Everything is speeding up

Dear friends! I feel like I have been inside a tornado of energies these last couple of days, but a good one. It is as if all the doors have opened wide, and the energies are just pouring in. So much is happening now, it is difficult to keep track of it all, and IContinue reading “Everything is speeding up”

A short update on the energies – part 2

Dear friends! I had such an intense experience this morning, I felt I needed to share it with you and hear if there are others out there who have been through something similar in the last few hours. Just like so many of you have commented on already, yesterday turned out to be a really,Continue reading “A short update on the energies – part 2”

Solstice blessings

Dear friends! I just wanted to send you all a little message on this important day now that I finally have a short break between these super intense energy downloads. For they have certainly increased these last two days, both in intensity, number and duration. I did a solstice-meditation together with my sister at theContinue reading “Solstice blessings”

Please check your mind at the door

The light is increasing in our world, but with it, the resistance to change is also increasing. And the “mastermind” behind so much of the negativity that surrounds us on all sides is none other than our own mind. Remember, the mind has been programmed to keep us down by keeping us from finding ourContinue reading “Please check your mind at the door”

Sacred sounds of our planet

I just found this very interesting link of a recording made by NASA of an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts. Not only is it beautiful, but it also triggers something in me about the way information is being channeled to us from the Universe. To quote from the article: “They are thought toContinue reading “Sacred sounds of our planet”