Equinox Message

A perfectly balanced celestial moment.

Between day and night.

Between darkness and light.

A stillness, inviting you in.

Into the space that contains everything.

The birthing place of every Soul.

The void waiting to come alive.

Awaiting your arrival,

it sings the song of eternity.

Can you hear it calling your name?

This is the place we did energy work today, opening up a vortex of light. Tomorrow I journey to the Jotunheimen mountains, to the heart of the grid we are so connected to, to anchor the energies there.

5 thoughts on “Equinox Message

  1. Dear Aisha, Your posts are beautiful. Thank you for continuing to spread your light. Your photos ruminate the words you have channeled and lift me up and take me to a place the place where there is only love.

    Blessings, Debbie San Diego, CA USA

  2. Y:ES i CAN !!! – )))
    YES iT ” IS ” !!! – )))

    and i’m seeing a LOVELY ‘new’ QUALiTY .. in the SuN Li(G)hT – ))
    .. so delicious – )

    E( Pi )C + T_i’m E’S .. .. C_a’LL F’OR .. .. E( Pi )C + (A.P.)PR’e’C_i_AT’i’ON !! !! !! – )

    = ‘easy’ .. it’s .. “built+in” – )))

    lovelovelove )))
    greb’Z )

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