A short update on the energies

The softening of the glow

reveals the bifurcation of the flow

as the Sun continues

to dispense ever increasing

quotas of highly charged missives

your way.

All with the aim of dispelling

the myths of yesteryear.

You do not need to revisit what

has already been resolved,

but what is to be cleared,

will be more than apparent in this

heightening influx of protons.

Seeing and sensing must be ONE,

as an insight is only so

when it is fully embodied.

Bringing you home

after a long detour,

this coming together

of body and spirit is the

ultimate marriage,

enabling you to

finally experience

Heaven on Earth.

5 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Those words fall like a blessing to me, im a little confused about a lot of things but after reading the history of creation again and this short update that comes today things are getting in control im my mind, now im starting to see this wonderful reality that comes the way, thanks for the guidance again Aisha, much love to everyone.

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