The drums of time – Equinox message

It is written in your bones.

Not as a destiny,

but as a multiple of choices.

Allow it to emerge

in this silent, pregnant pause

between what was and what will be.

Hear the drums of time.

Let them play you.

Let them be played by you.

Shake yourself fully awake.

For you are here to make everything happen.

Not by coincidence.

But by choice.

This is a short clip from the drum ceremony we had here in Stavika for the September Full Moon.

12 thoughts on “The drums of time – Equinox message

  1. Dear Bente, your drumming called to me and so I took my own 17” drum, made for me here in the Pacific Northwest nearly 20 yrs ago, and drummed my heart out alongside you and all. Thank you for the community! 💖

  2. Thank you Bente for this soft message filled with so much harmony. I read it again in/for Mother Nature today. Your drums accompanies your message so well ❤

  3. Tusen takk, Bente Amundsen. Dette var så vakkert og riktig skrevet.Takk også for alle e-postene. Vet ikke om det går an å svare. Men…jeg gjør det i hvert fall.Har fulgt deg i mange år..visste ikke du var norsk før for et par år siden:) Lys og masse kjærlighet fra Lita på Nøtterøy.

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  4. Love this video, Dear Bente. Sweet sweet sounds of your drums. As part Native American, they speak deeply to me. Mama Nature is coming thru loud and clear in your words/expression/sounds. And your pup comes running to the sounds/energy. My darling pup used to come running, too, when I played mine. Have already replayed your video six times; will return for more and more. Thank You! for sharing. Blessings of Love to each of you and pup. xo 🙂 ❤ +++

    1. Thank you, dear Lin, for your words and your drumming energy 💗 I am so amazed how our (and your beloved pup too) LOVE the sound/vibration of the drums. Our Rosen always comes when we start drumming, and she just lies there in the centre of it all like a regal priestess. I think she is channeling a former life of hers 😉

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