A short update on the energies

Do not let the intensity of the prevailing energies

throw you off guard.

You are sailing in uncharted waters, and as such,

the unfamiliar may take on

the appearance of the unasked-for.

But know that it is all meant to be.

For a very specific reason.

Namely the liberation

from the old.

Remember, unobstructed, the view from within

will reveal the magnitude of your blessings.

15 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. And it’s been a simple, Age Old request at everyone’s door. CARE. Golden Rule Ushers In Golden Age. The knocking is what’s gotten Louder & Louder. Proper Response will always be: I Am A Steward Of Earth 💚 I Am My Brother’s Keeper 💜.

  2. And the sun is waking up again in this new solar cycle 25, as sunspots begin to form & magnetize. Just minutes ago an M4.4 solar flare erupted. As within, so without… 💖

  3. Liberation. ❤ Hurry. 🙂
    Even though it will get more intense, heavy.
    The sad unkindnesses on full display have got to come to a full stop, a permanent end.
    Thank you again, Dear Bente, for the post and the uplifting photo. So glad we all get to
    participate in this Great Shift to embracing full Light for Mama Earth, for ALL. ❤

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