Welcome to the November Gathering around the Pond, Sunday November 7

Behold the light.

Luminous emissaries flowing into

the porousness of your being.

Nothing nor no one can withstand this incoming tide.

Because everything is space,

created around a thought.

A spark of light,

come into being

by the invitation of Creation itself.

Now Creation is creating itself again.

Disassembling the old structures,

pulling apart what was.

Opening up the fertile void

to fill it with new life.

New ideas.

New creations.

So let the old version of your Self go.

Say goodbye to all of the old stories.

It is time to Become New.

Not to resurrect or reassemble

pieces of the old puzzle.

The struggle to maintain status quo is futile.

Because the Life force is withdrawing

from the barren shores of yesteryear.

No longer feeding the illusions.

So let yourself be washed away

from what has been your safe haven.

Blur the lines on your map of reality,

and allow the New Land to emerge.

From the sea of light.

Behold the light.

It is flowing in.

So let it fill you up

and lift you out of your reverie.

It is time to wake up.

Wake up and dance.

To the rhythm of life.

Born again,

dancing free and unencumbered,

singing a new song.

A song of love, life and co-existence.

Dear friends! We are being showered with influxes of light. Wave after wave of energy, blasting away from the Sun, coming our way. I know that I am not the only one feeling the effects of this. It can be more than a little unsettling, to say the least. Yet, at the same time, it speaks volumes about the deep transformation we are being invited to take part in. A transformation that goes deeper than anything else we have known so far, and faster, too. The escalation of intensity is not over, so I feel more than blessed by the knowledge that we are on this “crazy” ride together! This Sunday, at 21:00 my time (UTC+1) I invite you to join me for our November Gathering around the Pond. Let us “dance to the rhythm of Life” together, fill ourselves up with the incoming light and “sing a new song of love, life and co-existence”. Thank you for Being Here Now!
With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the November Gathering around the Pond, Sunday November 7

    1. I was also out on the ice but at the same time was busy embedding the world’s rulers in Mother Nature to try to get them to land in their own truth;)
      Thank you Bente ❤ I love your picture of the breakthrough in the ice ❤

      1. Thank you for your good work, Bente, B, and all of us! I had a different kind of experience. It’s been unusually warm here and I was lying outside in the sun for the Gathering—so lovely! There was an open milkweed pod above my head and I got so mesmerized by the way the gorgeous silky milkweed fluff was shining in the sun that I forgot to meditate! But at the same time it WAS a meditation, and I wanted to share it with you all. 💛 More and more these days, I am longing for the time when we will meet together in the physical and enjoy the milkweed and the birches and the water and all Earth’s delights together. I love you all.

        1. You know Sherill, I have always envisioned that we all at the Pond shall meet some day. Until then I will envision you laying in the grass enjoying your lovely milkweed 😊💕🌿

        2. Aaah – I can feel the your experience nurturing my whole body ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for sharing this, dear Sherill ! I too envision the moment when we get to BE in all of this natural splendor together. Until then, I feel your presence whenever I walk this magnificent land, and how united we all are through our "golden threads" – our deep, deep roots – like all of the trees in the forest 🙏

          1. Thank you, Birgitta and Bente. Both your responses brought tears to my eyes and expansion to my heart. 💚🌎💚

  1. Dear friends! I am so looking forward to connecting with you later today ❤ It is a calm, clear, frosty morning here. Beautiful and tranquil, yet the undercurrents of energy are strong, so it will be good to float in the nurturing waters of the Pond for the Gathering ❤

  2. Oh, Bente, your words and your photograph touch the very core of my being. Gratitude. 💜💛💚 I will see/feel you all on Sunday!

  3. What a powerful message ❤ It was a long time since I felt such a noticeable incoming tide as last night. The effect is still going on ❤ It feels like it's time now ❤

    Of course I will join you all on Sunday.Thank you ❤

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