New Year message

The moonlight reflecting on the sea.

An ocean of potential awaits us in this magical new year.

Do not despair if the world feels frozen within its own shell.

New growth is here.

Life is pushing through.

The old shell is cracking up,

and you will soon see the beauty that is emerging.

9 thoughts on “New Year message

  1. Thank you again, Dear Bente, from lovely Norway. Soothing, comforting video.
    Jubilant Celebration showed up for me during the entire meditation; I was surprised… and in complete, authentic JOY.
    With all that’s going on, sooo unexpected–I embraced it totally! Blessings to you, everyone here, to ALL.
    More please. xo 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I enjoy the sun reflecting golden rays in the water that make the experience so wonderful. Thank you Bente for the meditation ❤

  3. Dear friends! Thank you for adding your light to yesterday’s Gathering around the Pond ❤ For me, it started off with very intense energies about an hour before the Gathering itself. Thankfully, it calmed down during the meditation, but it was quite "busy" at the beginning. I actually saw us all shooting upwards, like glittering shooting stars zooming out into space, positioning us around the planet. It was like we were a part of a huge, glittering net that supported Mother Earth. As we approached the end of the meditation, I saw us all sitting peacefully in a circle on the ground. Even though there was a lot of chaos, noise and people rushing around us, it felt SO wonderful to BE there with all of you. I do believe that this is an important part of what we are here to DO, both as individuals and as a collective. Simply be the calm and tranquil Pond of light, a space where everyone is welcome to come and find peace and ease in these tumultuous times. I feel so blessed to be here NOW with all of you ❤

    1. I experienced similar as you describe, even the energies a few hours before. I tried to heal the whole planet myself but realized that I needed wonderful support from you all 😉 Thank you dear Bente ❤

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