A short update on the energies

The invincibility of light

is filling you up

as the winds of change

continue to blow.

But you will not be swayed from your path.

Because you just know.

You are here to help anchor the joy of freedom,

and this ongoing storm will only serve

to deepen your resolve.

So delight in your light

and revel in your freedom,

as this will help so many others

to reclaim theirs.



Message from the June Gathering around the Pond

Thank you, my dear sisters and brothers of the light, for being part of this Pond and of the Gathering last Sunday. For me, it was a very light-filled and joy-filled experience, especially since I had the opportunity to share it live online. During our meditation, this message came through:
Dear ones, you are shifting time itself.
Like a snake shedding its skin,
you have emerged as brilliantly hued beings of light.
You have entered a new way of life
indeed life itself is at your beck and call.
But you can shift time, you can shift life because
everything around you now vibrates to the same tune that you do.
You have shifted out of the old density
and entered the zone of freedom.
So we invite you to frolic in these waters
and know that the immenseness of your light is firing up
the light of freedom within thousands of hearts around this planet.
Because out of the churning chaos, the shrieks of fear and anger
love is emerging, life is emerging, humanity itself is emerging,
finally reconnected to their own true Source.
So breathe in, and feel your aliveness
and breathe out and share it with the world.
And so we thank you, we bless you, for you are indeed the magnificent ones.
And so it and so it will be. Aho.

Eclipse message

You have reached the point of no return.

There is no way back.

Because now, the light is everywhere.

Even in the darkest of corners,

you see the first glimmers of hope

emanating from within the deepest recesses of mankind.

Life is unfolding.

Light is exploding.

Bringing forth the most profound change

in the history of mankind.

So stay true to your path

for you are amongst those who have chosen to walk ahead

of the multitude of beings

wanting to be led out from their own shadows.

And it is by walking in your light

that you will help them see theirs.

It is like lighting a lamp with every breath you take.

So walk with joy in your heart

and lightness in your step.

And know that by simply being you,

you will help to shift humanity fully into the sphere of light.


Dear friends! The Eclipse energies are definitely picking up, I can feel my whole body vibrating. Sunday’s Gathering around the Pond will be a powerful one indeed, as we come together as ONE to help to anchor and balance all of this “exploding light”. I am very much looking forward to our connection, especially to have the opportunity to SEE some of you live on Zoom. If you feel like joining me, just send me a message and I will send the Zoomlink. May we all have a blessed Eclipse Day!

With deep gratitude and joy from me,

Welcome to the June Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 7

Dear friends!

Today, we entered into the month of June. “Pivotal points” are the words that come to me when I feel into the energetics that lie before us. Our world is changing. Rapidly. It can be very challenging to maintain focus in all of this external (and internal!) upheaval. Especially during times like these, when we are actively discouraged to physically connect. Thankfully, we always have the opportunity to go within. To connect to our own inner light, and to connect to that vast field of light that we are ALL a part of. For me, Mother Nature is always a great connector, and this is what I received on my meditation walk this morning:

The magnificence of Mother Earth is eternal
and so too are you.
You shine like the dewdrops on the grass
on a bright summer morning.
You are a collection of stars
having arrived on this planet
to take part in this magnificent shift.
So shine on dear ones,
and know that you too are eternal.
Because nothing can sway you away
from your shining path.
We thank you and we bless you on this fine day.

I am so grateful that I once again have the chance to invite every one of you, my fellow shining stars, to meet me for a Gathering around the Pond this Sunday, June 7 at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (Norway, UTC + 2). It will be only two days after the June Full Moon, coming in with its potent eclipse energies, heralding in a month long period of deep, deep transformation on a truly Galactic level. So let us sit down, sink into the welcoming waters of the energetic connective field we call The Pond, and just BE with each other for 30 minutes. It will be a time for every one of us to receive, and by receiving, we also give. To ourselves. And to the collective. For we are here to help anchor and embody all of this transformation. And the best way to do just that, is to become ONE.

I love having the opportunity to be able to meet you face to face – even if it is just on my computer screen – so I will be doing also this Gathering live online on Zoom. If you feel like joining me, just send me a message or fill out the form below, and I will send you the Zoom link on email. The online Gathering is donation-based.
I am very grateful for the donations I receive – thank you so much for supporting my work!


I am so looking forward to connecting with all of you this Sunday – until then, keep shining brightly!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

A short update on the energies

The subtleness of the information

constantly interacting with your field

is a gentle reminder to stay alert

to the tiniest of shifts in your perception.

Change does not always come

in the grandiose manner one would expect.

Rather, it is a case of minuscule movements

that often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

But to those willing to see,

the rapidly unfolding shift

is a constant source of delight and awe.

It is a never ending supply of miracles,

fueling your own embodiment

of this total rewrite of human history.

So keep your ear to the ground

and your eyes wide open,

lest you should lose your forward momentum

in these precious times.


Message from the Sun

Beyond the scope of imagination

lies the field of potential

from which new life is born.

For life arises through your creations.

You breathe life into life

with every action, word and deed.

So be attentive to your intentions.

They carry even more weight than before.

A small afterthought may shift an entire world on its axis.

A simple word may topple the mightiest of men.

So be aware.

Your presence in this NOW is not by chance.

It is by design.

You are here to make magic happen.

And now, the time for you to truly shine is ON.

Morning message

I woke up this morning to 6 inches of fresh snow, and to these words:

A blanket of light has descended upon your planet,

the likes of which has never before been seen.

So we say to you, rest assured that no matter

how dramatic life may seem for some of you at the moment,

know that things are about to change.

For you have entered a zone of enlightenment

that will affect you on a whole new level.

So too the masses of individuals whom have so far

averted their eyes from their own light.

So go within, and you will feel within your very bones

that a new day has dawned.

A new age has dawned.

One that will erase so much of what has held you down.

The collective will rise up from their stupor

and finally take it upon themselves to find a way

out of the disillusionment that governs their lives.

And so, they too can begin to live.

Fully, and with all of their heart.

And so it is , and so it will be. Aho.

Afterwards, I was called to go down to the beach. I felt such a deep sense of calm and connectedness, fully ONE with Mother Earth, and I wanted to share this experience with you:

May Full Moon Message

This message came through this morning, when I was called to visit one of the special places nearby. It is a small grove of ancient trees near the river. I made this recording, but the sounds of Mother Nature – some of the “multitude of beings all around you here, now, present on this planet” – made my voice less audible, so I am including a transcript of the message too.

Beloveds, life itself is unfurling at the perfect pace.
And know that even if you yourself may feel stuck.
you are simply experiencing a new way of growing.
So keep your heart open
so all the support that surrounds you can enter your life.
Because there is a multitude of beings all around you
here, now, present on this planet
and they have all come to be a part of this magnificent change.
But this change comes through you, and you must allow it to happen.
So let yourself grow. Let yourself soak up
the nutritious energy that flows constantly into your field.
And so let us help you to attain the goal
that you for so long have dreamed of;
A new world where life itself can play out all the facets
and all the love that it so wants to display.
So keep breathing, keep becoming.
We see you, we bless you, we thank you. Aho.


A short update on the energies

Expressions of life multiply

when you avert your eyes

from the mainstream of information.

Do not believe everything you feel,

as so much of it originates from outside sources.

Your own field of intelligence is widening,

closing the gap between what was and what will be

creating a whole new playground for you to frolic on.

Know that life itself is burgeoning in the cracks

created by the meltdown of outside management,

leaving the space wide open

for your own Self to come fully awake.

So open your eyes to the New reality,

the one that has always been here,

hidden in plain sight.

It is yours, if you want it.

This stream runs past our house, I can hear it from my room. The sound reminds me of the constant flow of change that is LIFE itself.





Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond – also live online

Dear friends!

We are soon entering the month of May, and I want to continue our tradition of welcoming each new month with a group meditation, a Gathering around the Pond. So this upcoming Sunday, May 3, at 21:00/ 9 PM my time (Norway, UTC + 2) I invite you to join me and many, many others to dive deep into the welcoming waters of our collective energy field. It was such a beautiful experience to literally re-connect and re-energize in this way last month, after a five (!) year long pause. New and Old friends, coming together as ONE, lighting up the grids in the most wonderful way. This time, I feel a stillness, a calmness, descending when I connect with the energies. Like we have come through a lot of “noise”, and are beginning to find our footing on a new level. I do believe that the most important gift we can share with the world these days, is the calmness and the stillness, and the ability to feel connected. So much around us is fragmenting, coming apart. But deep down, I think we all feel the vibrancy of the New Life emerging. I hope you will join me in the calm waters of the Pond, so we can allow this new Life to speak through us and to the world. Let us sit down in silence, open ourselves up and be the conduits of light we are for 30 minutes. All you need to do, is to hold the intention to be here at the Pond.

You also have the possibility to join me online for the Gathering. I will be hosting a donation-based live meditation on Zoom. I am very grateful if you want to support my work in this way too! Our first online Gathering was such a huge blessing, it was very special to be able to SEE some of you. To meet the faces behind the names, to hear your voices, and to know that we are just a small scattering of so many other connected Souls ❤ . If you want to join me online this Sunday, just send me a message/fill out the form below, and I will send you the link to the live Gathering. Looking forward to SEEing you!

It will be magical to once again dive into the Pond with every single one of you – both online and in spirit. Until then, I wish you a blessed, nurturing week! Here is a short meditation from one of my recent morning walks as a reminder to us all of our connectedness:

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.