Message from the October Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends! Thank you for this very special Gathering! For me, it took place outdoors. We lit a fire, and brought out our drums. The ceremony started almost an hour before the Gathering itself, the drums wanted to be played almost non stop well into the meditation. It was a deeply felt experience, sitting under the darkening skies, looking into the flames. After a while, the Moon emerged, casting an almost iridescent light on the clouds. I could feel the connection between us, you were all very present around the fire, as was a whole host of other beings. The Ancient ones as well as our Star families. The vibration from the drums called me to start toning and singing, and after a while, also to begin to move. First my feet, then my whole body. I saw us all slowly moving around in a circle, doing a ceremonial dance. It was as if our feet were turning Mother Earth herself into a giant drum, sending out deep vibrations far and wide. Afterwards, these words emerged:

“The unshakable core within in you

is what is shaking up the ground beneath your feet.

Nothing will be left standing

that no longer supports you in your journey.

But know this;

you are growing stronger by the minute

as the dross of yesteryear is being lifted off of you.

Because you are the ones doing the lifting.

You are the ones liberating yourselves from all of the old drama

and as such,

you are the ones gifting yourself with a new Terra Firma

upon which to build the life you have come here to live.”

Thank you again for adding your very special vibration to this Gathering! Love, light and gratitude from me, Bente / Aisha ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “Message from the October Gathering around the Pond

  1. wow. What a ride it has been to date. And what a most powerful and wonderful meditation. I’m going to leave it at that. Everyone stay safe as we continue our Love&Light work. And, THANK YOU, Dear Bente, for the work that you (and your sisters) do. I can feel the Force contained within your brief video of your drumming and the fire. I feel like the day after a day of heavy-duty exercise. And it feels GOOD! xo ❤

  2. A very strong and lovely message ❤ An absolutely wonderful experience where I saw the Ancient ones coming out of Mother Earth stretching out their compressed legs with a facial expression like: Is it finally time now? 🙂 ❤

    I enjoyed the fire and the drums and I joined Lin and we sat together in a lovely communion like sisters ❤

    A very harmonical, soft as welll as strong experiene with you all ❤ Thank you ❤

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