You are the ocean

Remember dear ones,

you are not islands, isolated, separated,

adrift on the vast ocean.

Rather, you ARE the ocean.

Every single one of you

is like a single drop of the ocean.

And together, you are everything.

So feel into this deep connectedness

whenever you feel isolated,

whenever someone tries to make you

feel or act as if you are just one.

For you are never just one,

you are never alone.

You are a magnificent part

of a magnificent whole.

So be that, and act like that.

Feel the connection and BE the connection.

Never ever allow yourself to feel the need

to act upon the words

of all those trying to make you feel isolated.

For you are not, and you will never be.

Unless you allow yourself to sink into this untruth.

For in truthfulness,

mankind has never been as connected as you are today.

And this connection will continue to emerge

more and more as you allow yourselves

to feel the true vastness of your being

And so it is and so it will be.

9 thoughts on “You are the ocean

  1. I concur, Lin! My Pisces moon & ascendant both bathe in the sounds of the water lapping the shore.
    And Thank you, Bente, for another beautiful reminder of our unity. 💖

  2. Yes. And no words to add. Except I would so enJOY walking on that beach even in Norwegian winter. The sounds of the ocean lapping onto the sand is welcomed heartily… my Soul genuinely delights. Thank you, Bente. xo ❤ 🙂

    1. ❤ ❤ I have fallen totally in love with that beach ❤ It has given me such a profound understanding of the gift om impermanence, the constant change that is the core of everything. It is what we have "forgotten", or rather, what we humans spend so much time and energy trying to hold back 😉

      1. Yep, Dear Bente, again indeed to the latter. And we try so hard doing it, at least I have in the past. Sigh with a smile because we’re all so sweetly dear in wanting to play our part in this game of Life–no matter the part. xo ❤

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