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  1. Hello A-Isha:
    Today’s message from the CC’s said:
    Your undivided intention
    is emerging.
    Born from the chaos
    that surrounds you.
    Rising like a shooting star
    out from the darkness of the collective soul,
    you shine.
    Shine on.
    I would like to share some information that I hope will help the women of this world to Shine On.
    At present, all of the major religions incorrectly define “God” as Male. However, in the past, the Goddess was seen as the Wise Creator and the Source of universal order. The book outlined below outlines the nature of life under the “rule” of the Goddess and how a Male God came to be accepted as valid in our world.

    “When God was a Women” by Merlin Stone

    A summary from the back book cover follows:
    Here is an invitation to discover a past that has been buried by millennia of Judeo-Christian myth and the corresponding social order. Merlin Stone tells us in fascinating detail the story of the Goddess, who was known by names such as Isha, Isis, and Ishtar reigned supreme in the Near and Middle East. There she was revered as the Wise Creator and the One source of universal order rather than the simply as a fertility symbol has some histories would have us believe. Under the Goddess, societal roles differed dramatically from those in Patriarchal Judeo-Christian societies: women bought and sold properties, traded in the market place and inherited title and land from their mothers.

    HOW did this shift from the Matriarchy to the Patriarchy come about? By documenting the wholesale rewriting of myth and religious myths, Merlin Stone describes an Ancient Conspiracy in which the Goddess was Redefined as a wanton depraved figure. A characterization confirmed and perpetuated by one of modern cultures best known legends, that of the Adam and Eve creation Myth and the False Garden of Eden story. Insightful and thought provoking, this is Essential reading for anyone interested in the origin of gender roles and Rediscovering Women’s Power.
    —–end of book cover quote

    “When God was a Women” by Merlin Stone
    In order to gain a more complete overview of the information detailed in the book, I would recommend reading the Preface and the Introduction of the book which can be viewed via Amazon’s “look inside” function. In part, the preface to the book says:
    HOW did this actually happen? How did Men actually gain the control that now allows them to regulate the world in matters as vastly diverse as deciding which wars are to be fought and the time that dinner is to be served?
    This book is my reactions to these and other similar questions which many of us concerned about the status of women have been asking ourselves and each other. What else could we expect from a society that for centuries has taught young children, both male and female, that a MALE deity created the universe and all this is in it, produced MAN in his own divine image—and Then, as an afterthought, created women to obediently help man in his endeavors? The image of Eve, created for her husband, from her husband, the women who is supposed to have brought about the downfall of all humankind, has become in many ways the image of All women. How did this idea ever come into being?
    The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is not exactly the latest news, but few contempory happenings affect women more any more directly. In the struggle to achieve equal status for women, in a society still permeated with the values and morality of Judeo-Christian beliefs (which have penetrated deeply into even the most secular aspects of our secular aspects of our contemporary civilization) we soon realize that a thorough examination of this creation legend, alongside its historical origins, provides us with vital information. It allows us to comprehend the role that religion have played in the initial and continued oppression and subjugation of women—and the reasons for this.
    In the prehistoric and early historic of human development, religions existed in which people revered their supreme creator as female. The Great Goddess—the Devine Ancestress had been worshiped from the beginnings of the Neolithic of 7,000 BC until the closing of the last Goddess temples around 500 AD. Some authorities would extend the Goddess worship as far into the past as the Upper Paleolithic of about 25,000 BC. Yet the events of the Bible, which we are generally to think of a occurring “at the beginning of time” actually occurred in historic periods. Abraham, first prophet of the Hebrew – Christian god Yahweh, more familiarly known as Jehovah is believed by most Bible scholars to have lived no earlier than 1,800 BC.
    Most significant is the realization that for 1,000’s of years both religions existed simultaneously among closely neighboring peoples. Historical evidence reveals that the female religion, far from fading away, was the victim of centuries of persecution and suppression by newer religions which help Male gods as Supreme. And from these new religion’s came the creation myth of Adam and Eve and the tale of loss the of Paradise.
    What had life been like for women who lived in a society that venerated a wise and valiant Female Creator? Why had the members of the later male religions fought so aggressively to suppress the earlier worship—even the very memory of it? What did the legend of Adam and Eve really signify, and when and why was it written? The answers I discovered have formed the contents of my book. “When God was a Women”, the story of the suppression of women’s rights, has been written to explain the historical events and political attitudes that led to the writing of the Judeo-Christian myth of the Fall, the loss of Paradise and, Most importantly, why the blame for the loss is attributed to the woman Eve, and has ever since been placed heavily on All women.

    A link to the video “Goddess Remembered” is poste below. The film contains a discussion among a group of women including Merlin Stone about the history of the Goddess. In the video the group meets to discuss the history and mythology of women that has been destroyed through centuries of Patriarchy.

    The film explains and documents that our world was Once “ruled” by a nurturing God but a Conqueror has replaced nurturer as the symbol to be respected. The natural world we once revered, we now destroy. We have long forgotten the spirit of the Earth Goddess and the connectedness between Women’s spirituality and the Goddess is missing in politics today. In addition, most of the men that are guiding our country’s today see nature Only as a resource to be exploited. They do Not See the Scaredness and the Interconnectedness of our world

    The video conducts a historical review of the of Goddess culture that began during prehistoric times. One of the important symbols of the matriarchal era was the “tree of life”. The tree’s trunk represented the “Whole” and the branches represented individual lives. The “tree” demonstrated that All life grew out of a Common Source and All of Life (the branches) were connected to the “source”. The film uses historical sites to illustrate the complex architecture that existed during the time of the Matriarchy. It also discusses How the Male dominated Patriarchy came to be and How the Goddess and the Matriarchic world was replaced by a Male dominated Patriarchic
    Take Care, Norman

    A link to the video is below:

  2. 🙂 Lovely. I resonate with the words, especially now, and I adore sunshine yellow tulips–one of my favorites. Thank you, Dear Bente. Yay to Spring! Hope is in the air. xo 🙂 ❤ P.S. I'm still appreciating the beautiful cup lichen photo from your last post. TY again.

  3. It’s been a long time. Nice to hear from you again! Welcome. Eliana – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

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