8 thoughts on “Solstice message

  1. My Dear Bente… Thank you once again for a most lovely message and photo. As I told Sherill, it has gotten so crazy busy here. ha What’s going on? A lot of people are hibernating, and we’re crazy busy… or maybe just crazy!
    Continue to take good care all 3 of you+4 leggeds. Continued Blessings to you all as you celebrate and enjoy your
    holiday with each other and friends. Thanks for all that you’re doing.

    And to ALL THE OTHER PONDERS, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH OF YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES. Focus on staying safe… not a time to become careless. šŸ™‚ Enjoy Mama Earth during this beautiful season of Sharing & Love…
    well, in the majority of places, that is, where the cleansing of the dark has already taken place. Sooooooo looking forward to 2022! With my Love&JOY&Light&Laughter always, xo Lin šŸ™‚ ā¤

    1. Dear Lin ā¤ļø ā„ļøšŸ™ Sending so much love and gratitude from all of us back to you ā¤ļø Wishing you all a most magical Christmas and Holiday Season šŸ’— What a ride this is – and what a blessing it is to BE on it with you by my side šŸ™

  2. TO SHERILL GOLDTHREAD… Hi, Sherill! I apologize for not getting back to you on the last thread as it has gotten so unbelievably busy here–and stayed that way! Of course if Guy&I ever make it back to Vermont & New England, we would absolutely so enjoy meeting up with you for lunch or whatever! You have the good fortune to live in one of
    country’s prettiest locations (in my opinion)… we visited during the turning of the leaves in October many many years back. Just breathtaking; a lovely, quite memorable vacation.

    I hope you have a FUN, delightful Christmas celebration with your family&friends. And take good care; CONTINUE TO STAY SAFE. With Love, Dear Sherill, xo Lin šŸ™‚ ā¤

    1. No apology needed, dear Lin! I hope your busy activities are enjoyable ones! Yes, I am fortunate to live where I do; Iā€™m so glad I followed my crazy-seeming intuition to move here for no apparent reason 7 years ago! šŸ’š Happiest of holidays to you and Guy and all your loved ones. šŸŒ²āœØšŸ’›

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