Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday March 7

Setting free the imagination

from the confines of the mind

is the true liberation of mankind.

Because you cannot find the way to freedom

by picturing it in your mind’s eye.

Only by allowing your wild heart to set the course

can your imagination run free.

Then, the chaos and confusion around you

will only serve to fuel the creativity within you.

So let the fear of the unknown

transform into a childlike curiosity.

For you were born

with an inherent urge to explore.

It is not something that needs to be learned.

Only remembered.

So become as if a child again,

and you will always see through the heart

and delight in the journey.

Dear friends! “Become as if a child again” – these words have come through many times in the messages I have channeled over the years. To me, they capture the true essence of what we really are here to BE; open-hearted, curious, joyful and endlessly creative. And when we reconnect with this essence of our Selves, there are no limits to what we can co-create. So with joy in my heart, I invite you to bring your “wild heart” to our Gathering around the Pond meditation this upcoming Sunday at 21:00 my time (UTC + 1). Let us be curious, let us be playful, and let us deLIGHT in our journey together. What a wild, but wonderful ride it is!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha ❤ ❤

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday March 7

    1. It sounds happy and nice Bente 🙂 ❤

      Now I have to ask one thing. Even though I know that time does not matter, I still have a hard to understand that I was with you last night just because of my intention. Although I looked forward to meet you all day, I forgot the Pond when it was time because I was fully occupied with a slide show for my granddaughter's birthday.

      Now I therefore ask you: Was I with you or not?
      Looking forward with excitement to your honest 😉 answer ❤

      /B who is just being

      1. Dear Birgitta ❤ This time, I experienced us a group, I did not "see"/recognize any individuals. Having the intention to be a part of a meditation is usually "all" it takes to actually be a part of it, no matter what time it is ❤

  1. THANK YOU, BENTE!! This posting fills me up with glorious JOY and smiles. And I love the mischievous, adorable snowman. So much fun sharing Light this Sunday. XOXO ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. The most beautiful and creative snowman I’ve ever seen 😊 🙃 Thanks 💕 I will of course join you all on yet a wild ride on Sunday ♥️

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