A short update on the energies

Taking a step into the unknown.

That is the essence of life itself.

Because you cannot see

beyond the point of creation.

And nothing exists except in the

moment of NOW.

There is no map to the future.

No detailed itinerary to follow.

Only that soft voice within your heart.

The inner wisdom guiding you,

nudging you along,

pointing you in the right direction.

Because your heart knows the way.

At every step, magic awaits you.

But only if you walk away

from the linear confines of your mind.

For magic cannot be planned.

Only allowed to happen.

That is the gift of not knowing.

That is the gift of Life itself.

8 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Oh, forgot to say I am changing my last name from Hatch to Goldthread. It becomes legal this Friday. A new name for my new life!!! And though Goldthread will be my legal last name, I’m hearing from my inner guidance that it’s also an alternate first name, or really, single name. So folks can call me Sherill or Goldthread now. Love to all Pondmates! 💛💛💛

    1. Coolness Sherill 💜✌️😎
      I had received ‘Areeza’ about 30 yrs ago. About two years ago I received the name ‘AriNova’.. . I believe it means Soaring Star.
      Areeza means Breeze That Blows Through The Ages …and perhaps there will be no more ‘Ages’ as Time is shifting.
      I still like the name Areeza. Both names incorporate ‘Air’ and I’m an Air Sign.
      Many Blessings to you dear Sherill Goldthread ! 💛✨

      1. Ooh, I really like both your names, too, Areeza-AriNova! It’s great to know I’m in good company changing my name. 🙂 The meaning of my name is partly from the lovely plant Goldthread (it was she who told me a couple of years ago that it would eventually be my name), and partly about the golden thread that I have followed-created-sustained through all the ages—which reminds me of your breeze that blows through the ages! There’s also more to my name that I haven’t discovered yet, I think having to do with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and I don’t know what else. Yet. 😁

    2. Dear Sherill ❤ Congratulations on becoming Goldthread today ❤ ❤ I had to look it up, as it is a plant that I am not familiar with. When I saw it, it felt so perfect for you; a beautiful, fragile looking flower but with strong, evergreen leaves and of course the golden roots ❤

      1. Thank you so much, Bente-Aisha! It was lovely to wake up to your comment on this day that I’m calling “Goldthread Day”! Yes, that plant is amazing. When I first heard the invitation to eventually take that name, I was curious because it’s such a small and delicate-seeming plant and I tend to be rather larger and fiery 😁❤️. But I was reminded that the rhizome structure is all connected, so Goldthread’s presence is more about the community of plants than any individual plant. Definitely fits! I’ve been feeling that golden network in my body for months. 💚💚💚

  2. Thank you so much, as always, Bente. Your message somehow transforms the scary into the deeply comforting. 💚

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