New Moon message

By now, you have entered

a whole new way of existence.

One where you will be invited

to let go, simplify.

Allow yourself to simply

sink into the awareness

that is emerging within you.

So many are focused on what to do,

and as such, you see the chaos

unfolding around you.

But know that this chaos

is the true restructuring of mankind.

It is the falling away of everything

that no longer serves you.

Because everything that is dying now,

does so in order to nurture your growth.

Everything in nature revolves in cycles.

A time to sow, a time to reap.

And now, it is time to take a pause,

to reflect, to sink into

this immense stillness within you.

And there, you will see,

you will feel the new life

that is already starting

to stir into life within you.

So let go.

Of everything that has been,

of everything that might become

and simply allow

this New Life to hold you

in this space of renewal.

For life follows after death.

And after the death of so much

of these old structures,

you will find yourself rejoicing.

Because then, you will see

and you will BE completely new.

Just like the Moon, everything goes in phases.

Today, the Moon is new.

But so too, are you.

Old souls, yet rebirthing yourselves

into something so magnificent.

You are beloved,

for you are the true pioneers.

Recreating life on this planet.

So again we say, take a pause.

Sink into the stillness

and feel how all the world is shifting around you.

Presenting itself to you as New.

11 thoughts on “New Moon message

  1. Ahh, Bente, for those of us who feel ‘righteous anger’ at what we see happening – especially here in the US where I am – it’s easy (for me) to get pulled into the theatre. So I feel the calm of your words and know its truth. Thank you.💖 ~Dorrit

  2. The new life is showing up with massive white snow and headache today but everything feels so calm within me and I welcome it all. As I am B to B I don´t care about the chaos in the old world, I just am in my own reality.

    Thanks Bente for yet another beautiful message ❤

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