May the Force be with you”…ROTFL, I’m not even gonna say it…I do try to be Ladylike, but even a Lady will conjure up some crass and hilarious responses in her mind if she’s been dating an Elf for 8 years…hahaha! 😉

      1. BluDoc meds:

        Most delightful way 🙂
        Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious !


  7. Dear friends!
    i just got this message from the CCs, and I wanted to share it here, as it ties in with so much of what has been posted here already:
    “Yesterday was indeed a resounding success, as you all in some way managed to let go of any inhibitions to accepting this heavenly gift, and so, the light was free to pour into you, and through you and into your lovely planet. You will wake up today feeling mayhaps a little bit bewildered, for where are the results from all of this anointing visible? Again we know we are repeating ourselves, but the results from all of this will be visible to those who seek it out with their inner vision, but also to some extent to the outer. For you will see how the trickles of light will start to appear on the very surface of your world, and it will do so in the most unexpected of places. For many, this will seem insignificant, or even less so, but trust us when we say that this ball that started to roll in earnest a few months back has now gathered so much momentum and indeed power, there is nothing that can stand in its way ever again. So today, we suggest you take it slow, and once again we suggest that you congratulate yourselves for a job very well done. For remember, it is you and only you who are making this come true. We do assist you in all the way that we can, but without your willingness to participate in this as wholeheartedly as you actually do, nothing of this would indeed be possible. So again we say thank you, on behalf of us all, and know that if you yourself still feel a little bit at a loss as to what all of this fuss may be about, trust us when we say that you will feel it in your very bones that after last night, nothing will ever be the same. For you opened the doors within that let the light come through, not only to you, but to your whole world, and that is what this process is all about. Remember, you are the bringers of dawn by the very fact that you have put your own body and soul at the disposal for the light, so you can act as channels for the heavenly light to be able to return with full force to mankind. And that is what you all do now, 24/7, and for that, there is nothing we can say that will be able to express our gratitude completely. So let us just sign off by saying simply thank you for all that you do for us all.”
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Wonderful! Thanks aisha baby and the cc for sharing this with us–yes, after any big intergration there is going to be some physical and mental back lash–it cannot be otherwise–you moved up a vibration! Your body is going to give you an equal and opposite force…just go with the flow and don’t push against it and it will, like a rubber band, ease out again…
      Loving you all and holding the highest light possible for the highest good of ALL! Alex

  8. Dear Friends
    My Gathering experience was a very peaceful one. I always (It seems that the Pond is indeed Timeless and I can connect whenever I need it) begin by visualizing all of us holding hands above the Pond, then after a while I feel the tears flowing and I know I have arrived. I asked to cleansed and for light to be filled into my heart. This happened and I felt a warmth in my heart and chest, then I was filled with the love & the light. I had no visuals as such it was more of a sensory experience. My beloved friend the Dragon once again filled me with her presence and I was full of that wonderful powerful strong feeling. I could feel You all there but I could also focus my attention on somebody, I remember I felt Aisha and Brightlysmile energies for sure, as I could receive attention and identify its source, this was just like a state of being there at the Pond, I pondered around sensing the energies of love and compassion. Then I felt like a load was taken of my shoulders, and I could start anew. The whole world lay open to me all I had to do was to pick and choose. The whole experience lasted about 45 minutes according to my 3D-clock (or is 2D I wonder, it should be 4D I guess according to some models of the world, but then again the digits are pretty flat, illusions and more illusions)


    1. Ohhhhh Stephan! you have reached the deepest part of me. It is a great pride that you have allowed me to be part of your wonderful experience with the lovely Aisha …. just for this all worth it …..
      Mine was something very personal, but some of you were an observer of it..
      Much love to youuuuuuu

    2. Dear Stephan! Thank you for the bear hug you gave me this morning! I felt so empty and strange when I woke up, but then I managed to connect with the Pond. It felt so wonderful, everyone were just hugging, talking softly to each other and relaxing in groups. You came over and gave me this big hug, and it really lifted my spirits 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, so glad to be of service. You are welcome to my hugs anytime my friend, I got an unlimited supply in the storehouse of my heart…


  9. Hey Aisha baby, Bill Ballard shared the gathering at the pond on his video for June 1st! I love bill and I am so happy he shared with his many followers!

    I don’t know how to embed a video so I will share the link;

    1. Dear Alex!
      Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message, this is an important reminder on so many levels! The shool of fear is indeed over, as the CCs have told us, and now, the time has come for all to start to attend the school of love instead. And yes, that invitation is extended to every individual on this planet, no matter what part they have played in the old drama. This is also a wonderful confirmation of how our Pond is starting to grow and expand and merge with other “ponds” all over the globe, as we have been told it would do. The light is pouring in through us all, and now, the light is starting to become visible even in the darkest of places, just like Bill Ballard is talking about in this video. So thank you all, for every time we open up for the light to come in, we help to bring this light out all across the world and into the hearts of all those who need it.
      With much love from me, Aisha

      1. I know, Right? LOL love bill and love you and I guess now the connection is getting closer and closer! The messages merge and collide and become ONE just like us!

    2. This is amazing, Alex…THANK YOU! This really lifted my spirits today and revved-up my mojo. I am now feeling gratitude for the experience (or non-experience) I had at the second gathering, because I needed to feel and express the contrast. The “down” moments are what make the “up” moments that much more brilliant, and they are also what allows us to feel a depth of gratitude we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. If you’ve never felt hunger, your appreciation for the feast at your table is an inherently different experience than it would be otherwise. (((HUGS)))!

  10. Thank you Aisha, CCs, and all the lovely souls participating in this Second Gathering. In California, my wife Leni & I were able to drive into the local mountains & meditate under magnificent pine trees, brilliant blue sky, and a near-summer sun. It was wonderfully liberating. We send lots of love…

  11. out of the closet…NOW IS THE TIME THE TRUTH THE AUTHENICITY OF IT ALL WE ARE TRANSPARENT AND WE ARE LOVE WHATEVER hardship we went through to arrive at this point IT IS WORTH IT NOW..we were the ligtworkers the gifted ones the lightbearers and lovebringers and others came on to us because of OUR LIGHT we had to go through and explore the darkness in order to come through it..now we are here stronger than ever..not wavering anymore stenghtened by the experiences more trusting more selfconfident selfassured and secured I am in deep gratitude

  12. I’m sure there will be many beautiful visions shared here….but mostly I just flew around like a maniac! At first I saw the Earth from space…she was surrounded in a beautiful white light. I got closer, and then just kept flying and flying around the world streaming white light. Then back out into the Universe for a bit. I kept trying to sit at the Pond…would sit for a bit holding hands with everyone but then kept leaving to go flying around, especially around canyons, deserts, and mountains. I did not feel like I was alone doing this, it was great fun!
    At the Pond, at one point we were all happily looking and pointing at a big rainbow, at another point some of us were just floating on our backs. I also saw several Native American men ride up on horseback and shoot flaming arrows into the night sky – lighting it up! Alex had mentioned Kundalini energy – I felt an intense spiral, or vortex of tingles go through my whole body – I don’t know much about Kundalini, and I don’t smoke, but seriously felt like I wanted a cigarette after that, lol.
    I flew out to the ocean and saw dolphins playing, I think I went underwater but don’t remember that part too well. Then back at the Pond, I was kind of hovering over the Pond in the air and just became brilliant white light. Then I got really tired and sat with someone and put my head on his shoulder. I also spent some time hugging and chatting with a few special people. At the end, I saw a red truck driving up a winding hill, not sure where that came from! The whole thing had a very rhythmic Native American feel, like a drumming circle. All in about half an hour – wow am I tired now!

    Love and light to all,


    1. Leslie! Beautiful! some definite syncs with what I felt and shared. So much fun and the pace this time was very busy–like I think last time we all kind of had to get used to it and this time we wanted to experience everything to the max and do as much as we could within that space! Huge hugs my friend! Alex

  13. Dear family of light!
    Thank you all for BEing here, and for allowing yourselves to open up to this gift of light! For that is what I saw during my meditation. I saw the surface of this Pond, tranquil and still, but then large flowerbuds appeared from the deep waters. When they broke the surface, they started to open up one by one, and they all looked like huge, white peonies, beautiful, with many petals. Soon the whole surface of this Pond was covered in these flowers, floating there, soaking up the sun’s rays until they themselves sent out this golden light. After a while, I saw huge raindrops falling in slow motion, landing on the petals, cleansing them. Then, all images faded away and I was just immersed in this blissful energy, thinking I needed to drink it in as deeply as I could, in many different ways, from drinking from a beautiful chalice to standing under a huge waterfall of light with my mouth wide open. After a while, I was back with all of you, but this time, we were standing in front of a stage, like on a concert. The stage was empty, and we were all standing and clapping and singing ”we want more, we want more”. A man came on stage and shouted ”are you ready for more?” and we all shouted back YES!!! Then, the scene turned into something that looked like Stonehenge, and a hush feel over us. We all fell silent, and we took each other’s hand. And I saw the sun coming over the horizon in front of us, a huge, red sun, moving slowly up, shining at us all as we stood there in complete silence and facing the sun’s rays. As it rose, the colour changed to a brilliant white, and I was once again back inside my own flower, lying on my back, soaking up the sun. What a blissful and beautiful energy bath it was!
    Much love from me to you all, Aisha

    1. Beautiful Aisha, thank you once again for organising these wonderful events.

      It is a blessing and wonderful feeling to know there are so many of us taking place around the planet – heart and souls combined creating and sharing in a new future.

      Much love and joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. I join Philly in thanking you for starting this wonderful flow of love and light into the world. That one brave step–and look at all that has occurred! I wanted to say that your peonies reminded me of my first visualization I had of this pond many years ago and in that many beautiful white lotus flowers (crown chakra representation) were floating on the pond with individual white candle lights in their center–it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen or felt and I am so happy that YOU too have experienced it and felt its blessed power! So much fun! So much healing–so much love!

    3. I really enjoy the flow, light and love in this Pond. Thank you Aisha, CCs and all of you for our community at the Pond Sunday evening.

      The energies are vibrating now very clearly. Monday morning my mother in law, who I have supported and healed during her last months, died. In the everning I had a long and profound talk to my daughter, which I hope will lead to a deeper love and respect for each other. I also was confirmed that my new neighbour and friend, who a couple of months ago has come here to me from the other end of the country – is my sister from an earlier life. Yes – we both felt it but didn´t really know. She just knew very hard that she should move here and felt that it was something more than having her daughter here. Isn´t that lovely?

      The energies are accelerating now and I cannot stand unspoken, hidden messages any longer. I have became so true with myself and that really frightens people sometimes, but I can´t hide myself any longer. Who knows how this is going to end …

      I have had a couple of really earthshaking experiences this spring, even at this Pond, but I know I can heal it with love and light, because I am a Queen of Light!!!

      1. Beloved sister, I send you a warm embrace and so much love! Thank you for sharing this profound message, it speaks volumes about how you have managed to surrender yourself to this healing light. It has made the real you emerge, and from that truth, you have set yourself free, and you are also helping others to do the same. And the rewards from that are alrady coming into your life, with the realization that you are not alone, you have someone you are so spiritually connected to literally living in your neighbourhood. What a great gift you have given yourself, your family and this world!
        With much love and light from me, Aisha

  14. I am reading for ages and still silent…until now. Sally you are the
    reason for it. Past is just that -past. In some way my was similar.
    It took me about 50 years to let it go but I no longer want to think
    about it. I am free I guess and grateful that finally I come here to
    live my message. It wasn’t easy for me.

      1. Dear Aisha, finally I can say thank you for all you do. I’m reading
        everything you post . Glad to be between the people of the same mind. I can’s say a big words but you sure know how
        grateful I am.

      1. Me too Sally, thank’ s to your story I made this step. Still considering myself reclusive but slowly I’m changing back to that 9 y. o. girl standing on the top of the hill one sunny summer
        day. She looks at the sea of grass which the wind is moving gently. The Sun feels good on her skin, the smell of the flowers
        and pine trees is so intense! She feels deep love to all around, so
        she runs down the hill and jumps to the green sea…
        The sharp stone she felt on become red, her leg is hurt…
        After this she was scared to open her heart and her destructive family helped it even more.
        As you see – we have to move on. If we looking back in time let to see the happier time we remember. English is not my first
        language but I don’t care if you will find some faults. It feels good
        to share experiences. Take care Sally.

          1. Dear Birgitta, I have to use to the situation when somebody
            send me love. It is rare I hear something like this and it happened second time now. Deeply moved I thank you.

            1. Maria, I too send you love. I am making the breakthrough as well as you and Sally. Not quite sure where to go from here, but yes, I feel that little girl as well. Much MUCH Love to you, and gentle Loving embraces to you, another Sister in this world, who is so brave to choose freedom!!!!!

              I Love you! Amy

              1. Amy, sorry I couldn’t see you before. Thank you so much.
                I’m like Alice in W… reading this. Seems there are more of us
                who just now healing their wounds. Look at it from the bright
                side: what don’t kills you makes you stronger. It was my case,
                sure it’s yours too. Just believe it.
                That little girl was me, Amy and I’m working very hard to come
                back to her innocence once again.
                All love (I can scrap from my being) to you.

                1. Maria, we walk hand in hand together, forging forward strong and fearless, together coming to our little girl. And together we walk into our little girl, forever whole, just as she IS for all Eternity. It twas only a dream, Maria, and now we have the ability to erase, YES, erase the dream and “paint” another story. Grab hold of my hand, dearest Sister, as we venture forth, skipping hop scotch, jumping jump rope, riding bikes, and making snow angels in the snow (sand). Freedom rings. How true tis is. Freedom rings.

                  I LOVE you, Maria. I am so honored to walk with you hand in hand.

                  HUGS, Amy

  15. I was a little late for the mediation (by an hour). I started to lay down on my bed to meditate but was drawn to sit outside in the hot FL sunshine. I saw a beautiful blue heron by my own pond, a monarch butterfly and a hawk. The sky is so very blue and the clouds white and puffy. I don’t have the great visuals that some of you have, but I anchored into the Earth asked God, the angels and my guides to protect me, connect me to you all and accept the light streaming in from the Galactic Center to purify the last vestiges of darkness in me so I can do what I came here for. I felt the vibrations In my chakras and my hert chakra is still ‘buzzing’. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, they are good to read and assimilate.


    1. Dear Alicia! Thank you so much for bringing your light to this Pond and to this Gathering, and for sharing your beautiful experience of these energies.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. I, too, have felt the weariness, the fatigue, the disappointment too, so, thank you for for “going to the trouble” of completing your post. From this post and others, I see that I am not alone. And, like you, I choose to “continue” the climb to a better world experience – “from the inside out.” (thank you Abraham-Hicks for that wording.)

    Living from the inside out is a new experience for me. It requires my constant attention, self-reflection and living in the now moment. Practice, practice, practice. 🙂

    I understand that we each are creating our own “story.” And, I want mine to be divine. This is the reason I come to the Pond – for refreshment, encouragement, new insights and Love and support.

    My appreciation to all my physical and non-physical friends. Thank you, Jessica

  17. What a wonderful experience! it’s long, so settle in!

    I sat in silence and grounded deep within the core of the Mother. I asked for divine white and golden protection and then I went into my heart and opened the door. I was in the lotus temple of my crown chakra, a giant beautiful building made as if its roof were the open petals of the lotus flower. In the center of the room was a platform, or pedestal and on that pedestal was a large and brilliant gem like crystal. I thought it was a diamond but as I approached I wasn’t sure of its make up because it was covered in areas by thick patches of black matter. I knew immediately that it was my job to clean the patches off the crystal and I knew I would do it in the pond. I was alone at this moment and dressed in a flowing white robe. I picked up the crystal with much reverence and although it was quite large and thrumming with energy, it was light as a feather. I carried it out into the brilliant light of day and walked towards the edge of the pond.

    I saw other beings walking towards the edge too with their crystals. I paused and realized I wanted to disrobe and enter the water myself as I had come into this world, naked.

    I dove into the pond and immediately felt this amazing cool and loving sparkle. I realized the pond was also filled with beautiful dolphins that in retrospect had a sky blue color to them. I began to wash the crystal in my hands and flakes of the black came off and remained intact and floated in the water. The dolphins grabbed these flakes in their mouths and then jumped HIGH out of the water and i realized they were jumping up over the lines in the golden grid and as them went over the top they released the black matter into the ether where (and here I am going to admit that I might have some cross over from Aisha’s visual) they either popped and dissipated, became bubbles floated for a while and dissipated or became butter flies and flew away—either way, I knew the energy was released and returned to all that is for transmutation.

    I then lifted the crystal and placed it over my heart and compressed it and it went right into my body as it compressed down into a brilliant sparkled focus. I was so elated! Then I noticed that my two animal totems were there with me, my female cougar and wolf. They came over to me and loved on me and then proceeded to go and play with all the other animal totems that were there. Some were rolling around and cavorting, others were chasing butter flies, other were jumping up over the golden grid. Then coming towards me was a giant matriarch elephant. She greeted me with knowing and then using her trunk swung me up over her back and we went into the water. She swam under the water with her trunk up over the water and I was amazed at how light and graceful she was in the water. We came to the edge of the pond and she began to clean herself, bringing huge trunkfuls of the divine water into the air and spraying them over her back and myself! I lay back and opened to this and the light from above shone down and the water turned golden as it soaked into my being. It was delightful and amazing!

    I am not sure exactly when I said these words, but I said out loud in the physical. I am divine, I am love, I am goddess, I am eternal, I accept all your love, I accept my own love and I release all things that no longer serve me and I accept healing. I deserve this love. I then felt my entire aura and light body spread out to encompass all that is and connect with it on the physical plane while still within the meditation space.

    At that point I said goodbye to my dear elephant friend as she slowly walked away to rejoin her family. I lay on the ground surrounded by many others who were simply soaking up the love and light as if sunbathing. I noticed that the light created glistening pools of irridescent water on their skin and I couldnt tell whether this was simply because they had been in the pond or this was the essence that Aisha had spoken of being created and exuded from their beings as the light penetrated them.

    As I lay there I felt this tingling in my sacral space and I knew my kundalini energy was making itself manifest in the space. I was then encoiled in a giant rainbow colored snake that went down past my feet to connect with the earth and up over my head to connect with spirit—we lay entwined like that for quite some time as the light continued to penetrate my being and I felt the love of the divine feminine and our mother Gaia and all of nature.

    I got up quite invigorated and simply jumped up and grabbed the golden grid and then hand over hand, like monkey bars I played all over the grid, doing gymnastic moves and then I realized that others were also playing on the grid, some with the spirit animals and others were jumping rope or doing double dutch, but they were finding their joy and playing like children with the golden grid!

    I then settled back to the ground and started to play with the dolphins. At this point I opened my being and took out a giant photograph album. It was old and contained many photographs and I began throwing them into the water and the dolpins grabbed them and tossed them up into the air over the grid where they transmuted into pure positive energy. I realized that even though I had released much of my suffering and had experienced quite a bit of healing, I was still connected to and identifying with my life experience and on a grander scale all the other lives and incarnations I had experienced. I strongly realized that this need to identify was a very 3d human construct and that if I am ALL that is—then there is no need to identify with specific events and experiences to define myself—ALL that is is all encompassing and thus needs no definition—and so , while I am a unique aspect of all that is, Opening to my full self requires release of all this past illusory identity—I felt this jump in my heart for a brief moment that could have been nostalgia, but then I continued my effort to release the millions of photos and the many dolphins assisted me.

    The pond became crystal clear and radiant as night began to descend and others came to the edge of the water. Some groups formed and using their heart light they set campfires and gathered around, holding hands and smiling at each other. Many reached into their heart spaces and came out with small crystal stones, condensed heart and divine energy. We walked to the edge of the pond and started to throw these stones into the water. Some tossed them up high to make a plonk in the water and the vibrations radiated out far and wide and we realized these waves did not stop on the shore of the pond but radiated out into the ether and all around the world and universe—we could see the air and the land roll with the vibrations. Some folks skipped the stones and created a different lovely playful vibration, some tossed in handfuls creating yet other patterns but all added to the overall vibration of pure crystalline heart and soul energy going out into the universe and connecting to all that is…

    At that point, I spontaneously said thank you out loud and was filled with deep gratitude for the experience. I knew that I was complete at that moment and I returned to my 3d space, much filled with love and at peace. I love you all, so much! I love all that is and I claim my divine sovereign soul for the light and embody a divine cup over flowing with love!

    1. That is amazing Alex! You definitely know how to relax into the experience. I had a nap but before that I went up for a hike and enjoyed the scenery. While sitting on a rock I relaxed and saw this magical under water world with vibrant riffs and under water caves with amazing life peacefully floating above colorful gemstones, crystals and Treasures. And we were all swimming in there without a care in the world like on a magical vacation. The water was oxygenated and iridescent indigo blue. We could breathe in it and swim to any depths without a worry. That was some beautiful underworld. All that was a vision that came like a breath of fresh air out of nowhere. I indulged for 1 long minute. 🙂

    2. Thank You Alex, for this heavenly sharing. Tears just came to my Eyes. It is such a privilege to be part of that reality. In a lifetime of mythological studies, I have seldom come across such beauty as You portray here. I stand proud walking this path with You…


  18. Brothers and SiSTARS, today’s meeting was so lovely!! When I arrived many of us hugged, received clearings, then sat and waited for the show to BEgin. Butterflies seemed to swarm our area, landing to give us codes and appreciation, then taking off again.
    Suddenly I saw a periscope come out of the Pond toward me, and when it was super close I realized it was a huge blue glowing straw. I was directed to drink from the Pond, and when I did I felt a fullness of Light I can barely describe. I felt this Source glowing blue liquid sloshing inside of my BEing, baptizing and clearing out everything remaining, and bathing it in Light.
    Then, out of nowhere, a mini shower spigot popped up behind me, and started showering me in the Pond’s water. I could just feel the energy of this liquid running down my body and soaking my hair, making me feel just so CLEAN!
    I was then instructed to remove my clothes and dive into the Pond. I did so, and looking around, could see many others finishing a Source shower and detox smoothie (lol) and stripping to jump into the Pond. There was no awkwardness at all, only Joy, and Freedom. The clean feeling of the Source water was so envigorating, I found myself giddy. And then, more butterflies! So many butterflies of so many shapes, colors and sizes!
    I don’t remember leaving, I just was suddenly back in my room and had the most wonderful feeling left from the Pond. Thank you Pond, and Ponderers. I love you all, and hope this record serves to hold Light for our memories. ❤ ❤ ❤
    Love and Light in the Highest, Always in ALL Ways, Kelly

  19. Dearest Aisha, just as I was reading this beautiful writing and closing my eyes in gratitude, I heard Collective Soul’s, “Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down”! Powerful vibration in my Heart’s center. Thank you for the beautiful image of butterflies, flowers and nectar. I love flutterbys! They follow me wherever I go ! Love and infinite blessings to you sweetheart!

    1. Dear Kimberly! I love flutterbys too!!! That word describes these beautiful creatures so well 🙂 Many blessings to you sister, and welcome to this Pond!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Kimmi!!! I love that song!!!! in fact, I date myself, I have a single of it–on cassette tape! LOL–oh today two songs came to me strongly–one was Led zepplin, In the Light–a beautiful song! Everybody needs the Light!!!! and then Joni Mitchell–the garden—we are stardust! So much fun playing with spirit!

  20. I’m checking in sir. Where is the blue water jacuzzi and my fresh mango juice lol good times 🙂 Salut!

  21. I’m58
    I’m overweight
    Don’t feel that great
    But I,,,,, ILLUMINATE!!!
    Oh my. I did it. I actually said that ‘outloud’ and it’s because of you Aisha and all you wonderful ponders. (ponderers!) I cannot thank you all enough. Although I know I will find a way.
    All of you that comment and don’t comment have allowed (aloud) me to finally COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! Yes, I’m out now. I’m not quite sure what that means,, but I will, I will, I will. I know it means I will not hide anymore. I will not be who others want me to be. I will not feel like I’m insane or TOO sane. I will not explain, explain, explain just because others don’t get me. I will just be,,,, be without shame, guilt or embarrassment. Yes, I have been ashamed to be me.
    I KNEW as a toddler how to be me. I KNEW how to talk to God. I KNEW the wonderful arrangement between myself and nature. I KNEW what life was and how to live. I KNEW how to communicate with flowers and trees and clouds and the sky. And I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all were the same. They loved me and I loved them. Then I really don’t know when it happened or what happened but, things just changed. Life became unbearable, at 8 years old I started praying to God for peace of mind. But life became worse for me.
    I think what happened was ‘people’. ‘People’ started getting involved in my life and I let them. I wasn’t like them and I was abused because of it. In every way shape and form I was reminded daily by my family that I was a piece of trash. So of course I chose to hang with ‘friends’ that treated me the same way. I could never figure out why I was so hated, because all I tried to do was please them.
    So I had one life going on inside and another life going on outside. Man, I’m surprised I’m still alive, really! I really believe my Dad tried to kill me more than once while I was sleeping in my crib. Can’t believe I just wrote that down. Things seem to be coming to me as I write. But like the CC’s said it’s time to get rid of ALL blockages. I’ve gotten rid of many many many through the ages but they ALL need to come out now. I was afraid at first to see what all had really happened in my life but living a full life and being the real me is more important than anything now.
    So I thank you ALL from the bottom of my Being for allowing me to follow my heart and come out of the closet and say ‘aloud/allowed’ ,,,, “I ILLUMINATE”!!!
    Feel you at the Gathering.

    1. Hi, Sally. I recognize an Angel when I see one. YOU. Your life is a mirror to mine. Welcome with huge embraces from me. I am so glad you have come out of your closet.

      Much LOVE, Amy

      1. Hi lovely, just wanted to thank you for your post on 317, the song made me smile from ear to ear! Wonderful, you are very sweet, thank you for your lightness. Love and more love Angel x

      1. Just wanted to thank you for your posts, i have not had a chance to go online much over the past couple of days, but i will read them again shortly, and may respond again afterwards. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and wisdon. Namaste Nohmad. love and light. Sue x

    2. Heeeeeey Sally that is super duper amazing! I love you 🙂 man I feel you! All these set ups that’s why we are here at the pond.

    3. Sally you I identify with you so much. Being your self… Your true self no hold bard… What beautiful thing. All you said was so inspiring it is great you are changing and taking flight as a butterfly. Being your authentic you well done…. Love and light Angela

    4. Dear Sally, you do ILLUMINATE, not only yourself, but all of us. I thank you sister, for allowing your light to shine as brilliantly as this.
      Wit much love from me, Aisha

    5. Dear mustang sally, thanks so much for sharing your story and your feelings. I must say some of your sharing is similar to mine and to a lot of lovely beings here. Why were you hated or beat down? Because you glowed and sparkled with divine light and those who however unconsciously “arrogantly” dared to be different were put in their place and right quick. What does it teach us eventually? To not give a rats butt what anyone thinks and be happy being ourselves! Keep it rocking girl and welcome to the “REAL” world once again! 🙂 alex

    6. I had forgotten what true Divine All Encompassing Warm Smiling Embracing Supporting Love felt like.
      Thank you ALL for reminding me. I really DO feel it.
      I can tell already it’s gonna be a lotta fun Bein’ the New/Knew me.
      A Divine Love Adventure lies ahead…. NO one will be left behind.
      We will roll down grassy knolls and wave at all the trolls.
      We will laugh atop the trees and clap hands with cartoon bees.
      We will walk up to the sky and hold our wee ones way up high.
      As we all explore,,,, what Love has built for us.

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