The people of the Pond

The Pond is what we call this blog, this gathering place, where people from all over the world come to connect and share their light. It has grown into quite a community where each and every one of you participate in your own way, either just by reading the messages posted here, or by adding your own words to this growing circle of light. I have set up this page to give those of you who wish to do so a place to post a short presentation of yourself. Please feel free to share what you want about yourself, but try to avoid falling for the temptation to use this space for commenting on what others post about themselves. Think of it more as a “list of participants” rather than a space to chat 😉

This blog has some practical/technical limitations, therefore I ask you to keep the following in mind when you add your personal contribution here:

• Please post your presentation as a new comment, not as a reply to any of the ones posted previously. That will make this list easier to navigate.

• You cannot edit your presentation after it has been posted. If you need to add something, just post a reply to your own post.

• Photos can not be added, but your gravatar will appear alongside your post as in all of the other comments you make on this blog.

• These presentations will be added in the order they are posted, and they cannot be sorted alphabetically or geographically.

I welcome you all, and I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to this Pond, and to this world!

Love and light from me, Aisha

152 thoughts on “The people of the Pond

  1. Gail Yip-Chuck – Master, Wisdom- Keeper, Earth Keeper, Earth Healer, Way Shower, Warrior of Light…

    She walked into her physical body in 1993 and is the future self of the walk-out. She is 1856 years from the future and is here to navigate humanity at this time, to reconstruct a different outcome or probability and to ensure history is not repeated. Her energies create a bridge to the future for others and for Earth and she also brings special gifts from the future including high vibrational non-physical spiritual healers, healing techniques and wisdom.

    She is from beyond the Aldebaran Stargate (beyond 48-72 dimensions); from another Universe/Time/Space/Dimension/Reality and carries many energies including inter-universal energies which are shared with others during her presence and through her books, blogs and writings, radio shows and healing.

    She is an Emissary for the 3rd tier of the Councils of Light and a Member of the Higher Galactic Federation. One of Gail’s role is to bring wisdom to humanity which she shares in her debut book – The New Life Diet: A New Way of Eating and Being – and in subsequent books to follow. She is tasked with writing The Laws for The New Earth.

    She is involved in creating the templates or energetic patterns of ‘Being and Becoming’ (or being and behaving) for the new hu-man or God-man for the new life on the new Earth. She is an Earth Healer and is focused on Japan, Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean. Vietnam has asked for her assistance in recent months.

    She is here to assist in humanity and Earth’s ascension. She has been here from the beginning and is committed to seeing hu-manity and Earth into the next Universe. She is Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Essene and connected to Avalon and has had many other incarnations. She is an Envoy of Crystalline Light, an Ambassador of Love.

    The New Life Diet: A New Way of Eating and Being
    (Being and Becoming Series Book 1)

    Light workers and healers focus on releasing and clearing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies but tend to neglect the physical body which is needed for the ascension process. The New Life Diet book shows how to prepare all the bodies for transformation, transmutation and ascension but with particular focus on the physical body. The book describes ways to increase one’s light quotient and how to maintain and protect one’s auric fields from environmental hazards.

    This book is ‘food’ for the body/mind/spirit. The concepts are integrative and holistic and address the total being. It was written with Source/All That Is/Our Father and holds the teachings from the ONE as shared by our Star sisters and brothers (Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Hathors, etc.) as well as Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, other Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood of Light.

    The New Life Diet book transmits inter-universal energies, energies from the future, energies for transformation (violet ray), energies of Divine Truth (blue light), energies for healing (green ray) as well as Unconditional Love (pink ray) and contains the author’s vital energy (pure white with blue light). These energies are coded within the words and also radiant from the binding seen between the pages! The New Life Diet book also holds the vibrations from the Angelic Realm and the Devic Kingdom (or Nature Spirits such as fairies); and it has Dragon Energy which helps bring to mind issues that need to be acknowledged, learned from, blessed and released.

    The New Life Diet (Being and Becoming Series Book 1) is about transformation for the purpose of ascension, i.e. individual, collective, galactic and universal. The book is written in simple language for the ordinary individual but has many layers of truths and sacred teachings for the one who is conscious and the one who seeks. You may visit for more information and/or to purchase.

  2. Thank you B and Pat 🙂 🙂
    I am having so much fun writing 🙂 It all of a sudden started last year, however this last month, there’s been this amazing rush of creative energy passing through me. It’s such a joy this sensation of creation 🙂
    Thank you Aisha and all the people of the pond for creating such a lovely space for us to able to share 🙂


    There’s a rhythm in my head
    From all that I’ve read and all that’s been said
    Like the sound of a song
    It makes me feel strong in where I belong
    And how I long to be
    In union with me

    I am weaving a sign
    A simple way to align
    With ALL that there is, inside of me
    It’s a circular motion
    this growth and this notion
    Of being a song in the rhythm of life
    All through the tears and the trouble and strife
    It is made of some metal, and weaved with some wood
    It will hang in the air, with the water of rain to make it shine like it should

    As Holmes said to Watson, it’s elementary my dear
    The experience of this life is how it all becomes clear
    It’s a sign of the times, where there’s rhythm and there’s rhyme
    Like the reason for a season, and a time for sublime

    And now I’m a poet
    Yet before, I didn’t know it
    Now that I know
    I’m more aware of this flow
    Of ALL that need be
    is to play in this moment of the sweet divinity

    The weaving of this life, with its colourful thread
    Is what makes up this song that I hear in my head
    My heart is the drummer of my own sense of beat
    My feet do my dancing, oh, what a wonderful treat
    My eyes see the beauty, through the wonder of sight
    My hands spell my magic of what I feel when I write

    For it’s all just a reflection of all that I BE
    This knowing of this source of this B.oundless E.nergy

    Bronwyn 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi!
    I am a painter, who share the message of Light and Love with the world. I believe that we can unite the world ,as for me, it is through Art, one conversation at a time
    Please check out my paintings, would love to hear from all of you. I am on Facebook at BA Wygant Studio

    1. Thank you so much Bette Ann for your beautiful arts & Love.
      It is so facinating and wonderful to know people are feeling thier eternal love and share the beautiful moments through you. Some said art is eyes of universe which has strong trigger affect to connect what we have forgotton.
      children & I enjoy simple children art & just started expressing also❤

  5. Hello everybody,
    My name is Louise. I live in the Netherlands and am on my spiritual path for about 20 months now. I do a lot of energy healing (Reiki, Ashati, Reconnection, AkaDua) and enjoy this very much.
    A friend pointed me towards the Gatherings at the Pond today, and I am going to join in the fun tonight! 🙂

    much Love and Light to you all

    1. Dear Louise, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and for being a part of this Gathering!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  6. Dear Aisha,
    I would love to participate in tonights Gathering around the Pond. It’s my first time, how do I participate?

    Love and Light

    1. Dear Louise! All you have to do, is to sit down and connect to these energies in a way that feels comfortable for you. You can choose to connect at the “official time”, (21:00 for Norway and for Holland) or you can pick one that is better for you, and when you go into meditation you do so with an intention to be a part of this Gathering. Sit for as long as you like, I usually sit for an hour or so. The experience is very individual for us all, but often some of the participants have very similar visions during the Gatherings. I am looking forward to seeign you there!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Hello Aisha,

    Connecting to the Pond consciously tonight for the first time. My name is Urban Ternström from Lysekil, Sweden. I have had a lot of help following your readings since November. Of all the different channels I have been following the messages from your support team have helped me the most – extremely grateful!! Since my journey is extremely challenging physically I find that most channels miss out on how very hard this awakening process can be on the human/physical level. But your support team adress this every time over and over again which helps me to endure. Sothanks again!

    Eternal blessings!

    Urban Ternström

    1. Dear Urban, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I am certain you will feel very much at home here 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. I would like to share a youtube I composed some 10 years ago after a time when I had reach the point where I can now travel nightly to the realm of God-dess and look ” Through My Heavenly Eyes”. I live in Qld, Australia and am 67 years old. My contact with the realm of God-dess and with my eternal twin spirit started in 1994.

  9. I am simply grateful. In many ways the journey has been a long one and at the same time its all a faint memory in this present now.
    kitty aspen all

  10. Thank you my amazing friend 🙂

    There really is a lot of wisdom you share with us, and I love this one best:

    “.. beCAUSE, YOU are GOD.
    YOU and i … ARE the ONE,
    the C-ENTER of the UniversE of YOU//me”

    Much love and light to you,


  11. Hi ))
    i’m shawn, aKa greBBear ))

    ExP-aNs-IoN in conscIOUsness, Pe-A-cE of M-in-D, “IN” inFINIte LOVE … aRe my DailY MotivatorS ))) SO, i simply L-ET ALL that i expERIEnce eACh dAy … “TO BE” the ExpansioN ))
    … i’ve bEEn meditating NOW for thRee FULL yeArs, and i’m VERY HappY to rePORT, AishA and her ConnectioN “miRRor” my ExperiencE reG-uLa-Rly … and LatelY, the P-ost-S b-RING me to teArs, when i RE-AD them AlouD for my MoM ))))

    SincerelY … withOUT this “PonD” + AishA’s S-ha-RING i’d BE P.R.-ONE to “hermit-ville” = MerC-i EvE-ry-OnE )))

    i’d like to shAre a Pi-eCe of UnDeR-st-AND-inG wITh YoU if i mAy ?? -))
    … fiRst, the “writing” = IF the K-in-G-do-M of Hea-veN is WiTHiN … “IT” is wIthIn EvE-RY-TH-InG … in-clu-dINg ALL woRds !!! – ))
    … just saying ))

     T-here is NO “good & evil” …
    t-HERE is PersP-e-CtivE ))
    = a Cho-i-cE to label DuaLitY and Pol-ar-itY
    … as gOOd or bAd = to chOOse a s-id-e

    GOD is INFINITE … IS the INFINITE en-ER-gy // conscIOUsness )))
    C-ALL “IT” SourcE, or ALLaH, the HigheR PoweR, Spiri-tu-alitY …
    or, what ever yOu want to CALL the INFINITE LOVE …
    … “IT” doesn’t CARE what “IT” is C-ALLE-D, jUSt ask “IT” ))))

    “IT” is not MALE, not FEMALE …
    WE “made” “IT”, in “OUR” IMaGE
    = “IT” IS WELL BEyoND OUR ab-iLi-ty to CO-ncei-VE.
    since, “IT” is EVERYTHING,
    and WE can NOT ‘yet’ per-ce-ive EVERYTHING ))

    … and YET, WE CAN EXP-erie-NCE “IT” + HERE AND NOW …
    = OUR CO-NNecTI-ON TO “”EXISTENCE”” … to the IN-fini-TE.
    GOD … “IT”, DID NOT WRITE A BOOK !!! – )))
    GOD = EVERYTHING … so why write a ‘bOOk’ ???
    … why not, write a sONg insTead ???
    … or tattoo a “maGic” WorD on everyones butt “before” birth ??
    … not KnockinG “Fa-i-tH” here, just “ALL” re-ligi-on that ass-u-me-s,
    the “exc-lus-ive “RIGHT” over the in-fini-te = Ludi-c-rouS !!!

    “”((ALL))”” … MiserY and SufferinG are crEATed
    !! + !! … withOUT exception !!!!

    … TH-ROUGH “”att-A(ch)M-ent(s)”” to ILL-US-i-ON !!!

    life & death,
    ti-me & space, 
    and ALL vari-AT-ions OF sepa-RA-tion(S)
    … ARE ill-us-i-on-S

    only an AP.parent PhysicaL UniversE,
    that oPe-rates on FUNdaMENTAL PR-in-ci-pl-ES …

    1) ExistencE
    (= no life or death = what part of life & death are universal ??)

    2) ALL ExistencE is “ONE”
    (= no space = what part of space is universal ??)
    = ALL operates from ONE energy, and ONE Consciousness
    (= conservation of energy = energy can NOT be created,
    NOR de-sTROY-ed)

    3) ALL existence “gets back, what is puts OUT”
    (= no time = what part of ti-me is universal ??)

    4) EVERYTHING ChangeS, except the first 3/three rules

    5) … we have bEEn given EVERYTHING !!! – )))

    ThE k-NOW-n and ALL of the UN-k-NOW-n UNIVERSE(s) “ARE”  GOD.
    + INFINITE LOVE !!!! – )))
    WE ALL have curiosity ..
    so IMAGINE HOW MUCH curiosity GOD MUST HAVE ??!!!??
    NOW, apply this simple TRUTH,
    eg… excitement, gratitude, creativity, sympathy & empathy

    ((note: nagative e-motions DO NOT apply here,
    as ‘negative’ e-motions are not actually negative,
    they simply a LACK ‘or’ LACKING … of the positive opposite))

    = D-ARK-neSS is NOT somethin-G of ITself …
    d-ARK-neSS is the result, of a LACK OF LIGHT.
    EquaL opposites … yes ))
    However, liGht can “turn” d-ARK-neSS into Sha-d-owS
    D-ARK-neSS can ONLY “turn” LIGHT into BRILLIANCE !!! – ))
    = why WE are HERE !!! – )))
    … sorry “if” this shaRING sounds k-NOW-it-ALL(ish) ???
    its just that, i have experienced myself as LIGHT ….

    ((… this stat-e-ment is GR((O))SS under ex-agge-rati-on…))
    ((… and i don’t kNOW what i’d say to ExplaiN …. only that, the first ti-me,
    i had sat for many hoUrs + days on end, moving as “”little”” as possible,
    and then ?? = it was as if i had bEEn elect-RO-cuted “with” LOVE ?? -))

    = ((focused ONLY ON REALITY; ((BUT)) ONLY, AS IT IS !! -))
    + i am CERTAIN, this experience ((these experiences))
    ((have had more than 15 times in the past 3 years)) …
    … are NOT THE FINAL GOAL !! – ))

    howEVER, the expERIEnces ARE “PURE” W-is-do-M,
    NOT so-me-one else’s “EXPerieNCE”
    = WE can NOT walk the PatH for anyONE else.
    Ex(aM-p)le = WE can NOT que-nch anyONE’s thirst, but OUR “OWN”
    … if WE dr-i-nk water !??! – ))))

    “IT” is INFINITE = “IT” could easily CREATE an ENDLESS SUPPLY
    OF “PERFECT” + LOyAL FO(LL(O)WE)RS … right ???
    … and, don’t believe me, ASK GOD !!!
    ((or … tHe SOURCE, or, what ever you want to CALL the INFINITE
    … “IT” doesn’t CARE what “IT” is C-ALLE-D, and again, ask “IT”))

    = ALL SENSATIONS … = WE ARE SensationaL )))))
    … and “the feeling”, NEEDS TO BE “DEVELOPED” !!!
    WE ARE HERE “experiencing” OURselves … singly & collectively ))
    + its ALL-WAYS TO-d-AY …
    and TO-d-AY FLOWS TH_ROUGH NOW !!!

    MEANING … its ALL-WAYS “”NOW”” …

    = OUR “lan-GUAGE” of ti-me, IS ONLY FOR the PurposE
    of describing OUR “NOW” moMEnt(s) … and, NO-thin-G MORE.

    a “ship” sailing thROUGH the INFINITE MOMENT OF NOW ))

    GOD … the INFINITE, “could” change EVERYTHING INSTANTLY !?!

    = so WHY is t-HERE suffering ???

    .. beCAUSE, YOU are GOD.
    YOU and i … ARE the ONE,
    the C-ENTER of the UniversE of YOU//me )))
    what WE perceive as OUTSIDE of US
    = ONLY a reflection = a MIRROR …
    and just as “INSANE” as it “IS” …
    to “”insist”” that the re-flect(i)-on “in” the MIRROR changes … ??? – )))

    = it IS end-less-ly INSANE, WaitinG FOR GOD TO SAVE US.
    …. “WaitinG” for aNy SavioR !!! – (((

    WheN “YOU//me” changes, EVERYTHING changes !!! – )))

    … BE THE CHANGE YOU SEE-K !!! – )))
    or, continue to waLLow in MISERY.  ??? – (((
    .. don’t JUDGE what YOU FEEL
    = NO craving(s) … “good”
    = NO aversion(s) … “bad”
    = NO IGNORANCE (ability to ignore)
    … for ANY THING you FEEL.
    … because, EVERYTHING WE FEEL,
    “”” IS GOD “”” = is the T-rut-H of OUR REALITY, right NOW )))
    … withOUT exception.
    DON’T believe me NEITHER !!!
    .. “or” …
    its just b-lin-d faith … or ig-NOrAN-ce -(((

    BE HappY )))
    … h-AP.pine-ss is ONLY + ALL-WAYS aVAILable NOW !!! – )))
    … withOUT exc-ePt-ion and withOUT RE_AS_ON )))
    ONe LOVE
    ps .. only a weak minded person will ignore this message …
    and i DON”T believe that is YOU ..
    whomever YOU may BE …
    simply beCAUSE, i k-NOW …
    “”YOU”” are an EQUAL to GOD …
    even IF … you ‘feel’ less than INFINITE
    = still in the MA-KING !!! – )))
    … and YOU cert-A-inly Wo-U-lD nOt BE reADIng HERE ))))))))))))

    ppss … this is my “experienced” T-rut-H
    not “ideas” that sound ‘right … and i sh-ARE this K-(NO)W-IN-G
    … WE aRe ON the P-at-H TO-g-(ET)-h-ER )))

    WoW … needed to let that “out” … and you made it to HERE !! – ))
    thanks ALL-OT !!! – )))

    C-hoW c-HOW )))

  12. Greetings!

    I am a 55 year old woman, blossoming like a Spring flower, covered in rescue dogs unconditional soft warm fur. I grow more into who I truly am with the help of all at this peaceful Pond. I come here each day to feed my spirit, to send love/comfort/support/commiseration to those in need. I am often inspired & comforted by what the CC’s say. I forward the light beaming from this Pond to others so often, who I know, are who looking for answers to questions in their lives. I am pleased to say, many times, as with us Ponders, the message is right on and lights someone up.

    I have a husband who puts up with all my wild ideas with a smile but gets a bit bored after awhile. If I rode a broom around the stars at night, that man would hop on the back and grab my waist. I have two grown sons who make me proud and have very large hearts. I have saved dogs lives for most of my life, from puppy raiser to retirement home for the elderly unwanted dogs who need a good end of life experience. I am honored to counteract what humans have done to them before they return to heaven, their missions accomplished down here.

    I did not feel unconditional love in my life, until I allowed myself to sink into what dogs provide with no strings attached, except, to love them right back. They don’t manipulate or ever have ulterior motives except, possibly, just the right facial expression to covet another extra “cookie”. I found love in beings with fur and four legs. I would not be here today if not for this wonderful discovery. (As a very young girl, I found life was a extremely painful experience which I didn’t want any part of). I clearly remember wondering, “How did I get here?” at a very early age.

    I do not have visions or hear voices or see beings other than these of the old 3D world, which, by the way, I am sick to death of. I however, believe others do. I trust and believe someday I will also have these elements in me.

    I wish others to know you do not have to chart these choppy waters of 3D alone.

    Starting your day as I do reading Aisha and what the CC’s have for us helps 3D life go on as is must, for now. It keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. The CC’s give me hope when I’m running low. This site is spirit food for me. I hope others feel the same.

    Thank you Aisha. There are no words………

    In Love & Light,
    Terri (Pupma)

  13. Greetings!
    I would love to share my spiritual journey with you. I am an oil painter, inspired by the Light of God to promote peace and brotherhood. We must all try to reach out and share this Light.We are all one,under God.
    My website is :
    Thank You

  14. Hello Everyone, My name is George Noble. I’ve just last week celebrated my 70th birthday. I’m in a transition mode, workwise, to determine how I can best contribute at this time in my life. I’m trained as a psychtherapist and have studied all things spiritual, and about natural and energetic healing. Too much to list here. I’m a writer, teacher and was an investor for about 20yrs, an engineer with physics interests—-for about 6. I’m also a social activist engaged in Sonoma County, CA to halt the “fluoridation” of our drinking water supply and require labeling of GMO foods.
    I too have resonated very nicely with the supportive and very informative CC messages coming thu Aisha. I’m very grateful to you all for your participation and contributions.

  15. Greetings and Blessings to all here! I am very happy to attend my very first Pond Gathering today! I have loved Aisha’s messages since I first started seeing them- they seem very special and sweet. I am a healer and teacher of the Cooperative Health Paradigm…haha just made that up (or received it!) I teach how to trust the natural intelligence of the body including how to work cooperatively with your microorganisms! I live in Amherst Massachusetts and love the mountains and beauty here.

  16. Hello to Everyone here at the Pond! I enter into this family in the last moments of the last day of 2013, having just discovered the CCs in December. Ahhhh, the feeling of coming home is delightful, indeed.
    Thank you, Aisha! And much appreciation to the rest of you!
    xox ~Dorrit

  17. Hej på dej! Jag heter Birgitta och bor i Umeå. Har varit med här i snart ett år – fantastisk utvecklande. Såg att du nog varit med här längre, så då vet du nog vad det handlar om 🙂 Kul att du “dök upp” 🙂 Kram!

  18. Welcome Mikael! You are so right “Once started there is no way back” and I can say that there is no better place to be than in this Pond. Think we have Sweden in common too;)

    Much love,

    B to B

  19. My name is Mikael. I am 51 years old. Have been following this site for almost 2 years and find it amazingly comforting. Have had a tough start in life. Tried to burry it all by making career and having a family but it didn’t work out. My wife has been my trigger for the last 5 years mirroring all my shadow sides perfectly. I have been doing over 200 therapy sessions over the past 2 years and is still struggling to find my true self but I feel it is closer than ever before. Will never give up my quest. Once started there is no way back.

    Bless you all

  20. This is such a wonderful community.
    I am Mark from Florida. I’ve been here for 23 years and I am so excited to begin meeting every single one of you. We all have so much to offer this beautiful world.

    Bless you all

    1. thanks so much for preemptive strike. bless you, for all the fear anger hatred and pain you took on . thankyou.

  21. I call out to my guides, help me rest well this night as I reflect inside and out and look for the tools I need to do more in less time. Peace Light and Love -x-

  22. Pre Emptive Strike. I remember when I earned this gift, it was during a very intense part of my awakening. I was learning so fast it didn’t really register at the time. Now that I know I have it, we all have it. Resonate with me and feel the love inside envelope your material body creating a line that only you can choose what can cross it. Any intended harm directed at you is now destroyed at the moment before its creation.

  23. I am so late to all of this, they trapped me well in hatred, pain, anger and fear. I could have been such a powerful force earlier on. Finaly tho I am truely free. I have so much unconditional love in my heart now I frequently cry tears of pure joy as I feel it resonate within me. Especially when I see read or hear messages from the light. Give your children chalk and let them decorate the pathways and do it yourselves as well. For if I were to see a light message IRL the shifts can be monumental.

    I have so much I know I need to be doing but without my soul mate my energies are scattered and I have trouble keeping focus. I may have found her though. If it is to be you and I then the time for to be together draws near. If not I will cherish our friendship all the same and continue to call for my mate to draw nearer.

    To you all I say call out for love in every dimension you can access and help me unlock the dimensions I cannot yet see.

    1. Dear loveinturkish! Thank you for bringing your light to this Pond and for helping to spread these messages! I have added the link to the list of translations.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  24. Hello, my name is Akiko.
    I was born in Japan and now living in New York.
    I am working at most busy city on the earth, but When I visit here, I feel like I am reading at the quiet mountain In Norway. My heart become quiet as a stone sinking in the lake.
    To meditate at pond is my favorite time every month. Every time I feel like more pure and clear.
    Thank you so much Aisha for beautiful calming space.
    Also I would like to thank to Miss Reiko who translates beautifully in Japanese too.

    1. Welcome, Akiko, and I embrace you as a Light Sister. Yes, this Space is Special indeed, as so many others have discovered. IAM so glad you have joined us here. May Love BE your never ending Source.

      Love, Amy

  25. Hi… My name is Mary Anne and I am a way-shower from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. I have been on this journey my entire lifetime and came here to ascend to help show others the way. I was led to this website last week and love the simplicity of the information given to Aisha and so resonate with the ” A History of Creation” channeling’s. I live by the fact that everyone is on their own journey and exactly where they are at that moment for a reason. Therefore I keep my two cents worth to myself and share my experiences only and what I learned through these experiences. I do this in the hopes that it might be what someone who is struggling can use to find their own way.

  26. Hi All, I would like to say thank you very much to Aisha for giving me space to express myself, and become a Pond Person, I am truly honoured. I usually read Aisha’s chanellings on goldenageofgaia. Tonight I shall be taking part in this evenings gathering, so I am very pleased to have found my way here.

    From a most beautiful part of Lancashire, NW England in the UK, 51, I am a rainbow person, My male name is Wayne, and my female name is Sophie. I am a genetic male. I am extremely lucky I think – most of the time 🙂 – to have been born transgendered. I have had some difficult times in the past accepting myself. I think being born this way has helped me a lot in becoming a balanced and accepting person. Besides being great fun to transition from one gender to the other and back again.

    I have always been on the path of self discovery one way or another as you can imagine! I haven’t always felt that I belong in society, I’m like a “square peg in a round hole” so to speak. Although I have lots of fabulous friends, including the ones I haven’t yet met, I find it easiest to be myself when alone, or in and around nature, or with animals or children.

    Something is in the air this week, and I’m excited to be a part of it, and looking forward to connecting with all you People of the Pond in tonight’s gathering and important step along the way.

    Love and Light to all ❤

  27. Sierra from Ontario, Canada joining today and have been following for a while, a big thank you and love to Aisha North for her channelings (CC’s) that uplift me so much. Although I always walked an alternative spritual path looking back I believe it really started at Harmonic Convergence 1987. My first great teacher was Barbara Hand Clow who opened my eyes and heart and after 25 years of ceremony and spiritual focus last year around this time my true clearing began. I didn’t know until after the Solstice 2012 that I was addressing my shadow, I thought something was wrong that I had done wrong and now that that clearing has more or less completed, the hard stuff anyway here I am joining you all in meditation today at 3pm. I am touched by all you beautiful souls connecting here and all of our beautiful souls present here on beloved Gaia at this time. Thank you for this opportunity to share and be with you. Much love!

  28. Greetings to the community here at the pond. My name is Nancee and my normal place of residency is B.C. Canada. I am currently staying with friends in Atenas, Costa Rica for at least 3 months. I honestly don’t know when I’ll return or why I’m here. I do know that I’m planting in the greenhouse and treating this as home while I’m here.
    Although I’ve asked for and longed for many of the gifts of insight and experience many here seem to manifest, they seem to allude me. I don’t pout too much about that as I realize that in some way, often unknown to me, I do bring love and kindness to this world. Occasionally I might even add some wisdom to the lives of others.

    Years ago, during my 19 years in the pentecostal experience I weekly brought messages to the congregations. I spoke (and still do) in “tongues” as they called it. I like to feel that this gift transmuted somehow within me and still comes forth at times in what I share with others. My heart began to consciously open with spiritual awareness around 1974. A sense of smothering took me outside of religion in 1994. Facing my fears became a strong theme in my life ever since.

    I am the mother of a son and daughter and “Nana” to three grandsons and one grand daughter. They are gracious enough to stretch themselves to accept my lifestyle, even when they don’t understand. My parents have passed and at 61 I suppose I officially move into my senior years on this earth plain.

    My passions include ‘the dance’ (in whatever form it appears in my life), working with animals (I hope this will expand in my life) and interacting more with plants, trees and nature. Interacting with people who are interested in any of these become part of the passion. Perhaps, in some ways, people are my greatest compassion but due to so many past hurts I am leery of including them consciously? I am saddened by how many others I meet who want nothing to do with ‘people.’ May we, who gather here, help change that as we encourage loving souls to ignite within these human bodies we share.

    I am just starting a blog. My pictures seem to have disappeared but my first post seems to show at least. NO frills at the moment and I smile at how that is consistent with my outward life at times. Perhaps one day you’ll visit there to see it looking colourful but it’s starting off as plain as it gets. Today the greenhouse and “our small community” beckons for my attention and I humbly leave the blog unadorned. Learning about the local bugs that like to eat the new veggies seems a little more important 🙂

    In closing I thank all of you who have entered and will enter into my world. May we all discover that which lies within which has alluded us due to fears. May we sing, dance, make music and share ourselves with all of creation.
    Love, light and laughter, Nancee

  29. My name is Amy. I am 56 years old and have been on the Path of Enlightenment probably my entire life, the first half unknowingly. I have attempted to follow just about every spiritual sect in one way or another, and no one “way” appeals to me.
    Since my NDE in 1984, I have consciously been seeking to find ME, devouring books on spirituality, earth religions, philosophy, numerolgy, tarot, and out of all that, in addition to, attending different branches of denominational and non-denominational churches over the span of many years. I have managed to find ME (ongoing) and in that process, gain comfort in following my own Heart. In other words, I tried just about everything, and out of that, have formed my own way of BEing.
    I do not smoke or drink and eat mostly organic foods to the best of my ability. My vice is chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I only drink water and juices and yes, coffee in the mornings to help me crank my eyes open.
    I have been active all my life, attaining great pleasure in using this body. Up to last year I was a regular at exercise but of late, have just enjoyed biking, walking, working in my gardens, and dancing. When the weather turns colder, I will go back to the YMCA to swim.
    I am married to a Vietman Veteran who requires special care and understanding. We’ve been together for 30 years.
    I also take care of many special needs cats and wild animals and birds. People often refer me to being Frances (as in St. Francis of Assisi). I Love all things animal, plant and bird kingdom, honoring our Mother every day of my life.
    I Love creating. In my spare time, I crochet and knit baby and cat afghans, doilies and make from those a wall hanging I call Power Circles; I draw, I sing and dance. I really still do Love to read although of late, I would rather zone out and go within to my High Heart to “hang out”.
    One of my dreams is to encourage and help others who are on the Path of Ascension. My dream has come true here at this Pond, as Aisha has so graciously allowed me space to say what I do. In this, I bow to you, Aisha.
    I have done so much in this one life that in looking back, I find it difficult to embrace all I did. I call this my “Pallet of Experience” from which I paint from when I post at this Pond. I am now continuing to this very thing in a more expansive way ……….
    I have begun a blog called Petals Unfolding and it can be found at Aisha has been so kind as to tell me it is all right to leave my link here. I am so honored.

  30. My one question has been is.if we receive the healing of Grace an Blessings then can we give the healing to others if they want it as they teach at the oneness university in India with Sri Bhagavan. which is called Deeksha
    the fire from heaven does anyone know the answer ?

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