Full Moon Message

You are a song.

Life manifesting itself

through the vibrations of your Soul.

Every single cell in your body,

one voice in the choir that is you.

A harmonic frequency unlike anyone else.

Come here to sing a song of freedom.

With every beat of your heart,

you send out a message of hope.

With every step,

you bring Mankind to a new place.

Through your eyes,

the  New become visible.

Your song is the song of Life itself.

So keep on singing,

and let the Dance of Life

continue to expand around you.

8 thoughts on “Full Moon Message

    1. I had my cataract surgeries in May. I hope your new vision goes as well as mine has, Areeza! ❤️

      1. I’m in the process of changing my last name to Goldthread, in case you were wondering who the heck this is!

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