3 thoughts on “Eclipse message

  1. What a lovely surprise, Bente, to see a message from you! However dark things appear at the moment, there also is a major shift taking place to the good. A lot of people are becoming more aware of many things

    I send my love to the ‘Twins from the North’ and hope you are both well.

    Since we met, Heather’s dementia increased ( although she remained sweet and loving) and she went into a home. Sadly she passed away nearly two years ago (on the eve of the Summer Solstice). She rests in our local cemetery in our village. I am now in a new relationship with a wonderful soul, Dorothy.

    with love and joy


    Murray Morison InspiredWork

    1. Dear Murray! How wonderful to hear from you ❤ I am so happy to see that love has come back into life your again after the passing of Heather ❤ Life is an amazing journey, sometimes bringing us the most wondrous and unexpected of gifts even in the most challenging times. And what a blessing it is to BE here NOW, to witness the deep transformation of us all. I send you and Dorothy a Twin hug and much love from my sister and me from our new home on the west coast of Norway. Saying YES to live here with my sister and a soul sister is the best gift I have given myself ever ❤

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